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C ON T E N T SNew publications 1–28Terrace Books 6–9Midwest Regional Titles 2, 4–9, 12–15Recent Book Awards 29Audio Books 30Journals 31–33Recent Backlist 34–39Ordering and Contact Information 40Author / Title Indexes 41SU BJ E C T GU I DEAfrica 3, 18–19Agriculture 14–15American Studies 2, 4–5, 10–14, 18, 20Architecture & Landscape 12–13, 26Biography, Memoir, Letters 1–2, 13, 17, 22Classics 24–27Communication & Media 22Education 10Environment 6–7, 15Ethnic & Native American Studies 3, 4–5Europe 1, 4–5, 16, 18, 20–21, 23–27Drama & Performance 18, 25, 28Fiction 3, 6–9Folklore 4–5, 21Food & Drink 23Gay, Lesbian, & Transgender Interest 9–11History 1–2, 11, 14, 16–21Irish & British Studies 20–21Judaica 16Language & Linguistics 21Latin America 19, 28Literature & Criticism 13, 18, 22, 24–25, 27Music 4–5Poetry 24, 27Politics 1–2, 17, 19–21Popular Culture 4–5, 11, 18, 22, 28Reference 15Religion 21Russian, Slavic, & Eastern European Studies 17Travel 11, 23Wisconsin & Midwest 2, 4–9, 12–15Women’s Studies 3On the cover: Otto Rindlisbacher with cigar-boxfiddle, Rice Lake, Wisconsin, 1950s. (courtesy ofLois Rindlisbacher Albrecht)Also bystanley G. payneSpain: A Unique History“Concise, engaging, and above all scholarly,this volume offers a nuanced and sophisticated understanding of Spanish history.”—Julius Ruiz, author of Franco’s Justice A Choice Outstanding Academic Book Best Books for General Audiences, selectedby the Public Library ReviewersPublished January 2011LC: 2010015039 DP326 pp. 6 9 3 Mapse-book ISBN 978-0-299-24933-5Paper 26.95 s ISBN 978-0-299-25024-9Fascism in Spain, 1923–1977“The last word on Spanish fascism andthe model study of fascism anywhere.”—Robert Kern, coeditor of The HistoricalDictionary of Modern SpainPublished November 1999LC: 99-023078 DP614 pp. 6 9 48 b/w photose-book ISBN 978-0-299-16563-5Paper 29.95 s ISBN 978-0-299-16564-2A History of Fascism, 1914–1945“Likely to be the definitive study of itssubject for a considerable time.”—New YorkTimes Book ReviewPublished January 1996LC: 95-016723 JC592 pp. 6 9 29 b/w photose-book ISBN 978-0-299-14873-7Paper 27.95 X ISBN 978-0-299-14874-4Spain’s First Democracy: The SecondRepublic, 1931–1936“[Stanley Payne is] America’s most prolifichistorian of Spain.”—Paul Preston, New YorkTimes Book ReviewPublished May 1993LC: 92-056925 DP494 pp. 6 9 22 b/w illus.Paper 29.95 x ISBN 978-0-299-13674-1The Franco Regime, 1936–1975“The most substantial contribution toour understanding the political history ofFrancoist Spain. Its tone is gruff, its learningstaggering.”—Raymond Carr, New YorkReview of BooksPublished December 1987LC: 87-040139 DP677 pp. 6 9 52 illus., 5 mapse-book ISBN 978-0-299-11073-4Paper 45.00 s ISBN 978-0-299-11074-1

B i o g r a p h y / E u r o p e a n S t u d i es / H i s t o r yFrancoA Personal and Political BiographyStanley G. Payne and Jesús Palacios“An intimate portrait of Franco the man, provoking a lively and necessarydebate about the nature of the dictator’s regime.”—Julius Ruiz, author ofFranco’s JusticeNovember LC: 2014007458 DP584 pp. 6 9 38 b/w photose-book isbn 978-0-299-30213-9cloth 34.95 t isbn 978-0-299-30210-8“Masterfully combines researchon Franco’s life and regimewith new and unique sourcesincluding Franco’s private papersand interviews with Franco’sonly daughter. It will appeal toa broad readership includinganyone interested in the history oftwentieth-century Spain, the Spanishcivil war, and the Franco regime.”