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ELL07 6-12.45-59 (RR1-0897).048/11/068:09 PMPage 45Focus on VocabularyEssential Idioms in EnglishMastering the Academic Word ListPhrasal Verbs and CollocationsFifth EditionDiane Schmitt and Norbert Schmitt Robert J. DixsonHigh-Intermediate – Advanced Beginning – AdvancedLet Focus on Vocabulary give your students a head start toacademic and test-taking success. Focus on Vocabularyintroduces students to the Academic Word List, the mostfrequently used words in academic texts.Features:Organized by level for beginning, intermediate, and advancedstudents, Essential Idioms in English remains the resource ofchoice for mastering more than 500 common English idioms,phrasal verbs, and collocations. Each chapter presents 24 target words, featured first in anacademic reading passage, then in a variety of exercises toreinforce meaning, usage, form, and collocation.Essential Idioms in English thoroughly defines and illustrateseach idiom, then reinforces its meaning and usage withmultiple-choice, true-false, fill-in-the-blank, and matchingexercises. Collocation exercises — based on the 179 million-word newLongman Corpus – reflect how academic words are used inreal contexts.Features: Review and Strategy Practice – including tips for dictionaryusage, information about word parts and affixes, andmethods for expanding word knowledge – is provided atthe end of each unit. Three new sections on collocations to illustrate thefrequency of certain usages. An expanded Appendix of Equivalent Idioms that includesPortuguese, French, and Spanish translations. Eight-page section on dictionary skills helps students buildtheir knowledge of vocabulary and usage.P r i c i n g /I S B NsTitle13-Digit ISBN10-Digit ISBNPriceFOCUS ON VOCABULARYStudent BookAnswer Key and it ISBN10-Digit ISBNPriceESSENTIAL IDIOMS IN ENGLISH0-13-183308-10-13-192666-7 27.75FREEBook978-0-13-141176-00-13-141176-4 19.9545T O C O N T A C T Y O U R E L L S P E C I A L I S T, C A L L 1 . 8 0 0 . 3 7 5 . 2 3 7 5

ELL07 6-12.45-59 (RR1-0897).048/11/068:09 PMPage 46Fundamentals of English GrammarInteractiveUnderstanding and Using EnglishGrammar InteractiveBetty Schrampfer AzarRachel Spack Koch Intermediate – Advanced“I am blown away by this program! I have told everyone in theU.S. and Japan that I have come in contact with that this isthe best CD-ROM I have ever seen or used. The students and Iare thrilled! If we’re in the middle of a different activity, andit’s lab time, the students demand we leave for the lab.KUDOS to all who developed it. A masterpiece.”Roberta SteinbergMount Ida CollegeNewton, MA Animated grammar presentations Development of structure awarenessThese CD-ROM programs mirror the syllabus of the textbooksand provide extensive grammar practice using a variety ofinteractive tools. They can be used to combine classroominstruction with computer-based learning, or for self-studypractice. These CD-ROMs are ideal for lab/classroom-basedinstruction and as a supplement to the Azar Grammar Series.The programs feature: Animated grammar presentations. Over 180 “talking heads”inform students about grammar and usage in lively,accessible, and engaging ways. Development of structure awareness. Introductory dialogueshelp students notice how grammar works by highlightinguse of forms. Extensive grammar practice. Each level has more than 500new interactive exercises including listening, speaking, andreading to provide over 100 hours of dynamic practice per level. Learner support. Easy access to information through pop-upnotes and grammar charts with clear examples andexplanations of key points. Ongoing assessment. Students can monitor their progressthrough immediate feedback on practice exercises, chaptertests, and score reports.-ROMCDFor more information on the Azar Grammar Series,see page!For Pricing & ISBNs, see page 52.46O R D E R O N L I N E AT OA S I S . P E A R S O N E D. C O M O R C A L L TO L L - F R E E 1 . 8 0 0 . 6 6 2 . 3 0 5 8

