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2015 Parts CatalogYour Source for IGT Parts and Solutions

REPLACEMENT PARTS FOR IGT SLOT MACHINESREBUILDING KIT FOR IGTELECTRONIC BALLASTREPLACEMENT CAPACITORSFOR IGT POWER SUPPLIES Rebuild and SAVE! Complete set of replacementcapacitors Includes capacitors, transistor and instructions Kits contain high quality 105 degreecapacitorsPart Number70-1337-0070-1570-00 Not a repair kit as your powersupply may have defects other thancapacitors All capacitors should be replacedbecause age, humidity andtemperature cause the value ofelectrolytic capacitors to changePart Number70-25652-0070-25879-00IGT Ref. uilding Kit for IGT 15W Electronic BallastRebuilding Kit for IGT 8W Electronic BallastIGT 22/40W RAPID START ELECTRONIC BALLASTNo. of Capacitors2712 Input Pin assignment: Pin1 NC; Pin2 0vdc; Pin3 25vdc Output Pin assignment: Pin1 FIL A; Pin2 FIL A; Pin3 FIL B; Pin4 FILB IGT Pin 19508000W Rev.B Nominal input voltage: 25vdcCAPACITORS FOR IGT 3Y POWER SUPPLY Complete set of replacementcapacitors Maximum input current: 1.27A Lamp Type(s): FC8T9 (22W), FC16T9 (40W); Lamp Current:195mA Minimum start temperature: -6 C Kits contain high quality 105 capacitors Maximum operating temperature: 55 C Class P; Sound rating: A All capacitors should be replaced asage, humidity and temperature causethe value of electrolytic capacitors tochange Indoor use only Maximum open circuit output voltage: 600V; High power factorPart Number70-1932-00 Ref No 40012100WDescriptionIGT Electronic Ballast 22/40w Rapid Start 10 capacitors includedPart Number70-26107-00DescriptionReplacement Capacitors for IGT 3Y Power SupplyELECTRONIC BALLAST For F15T8 lampsPart Number70-1151-00-R70-1151-00-R-ASIS With polymer fuse 0.62A, 25VDCORDER 3 WAYS2 Used in conjunction with an8” and a 12” circuline lampstogether, F17T8, FC8T9 andFC16T9 25VDC, 22-40W, RoHScompliant For IGT machinesPart Number70-0635-00-R70-0824-00BALLAST FOR IGTRef. No.195 076 90195 069 90DescriptionElectronic Ballast, 15WElectronic Ballast, 8WCALL888-289-4277LIMITED QUANTITIES Ballast for IGT Reference Number 19507800Ballast,25VDC, 22-40 Watt IGT

REPLACEMENT PARTS FOR IGT SLOT MACHINESDOOR OPEN EMITTERKEP 6-DIGIT METER FOR IGT SLOT MACHINES 6-digit non-resettable counter For IGT Games Counting Speed: 20 counts perseconds Ref. No. 575 06 900 PC Board Mounting, 24VDC IGT Ref. No. 29209390Part Number70-0478-00Part Number42-7431-00DescriptionDoor Open EmitterDescription6-Digit Meter for IGT Slot MachinesDOOR OPEN RECEIVERKEP 6-DIGIT METER FOR IGT REEL MACHINES 6-digit non-resettable counter Door open receiver for IGTGames Ref. No. 575 068 00 Counting Speed: 20 countsper seconds 13 3/4” flying leadsPart Number70-0482-00 24VDC; no diode IGT Ref. No. 29203490Part Number42-7430-00DescriptionDoor Open ReceiverDescription6-Digit Meter for IGT Reel MachinesIGT OPTIC EMITTER For Game King IGT Ref. No. 37105500KEP METER FOR IGT E20 AVPPart Number70-0608-00 Used in IGT E20 AVP GamesDescriptionIGT Optic Emitter 24VDC IGT Ref. No. 29209590WPARTIAL INSERTION MAGSTRIPE READERPart NumberEP770-MRT Bit/Strobe interfaceDescription24VDC KEP Meter for IGT E20 AVP Games StatGuard static protection Open slot architecture with front and rearcard detects Reads ISO track 1 or track 2 Easily serviceable with a one-year manufacturer warranty Ref. number ZU-M2121S352NOT FINDING WHATYOU NEED? CALL YOURSUZOHAPP SALESREPRESENTAITIVE TODAY! One-year manufacturer warrantyPart Number70-1971-00DescriptionPartial Insertion Magstripe Reader for IGTLIMITED QUANTITIES P.COMORDER 3 WAYS3