—Joan Maria Thomàs, UniversityRovira-Virgili, SpainGeneral Francisco Franco ruled Spain for nearly forty years, as one of the mostpowerful and controversial leaders in that nation’s long history. He has been thesubject of many biographies, several of them more than a thousand pages inlength, but all the preceding works have tended toward one extreme of interpretation or the other. This is the first comprehensive scholarly biography ofFranco in English that is objective and balanced in its coverage, treating all threemajor aspects of his life—personal, military, and political. The coauthors, bothrenowned historians of Spain, present a deeply researched account that has madeextensive use of the Franco Archive (long inaccessible to historians). They havealso conducted in-depth interviews with his only daughter to explain better hisfamily background, personal life, and marital environment, as well as his militaryand political career.Franco: A Personal and Political Biography depicts his early life, explains hiscareer and rise to prominence as an army officer who became Europe’s youngestinterwar brigadier general in 1926, and then discusses his role in the affairs of thetroubled Second Spanish Republic (1931–36). Stanley G. Payne and Jesús Palaciosexamine in detail how Franco became dictator and how his leadership led tovictory in the Spanish Civil War that consolidated his regime. They also exploreFranco’s role in the great repression that accompanied the Civil War—resulting intens of thousands of executions—and examine at length his controversial role inWorld War II. This masterful biography highlights Franco’s metamorphoses andadaptations to retain power as politics, culture, and economics shifted in the fourdecades of his dictatorship.“Francisco Franco is the only major twentieth-century dictator to die peacefullyin his bed—after almost four decades in power. His regime was brutal, despicable,and in many respects ineffectual, yet it did not join the Axis powers in World WarII and was a transitional type between traditional military dictatorships and morerecent totalitarian regimes. This book, impeccably based on the available sourcesand displaying sober judgment, could well be the definitive work on the subject.”—Walter Laqueur, author of Fascism: Past, Present, FutureStanley G. Payne (right) is the Hilldale–Jaume Vicens Vives Professor ofHistory Emeritus at the University ofWisconsin–Madison and the authorof many books, including A History ofFascism, 1914–1945; The Franco Regime,1936–1975; and Spain: A Unique History. Jesús Palacios (left) is a notedhistorian, investigative journalist, andadjunct professor at the Universityof Madrid.Alejandro Olea1u w p r e s s .w i s c . e d u

B i o g r a p h y / A f r i c a n A m e r i c a n S t u d i es / H i s t o r y / P o l i t i c sA Black Gambler’s World of Liquor,Vice, and Presidential PoliticsWilliam Thomas Scott of Illinois, 1839–1917Bruce L. MouserForeword by Henry Louis Gates, Jr.“As Mouser shows, Scott spent his life figuring out—and satisfying—men’sinterests with liquor, gambling, and women, and . . . [he] refused to becomplicit in backing politicians who took him and the broader base of firstgeneration black voters for dupes. . . . Scott saw the political game for whatit was: a game of power.”—Henry Louis Gates, Jr.paperback originalOctober LC: 2014007451 E200 pp. 6 9 1 b/w illus.e-book isbn 978-0-299-30183-5paper 24.95 t isbn 978-0-299-30184-2“This is a fascinating and informativelook into the life of a forgotten butimportant African American leader. . . Scott emerges as a powerful,interesting, and even enigmaticleader working on both sides of thelaw to further his own interests andthose of the larger African Americancommunity.”—Roger Bridges, IllinoisState UniversityWilliam Thomas Scott (1839–1917) was an entrepreneur and political activistfrom East Saint Louis and Cairo, Illinois, who in 1904 briefly became the firstAfrican American nominated by a national party for president of the UnitedStates before his scandalous past forced him to step aside. A free man before theCivil War, Scott was a charismatic hustler who built his fortune through both vicetrades and legal businesses including hotels, saloons, and real estate. Publisherand editor of the Cairo Gazette and an outspoken advocate for equal rights, hebelieved in political patronage and frequently rebelled against political bosseswho failed to deliver, whether they were white, black, Republican, or Democrat.Scott helped build the National Negro Liberty Party to forward economic,political, and legal rights for his race. But the hustling that had brought him business success proved his undoing as a national political figure. He was the NNLP’sinitial presidential nominee, only to be replaced by a better-educated and moresocially acceptable candidate, George Edwin Taylor.