ELL07 6-12.45-59 (RR1-0897).048/11/068:10 PMPage 47 Lively, contextualized activities provide opportunities for original writing.Program features: Abundant contextualized exercises—including grammar,reading, listening, dictation, and speaking activities—provide students with extensive and meaningful lab practice. Target structures are presented in full reading and listeningpassages to help students discover the grammar. Dictation exercises provide students with controlledlistening and writing practice. Speaking exercises give students the opportunity for furtheroral practice of the vocabulary, grammatical structures, andthemes introduced in the unit.Focus on Grammar Interactive Review quizzes and reports help students monitor theirown progress and work.An Integrated Skills ApproachVersion 2.0 Additional exercises for remedial practice are provided foreach grammar point so students can work on improvingweaker areas.Ellen Shaw, Level 1Samuela Eckstut, Heather Ordover, Level 2Margaret Bonner, Marjorie Fuchs, Ellen Shaw, Level 3Margaret Bonner, Marjorie Fuchs, Ellen Shaw, Level 4Jay Maurer, Level 5 A new From Grammar to Writing section provides studentswith additional writing practice based on unit topicsthrough a series of controlled exercises, leading to authenticpieces of writing that can be submitted for grading. Introductory – Advanced Automated feedback, such as hints and explanations,provides learner support and motivates students.-ROMCDThe all-new Focus on Grammar Interactive CD-ROMs mirrorthe syllabus of the best-selling textbook series: Focus onGrammar, now available in a newly revised third edition.Clear, contextualized, and interactive, this five-level CD-ROMprogram provides a communicative review of English grammarthat covers all language skills through a comprehensive,motivating, and fun practice of the grammar points and skillsintroduced in the Student more information on the Focus on Grammarcourse, see page 50.LOOK!For Pricing & ISBNs, see page 52.47T O C O N T A C T Y O U R E L L S P E C I A L I S T, C A L L 1 . 8 0 0 . 3 7 5 . 2 3 7 5

ELL07 6-12.45-59 (RR1-0897).048/11/068:10 PMPage 48Azar Grammar SeriesBasic English GrammarBetty Schrampfer AzarStacy A. HagenFundamentals of English GrammarBetty Schrampfer AzarUnderstanding and UsingEnglish GrammarBetty Schrampfer AzarThird Edition Beginning – AdvancedBlending communicative and interactive approaches with triedand-true grammar teaching, the Azar Grammar Series offersconcise, accurate, level-appropriate grammar information withan abundance of exercises, contexts, and classroom activities.PROGRAM HIGHLIGHTSA broad grammar syllabus The verb tense system, modals, gerunds, and infinitives. Nouns, articles, quantifiers, pronouns, and agreement. Spoken forms and their pronunciation; written formsand their punctuation. Sentence patterns, clauses, connectives, and more.A variety of exercises and classroomactivities Interviews, polls, debates, pantomimes, and role-playing.Student-centered pair and group work.Creative completion of stories, dialogues, and sentences.Error analysis, practice tests, structure-specific writing,and more.Interest-catching, relevant contexts Sharing personal experiences. Cross-cultural comparisons. The natural world and our environment, and system requirements and more detailson the Interactive CD-ROM, see pages 46.48O R D E R O N L I N E AT OA S I S . P E A R S O N E D. C O M O R C A L L TO L L - F R E E 1 . 8 0 0 . 6 6 2 . 3 0 5 8

