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586CSITE PREP TRACTOR586CEngineEngine PowerWheelbaseCat C9 ACERT 261 kW (350 hp)3048 mm (120")

586C Site Prep Tractor FeaturesThe new Cat 586C Site Prep Tractor raises the bar to loweryour owning and operating costs by improving performance,fuel economy, reliability, stability and operator comfort.Significant advances include: Engine placed at the back of the machine for a new levelof service access Machine weight distribution optimized for stability and agility First and only site prep tractor with ground level fuel andhydraulic oil fill New engine and machine design features deliver morehorsepower using less fuel Oversized hydraulic system components for faster, smoothermulti-functioning PowerDirect Plus – new technology to optimize performance New hydraulic and power train components, high capacitycooling system, pressurized compartments, and robust anddurable structures increase machine reliability An operator station that delivers superior comfort,while providing new operating functions and best inclass HVAC system Advanced controls, including Terrain Selection Mode, CreepMode, Road Steer Mode, and optional Attachment FloatControl provide enhanced machine capabilityThe Cat 586C Site Prep Tractor is a multi-purpose, heavy-dutymachine with the muscle to run power-hungry mulchers andbrushcutters. Tackle a variety of land management projectswith one machine and lower your owning and operating costs.Applications include residential/commercial development,utility and pipeline right-of-way construction and maintenance,wetlands and wildlife habitat management, plantationreclamation and management, and clearing for flood controland firebreaks.The Cat HM825 Mulcher and BR624 Brushcutter, new Catwork tools that match the powerful capability of the 586C, areavailable from the factory and supported by Cat dealers.Contents2Built for Your Toughest Land Management Projects. 3Serviceability. 14Engine. 4Integrated Technologies. 16Cooling System. 5Safety. 17Power Train. 6Sustainability. 17Structures. 7Attachments. 18Hydraulics. 8Customer Support. 20Operator Station. 10586C Site Prep Tractor Specifications. 21Advanced Controls. 12586C Site Prep Tractor Standard Equipment. 23Pressurized Compartments. 13586C Site Prep Tractor Optional Equipment. 23

Designed for Your ToughestLand Management ProjectsRuns cool, stays clean and powers high flow attachments.Lower Owning and Operating CostComfortable cabYou’ll burn less fuel and get more power because of Caterpillar’sadvances in engine technology and machine design.The weight distribution and cab positioned between theaxles give you a stable, smooth ride. The standard airsuspension seat with neck and back support and highcapacity HVAC system add to your comfort. A cleanthree-piece front windshield, standard back-up cameraand skylight give you a 360 view, including the rear tires.Additional functions enhance operation and reduce operatorfatigue, including Control Adjustability, Terrain SelectionMode, Creep Mode, Road Steer Mode, and optionalAttachment Float Control.Powerful PerformanceThe 350 hp engine and oversized hydraulic system push moreflow to power-hungry attachments, such as mulchers andbrushcutters. The new PowerDirect Plus optimizes machineefficiency and performance by monitoring operator andattachment hydraulic demand and delivering power where andwhen it is needed. Simultaneous lift-tilt and lift-steer functionsand attachment recovery are faster than major competitivemachines.Clean, Cool OperationYou need a machine that runs cool and doesn’t collect debriswhen you’re working in hot, dry and dusty environments. Thehigh capacity cooling system and on-demand reversing fan keepthe machine running cool. Compartments for key systems arepressurized to keep debris out and electronics and sensors cool.You’ll have more uptime and spend less time blowing out thistractor. Additional features keep this tractor running at peakefficiency if your environment is cold and snowy.Easy maintenanceDaily service points are in easy reach. Add hydraulic oil with theelectric pump and refuel with your boots on solid ground. Reachmore components with the tilting cab, hinged access panels andthree-sided access to the engine and hydraulic pumps.Stays in the fieldThis tractor does an extremely good job of staying in thefield. Robust box section frames and a field-proven centerhitch design provide a solid foundation. The control valve,pumps and cylinder seals were “torture” tested to ensurereliability. Steering cylinder mounts and chrome plated liftarm and tilt link pins are two more examples of structuralfeatures built into this tractor to increase uptime andmachine life.“Stuck-to-the-Ground” StabilityThe engine is at the back of the machine providing betterweight distribution and the counterbalance needed forheavy-duty mowing and mulching attachments. The centerhitch is positioned between the front and rear axles tofacilitate tire tracking. Combined with the improved weightdistribution and balance that results from the rear engineposition, the agility of this tractor is a distinct advantage.3

