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Copyright 2017--Manufactured Housing Communities of Arizona, Inc.Page 1 of 13MOBILE AND MANUFACTURED HOMEPURCHASE AGREEMENT AND SALES CONTRACTThis Contract form is twofold. A Real Estate Broker may use it for the sale of a used Mobile orManufactured Home by completing the first 11 pages. But if the home being sold is new, the attachedaddendum that appears at the end of this Contract must be used, bringing the total number of pages to 13.Real Estate Brokers may only sell new Manufactured Homes in conjunction with a Dealer licensed by theArizona Department of Housing.1. PARTIES:1a.1. Buyer:BUYER'S NAME(S)2. Seller:SELLER'S NAME(S)2. PREMISES:2a.3. Buyer agrees to purchase and Seller agrees to sell the following described manufactured home with all4. improvements, fixtures, and appurtenances thereon, or incidental thereto (collectively, the "Premises"),5. commonly known as:6. Address:, Arizona,7. County:.2b.8. Purchase Price. Subject to any adjustments and prorations hereinafter described, the total purchase price9. to be paid by Buyer to Seller for the purchase of the Premises shall be:10. (the "Purchase Price"). Taxes and other charges not to exceed11. will be added, resulting in a final purchase price of12. .2c.13. DESCRIPTION OF MANUFACTURED HOME:14. MANUFACTURER:15. MODEL:16. VIN NUMBER(S):17. AZ CERTIFICATE OF TITLE NO(S):18. ACCESSORIES:19. LOCATION OF MANUFACTURED HOME:20.21. NAME OF MOBILE HOME PARK ("MHP"):22. ADDRESS OF MHP:23.2d.YEAR:APPROXIMATE SIZE:24. Terms. The Terms under which the Purchase Price shall be paid to the Seller are as follows:25. Cash Conventional loan FHA VA Assumption Seller Carryback Other26.1SellerSellerUpdated August 2017BuyerBuyer

Copyright 2017--Manufactured Housing Communities of Arizona, Inc.Page 2 of 132e.27. Earnest Money. An Earnest Money deposit is required if the Premises is new construction.28. Earnest Money shall be provided is waived Other29. Earnest Money, if not waived, shall be deposited into Dealer or Broker Trust Account, or if this is a new home30. sale, into an escrow account. If applicable, Earnest Money shall be deposited upon acceptance of this offer.31. Earnest Money shall be: Personal check32.2f., in the form of: Wire transfer Other33. Election. If the Premises are previously owned and have a Purchase Price less than fifty thousand dollars34. ( 50,000.00), and the Earnest Money deposit is not waived, Buyer requests that the Dealer or Broker35. (Check one):36. handle the transaction through a Trust Account controlled by the Dealer or Broker.37.BUYERBUYERBUYERBUYER38. handle the transaction through an independent escrow account.39.40. Buyer understands that the use of an independent escrow account will result in additional charges.41. Any and all escrow charges and costs will be the responsibility of the Buyer solely, unless another division42. of the charges and costs are separately agreed to by the Buyer and Seller.2g.43. Close of Escrow. Close of Escrow ("COE") shall occur when title to the Premises is transferred into44. Buyer's name. Title to the Premises shall be transferred free and clear of all liens or encumbrances,45. recorded, filed, registered or known to Seller, unless otherwise agreed in writing.46. Seller agrees to execute and deliver to Buyer title to the Premises and perform all other acts necessary in47. sufficient time to allow COE to occur onMONTHDAYYEAR48. Buyer agrees to cooperate in transfer of title, and may be required to accompany Escrow Company or other49. agent of the Seller or Buyer to a Department of Motor Vehicles ("DMV") office to arrange transfer of title.50. If Escrow Company, Dealer, Brokerage, or DMV office is closed on the day of COE, COE shall occur on51. the next business day that such offices are open for business, as required.2h.52. Escrow Matters. This Contract shall be instruction to the Escrow Company, Dealer, or Broker, to carry53. out terms of this Contract. Escrow shall be performed 2i.PHONEFAX57. Prorations of Assessments / Fees / Liens. All assessments and fees that are not a lien as of COE,58. including mobile home space rent, utility charges, other landlord fees, community fees, homeowner's59. association fees, rents, and, if assumed, interest on assessments, interest on encumbrances, and service60. contracts, shall be prorated at COE, or Other:2SellerSellerUpdated August 2017BuyerBuyer

