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An Equilibrium Analysis of Real Estate Leases

An Equilibrium Analysis of Real Estate Leases Steven R. Grenadier¤ Graduate School of Business Stanford University June 2002 This articleprovides auni…ed equilibrium approach tovaluingawidevariety of commercial real estateleasecontracts. Usingagame-theoretic variant of real options analys

The New York City Real Property Tax Industrial and .

If ICIP has an effect on real estate investment decisions, it increases the supply of commercial/industrial real estate: – Because the increase in supply reduces rents, businesses are attracted or retained in the City – In a general equilibrium analysis, the tax impact of ICIP is given by the interactio

Chapter 21 Modern Portfolio Theory Equilibrium Asset

Priv. Real Estate 100% Historical statistics, annual periodic total returns: Stocks, Bonds, Real Estate, 1970-2003… PORTFOLIO THEORY IS A WAY TO CONSIDER BOTH THE 1ST & 2ND MOMENTS (& INTEGRATE THE TWO) IN INVESTMENT

Real Estate Law and Practice - Unit 8: Math Review

Modern Real Estate Practice, 18th edition At the end of this unit, the student will be able to: Use a simple calculator Compute fraction, decimal and percentage problems Explain capitalization rate Discuss percentage leases Work out measurement problems Compute prorations and mill rate

Who Wants Affordable Housing in their Backyard? An .

The hedonic model allows us to view real estate as a continuous choice of quantities of housing and neighborhood characteristics. We speci–cally focus on the continuous choice of distance in miles to an LIHTC development. The key advantage of this approach is that it ensur

Equilibrium Exchange Rates: Assessment Methodologies

how economists have chosen to frame the concept of exchange rate equilibrium. First, most assessment exercises have been cast in terms of multilateral real exchange rates—i.e., weighted averages of bilateral real exchange rates, where real exchange rates are constructed as nominal exch

A Dynamic Equilibrium Model of Real Exchange Rates with .

A Dynamic Equilibrium Model of Real Exchange Rates with General Transaction Costs ABSTRACT We study the behavior of real exchange rates in a two-country dynamic equilibrium model. In this model, consumers can o

Time-Varying Equilibrium Real Rates and Monetary Policy .

Time Varying Equilibrium Real Rates and Monetary Policy Analysis ∗ Bharat Trehan and Tao Wu† Federal Reserve Bank of San Francisco Revised June 2004 Abstract Although it is generally recognized that the equilibrium real interest rate (ERR) varies over tim

Equilibrium Real Interest Rates and the Financial Cycle

of estimating real equilibrium interest rates to incorporate the financial cycle for the private sector. We show that adding the financial cycle indeed alters the equilibrium real interest rate estimates and, in line with previous studies, that there i

Q-Theory and Real Business Cycle Analytics 1

equilibrium analysis. One key result relevant to recent debates about the em-pirical efiects of technology is that an immediate, permanent improvement in technology unavoidably raises output, investment and the real interest ... been the dominant mode of

Equilibrium real effective exchange rate estimation for .

factors consist of the domestic and foreign real interest rate. Cointegration analysis (for example Johansen cointegration test) is used to esti-mate parameters of the resulting single equation model. Cointegration enables to find a long run equilibr


3.1.3 Direct estimates of equilibrium real exchange rate 14 3.1.4 Cointegration analysis, current and long-run equilibrium