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UNCLASSIFIEDNDIA TWV ConferenceTWV Transformation EffortsCOL Steve Myers (USA)and LtCol Ben Garza (USMC)6 February, 2007

UNCLASSIFIEDAgendaEvolution of Light Tactical VehiclesInput to JLTV timelineMarket Research (EMIP & PSD)Science & Technology programsArmy and ONR S&TFTTS ACTD OverviewMSV and UV Vehicle Capabilities and Lessons LearnedONR S&T Support to JLTVCTV Technology DemonstratorWho’s Who in JLTV Program PlanningCurrent JLTV Acquisition ScheduleSummaryUNCLASSIFIED FTS NDIA Feb 07 2 as of 30 Jan 07

UNCLASSIFIEDLight Tactical Vehicle Evolution: Jeep to JLTV1959-19841984-1995M1025M151Technology Improvements:Redesigned for the Military.Featuring a longer wheelbase,softer ride, more powerfulengine, manual transmission,and four wheel independentsuspensionTechnology Improvements:A0 Series (1984-93) 6.2L diesel engine, 3 spd transmission,2,500 lb. payload (incl. crew), Up to 3,632 lb. Payload (sheltercarrier)86,237 producedA1 Series (1991-95) Improved drivetrain, Improvedsuspension8,899 producedA2 Series (1994-present) 6.5L engine, 4 spd electronic trans,9,000 lb. winch, CTIS ready, 4,400 lb. payload (incl. crew),9,013 produced2010-FutureJLTV FOV1993-?M1114/M1151Technology Improvements:Expanded Capacity Vehicles(1993-present)5,100 lb. payload (M1113,M1151/1152, incl. crew)Heavy Up-Armored HMMWV(M1114 UAH)Technology Improvements:Integrated Survivability(Armor),Integrated C4ISR (space,weight, power)Net Payload Capacity withArmorImproved Mobility with andwithout Armor(2005 Golden HMMWV)Today’s Light Vehicle is More Complex – Modernization Cycles AcceleratingUNCLASSIFIED FTS NDIA Feb 07 3 as of 30 Jan 07

UNCLASSIFIEDDifferences between HMMWV & JLTV ProgramsGovernance Army OnlyGovernance Joint ServicesUser CommunityMDA is PEO CS&CSS AMCB TRADOC/MCCDC GOSC Joint StaffMandatory reports fewerInitiativesAdd on ArmorSafetyDAB/OIPT MembersSecretary of the ArmySecretary of the NavyHQMC/CG MCSCMDA is DAEMandatory reports greaterInitiativesConcept DecisionTime Defined AcquisitionFuel ReductionCompanion trailers designed tointegrate with FOVUNCLASSIFIED FTS NDIA Feb 07 4 as of 30 Jan 07

UNCLASSIFIEDJoint Light Tactical Vehicle (JLTV) FOVInputs2006200420072010-20127-8TechnologiesIn E / COPSDO TSJLTVGTRL7 EMIPComponentsCURRENT FORCE2020 BLUF: Efforts will enable us to be smarter requirements and specification writersUNCLASSIFIED FTS NDIA Feb 07 5 as of 30 Jan 07

UNCLASSIFIEDEMIP and PSD DemonstrationsOpen to IndustryMarket Education – not Source SelectionEMIP held demonstrations for 145technology ideas during 2006PSD reviewed 32 systems during Aug 06 inDec 07 reviewed the FTTS UVs and MSVwith companion trailersYUMA, AZ Jan 06 and Three QuarterlyDemos at WarrenFinal report due Feb 07 to TWV BODProcess continuously demonstrates maturecomponent technologies (lower risk)Demos invaluable in providing insights intopotential performance which will supportrequirements developmentEg: GVW approaching 19,000 lbappears essential to meet LTASprotection and payload requirementsEg:Power to weight ratio of 30HP/Tonappears essential to meet or exceedobjective speed/accelerationrequirementEg: GVW breakpoint for soft soilmobility appears to be in the 16,00017,000 lbs rangeEg:Transportability by Helo and C-130are further challenging constraintsUseful to JLTV CDD and CPD as well asCurrent Fleet Technology InsertionNext EMIP Technology Application Ideadeadline 16 Feb 07 for April DemosEMIP web .htmTechnology PrioritiesImproved SafetyImproved SurvivabilityImproved Reliability, Maintainability, andSupportabilityDistribution and Mission EnhancementsEMIPclick blue box for collagePSD Overview(click box for movie)UNCLASSIFIED FTS NDIA Feb 07 6 as of 30 Jan 07