ELL07 6-12.45-59 (RR1-0897).048/11/068:10 PMPage 49 Greatly increased speaking practice is accomplished through theextensive use of pair and group work. New listening exercises focus on form and meaning. Added illustrationshelp students learnvocabulary andunderstand contexts.Communicative language opportunitiestake place in the real-life, real-placecontext of the classroom.COMPONENTSBASIC ENGLISH GRAMMARStudent Book with Audio CDwithout Answer KeyStudent Book with Audio CD andAnswer KeyStudent Book A with Audio CDStudent Book B with Audio CDWorkbook, FullWorkbook AWorkbook BTeacher’s GuideAnswer KeyTestGen CD-ROMFUNDAMENTALS OF ENGLISHGRAMMAR & UNDERSTANDINGAND USING ENGLISH GRAMMARStudent Book, Full without Answer KeyStudent Book, Full with Answer KeyStudent Book AStudent Book BWorkbook, FullWorkbook AWorkbook BTeacher’s GuideChartbookAnswer KeyTest BankInteractive CD-ROMTestGen CD-ROMFun with Grammar Students engage in real-life communicative language tasks.LOOK!For Pricing & ISBNs, see page 52.49T O C O N T A C T Y O U R E L L S P E C I A L I S T, C A L L 1 . 8 0 0 . 3 7 5 . 2 3 7 5

ELL07 6-12.45-59 (RR1-0897).048/22/062:31 PMPage 50Focus on Grammar SeriesAn Integrated Skills ApproachThird EditionIrene E. Schoenberg, Level 1Irene E. Schoenberg and Jay Maurer, Level 2Marjorie Fuchs, Margaret Bonner,Miriam Westheimer, Level 3Marjorie Fuchs and Margaret Bonner, Level 4Jay Maurer, Level 5 Beginning – AdvancedState tests and the new SAT include grammar andinformational reading—this exciting series, Focus on GrammarLevels 1-5, covers both of these areas in great depth.Centered on thematic instruction, Focus on Grammar combinescontrolled and communicative practice with critical thinkingskills and ongoing assessment. Each unit progresses throughfour unique steps: Grammar in Context, Grammar Presentation,Focused Practice, and Communication Practice, making theprogram easy for students to understand and for teachers toimplement.PROGRAM HIGHLIGHTS Full-color design enriches the learning experience. Clear, streamlined presentations and charts make grammareasy to learn. Editing exercises teach students to find and correct typicalmistakes. New Internet activities, for individual, pair or groupwork, allow students to expand on the unit content. Review Tests, in standardized test formats, give studentspractice in test taking. Complete Assessment Pack with test-generating softwarehas thousands of items to create class-appropriate tests.COMPONENTSWORKBOOKSoffer practice for independentstudy and review.INTERACTIVE CD-ROMSmirror the syllabus of the printbook and provide you with anexciting instructional alternative.AUDIO CDSallow students to hear grammarin aural/oral contexts.TRANSPARENCIESprovide grammar charts in anengaging visual format.A WEBSITEFor more information on Focus on GrammarInteractive, Version 2.0 and its package options,see pages 47.A FULL ASSESSMENTPACKAGEin print and additional content onCD allows you to diagnose, instruct,and evaluate based on fullycorrelated and complete tests andassessment. Grammar proficiencytests from the Educational TestingService for levels 4 and 5 are alsoavailable.TEACHERS MANUALS(print and CD-ROM)include teaching tips, extensionactivities, audio scripts, PowerPointpresentations, answer keys, blacklinemasters and scoring rubrics.provides an easy way to extendlessons and provide 50O R D E R O N L I N E AT OA S I S . P E A R S O N E D. C O M O R C A L L TO L L - F R E E 1 . 8 0 0 . 6 6 2 . 3 0 5 8