EngineMore horsepower, less fuelCat C9 ACERT Tier 4 Interim engine:Available in Highly Regulated Countries (HRC)minutes. The diesel particulate filter only needs to be cleanedevery 5,000 hours – approximately every two years.Field data and customer input have shown that the Cat C9ACERT engine delivers more horsepower at lower enginespeeds using less fuel than the previous series. The C9 meetsU.S. Tier 4 Interim and EU Stage IIIB emission standards.In designing the C9, new technology was incorporated toensure that changes to meet emissions requirements would notincrease operating costs, reduce uptime or shorten service life.The C9 ACERT engine is equipped with an electronic-controlledhigh-pressure fuel system that includes an electric priming pumpand three-layer fuel hose to allow the use of biodiesel.Driven by customer input, Caterpillar’s aftertreatmentregeneration emissions solution works with no operatorintervention needed. The machine comes with two modesof regeneration: automatic and manual. In automatic mode,the machine starts the regeneration process once the filteringsystem reaches a specified level and conditions are optimal.Productivity is not affected by the regeneration process. Thesystem will not interrupt work and can regenerate duringmachine operation with no impact on machine performance.With a touch of a button inside the cab, the operator canoverride the automatic mode and switch to manual mode forinitiating or disabling the regeneration process. On average,regeneration is needed only every 10 hours and takes 20-254Cat C9 ACERT Tier 3 engine: Available in Lesser andNon-Regulated Countries (LRC)The Cat C9 ACERT engine performs at U.S. Tier 3 and EUStage IIIA emission levels and provides clean, quiet operationwhile delivering superior performance and durability. The enginefeatures a flat power curve for outstanding response in theworking RPM range, noise reduction technologies, and patentedACERT Technology combined with common rail fuel system,smart waste gate turbocharger and crossflow head design forreduced emissions.Biodiesel ReadyThe C9 engine is designed to burn biodiesel fuel(meeting ASTM 6751 or EN 14214) up to B20(biodiesel 20 percent mixture).

Cooling SystemHigh capacity, easy servicingThe high capacity cooling system and on-demand reversing fankeep the machine running at the proper operating temperature,optimizing performance, durability and fuel efficiency.Cooling SystemThe cooling system is arranged in two panels for easy accessto all components. The air conditioning condenser is in ahinged panel that tilts out for easy cleaning and to access theprimary panel with the side-by-side mounted primary hydraulicoil cooler, dedicated case drain hydraulic oil cooler, engineradiator and air-to-air aftercooler (ATAAC).In machines equipped with Tier 4 Interim engines, a fuelcooler is integrated into the same panel as the condenser.On-demand Reversing FanThe oversized, hydraulically driven fan spins at a slower speedoverall and only turns as fast as needed to maintain properhydraulic and engine temperatures. In colder weather or whenthe machine is first started, for example, the fan spins moreslowly to conserve power and fuel and reduce noise. Air ispulled in from the side – not from the engine or from underthe hood – preventing debris build-up around the engine. Itautomatically reverses every five minutes of run time to keepthe cooling system free of debris. A manual override allowsthe operator to activate reversal between scheduled cycles. Aheavy-duty fan shroud provides protection when servicing.5