UNCLASSIFIEDArmy & ONR Science & Technology ProgramsSupporting JLTVFTTS ACTD funded two contractors todevelop Utility Vehicle DemonstratorsONR S&T complements ACTD outputs byfunding five additional vendors M&S toassess JLTV specific requirements containedin draft CDDs (30 Nov 06)Specifications based on FCSrequirementsCurrently leveraging ACTD to support JLTVprogramONR will demonstrate a JLTV CombatTactical Vehicle VariantFTTS ACTD has and is transitioninginformation (Phase 1 M&S) to JLTVRequirements process and will continuewith existing scopeFTTS ACTD Phase 2 will demonstrateJLTV Utility Vehicle “like” Mission RoleVariant from two Tier 1 suppliers in anOperational Environment (Ft. Lewis)FTTS VIP DemoClick box for movieCombined Army/USMC S&T will have provided 11 vendor’s detailed M&S and4 clean sheet of paper demonstrators prior to JLTV MS B - reducing programrisk and helping shaping Future TWV requirementsUNCLASSIFIED FTS NDIA Feb 07 7 as of 30 Jan 07


UNCLASSIFIEDArmor Holdings (AH) – FTTS DemonstratorManeuver Sustainment Vehicle (MSV) & Companion Trailer (CT)Survivability & Force Protection Monocoque cab Modular Armor Kit Front, rear and side cameras NBC system Collision avoidance 2 person cabNetwork Centricity Integrated communications suite Integrated computer systemSustainability 30 kW exportable AC power Enhanced On-board Diagnostics Lube for Life (bushings & bearings)Transportability 96”w x 102”h x 406“l C-17 transportable 49,000 lbs. Curb Weight 75,000 lbs. Gross Vehicle WeightMobility Parallel Hybrid Electric Propulsion Air Suspension Height Control (ASHC)and Load Monitoring System (LMS) Central Tire Inflation System (CTIS) /run-flat Anti-Lock Braking System (ABS)Payload 13 Tons - Residual Payload w / B KitDistribution Multi-functional LHS & MHE crane hooklift and a forklift 6,100 lbs at 23 feet MHE 13,200 lbs at 24’ 3” LHSOperational Range 300 miles C9 8.4L engine (335 kW @ 2200 rpm) 4 NIMH batteries 8.5 amp hrs, 336 Volts Integrated starter/generator (ISG) 120kWpeak, 100 kW continuous 7 speed hydrokinetic automatictransmission FTS NDIA Feb 07MSV Companion Trailer (CT)Commonality with MSV Axles, suspension, wheels, tires,brakes, ABS, Central Tire InflationSystem (CTIS), 24 Volt CAN/Bus SystemDistribution Receives Flat Racks and ISOcontainers from Truck Load HandlingSystem (LHS) Move loads and trailer without truckMobility 3 Axle with semi-autonomous operation Steering on Axle #1 and #3 Turning radius (Autonomous): 20 ft-8 in Max speed 1.89 MPH Vertical Obstacle 24 in Step Gradient (Autonomous) – 30% Air Bag Independent WishboneSuspension with ride height control 230 mm Jounce, 200mm Rebound Central Tire Inflation System (CTIS)Deployability Self-Powered offload C-130 andoperational watercraft Joint RequirementOperational Range Range 65 miles Power Diesel Engine (73 HP) Hydrostatic Drive Train Tethered Coupled / WirelessUncoupled ControlUNCLASSIFIED 9 as of 30 Jan 07