ELL07 6-12.45-59 (RR1-0897).048/22/062:31 PMPage 51Step 1: Grammar in Context New grammar points are presented within informational texts.NEW! Full-color layout and richer content.Step 2: Grammar Presentation Clear, accessible grammar charts are easy to use.NEW! Streamlined and simplified Notes and Examples. Step 4: Communication PracticeExcerpted from Focus on Grammar 4 Step 3: Focused PracticeStudents discover the grammar themselves through focused practice.NEW! Expanded practice sections in every unit.Students practice each target structure in creative and interactive ways.NEW! Internet activities for individual, pair, or group work.LOOK!For Pricing & ISBNs, see page 52.51T O C O N T A C T Y O U R E L L S P E C I A L I S T, C A L L 1 . 8 0 0 . 3 7 5 . 2 3 7 5

ELL07 6-12.45-59 (RR1-0897).048/11/068:10 PMPage 52GrammarTitleMultimediaTitle13-Digit ISBN10-Digit ISBNFOCUS ON GRAMMAR INTERACTIVELEVEL 1CD-ROM Program978-0-13-147474-10-13-147474-XCD-ROM 5-Pack978-0-13-147479-60-13-147479-0CD-ROM 10-Pack978-0-13-147478-90-13-147478-2CD-ROM 20-Pack978-0-13-147566-50-13-147566-6Network License978-0-13-147477-20-13-147477-4LEVEL 2CD-ROM Program978-0-13-189965-00-13-189965-1CD-ROM 5-Pack978-0-13-189966-70-13-189966-XCD-ROM 10-Pack978-0-13-188957-40-13-188957-8CD-ROM 20-Pack978-0-13-189969-80-13-189969-4Network License978-0-13-189970-40-13-189970-8LEVEL 3CD-ROM Program978-0-13-190003-50-13-190003-XCD-ROM 5-Pack978-0-13-190002-80-13-190002-1CD-ROM 10-Pack978-0-13-190001-10-13-190001-3CD-ROM 20-Pack978-0-13-189999-50-13-189999-6Network License978-0-13-189997-10-13-189997-XLEVEL 4CD-ROM Program978-0-13-191316-50-13-191316-6CD-ROM 5-Pack978-0-13-191317-20-13-191317-4CD-ROM 10-Pack978-0-13-191318-90-13-191318-2CD-ROM 20-Pack978-0-13-191320-20-13-191320-4Network License978-0-13-191322-60-13-191322-0LEVEL 5CD-ROM Program978-0-13-191323-30-13-191323-9CD-ROM 5-Pack978-0-13-191324-00-13-191324-7CD-ROM 10-Pack978-0-13-191325-70-13-191325-5CD-ROM 20-Pack978-0-13-191327-10-13-191327-1Network License978-0-13-191328-80-13-191328-XFUNDAMENTALS OF ENGLISH GRAMMAR INTERACTIVE1 CD-ROM work Version/Individual Site License 978-0-13-173384-80-13-173384-2Installable Version/Individual Site License 978-0-13-173385-50-13-173385-0Demo Disk978-0-13-173383-10-13-173383-4UNDERSTANDING AND USING ENGLISH GRAMMAR INTERACTIVEHIGH-INTERMEDIATE – ADVANCED1 CD-ROM work Version/Individual Site License 978-0-13-191572-50-13-191572-XInstallable Version/Individual Site License 978-0-13-192803-90-13-192803-1Demo Disk978-0-13-151933-60-13-151933-6Single User (Not for Sale in the U.S.) 978-0-13-191641-80-13-191641-6Demo Disk (outside U.S. only)978-0-13-191733-00-13-191733-1Price 249.95 999.00 1,999.00 3,999.00 5,991.00 249.95 999.00 1,999.00 3,999.00 5,991.00 249.95 999.00 1,999.00 3,999.00 5,991.00 249.95 999.00 1,999.00 3,999.00 5,991.00 249.95 999.00 1,999.00 3,999.00 5,991.00 225.95 903.00 1,807.00 3,615.00 5,411.00 5,411.00FREE– 225.95 903.00 1,807.00 3,615.00 5,411.00 5,028.95FREE 134.00FREEGrammarTitle5213-Digit ISBN10-Digit ISBNPriceAZAR GRAMMAR SERIESBASIC ENGLISH GRAMMAR, THIRD EDITION (RED) — BEGINNINGStudent Book with Audio CD978-0-13-184412-40-13-184412-1 34.95without Answer KeyStudent Book with Audio CD978-0-13-184937-20-13-184937-9 35.95and Answer KeyStudent Book A with Audio CD978-0-13-184939-60-13-184939-5 18.75Student Book B with Audio CD978-0-13-184940-20-13-184940-9 18.75Workbook, Full978-0-13-184934-10-13-184934-4 17.00Workbook A978-0-13-184935-80-13-184935-2 10.50Workbook B978-0-13-184936-50-13-184936-0 10.50Teacher’s Guide978-0-13-184929-70-13-184929-8 31.50Answer Key978-0-13-189121-00-13-189121-9 5.25Test