Power TrainReliable hydrostatic driveCat engines, field-proven hydrostatic drive and Cat axles make asolid, responsive power train. A new design to keep the gearboxwell lubricated provides even more durability.Triple Pad Pump DriveThe Cat C Series design features a triple pad pump drive. Onedrive runs the attachment pump; the second the main machinepump; and the third runs the hydrostat and fan pumps.Two-speed GearboxThe two-speed gearbox is mounted horizontally instead ofvertically, eliminating the need for splash lubrication andimproving durability.AxlesAxles feature a full-length oil sump for excellent heat rejectionand long component life. An oscillating rear axle absorbs shockloads caused by stumps and holes and helps isolate the cab fromaxle movement for a smooth, comfortable ride, while maximizingfore-aft stability.BrakesThe inline parking brake is spring applied and hydraulicallyreleased. Inboard service brakes provide excellent performanceand are protected from water, dust and oil.Differential LocksDuring normal operation all four wheels move independently tomaximize agility. In extreme conditions like slippery or steepterrain, pressing and holding a trigger button on the joystick willengage the front differential lock to make the front tires turn insync. The rear differential lock is easily engaged and disengagedby an on/off button on the right hand console.6

StructuresDurability built into every partRobust box section frames provide a solid foundation for amachine designed to keep you working. Every structure wasengineered for durability and verified through lab and field tests.Center HitchThe field-proven center hitch design features large dualtapered roller bearings and 76.2 mm (3 in) diameter pinsproviding maximum durability. With up to 90º articulation,maneuverability in tight applications is an advantage of theCat site prep tractor.Lift ArmsThe precision manufactured lift arms are rugged and designedto support severe loading from the attachment.PinsSteering Cylinder MountsThe steering cylinders are mounted to large, thick plates thatare integrated into the frame and extend from the steeringcylinders in the center hitch to the axle housings in the frontand rear of the machine. These plates carry the steeringcylinder force straight to the axles, rather than sending the loadthrough the machine’s frame, increasing structural life.Other Structural Features Include: Robust guarding on the tilt arm cylinders to prevent damagefrom limbs. New cylindrical steering stops designed to take abuse andprotect the frame when the machine makes a hard turn. Big, rigid steps with gripper surface.Lift arm and tilt link pins are 63.5 mm (2.5 in) diameter andchrome-plated to prevent corrosion. Micro‑cracks in the chromeplating help retain grease on the pin surface toincrease durability.7

HydraulicsFast and smooth with PowerDirect PlusThe heart of the 586C hydraulic system is the new PowerDirectPlus system, which goes beyond load-sensing to efficientlydistribute power to increase the capability of each system andmaximize productivity.Electrohydraulic ControlsThe new 586C features an electrohydraulic control system.The pedals and joysticks communicate through the machinecontroller to the pumps and motors using electrical signals, ratherthan hydraulic, to produce more precise and smoother control.PowerDirect PlusPowerDirect Plus is a new system that optimizes the machine’sperformance by monitoring operator and attachment demand anddelivering power where and when it is needed.PowerDirect Plus does not require the operator to reduce demandor do anything differently – just focus on the work. Criticalmachine systems in the 586C are oversized, which increasesoverall machine capacity. This gives each machine hydraulicsystem – attachment, hydrostat, main and fan – more capabilitythan ever before.PowerDirect Plus dedicates the horsepower needed to runpower-hungry attachments, such as mulchers and brushcutters,without slowing other functions. The oversized attachment pumppushes more flow to the attachment for faster recovery andminimal stalling.Control Valve and PumpsMulti-functioning, an advantage for Cat site prep tractors, is theresult of a high performance control valve. In addition to fieldtesting, we put the control valve and hydraulic pumps throughextensive lab “torture” tests that simulated the most brutalconditions and environment.Cylinder SealsRigorous testing similar to the control valve and pumps andside-by-side testing against competitive cylinders was conductedon the new cylinder seal packages to ensure durability.8

System ProtectionCat HosesSpin-on hydraulic oil filters and tank suction line strainerskeep hydraulic oil clean, which is critical for machine health.The electric fill pump uses a quick coupler hose stored on themachine to pump oil through the filtration system before it entersthe tank, safeguarding the hydraulic system.Cat ToughGuard hoses and O-ring face seals throughout themachine improve machine life and reliability, particularly alongthe lift arms and through the center hitch due to the increasedstrength and flexibility. The ToughGuard cover consists ofa layer of UHMW polyethylene bonded to the rubber cover,providing exceptional abrasion resistance.Cold Hydraulic Oil ProtectionWhen you first start up the 586C, the hydraulic oil can be toocold to flow freely, which is important for machine performanceand to protect components. A built-in safeguard won’t allowyou to operate the machine until a special recirculation circuitwarms the oil to the proper operating temperature protecting themachine’s powerful hydraulic system.9