UNCLASSIFIEDInternational Military Group – FTTS DemonstratorUtility Vehicle (UV) & TrailerSurvivability & Force Protection Monocoque cab Modular Armor Kit 2 person cabNetwork Centricity Integrated communications suite Integrated computer systemSustainability Limited on-board diagnostics 75kW integrated, exportable AC powerTransportability 92” w x 83” h x 221” l CH-47 and C-130 Transportable Demonstrator curbweight 18,600 lbs Reducible weight 16,400 lbsMobility Parallel Hybrid electric propulsion Torsion bar suspension, passive shocks Designed for adjustable ride heightcontrol Central Tire Inflation Systems (CTIS) Rear axle steer Anti-Lock Braking System (ABS)Payload 3400 lb payload with integral armor On-board crane with 800 lb lift @ 8’Operational Range Over 555 mile rangeUV Companion TrailerCommonality with UV Common tires, suspension,brakes with truckPayload 5500 lb payloadUNCLASSIFIED FTS NDIA Feb 07 10 as of 30 Jan 07

UNCLASSIFIEDLockheed Martin – Owego – FTTS DemonstratorUtility Vehicle (UV) & TrailerSurvivability & Force Protection Monocoque cab Modular Armor Kit Machine Gun Ringmount 2 crew 1 jump seatNetwork Centricity Integrated communications suite Integrated computer systemSustainability Limited on-board diagnostics 8kW integrated exportable AC powerTransportability 95” w x 90” h x 229” l CH-47 & C-130 Transportable Demonstrator curbweight 21,600 lb Reducible curbweight 19,705 lbMobility Parallel Hybrid electric propulsion SLA suspension with Air Spring, passiveshocks Adjustable Ride height control (4position) Central Tire Inflation (CTIS) Anti-Lock Braking System (ABS)Payload 3300 lb payload with A-kit armor On-board crane with 1000 lb lift @ 5’Operational Range 528 mile rangeUV Companion TrailerCommonality with UV Common tires, suspension,brakes with truckPayload 6100 lb payloadUNCLASSIFIED FTS NDIA Feb 07 11 as of 30 Jan 07

UNCLASSIFIEDLessons Learned from the ACTDThat industry presently has products whichpotentially can meet many of our present andfuture requirements . but not all, trades willbe requiredIntegration of advanced technologies on newsystems is possible . but seldom without asignificant effort and riskMust be realistic in our requirements .understand there is going to be limiteddollars availableUNCLASSIFIED FTS NDIA Feb 07 12 as of 30 Jan 07

UNCLASSIFIEDONR S&T Support to JLTVONR is conducting studies, analyses and technology development efforts in the areas of concepts,survivability, and mobilityTechnology evaluations and trade studiesAwarded Contract to Nevada Automotive Test Center (NATC)Validation of JLTV CDD and performance specificationFabricate a Gap 1 technology demonstratorNevada Automotive Test CenterBuild, test, and evaluate a Combat Tactical Vehicle demonstrator platformConcept studies/mockup constructionAwarded contracts to AM General, General Dynamics, BAE, Cadillac Gage, OshkoshGenerate concepts for FOV: Near term concept (for MS B) Far term concept (MS C and beyond) Future technology investment areasDeliverables aligned with key acquisition eventsUNCLASSIFIED FTS NDIA Feb 07 13 as of 30 Jan 07

UNCLASSIFIEDONR (NATC) – Technology DemonstratorCombat Tactical Vehicle (CTV)Survivability & Force Protection 6 Marine/Soldier cab Monocoque Aluminum-based V-ShapedLower Hull with Integrated Armor/Structure Modular Armor Kit Blast-Mitigating Seats Air Conditioning w/ Modular NBC Automatic Fire Suppression Accepts Multiple Weapons StationsNetwork Centricity Integrated communications suiteSustainability Limited on-board diagnostics 10Kw on the Move & 30Kw StationaryIntegrated, exportable AC powerTransportability 96” w x 220” l Operational Ht 86inches & Reducible Ht 76.4 inches CH53/CH47 EAT & C130 Transportable MPS & Amphibious shipping Demonstrator curb weight 15,600 lbsMobility 322 Hp Detroit Diesel 926 6-Speed Twin Disc Transmission withIntegral Transfer Case SLA Independent w/ 3-Position RideHeight Adjustment & 24” Wheel Travel Central Tire Inflation Systems (CTIS) Anti-Lock Braking System (ABS) w/Integrated Stability ControlPayload 6000 lb payload with integral armorOperational Range 400 milesUNCLASSIFIED FTS NDIA Feb 07 14 as of 30 Jan 07