Bank978-0-13-195954-50-13-195954-9 25.50TestGen CD-ROM978-0-13-1888269-5 0-13-1888269-1 102.00FUNDAMENTALS OF ENGLISH GRAMMAR, THIRD EDITION(BLACK) — INTERMEDIATEStudent Book, Full without Answer Key 978-0-13-013631-20-13-013631-X 34.95Student Book, Full with Answer Key 978-0-13-049447-40-13-049447-X 35.95Student Book A without978-0-13-013646-60-13-013646-8 18.75Answer Key (Ch. 1-7)Student Book B without978-0-13-013652-70-13-013652-2 18.75Answer Key (Ch. 8-14)Workbook, Full includes978-0-13-013633-60-13-013633-6 22.75WB Answer KeyWorkbook A includes978-0-13-013647-30-13-013647-6 14.00WB Answer Key (Ch. 1-7)Workbook B includes WB978-0-13-013653-40-13-013653-0 14.00Answer Key (Ch. 8-14)Teacher’s Guide includes Answer Key 978-0-13-013634-30-13-013634-4 35.25Chartbook978-0-13-013635-00-13-013635-2 25.00Answer Key978-0-13-013636-70-13-013636-0 4.75Test Bank978-0-13-096714-50-13-096714-9 25.50TestGen CD-ROM978-0-13-192670-70-13-192670-5 102.00Fun with Grammar*978-0-13-567926-50-13-567926-5 32.25*or download from’d.)13-Digit ISBN10-Digit ISBNPriceUNDERSTANDING AND USING ENGLISH GRAMMAR, THIRD EDITION (BLUEHIGH-INTERMEDIATE – ADVANCEDStudent Book, Full without Answer Key 978-0-13-958661-30-13-958661-X 34.95Student Book, Full with Answer Key 978-0-13-097605-50-13-097605-9 35.95Student Text, Vol. A (Ch. 1-11)978-0-13-958729-00-13-958729-2 18.75Student Text, Vol. B (Ch. 12-20)978-0-13-958752-80-13-958752-7 18.75Workbook, Full978-0-13-958687-30-13-958687-3 22.75Workbook, Vol. A (Ch. 1-11)978-0-13-958737-50-13-958737-3 14.00Workbook, Vol. B (Ch. 12-20)978-0-13-958760-30-13-958760-8 14.00Full Text/Wrkbk Pkg.978-0-13-029259-90-13-029259-1 46.50Teacher’s Guide978-0-13-958679-80-13-958679-2 34.95Chartbook978-0-13-958703-00-13-958703-9 25.00Answer Key978-0-13-020552-00-13-020552-4 4.75Test Bank978-0-13-958695-80-13-958695-4 25.50Interactive CD-ROM978-0-13-110109-80-13-110109-9 225.95 978-0-13-192669-10-13-192669-1 102.00TestGen CD-ROMFOCUS ON GRAMMAR 1Student Book978-0-13-147466-60-13-147466-9 30.95Book/Audio CD Pkg978-0-13-147480-20-13-147480-4 35.95Teacher’s Manual978-0-13-147468-00-13-147468-5 30.95Workbook978-0-13-147469-70-13-147469-3 17.50Audio CDs (2)978-0-13-147473-40-13-147473-1 43.25Transparencies978-0-13-194905-80-13-194905-5 37.50CD-ROM program978-0-13-147474-10-13-147474-X 249.95Assessment Pack978-0-13-193142-80-13-193142-3 140.50FOCUS ON GRAMMAR 2Student Book978-0-13-189971-10-13-189971-6 30.95Book/Audio CD Pkg978-0-13-189972-80-13-189972-4 35.95Teacher’s Manual978-0-13-189973-50-13-189973-2 30.95Workbook978-0-13-189974-20-13-189974-0 17.50Audio CDs (2)978-0-13-189977-30-13-189977-5 43.25Split Student Book A (Parts 1-6)978-0-13-189979-70-13-189979-1 15.75Book A/Audio CD Pkg978-0-13-193923-30-13-193923-8 19.00Split Student Book B (Parts 7-12) 978-0-13-189980-30-13-189980-5 15.75Book B/Audio CD Pkg978-0-13-193926-40-13-193926-2 19.00Split Workbook A978-0-13-189981-00-13-189981-3 9.00Split Workbook B978-0-13-189982-70-13-189982-1 9.00Transparencies978-0-13-194906-50-13-194906-3 37.50CD-ROM program978-0-13-189965-00-13-189965-1 249.95Assessment Pack978-0-13-193141-10-13-193141-5 140.50FOCUS ON GRAMMAR 3Student Book978-0-13-189984-10-13-189984-8 30.95Book/Audio CD Pkg978-0-13-189985-80-13-189985-6 35.95Teacher’s Manual978-0-13-189987-20-13-189987-2 30.95Workbook978-0-13-189990-20-13-189990-2 17.50Audio CDs (3)978-0-13-189992-60-13-189992-9 53.50Split Student Book A (Parts 1-4)978-0-13-189993-30-13-189993-7 15.75Book A/Audio CD Pkg978-0-13-193925-70-13-193925-4 19.00Split Student Book B (Parts 5-8)978-0-13-189995-70-13-189995-3 15.75Book B/Audio CD Pkg978-0-13-193924-00-13-193924-6 19.00Split Workbook