REPLACEMENT PARTS FOR IGT SLOT MACHINESTICKET PRINTER ARROW LED BOARDSBAR TOP BILL VALIDATOR LEDDISPLAY PANELS FOR IGT For IGT 19” slant top and uprightgames For IGT bar top games Save money by replacing originalboards that prematurely burn out Long lasting, easy to install,drop-in replacements Full 3 year warranty Two models to choose from for old or newer machinesPart Number70-1861-00 Full 3 year warrantyDescriptionTicket Printer Arrow LED Board, IGT UprightsPart Number70-1863-00DescriptionBar Top Bill Validator LED Board (New)TICKET PRINTER ARROW LED BOARDS For IGT slant top gamesIGT 044 Processor Boards Greatly improve your bill face lighting Direct replacement, plug-inconvenience70-1815-00 Equipped with connector to interfacewith machine harness Low heat generation, 50% lower powerconsumption70-1816-00 Easy to install, no tools required Operates on 13.5 volts DCPart iptionIGT Tell Tale circuitry on PC board-removed unused componentsIGT No Tell Tale circuitry on PC board-removed unused componentsIGT Tell Tale circuitry processor board Limited 3 year warrantyPart Number70-1816-0070-1815-00DescriptionLED Bill Validator Display for IGT Slant Top Games, Yellow/Green LEDsLED Bill Validator Display for IGT Slant Top Machines, White LEDsIGT FIBER OPTIC BOARDDENOM PANEL LED BOARD FOR IGT S2000 Replaces incandescent lampswith crisp white LED displayPart Number75431501-ASIS Decreases power consumptionby 60% Powered by integratedconnector interface fromexisting machine socketDescriptionIGT Fiber Optic BoardBILL VALIDATOR LED DISPLAY FOR IGT S2000 Easy installation; no modification, rewiring,cutting or drilling necessary LED lighted PCB with new bracket Operates on existing 13.5V power supply Equipped with connector to interfacewith original machine harness Full 3 year warrantyPart Number70-1850-00DescriptionDenom Panel LED Board for IGT S2000 Bright green bill face and yellow panel Installed in minutes with only a screwdriver 5-8 year life span Operates on 12 volts DC 3-year limited warrantyPart Number70-1814-00ORDER 3 WAYS42CALL888-289-4277DescriptionBill Validator LED Display for IGT S2000 MachinesLIMITED QUANTITIES AVAILABLEFAXWEB800-593-4277SUZOHAPP.COM

REPLACEMENT PARTS FOR IGT SLOT MACHINESLEGACY BOARD FOR ENHANCED S2000Part Number76828100-ASISIGT 3.0 FANLESS GRAPHIC CARDSDescriptionLegacy Board for Enhanced S2000I/O CARD FOR 17” GAME KING UPRIGHTPart Number75608090W-ASIS75608190W-ASISDescriptionIGT 3.0 Fanless Video Card for AVP, Dual DVI OutputFanless Graphics Card for IGT AVP 3.0 w/ DVI and VGA outputATI RADEON 9800 PRO 128MB GRAPHICS CARD14940200-ASIS14930200-ASIS RADEON 9800 Series of visualprocessors is the most visuallyadvanced 3-D performeron the planet, delivering animmersive, cinematic experiencefor the most demanding nextgeneration games For IGT AVP and SAVP singleand dual display machines14030203-ASIS For IGT AVP G-20 uprightsand slant tops having 1 or 2LCDs with 2.0 brainGraphics Card Connection Detail View For IGT SAVP upright with 2 LCDs (small and large) andmechanical reels and a hard drive14940200-ASISPart 27802-ASIS14937701-ASISDescriptionI/O Card for 17” Game King UprightI/O Card for 17” Game King UprightI/O Card for Slant-TopI/O Card for IGTI/O Card for IGTI/O card for IGTI/O card for IGTI/O Card for IGT Heavy duty replacement cooling kit available (80-0006-61)includes fan, heat sink thermal tape, insert, power adaptor andthermal compoundPart Number75606290DescriptionATI RADEON 9800 Pro Graphics Card for IGTATI RADEON 9800 Pro Graphics Card - Reconditioned (subject toavailability)75606290-RCLMCOOLING FAN FOR ATI RADEONPRO 9800 CONNECTOR Replacement Fan for IGT graphics card Direct replacement for fan andheat sink onlyIGT GRAPHICS CARDPart Number75608190W-ASISDescriptionFanless Graphics Card for IGT AVP 3.0, DVI and VGA output 12VDC; 2-Pin Connector; 2-wire 1.50”L x 1.50”W x 1.0”H; Thickness 0.48” Ball bearing typePart Number80-0006-67DescriptionCooling Fan with Heat Sink for ATI Radeon Pro 9800LIMITED QUANTITIES P.COMORDER 3 WAYS53