Copyright 2017--Manufactured Housing Communities of Arizona, Inc.Page 3 of 132j61. Funds. If this is an ALL CASH SALE, all funds will be in U.S. currency. A Letter of Credit or a source of62. funds from a financial institution documenting availability of funds to close escrow is attached hereto.2k63. Contingencies: Buyer must obtain approval to live within the community/association. Buyer shall submit64. application and be approved for residency by the manufactured housing community prior to entering65. into this Contract, or within five (5) days of Contract acceptance. If after a diligent and good faith effort,66. Buyer is unable to obtain approval for residency from the community, this Contract shall be deemed67. cancelled and Earnest Money shall be released to the Buyer.2l.68. The housing community where the Premises is located may have the right of first refusal (the “Right of69. First Refusal") to purchase the Premises from the Seller, exercisable in connection with any proposed sale70. or other transfer of the Seller's interests in the Premises. Seller shall provide written notice to the housing71. community of Seller's intent to sell prior to entering into a Contract with Buyer. If the housing community72. elects to purchase the Premises, this Contract shall be deemed cancelled and Earnest Money shall be73. released to the Buyer.3. POSSESSION:3a.74. Possession. Seller shall deliver possession, existing keys, and all means to operate all locks, mailbox,75. and security system/alarms to Buyer at COE. Buyer and Seller should consult with legal counsel,76. insurance, tax, or accounting professionals regarding the risk of pre-possession or post-possession of77. the Premises.3b.78. Addenda Incorporated.79. New Home Addendum (Pages 12-14 of Contract)80. Manufactured Housing Homeowner Information Bulletin – NEW MANUFACTURED HOME81. Manufactured Housing Homeowner Information Bulletin – USED MANUFACTURED HOME82. Buyer Due Diligence Addendum83. Available Lenders for Financing84. Seller Carryback Financing Addendum85. Agency Disclosure Other3c.86. Fixtures. Fixtures shall mean all personal property attached/affixed to the Premises. Seller agrees that all87. existing Fixtures on the Premises, shall convey in this sale.3d.88. Additional Personal Property included in the sale (if checked):89. Refrigerator Washer Dryer90. Other (Describe type / Purpose)91. Personal Property is transferred with no monetary value, and free from all liens and encumbrances.4. FINANCING:4a.IF BUYER IS PAYING CASH, SECTION 4 DOES NOT APPLY.92. Loan Contingency. Within three (3) days of Contract acceptance, Buyer shall provide to the lender:93. Buyer’s name, income information, social security number, Premises address, estimated value of the94. Premises, anticipated mortgage amount, and shall agree to allow the lender access to Buyer’s Trimerged95. Residential Credit Report.3SellerSellerUpdated August 2017BuyerBuyer

Copyright 2017--Manufactured Housing Communities of Arizona, Inc.Page 4 of 134b.96. Loan Contingency Period. Buyer's obligation to complete this sale is contingent upon Buyer obtaining97. loan approval no later than one (1) week prior to COE, or.98. NOTE: See Section 4(b) of the New Home Addendum. COE shall occur on the closing date unless it is99. changed in writing by agreement of both parties.4c.100. Unfulfilled Loan Contingency. This Contract shall be cancelled and Buyer shall be entitled to a return101. of the Earnest Money if, after a diligent and good faith effort, Buyer is unable to obtain loan approval102. within the Loan Contingency Period. Buyer acknowledges that items paid prior to COE, such as inspection103. fees, or appraisals, are prepaid items and are not refundable. An unfulfilled contingency is not a breach of104. Contract.4d. 105. Interest Rate / Funds. Buyer acknowledges i) the inability to obtain loan approval due to the failure to106. lock in the interest rate with the lender, or ii) the failure to have the down payment or funds necessary107. to obtain loan approval within the Loan Contingency Period, is not an Unfulfilled Loan Contingency.4e.108. Costs / Seller Concessions. Buyer shall be responsible for all loan costs unless otherwise provided109. herein. Alternatively, if indicated, Seller agrees to pay up to% of the Purchase Price, OR up to110. to be used for any of Buyer’s costs, unless prohibited by lender.4f.111. Appraisal Contingency. If Buyer is obtaining a loan, Buyer's obligation to complete this sale is112. contingent upon an appraisal of the Premises acceptable to the lender for at least the Purchase Price.113. If the Premises fails to appraise under terms acceptable to the lender, Buyer has five (5) days after notice114. of insufficient value to cancel this Contract and receive a refund of the Earnest Money, or the appraisal115. contingency