Operator StationSuperior comfort and visibilityComfort and visibility, of course, but you’ll find cab featuresthat go beyond the basics to give you control options that canbe customized and new operating functions.RideThe cab is centered between the axles for the most comfortableride possible. No bucking. The standard air suspension seatwith neck and back support adds to a smooth ride, keeping theoperator comfortable and focused.HVAC SystemThe durable, high capacity HVAC (heating, ventilation,and air conditioning) system provides dependable cooling10or heating no matter how hot or cold it gets. Vents in frontand on both sides can be directed toward the operator orthe windows. This also contributes to increased operatorproductivity and can help reduce mental and physical fatigueat the end of the day.VisibilityA clean three-piece front windshield, standard rear viewcamera and skylight give the operator a 360 view.The operator can see the work zone easily without having tostrain or reposition the machine.

MonitorThe display allows the operator to continuously monitor the machine’ssystems. Early indications give the operator the opportunity to reactbefore potential problems become actual problems. A clean and clearmonitor provides detailed machine data to maximize machine uptime andproductivity. Finding information is intuitive: The home screen displays the condition of primary systems, such asfuel level, engine and hydraulic temperatures, and engine speed andattachment performance information. Press the corresponding buttonalong the bottom of the screen to get more detail on any item. As anexample, under the hydraulic system selection, the two-speed gearbox oillevel indicator is displayed. If an engine or hydraulic problem occurs, the monitor will display aneasy-to-understand text explanation, along with any applicable fault codes. If a machine condition requires immediate action, a warning buzzer willsound to draw the operator’s attention to the monitor. The operator mustacknowledge the warning to turn off the alarm. Depending on how seriousthe warning, the alarm will continue to sound until the conditionis remedied. Everything the system does is recorded in the system log, a useful featurefor monitoring machine health and operator activity.Control AdjustabilityAll key operator functions – steering, lift and tilt – are fully adjustablethrough the machine monitor. Overall speed and response to operator inputcan be adjusted, maximizing operator comfort and performance.JoysticksNew electrohydraulic joysticks mold to the operator’s hands for all daycomfort and increased functionality. Electrohydraulic control also meansthere are no hydraulic pilot lines running to the joysticks, eliminatinga potential source of heat in the cab.Button PadThe button pad on the right hand console features on/off buttons clearlylabeled with large icons for many features, including the parking brake,hydraulic arming and reversing fan.Other Cab Features Include: Two cup holders Two 12-volt power points for cell phone chargers etc. Coat hook AM/FM/CD/Sirius satellite radio package with USB and auxiliary inputs11

Advanced ControlsMaximize machine and operator performanceUnique operating modes, combined with completeelectrohydraulic controls, provide the operator with a smoothermachine with increased productivity. These modes includeCreep Mode to easily adjust machine speed to improvemulching, Terrain Selection Mode to optimize performanceon hills or flat ground, and Road Steer Mode for high-speedtransport of the machine. Creep Mode: Pushing through thick vegetation or mulchingand back dragging can be hard on the operator if speed iscontrolled strictly with the foot pedal. Creep Mode is agreat feature that gives the operator the ability to adjustspeed up or down on the fly with joystick buttons, insteadof with a foot pedal. Productivity is increased and operatorfatigue reduced. Terrain Selection Mode: Quickly and easily optimizemachine performance based on application requirements.Select Hill Mode to boost drivetrain power for workingin rough conditions like hills or wet ground. Select FlatMode to maximize speed and optimize fuel efficiency whenground conditions are good. Road Steer Mode: Fast steering is required when working,but slower steering is preferable when driving down a roadto a new job site. Road Steer Mode slows the joystick’sresponse so the operator can steer the machine safely to thenext site. The machine will automatically shift into RoadSteer Mode when the two-speed transmission is shifted intohigh gear.Attachment Float Control (Optional)A touch of a button engages the optional Float Control sothe attachment can follow the contours of the ground for auniform, consistent mulch on uneven ground. This feature alsoreduces operator fatigue by reducing the continual adjustmentsneeded when mulching on rough ground. Two buttons allowthe operator to adjust the float pressure on the fly to maximizeproductivity and efficiency.12

