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IRON MAN MagazineLone StarBeautyWINNER2011 BodySpace Spokesmodel WinnerJennifer Rankin Wants to Inspire Othersby David YoungPhotography by Michael NeveuxJennifer Rankin describesherself as a tomboy due toher passion for competing intrack-and-field in her youth.Yet, it’s obvious that there’smuch more to know about this LoneStar beauty. Her intoxicating Texascharm shines through as she says, “Ilove hitting the gym because of thechallenge. Having a goal and a vision is the most important thing wecan do for ourselves.”Jennifer alsoloves helpingothers, and thatforms her philosophy for herrole as the BodySpaceSpokesmodel.You may also findher playing theacoustic guitar,wake-boardingand camping in the summer—orsimply playing with her dog Chloe, aChihuahua-poodle mix.DY: Nice work in winning theBodySpace SpokesModel competition at the ’11 Los Angeles96 JUNE 2011 \ www.ironmanmagazine.comFitness Expo. What made youdecide to enter it?JR: Entering was a no-brainer!I knew the competition was goingto be fierce, and that would pushme to achieve a new level. I sawthe BodySpacecompetition as a platform for inspiring and reaching others whoare on their own health and fitnessjourney.DY: How much preparation did you do?JR: I had just started myoff-season training program, and when I foundout that I had made thefinals and had about fiveweeks to prepare for thecontest on January 29, Ikicked my training back upa few notches and startedmy cutting diet. I allowedmyself a cheat day onChristmas, New Year’s Eveand New Year’s Day. Thatway I got to enjoy the time with myfamily and still be on track for thestage.DY: How would you assessyour condition at the finals—was it the best shape you’veachieved so far?JR: Yes, I believe that theBodySpace competition was mybest conditioning to date. I hadreally been working to bring up mylegs and glutes after I’d gotten themtoo small for my first couple of biki- \ JUNE 2011 97

Lone StarBeautyni shows. I also have had some serious issues with stage fright and notbeing able to relax, show my personality and have fun onstage. Here,it just seemed to all come togetherand happen at the right time.DY: I won’t comment on your“problem” glutes. [Both laugh]Going back to your beginningin fitness and competition, canyou think of three rules thatyou’ve learned that form thebasis of your training strategy?JR: Rule 1: Don’t overdo the postcompetition celebration. After myfirst-ever figure show in ’08 I definitely overdid it and gained about20 pounds in three weeks! It washorrible and made my next prepmuch more difficult, emotionally and physically. I felt likea hypocrite. I was no longerbeing healthy and treatingmy body like an athleteand trainer.Rule 2: Surround yourself with like-mindedpeople, and forgivethose who don’t understand why you do whatyou do, train the wayyou train, eat what youeat and dream what youdream. The turning pointwas when I focused on what I wastrying to accomplish. I was able tostart believing in myself more andmore.DY: That’s two. What else?JR: Rule 3: Listen to yourbody and know when youjust need to rest—physicallyand/or mentally. A pointcomes when your mindand body need a rest or achange—even a small onecan make a huge difference. Learning to listen tothat “voice” has made a hugedifference and improved myoverall outlook, attitude and“I saw the Bodybuilding.comBodySpace competition asa platform for inspiring andreaching others who are ontheir own health and fitnessjourney.”98 JUNE 2011 \

training results.DY: Describe your mind-setwhen you walk into the gymeach day.JR: My mind-set is always focused on goals. I have a goal to accomplish my workout and to workas hard as possible in that one totwo hours. I also focus on the biggergoal, like a competition coming up,a photo shoot, being a good representative of my sponsors OptimumNutrition/American Body Buildingand now I tapinto the basics and focus on the factthat being healthy and fit is worththe time and worth the effort nomatter what. Without goals, I’m lost!From here I need to keep working on my lagging bodyparts, keeppracticing in those five-inch heels,keep learning more about my bodyand about the most beneficial typesof training, nutrition and supplementation. There is always room toimprove!DY: Yes, I know aboutthose five-inchheels. The lasttime I triedwearingthem forwalk-100 JUNE 2011 \