shall be waived.116. NOTICE: Buyer and Seller must agree to the FHA Amendatory Clause if financing is an FHA or VA loan.4g.117. Appraisal Cost(s). Buyer shall pay the Appraisal Cost(s) unless included in Seller Concessions as118. indicated herein. Any additional appraisal/lender required costs, or repairs, shall be the expense of the119. Buyer unless otherwise agreed to herein.5. DISCLOSURES:5a.120. Disclosures. Buyer and Seller covenant and agree as follows: Seller shall deliver a completed Arizona121. Association of Realtors Seller's Property Disclosure Statement ("SPDS"), within three (3) days after122. Contact acceptance. Buyer shall sign the SPDS as acknowledgment of receiving the SPDS within three (3)123. days of receipt. Buyer shall provide notice of any disapproved items in the SPDS within the Due Diligence124. Period, or five (5) days after receipt of the SPDS, whichever is later. Buyer acknowledges Seller does not125. have to disclose a previous opinion of value.5b. 126. NOTICE: Arizona law requires the Seller must disclose all known facts which materially affect the value of127. the Premises, and which are not readily observable or known to the Buyer, regardless of whether the Buyer128. performs an inspection.5c.129. Changes During Escrow. Prior to COE, Seller shall immediately notify Buyer of any changes in the130. Premises or disclosures. Such notice is considered an update of the SPDS, and if made after the Due131. Diligence Period, Buyer shall be allowed five (5) days after delivery of such notice to provide notice of132. disapproval to Seller. Such notice provides the Buyer the opportunity to cancel.4SellerSellerUpdated August 2017BuyerBuyer

Copyright 2017--Manufactured Housing Communities of Arizona, Inc.Page 5 of 135d. 133. Lead-Based Paint Disclosure. If the Premises were built prior to 1978, Seller shall: (i) notify Buyer of134. any known lead-based paint ("LBP") or LBP hazards in the Premises; (ii) provide Buyer with any LBP risk135. assessments or inspections of the Premises in Seller's possession; (iii) provide Buyer with the Disclosure of136. Information on Lead-Based Paint and Lead-Based Paint Hazards, and any report, records, pamphlets, and/or137. other materials referenced therein, including the pamphlet "Protect Your Family from Lead in Your Home"138. (collectively "LBP Information"). Buyer shall return a signed copy of the Disclosure of Information on139. Lead-Based Paint and Lead-Based Paint Hazards to Seller prior to COE.140. Premises was built after 1978, no LBP in the Premises.BUYERBUYERBUYERBUYER141. Premises was built prior to 1978, and:142. LBP Information was provided prior to Contract acceptance and Buyer acknowledges the opportunity to143. conduct LBP risk assessments or Inspections during Inspection Period; or144. Seller shall provide the LBP Information within three (3) days after Contract acceptance. Buyer may145. within ten (10) days, ordays after receipt of the LBP Information, conduct or obtain a risk146. assessment or inspection of the Premises for the presence of LBP or LBP-Hazards (the "Assessment147. Period"). Buyer may within five (5) days after receipt of the LBP Information, or five (5) days after148. expiration of the Assessment Period, cancel this Contract.149. NOTICE: Buyer is advised to use certified contractors familiar with LBP remediation to perform150. renovation, remodeling, repair or painting projects that may disturb LBP in residential properties built prior151. to 1978, and to follow specific practices to prevent lead contamination.6. WARRANTIES:6a.152. Condition of the Property. BUYER AND SELLER AGREE THE PREMISES ARE BEING SOLD153. IN ITS PRESENT PHYSICAL CONDITION AS OF THE DATE OF CONTRACT ACCEPTANCE.154. Seller makes no warranty to Buyer, either express or implied, as to the condition or fitness for any155. particular use or purpose of the Premises. However, Seller shall maintain and repair the Premises so that at156. the earlier of possession or COE: (i) the Premises, including all personal property included in the sale, will157. be in substantially the same condition as on the date of Contract acceptance; and (ii) all personal property158. not included in the sale and debris will be removed from the Premises. Buyer is advised to conduct159. independent inspections and investigations regarding the Premises within the Due Diligence Period if160. applicable. Buyer and Seller acknowledge and understand they may, but are not obligated to, engage in161. negotiations for repairs/improvements to the Premises. Any/all agreed upon repairs/improvements will be162. addressed pursuant to the Buy