UNCLASSIFIEDS&T Support to JLTVONR/RDECOM are conducting studies, analyses and technology development efforts inthe areas of concepting, survivability, and mobilityMobility Initiatives:Advanced suspension development Awarded contract to L-3 CommunicationsMature Magneto-Rheological (M-R) fluid technologyTransportability studies Address critical ship and aircraft interfaceFuel efficiency improvement initiatives Define military duty cycles and conduct hybrid electric vehicle (HEV) studies Conduct modeling and simulation to quantify vehicle energy usage Pursue innovative powerplant and vehicle accessory energy reduction technologiesSurvivability Initiatives:Requirements Analysis (Threats out to 2017), Technology Assessments (Industry & Govt.), Modeling &Simulation (Mine Protection, Operational Effectiveness), Technology Development/Maturation (Armorspin outs, non-Armor technologies)Integrated Survivability: Modular, Reconfigurable, System Engineering Design ApproachUNCLASSIFIED FTS NDIA Feb 07 15 as of 30 Jan 07

UNCLASSIFIEDWho’s Who in JLTV Program PlanningScience and TechnologyTARDEC/ONRTechnology development for large databaseof information to support requirementsdevelopmentRequirements DevelopmentCASCOM/ MCCDCCDD development and staffing for approvalMateriel DevelopmentPEO CS&CSS/MARCORSYSCOMMilestone documentation development andapproval for MS BProgram GovernanceOSD/ARMY/NAVYProgram Certification and Milestone DecisionsUNCLASSIFIED FTS NDIA Feb 07 16 as of 30 Jan 07

UNCLASSIFIEDJLTV Acquisition ScheduleAs of 1 Feb 07 - NDIAScience & TechnologyO N D(ONR & TARDEC)DemonstrationsJFY06F M A M JEMIPStudies & AssessmentsFTTS ACTD M&S (Phase 1)FTTS ACTD Demonstrators (Phase 2)JLTV Req’s Study & DemonstratorJLTV Concept Design BAAsEMIPCFPI EMIPNATCDemoRodeoPhase 2Contract AwdJA S O N DEMIPPlatformSystemDemonstrationJFY07F M A M JJFY08A S O N D J F MEMIPUV TestEMIPUV MUAUV DeliveryCTVContract AwdCTV DeliveryBAA ContractAwardJLTV RequirementsICD(MCCDC & TRADOC)AROC MROCJROCJROC ICD ApprovalJoint Initial Capabilities Document (JICD)EOA Study GuidanceEvaluation of Alternatives (EoA)EOA Phases 1-31 2Final Draft CDDCapability Development Document (CDD)DRAFTCDDJLTV Acquisition(MARCORSYSCOM & PEO CS&CSS)ArmyProvisionalPM FTSEstablish JPOEOAREPORT3MROCAROC JROC2ND DRAFTCDDMarine A TRA Acquisition Strategy CertificationsAcquisition Program DocumentationConcept Decision/ MS AASARCDAB/MS B Preparation and StaffingDAB/MS BRFIDraft RFPDraft RFP Prep/Comments/RevisionRELEASE(RFI &DRAFT RFP)Final RFP/ Source SelectionAward SDD Contract(s)PROPOSALSUBMISSIONRELEASERFP ContractorProposal PrepSSEBSDDUNCLASSIFIED FTS NDIA Feb 07 17 as of 30 Jan 07

UNCLASSIFIEDSummaryEntering Progr