Lone StarBeautying lunges, it didn’t work outso well. [Both crack up] Whatabout your nutrition program?JR: Well, mine is pretty classic,simple and basic—which I like. Itfocuses on high protein, lean meats,slow-digesting carb sources, naturalfat sources and fruits and veggies. Ihave to take in a lot of protein because I need to keep adding fullnesson my legs and glutes, but becauseof the intensity of my workouts, Idon’t store the extra protein as fat.DY: Please take us through asample day of eating.JR: Sure! This would be more of anormal everyday/off-season plan.Meal 14 egg whites, 1 yolk1/3 cup oatmeal1/2 banana, 1/3 cup berriesMeal 22 scoops whey isolate1 tablespoon natural peanutbutterMeal 34 ounces chicken, turkey or whitefish3 ounces sweet potato or brownrice1 cup veggies“My diet is pretty classic,simple and basic—which I like.It focuses on high protein, leanmeats, slow-digesting carbsources, natural fat sourcesand fruits and veggies.”102 JUNE 2011 \

Lone StarBeautyMeal 42 scoops whey protein1 tablesopoon natural peanutbutterMeal 54 ounces chicken, turkey orwhite fish (red meat or salmonthe night before my first leg dayeach week)3 ounces sweet potato or brownrice1 cup veggies1 small green salad1 serving light dressingMeal 63 egg whites“Listen toyour body andknow whenyou just needto rest—physicallyand/ormentally.”DY: That almost looks like aprecontest plan, so I imagine itkeeps you pretty lean.JR: Sure does!DY: Which nutritional products do you find useful?JR: Here is a list of my favoriteproducts. I am a sponsored Optimum Nutrition athlete, and I honestly use all of their products—andlove them! I was actually usingmany of them before I signed. Myfavorites are Opti-Women, a multivitamin and -mineral; melatonin,a sleep aid; EFAs, or fish oil; glutamine caps: CLA; Threshold mixedwith Amino Energy; Glucosamine CSA; ZMA; HMB; Platinum HydroWhey; 100% Gold Standard Wheyand Amino Chews.DY: Do you have a trainer, andis that an important part of thepreparation process for you?JR: I do have a trainer, Jeff Dwelle,out of Plano, Texas. Having a trainerand coach is definitely importantbecause it takes most of the guesswork and stress of contest prep andnutrition off of my shoulders. Hecan also look at my body unbiasedand give me direction.DY: How about listing a week’sworth of sample workouts?JR: You bet!Monday: LegsSupersetFree squats (heavy)Kettlebell plié squatsSupersetDumbbell jump squatsStiff-legged deadlifts104 JUNE 2011 \ www.ironmanmagazine.com3x83x83 x 153x8