A978-0-13-189996-40-13-189996-1 9.00Split Workbook B978-0-13-189988-90-13-189988-0 9.00Transparencies978-0-13-194907-20-13-194907-1 37.50CD-ROM program978-0-13-190003-50-13-190003-X 249.95Assessment Pack978-0-13-193140-40-13-193140-7 140.50FOCUS ON GRAMMAR 4Student Book978-0-13-190008-00-13-190008-0 30.95Book/Audio CD Pkg978-0-13-190009-70-13-190009-9 35.95Teacher’s Manual978-0-13-191234-20-13-191234-8 30.95Workbook978-0-13-191235-90-13-191235-6 17.50Audio CDs (3)978-0-13-191238-00-13-191238-0 53.50Split Student Book A (Parts 1-6)978-0-13-191240-30-13-191240-2 15.75Book A/Audio CD Pkg978-0-13-193921-90-13-193921-1 19.00Split Student Book B (Parts 7-10) 978-0-13-191241-00-13-191241-0 15.75Book B/Audio CD Pkg978-0-13-193922-60-13-193922-X 19.00Split Workbook A978-0-13-191242-70-13-191242-9 9.00Split Workbook B978-0-13-191243-40-13-191243-7 9.00Transparencies978-0-13-194908-90-13-194908-X 37.50CD-ROM program978-0-13-191316-50-13-191316-6 249.95Assessment Pack978-0-13-193139-80-13-193139-3 140.50FOCUS ON GRAMMAR 5Student Book978-0-13-191273-10-13-191273-9 30.95Book/Audio CD Pkg978-0-13-191275-50-13-191275-5 35.95Teacher’s Manual978-0-13-191276-20-13-191276-3 30.95Workbook978-0-13-191277-90-13-191277-1 17.50Audio CDs (3)978-0-13-191280-90-13-191280-1 53.50Split Student Book A(Parts 1-4)978-0-13-191281-60-13-191281-X 15.75Book A/Audio CD Pkg978-0-13-193919-60-13-193919-X 19.00Split Student Book B (Parts 5-9)978-0-13-191282-30-13-191282-8 15.75Book B/Audio CD Pkg978-0-13-193918-90-13-193918-1 19.00Split Workbook A978-0-13-191283-00-13-191283-6 9.00Split Workbook B978-0-13-191284-70-13-191284-4 9.00Transparencies978-0-13-194909-60-13-194909-8 37.50CD-ROM program978-0-13-191323-30-13-191323-9 249.95Assessment Pack978-0-13-193138-10-13-193138-5 140.50TestGen CD-ROM978-0-13-227531-60-13-227531-7 98.00Demo Disk978-0-13-191274-80-13-191274-7FREEPlacement Test978-0-13-199437-90-13-199437-9FREEO R D E R O N L I N E AT OA S I S . P E A R S O N E D. C O M O R C A L L TO L L - F R E E 1 . 8 0 0 . 6 6 2 . 3 0 5 8

ELL07 6-12.45-59 (RR1-0897).048/11/068:10 PMPage 53Grammar Step by Stepwith PicturesGrammar EssentialsGraded Exercises in EnglishNew EditionNew EditionRobert J. DixsonRalph S. Boggs andRobert J. Dixson Intermediate – Advanced Beginning – IntermediateGrammar Step by Step with Pictures is ideal for grammarinstruction, concentrated practice, or self-study. A consistentsix-page lesson format, filled with focused grammarpresentations, abundant exercises, and precise illustrations.Features: 46 graded lessons present and recycle essential structuresof English and introduce over 800 basic vocabulary words. Illustrations on every page enhance comprehension forbeginning students and visual learners. New Quick Grammar Reference section allows for quickreview of essential structures and principles.Over 100 grammar points and more than 2,000 practiceactivities make this new edition the ideal grammar reviewcompanion for any course including reading, writing, andlistening/speaking as well as integrated skills.Features: Step-by-step presentation of grammar points follows thefamiliar scope and sequence of skills-based courses. New Quick Grammar Reference section includes clear chartsand helpful summaries of “need to know” areas andcommon errors. Perfect for self-study (an answer key is provided at theback).P r i c i n g /I S B NsTitle13-Digit ISBN10-Digit ISBNPriceGRAMMAR STEP BY STEP WITH PICTURESBook978-0-13-141175-3Title13-Digit ISBN10-Digit ISBNPriceGRAMMAR ESSENTIALS0-13-141175-6 19.95Book978-o-13-112696-1o-13-112696-2 20.0053T O C O N T A C T Y O U R E L L S P E C I A L I S T, C A L L 1 . 8 0 0 . 3 7 5 . 2 3 7 5