REPLACEMENT PARTS FOR IGT SLOT MACHINES3” FAN FOR IGT SLOTS 3.15” x 3.15” x 1” deepCOOLING FAN FOR AVP POWER SUPPLYAND GAME KING 24V, .18 amp Size: 1.57” x 1.57” x 0.79” (40mm x40mm x 20mm) 2-wire 24VDC Ref. no. 26002990 2-wire with connector Sealed steel ball bearings for long lifePart Number80-0273-00 Brush-less ball bearing typeDescription3” Fan for IGT Slot MachinesPart Number70-1006-003” BALL BEARING FAN Used in most gaming machinesincluding Poker and KenoBALL BEARING COOLING FAN WITH WIRE LEADS Top quality fan cools the electronics in yourslot machine Packed 20 per flatPart Number70-0225-00DescriptionCooling Fan, 24VDC, with Connector Industry standard size 4.69” square x 1.5”deep 110/120V AC fan easily mounts in mostequipmentDescription3” Ball Bearing Fan Ball bearing type; Cast aluminum frame 2,900 - 3,200 RPMCOOLING FAN FOR MERIT XL SERIES Cooling fan 12V DCPart Number80-0006-2280-0006-1180-0006-20DescriptionFan with Sealed Ball Bearings with 2 Wire LeadsFan with Sleeve Bearings with 2 Wire LeadsMetal Guard for 4.69” Square Cooling Fans Size: 1.57” x 1.57” x 0.39”(40mm x 40mmx 10mm) Vapo bearingWP210F11 IGT POWER SUPPLY 3-wire connectionPart Number80-0006-16DescriptionCooling Fan for Merit XL SeriesCOOLING FAN FOR IGT TRIMLINE Size: 4.69” x 4.69” x 1.5” (120mm x120mm x 38mm )Part Number40012003WDescriptionWP210F11 IGT Power Supply 24 VDC 2-wireWP306D12 IGT POWER SUPPLY Ball bearing typePart Number80-0006-24DescriptionCooling Fan for IGT TrimlinePart Number75851190ORDER 3 WAYS26CALL888-289-4277DescriptionWP306D12 IGT Power SupplyLIMITED QUANTITIES AVAILABLEFAXWEB800-593-4277SUZOHAPP.COM

REPLACEMENT PARTS FOR IGT SLOT MACHINESMODEL WP207F11 150W POWER SUPPLYPOWER SUPPLY REPAIR FOR IGT GAME KING For IGT Game King 350 watt power supplyPart Number40012100WDescriptionModel WP207F11 150W Power SupplyPart Number4000900340009003-CRPDescriptionPower Supply Repair for IGT Game KingReconditioned Power Supply for IGT Game KingIGT GAME KING AVP POWER SUPPLYIGT REBUILT 440W POWER SUPPLY IGT AVP Power SupplyYM-7451 refurbished unit Includes a 6 month warrantyPart Number40010101-CRPPart Number40012000W-ASISDescriptionIGT Game King AVP Power SupplyDescriptionIGT rebuilt 440W Power SupplyS2000 DISTRIBUTION BOX Refurbished IGT S2000Distribution Box for slotmachinesIGT 440W POWER SUPPLY 440 watt power supply used on IGTmachines Includes a 6 month warranty All products and prices aresubject to availability All SUZOHAPP CertifiedReconditioned Products arecovered under a limited 6-month warranty. For additionalwarranty service, please inquire about our extended care serviceplanPart Number68882600-CRPDescriptionS2000 Distrbution BoxIGT 17/19 UR DISTRIBUTION BOXPart Number40012000W-CRPDescriptionIGT 440W Power SupplyPart Number50050700-RDescriptionIGT 17/19 UR Video Power Distrubution Box, ReconditionedLIMITED QUANTITIES P.COMORDER 3 WAYS37