Walking lungesLeg presses(drop set)3 x 501 x max (max)Thursday: Upper bodyGiant setBack exerciseShoulder exerciseBack exerciseShoulder exerciseSupersetHyperextensionsStability-ball crunchesGiant setBiceps exerciseTriceps exerciseBiceps exerciseTriceps exercise4 x 154 x 154 x 154 x 153 x 153 x 203 x 123 x 123 x 123 x 12Friday: Lower bodySmith-machine squats(warmup)1 x 100Giant setLying leg curls3 x 10Plié squats3 x 10Stiff-legged deadlifts3 x 10SupersetLeg presses3 x 20Barbell squats (deep)3 x 20Smith-machinelunge/lunge/squats*3 x 12Leg presses1 x 100*Lunge to one side, then the otherside, and then squatSaturday: Cardio or activerestSupersetLeg presses (feet high,pause at the bottom) 3 x 15Walking lunges3 x 30SupersetSmith-machine stationarylunges3 x 12Lying leg curls3 x 10SupersetSeated leg curls3 x 10Leg extensions3 x 10Dumbbell squats1 x 100Tuesday: Upper bodyGiant setPullupsBarbell bent-over rowsStiff-arm pulldownsGiant setReverse close-grippulldownsOne-arm dumbbell rowsSeated cable rowsGiant setDumbbell presses3 x 153 x 153 x 153 x 153 x 153 x 153 x 15Dumbbell upright rows 3 x 15Dumbbell lateral raises 3 x 15Bent-over lateral raises 3 x 15Giant setBiceps exercise3 x 15Ab exerciseTriceps exercise3 x 15Giant setBiceps exercise3 x 15Ab exerciseTriceps exercise3 x 15Note: The exercises for giant setsand supersets change at everyworkout, and the rests betweenexercises are short.Wednesday: PlyometricsDumbbell deep squats3 x 30SupersetDumbbell lunge jumps 3 x 20Walking lunges3 x 40Squat jumps (weighted bar) 3 x 20Box jumps3 x 20Sprints5 x 40 yardsSunday: RestDY: What’s your height, andwhat was your weight at thiscompetition?JR: 5’ 7 1/2”, 130 pounds.DY: Name someone who inspired you in your fitness career?JR: Jamie Eason! She is just thewhole package as a model, athleteand genuine person. And that iswhy she is my inspiration—becauseshe has the brains, personality, style,attitude and career to go along withher rockin’ bod!DY: Do you have a Web sitereaders can visit?JR: Yes! Please visit Also check’s note: Read DavidYoung’s blog at \ JUNE 2011 107

IRON MAN MagazineComing OutWINNERon Top2011 BodySpace Spokesmodel WinnerSteve Cook Went From the Gridiron tothe Weight Pitby David YoungPhotography by Michael NeveuxSteve Cook fell in love withlifting weights while playing high school footballin Boise, Idaho. Using theweight room to overcomelife’s disappointments, he walkedthrough the challenges, racking upwins in a number of natural bodybuilding competitions. Then hewon the Fit BodyContest, Muscle & Fitness Magazine’s Male Model Search and nowthe 2011 BodySpace Spokesmodelcontest.It’s not hard to see why. The guy’sgot great symmetry and strives toemulate the physiques of SteveReeves, Bob Paris, Lee Labrada,Serge Nubert and Frank Zane. Hisgoal is to help others achieve theirown natural bodybuilding goals.This is how he puts it all together tocome out a winner.DY: Going into the finals of BodySpacecontest at the 2010 Los AngelesFitness Expo, what did you thinkabout your chances?SC: I’m a believer that confidenceis gained when you know you’vedone everything possible to prepare.84 JUNE 2011 \ www.ironmanmagazine.comI knew that it was going to be a wonderful chance to compete againstthe best. Every day I would wake upand ready myself, much like I wouldwhen I was playing college football.I knew if I gave everything in thegym and stayed on top of my diet,I would have achance to win!DY: Was theresomething elseyou could havedone to improve your condition, or wasthis your peak?SC: I alwaysfeel like I can getbetter. That’s thebeauty of thesport—there arealways ways toimprove. I felt alittle less than mybest, probablyfrom having to get ready in fourweeks, but I’m still happy with theway I looked. I know I need to continue to improve my weak areas andbring up some bodyparts like myback, but I’m excited to do so andlook forward to stepping onstageagain with improvements.DY: How did you overcome themental challenges that it takesto achieve competitive conditioning? I’m talking about cravings, hunger, workout energy.SC: I have a lot of support from people aroundme. I work at a steakhouse, and it’s not alwayseasy when dieting to passon ribs and cheesy fries,but my co-workers knowhow much being healthymeans to me. My familyalso supports me, andthey understand why Ibring my chicken andrice when they go out forpizza.DY: I’ve always feltthat we have within usthe power to bend theuniverse to our will.What makes the difference foryou in terms of results?SC: I agree with you 100 percent.We are what we think about, and Ibelieve that our thoughts shape ourreality as well. I’ve envisioned \ JUNE 2011 85