Cooling System Air IntakeEngine/Hydraulic Compartment Air Intake – Electric reversing fan pressurizes the engine/hydraulic compartment with cool ambient airCooling System Air ExhaustAftertreatment Compartment PressurizationEngine/Hydraulic Compartment Pressurization – Hot air from the engine/hydraulic compartment is pushed out of 3 openingsPressurized CompartmentsFor a cooler and cleaner machineIn a typical land management or right-of-way project, the air isdry and dusty with a lot of vegetation debris kicked up duringmowing or mulching. In designing the 586C, special attentionwas focused on keeping the machine cool and free of debris.The machine is segmented into separate compartments thatare pressurized to prevent debris from entering. Less debrisbuild-up means less time required for cleaning it out and betterperformance. The pressurized airflow keeps electronics, sensorsand other key components cool during long workdays.Engine/Hydraulic CompartmentThe engine and hydraulics are located in a separate compartmentat the rear of the machine. An electric reversing fan draws coolambient air into the compartment. This forces hot air out of theengine compartment while pressurizing it, preventing debrisfrom entering and keeping engine electronics and sensors cool.Cooling CompartmentRemovable rubber baffling separates the cooling system fromthe engine/hydraulic compartment. This prevents the coolingsystem from pulling hot air from the engine compartmentthrough the cooler, maximizing the cooler’s efficiency.Aftertreatment CompartmentThe aftertreatment compartment (only in machines equippedwith Tier 4 engines), which contains the Cat Clean EmissionsModule, is pressurized by airflow from the cooling package.As the air is pulled through the cooling package, the sidescreens provide resistance and some of the airflow entersthe aftertreatment compartment and forces hot air out whilepreventing debris from entering the compartment.13

ServiceabilityMore ground level servicing to keep you safeDaily service points are in easy reach on the 586C. Addhydraulic oil with the electric pump and refuel with your bootson solid ground. The tilting cab and hinged panels give youaccess to even more.Engine/Hydraulic CompartmentLarge hinged doors at the rear of the machine, along with hingeddoors on both sides and the bottom of the compartment, provideaccess to key engine components, filters, hydraulic pumps,hydraulic test ports and other key components.Cooling CompartmentRemovable rubber baffling and a split side screen protect thecooling system while making it easy to access for servicing.A locking latch on the lower half of the side screen allows forquick and easy access for cleaning out debris.Aftertreatment CompartmentThe aftertreatment compartment (only in machines equippedwith Tier 4 engines) has full three-sided access to the Cat CleanEmissions Module optimizing service and cleaning access.14Engine Air Precleaner SystemA precleaner and scavenger system increase the life of primaryand secondary engine air filters by filtering out debris beforeit even gets to the air filters. Air first passes through theturbine style precleaner, which ejects dust and debris throughan integrated shoot. The scavenger system then suctions offmaterial that passed through the precleaner. This system canhelp extend air filter maintenance and replacement intervals.Tilting CabThe tilting cab provides full access to the interior ofthe machine, where the two-speed gearbox and hydrostatmotor are located. You can also access the hydraulic hosesand electrical harnesses where they enter the center hitch area.The tilting cab also improves access to clean the machineand remove the batteries.FuelingNo climbing up on the machine, dragging a fueling hose to fillthe tank. The fuel tank is located behind the rear axle and the fillis at ground level. Simple, easy, safe.