REPLACEMENT PARTS FOR IGT SLOT MACHINESPOWER SUPPLY FOR ACRES PLAYER TRACKINGSYSTEM Power cord includedMINI-SWITCH FOR IGT SLANT TOP GAMES Cash can switch for IGT slant topgames Input: 100-240 VAC; 47-63Hz CHERRY E61-42MA replacementswitch Output: 24V; 2.9A Model: UP-70AD-24-2P Double pole; double throw 5A, 125/250VAC IGT ref no. 51017490Part Number70-25426-00DescriptionPower Supply for Acres Player Tracking SystemCOLD CATHODE WITH WIRING HARNESS FOR IGTNEXGEN PLAYER TRACKING SYSTEMPart Number70-1022-00DescriptionMini-Switch For IGT Slant Top GamesIGT SELF TEST SWITCH Ref. No. 516 025 90 1 amp, 120 VAC For use with Hitachi6.2” LCD panel Rated at 50,000hours Includes attached wireharness with connectors andsilicone end capsPart Number91-1056-00Part Number42-8092-01DescriptionSelf Test SwitchDescriptionCold Cathode With Wiring Harness for IGT Nexgen Player Tracking SystemIGT BELLY DOOR SWITCH Used in newer games such as Game KingIGT MICRO MINI-SWITCH IGT Ref. No. 51908991, replaces 51908990 IGT Ref. No. 51000190 Replaces 51010890Part Number70-0814-00Part Number70-1023-00DescriptionIGT Belly Door SwitchDescriptionIGT Micro Mini-SwitchMINIATURE SNAP SWITCH, 10 AMPS, REDACTUATOR, SILVER CONTACTSIGT MINI-SWITCH Ref. No. 51015890 Used for VLT buttons Most common replacement switch used ingaming machine pushbuttons .110 terminals 125 voltsPart Number70-1752-00ORDER 3 WAYS28DescriptionIGT Mini-SwitchCALL888-289-4277Part Number95-4139-00DescriptionMiniature Snap Switch, 10 Amps, Red Actuator, Silver ContactsLIMITED QUANTITIES AVAILABLEFAXWEB800-593-4277SUZOHAPP.COM

REPLACEMENT PARTS FOR IGT SLOT MACHINESINTERLOCK PB E-SWITCH, 180-5136-00,SW00119, .187 TERMINALS Lamb Panel Mount Interlock SwitchE-SWITCH .250 TERMINAL SWITCH E-Switch Brand .250 inch terminal switch Double pole / Double throw 15 amp Push-pull (cheat) action 50 gram force Terminals: 0.185” x 0.031” (4.7 x 0.8mm) UL certification E121922 12/16A, 125/250VAC; 1 HP 125/250VACPart Number95-4111-90 RoHS compliant Crosses to CHERRY No E79-30ADescriptionE-Switch .250 Terminal Switch Lamb Industries is a division of E-SwitchPart Number53-7030-90DescriptionInterlock PB E-Switch, 180-5136-00, SW00119, .187 TerminalsCHERRY MICROSWITCH DB 60 GRAM FORCEGOLD INTERNAL CONTACT 110 TERM .1A Reliable CHERRY microswitch DB3CHERRY SUB-MINIATURE SWITCH 1 AMP 125/250V .110” TERMINAL DB5G-B1AA 70 GRAM Used with IGT and most gamingmanufacturer machines 60 Gram Force Gold Internal Contact 110 Term .1A Used on kiosk small VLT pushbuttonsPart Number95-4118-60 This CHERRY switch is the one that is beingused by most OEM gaming manufacturesfor VLT switches (IGT door switch in ILVideo Gaming market)DescriptionCHERRY Microswitch DB 60 Gram Force Gold Internal Contact 110 Term .1A The switch has the terminals equally spaced so the ITWPancon (White Connector) slides over it and connects thelamp and switch with one connector 5 amp switch DB5 style .110 x .020 tab terminals 1 amp, 125/250V AC