Coming Outon Topning every competition I ever won beforestepping onstage. Iprepare physicallyand mentally andknow that the mind ismuch more powerfulthan the body. Beingable to control howI think allows meto stay positive. I’mwilling to go throughanything to get whereI want to be. And itall happens in mymind before it does inreality.DY: How did taking the competitivechallenge changeyou—that is, howdid it improve whoyou are?SC: Workingout has gotten methrough my toughest times. It took mymind off of my failedmarriage by makingme focus on my goals.I never stopped liftingafter I was done withfootball, but my dietwas awful. I startedreading about diet onBodybuilding.comand in IRON MAN.Going through a contest prep and winningmy first competitiongave me confidencethat I could handleanything.DY: Let’s touchon your diet. Canyou list a sampleday of eating?SC: Sure.PremealThermocuts,Threshold (beta-alanine), L-carnitine,BCAAsMeal 16 egg whites2 yolksVeggies60 grams oatmealCLA, HMB, OptiMen multivitamin,glutamine86 JUNE 2011 \

Coming Outon TopMeal 2 (preworkout)Brown riceBroccoli6 ounces chicken, turkey or fishHalf hour before workoutCreatine, L-carnitine, Thermocuts, arginine, beta-alanine,glutamine, BCAAs, caffeineMeal 3 (postworkout)1.5 scoops whey isolate, 1-2scoops Glycomaize, HMB, glutamine, creatine, BCAAs, arginine,tribulusMeal 4Brown rice or yamBroccoliChicken or steakMultivitamin, vitamin CMeal 52 scoops whey with water andalmonds; BCAAsMeal 6Tuna salad with olive oil88 JUNE 2011 \“I’m a believerthat confidence isgained when youknow you’ve doneeverything possible to prepare.”Meal 71.5 scoopscasein andalmonds;CLA, HMB,ZMA, melatonin, tribulus,arginineDY: Who’syour sponsor,and what areyour favoriteproducts?SC: I’m proudto be sponsoredby OptimumNutrition andAmerican Bodybuilding andnow companiesare the best atwhat they do. Ilove PlatinumHydro Whey, thepurest whey on earth—and it tastesso good.DY: Let’s talk about training.What system have you found tobe the most effective?SC: I don’t think just one workout works the best. I’m constantlychanging rep range, rep tempo andvolume to make sure the muscleis always being shocked into newgrowth. When I’m cutting, I typically follow a nonlinear style, whereI train heavy at one workout andthen do more volume at the next.Right now I’m getting back to thebasics and doing heavy compoundmovements to build that dense,hard muscle. I feel like this givesme the best bang for my buck. I likeDorian Yates’ routine, I really likeFST-7 and even some Arnold-typeworkouts with a lot of sets and reps.Currently, I’m following a Dorianstyle routine with one-minute’srests between sets. Warmups aregenerally one or two sets of 12 reps.All works sets are done to completemomentary muscular failure.Here’s a sample week:

Coming Outon Top“I want a body thatis appealing to themasses. My goal isto have the perfectbalance of size, shapeand symmetry.”90 JUNE 2011 \ www.ironmanmagazine.comComing Outon TopMonday: Quads, hams,calvesLeg extensions(warmup)2 x 151 x 10-12Leg presses(warmup)2 x 121 x 10-12Hack squats(warmup)2 x 121 x 10-12Seated leg curls(warmup)1 x 121 x 10-12Stiff-legged deadlifts(warmup)1 x 121 x 10-12Calf presses(warmup)1 x 10-12(rest/pause 10-15seconds)3 x 12Seated calf raises(warmup)1 x 121 x 6-8Tuesday: Chest, biceps,absDecline-bench presses(warmup)2 x 121 x 6-8Incline dumbbell presses(warmup)1 x 121 x 6-8Concentration curls(warmup)1 x 121 x 6-8Hammer curls(warmup)1 x 121 x 6-8Barbell curls2 x 8-10SupersetKneeups3 x maxCrunches3 x maxSupersetRope crunches 3 x maxReverse decline legups3 x maxWednesday: CardioonlyThursday: Back, triceps, calvesDumbbell pullovers(warmup)2 x 121 x 8-10Close-grip pulldowns(warmup)1 x 121 x 8-10One-arm rows(warmup)1 x 121 x 8-10Wide-grip cable rows(warmup)1 x 10-121 x 8-10