Hinged AccessAdditional hinged panels are used throughout for easy accessto other components, such as the batteries, hydraulic filters andstrategic bulkheads. All hinged panels are fabricated of heavyduty steel for durability and can be completely removed forservicing if desired.Large hinged mesh screens over the door windows protectthe operator when the sliding windows are open. These meshscreens swing out to remove debris caught between the doorand screen.Heavy-duty belly pans are also hinged providing durableguarding and access to the bottom of the machine for machineclean out.Electric Hydraulic Oil Fill PumpHydraulic oil is added to the system quickly and easilyfrom ground level with the standard electric hydraulic oilfill pump and a quick coupler hose stored on the machine. Oil ispumped through the filtration system before it enters the tank,safeguarding the hydraulic system.Electrical RoutingElectrical harnesses segregate the wiring and connections withinthe core systems they support and are bulkheaded betweeneach system. So, for example, a separate electrical harnessthat supports the engine is bulkheaded where it connects to thecooling package electrical harness. No more complex, spaghettiwiring. Troubleshooting electrical issues and replacing wires aregreatly simplified.Just a single, short harness (bulkheaded on both sides) crossesthe center hitch. This harness is protected, making it much lessprone to damage, and is easily replaceable if necessary. Allelectrical harnesses are bulkheaded before they enter the cab,instead of lines fed in through holes in the floor. This keeps thecab quieter.Hydraulic Hose RoutingThe same thinking was applied to hydraulic hose routing.Strategically placed bulkheads keep hoses short. In thecenter hitch, hoses are short and positioned dead center asthey cross through the center hitch, so bending is minimizedas the machine turns.15

Integrated TechnologiesWork smarterCaterpillar offers solutions to help you work smarter.Machine TroubleshootingThe 586C comes with a troubleshooting feature that allowsthe operator to drill down and pinpoint the root cause of aproblem, reducing the need for service calls and holdingdown costs. The operator can also check the main hydraulicpump and attachment pump pressures through the monitorin the cab – a feature unique to Cat site prep tractors.Cat Product Link It pays to know where your equipment is, what it’s doingand how it’s performing at any given moment, so you canmaximize efficiency, raise productivity and lower owningand operating costs for your fleet.Product Link is a remote monitoring solution that enablesefficient and effective fleet management. Its easy-to-useinterface, called VisionLink , enables customized healthand utilization reports, enhanced mapping and mixed-fleetcapabilities. And Product Link transmits the informationvia cell and satellite.Visit for more information onCat Product Link.16

SafetySafely home. Everyone. Every day. Safety features in the Cat 586C Site Prep Tractor include: Extreme-duty cooling packages Ground level fuel and hydraulic oil fills Pressurized compartments to minimize debris accumulation Four-sided access to the engine and hydraulic pumps Ground level machine kill switch ROPS/FOPS/OPS certified cab with tough Lexan windows Halogen working lights Additional mesh screen guarding on side windows Safety lights package (optional) 360 visibility of the work area from the cabCaterpillar cares about worker safety and has developed manysafety videos and checklists and safe job site practices. for more information. Hydraulic disarm and parking brake automatically engage ifdoor is opened Safe and secure access into and out of the cab with grabhandles and big fixed steps with gripper surfaceSustainabilityResourceful in every wayThe 586C is designed to maximize efficiency and productivitywhile conserving natural resources. The C Series burns less fuel. Less fuel burned meansreduced emissions. The 586C available in Highly Regulated Countries (HRC) isequipped with the Cat C9 ACERT engine that meets U.S. Tier4 Interim emission standards. Fewer parts and longer component life, less fuel and fluids,means less to replace and less to dispose. The 586C available in Lesser and Non-Regulated Countries(LRC) is equipped with the Cat C9 ACERT engine that meetsU.S. Tier 3 emission standards. Major structures and components are built to be rebuilt,reducing waste and replacement costs.17

AttachmentsWork tool attachments to meet your needsNew Cat work tools have been developed to match thepowerful capability of the 586C Site Prep Tractor. The CatHM825 Mulcher and the Cat BR624 Brushcutter are availablefrom the factory and supported by your Cat dealer. Other key586C attachments include an attachment quick coupler andretrieval assist winch to increase versatility.The HM825 and BR624 are both durable and reliable. Ruggedstructures, reinforced skids and internal abrasion-resistantplating minimize downtime and repairs. All daily servicepoints are at ground level and adjustments are easy to make.The operator has clear visibility around the attachments.Discharge is directed down and away from the tractor. Whenthe attachments are turned off, the tractor’s hydraulics slow theattachments’ moving parts to a safe stop.Cat HM825 MulcherThe HM825 can produce either coarse or fine mulch. You mayneed to make multiple passes, depending on the material beingmulched and the consist