Coming Outon Top“I draw inspirationfrom guys like FrankZane, Serge Nubret,Arnold and BobParis because theirphysiques in theirprimes had size,great shape andproportions.”Deadlifts (warmup)1 x 10-121 x 8-10Pushdowns(warmup)1 x 121 x 8-10Lying extensions (warmup) 1 x 121 x 8-10Seated triceps presses(warmup)1 x 121 x 8-10Calf presses (warmup) 1 x 10-12(rest/pause 10-15 seconds) 3 x 12Seated calf raises (warmup) 1 x 121 x 6-8Friday: Delts, traps, absDumbbell presses(warmup)2 x 121 x 6-8Lateral raises (warmup)1 x 121 x 8-10Cable lateral raises1 x 6-8Reverse dumbbell flyes92 JUNE 2011 \ or barbellshrugs (warmup)Upright rows (warmup)Rope crunchesReverse decline legups1 x 121 x 8-101 x 122 x 8-101 x 122 x 8-103 x max3 x maxSaturday: Cardio onlyDY: What’s your height, andwhat did you weigh for thiscompetition?SC: I’m 6’1”, and I weighed 205 forthe show.DY: So your workouts are fourdays a week, and basic movements are the core. You seemto work fairly fast, with goodwarmups followed by all-out efforts. That’s an approach mostnaturals can thrive on. Can youlist three or four of your personal rules for success in bodybuilding.SC: The first is that the body doeswhat the mind tells it to. You have tohave a great mind/muscle connection in the gym.Second, never sacrifice quality forquantity. Having big muscles meansnothing if they’re not proportionateor if they are covered with fat.Third, listen to your body. If it’stelling you to rest, rest. If you’rethirsty, drink more water. If you’vegot food cravings, there may benutrients missing.Fourth, keep training with heavyweights along with lighter iso-movements to bring out striations. Thiswill help you keep that dense, hardmuscle while dieting. Too manyguys don’t train heavy, and it’s a

Coming Outon Top“I don’t think just oneworkout works the best.I’m constantly changingrep range, rep tempo andvolume to make sure themuscle is always beingshocked into new growth.”94 JUNE 2011 \ www.ironmanmagazine.commistake.Fifth, train legs! Too manyfitness models have sticks forlegs.DY: Name someone whoinspired you in your fitnesscareer.SC: I’m a big fan of bodybuilders from the ’70s and’80s, even back in the ’50s withSteve Reeves. He had idealproportions! I draw inspirationfrom him and guys like FrankZane, Serge Nubret, Arnoldand Bob Paris because theyhad the whole package. Theirphysiques in their primes hadsize, great shape and proportions. I read daily from bookswritten by these guys and striveto master the techniques theyused to sculpt their bodies.Also, modern bodybuildersthat I like are Flex Wheeler,Shawn Ray and Phil Heath.DY: So where is Stevegoing from here?SC: As far as the future goes,I want to be the best I can begenetically, and that meanshealthy, strong, muscular andlean. I want a body that is appealing to the masses. My goalis to have the perfect balanceof size, shape and symmetry.I’m hungry for more competition. I feel like this new NPCmen’s physique division wastailor-made for me, and I can’twait to step onstage this summer.Long-term goals are to become a household name, onepeople associate with fitness.I want to use my talents andgifts to help motivate and educate people on how to becomehealthier, happier humanbeings.DY: Do you have a Website that readers can visit?SC: Yes, SteveCook’s note: Read DavidYoung’s blog at IM