“The work of a master historian and storyteller. Mouser’s rich and nuanced scholarship adds clarity and depth to our understanding of African Americans andthird-party politics, bringing us into the wider, complex, and contradictory worldwhich Scott was both a product of and helped to produce.”—Omar H. Ali, author of In the Lion’s Mouth: Black Populism in the New South,1886–1900Bruce L. Mouser is the author of For Labor, Race, and Liberty: George EdwinTaylor, His Historic Run for the White House, and the Making of IndependentBlack Politics. He is a professor emeritus of history at the University ofWisconsin–La Crosse.Of related interestFor Labor, Race, and Liberty: GeorgeEdwin Taylor, His Historic Run forthe White House, and the Makingof Independent Black PoliticsBruce L. MouserPublished January 2011LC: 2010011577 E278 PP 6 9 13 b/w illus.e-book ISBN 978-0-299-24913-7Paper 24.95 t ISBN 978-0-299-24914-4 Best Books for Special Interests, BestBooks for Professional Use, selected bythe American Association for SchoolLibraries Best Books for General Audiences,selected by the Public LibraryReviewers2the universit y of wisconsin pressfa l l 2 014

F i c t i o n / Wo m e n ' s S t u d i es / E t h n i c S t u d i esAll about SkinShort Fiction by Women of ColorEdited by Jina Ortiz and Rochelle SpencerForeword by Helena María Viramontes“All about Skin is electrifying and absolutely necessary. Within you will findthe true heart of a literature.”—Junot Díaz, author of The Brief Wondrous Life ofOscar Waopaperback originalNovember LC: 2014007452 PN267 pp. 5½ 8¼e-book isbn 978-0-299-30193-4paper 24.95 t isbn 978-0-299-30194-1“All about Skin takes us above andbelow the skin of fascinatingcharacters from the inner cities,immigrant enclaves, and academia ofthe United States, and from Africa toAsia, among many settings.”—María Acosta Cruz, author of DreamNation: Puerto Rican Culture and theFictions of IndependenceAll about Skin features twenty-seven stories by women writers of color whoseshort fiction has earned them a range of honors, including John Simon Guggenheim Fellowships, the New York Public Library Young Lions Fiction Award, theFlannery O’Connor Award, and inclusion in the Best American Short Stories andO. Henry anthologies. The prose in this multicultural anthology addresses suchthemes as racial prejudice, media portrayal of beauty, and family relationshipsand spans genres from the comic and the surreal to startling realism. It demonstrates the power and range of some of the most exciting women writing shortfiction today.The stories are by American writers Aracelis González Asendorf, JacquelineBishop, Glendaliz Camacho, Learkana Chong, Jennine Capó Crucet, Ramola D.,Patricia Engel, Amina Gautier, Manjula Menon, ZZ Packer, Princess Joy L. Perry,Toni Margarita Plummer, Emily Raboteau, Ivelisse Rodriguez, Metta Sáma, Joshunda Sanders, Renee Simms, Mecca Jamilah Sullivan, Hope Wabuke, and AshleyYoung; Nigerian writers Unoma Azuah and Chinelo Okparanta; and Chinesewriter Xu Xi.“There is no other short story collection even similar to All about Skin; it takesan entirely different approach in that all of the contributors are literary-awardwinning African, African American, Asian, Asian American, Native American,Latina, and Caribbean women writers.”—Sandra Y. Govan, University of NorthCarolina–CharlotteJina Ortiz is a writer and poet whose works have appeared in many publications, including the Afro-Hispanic Review, Solstice: A Magazine of Diverse Voices,and New Millennium Writings. She lives in Worcester, Massachusetts, where she isan adjunct professor of English at Quinsigamond Community College. RochelleSpencer is a writer who has contributed to many publications, including Callaloo, African American Review, Poets & Writers, Publishers Weekly, and Mosaic.She is completing a doctorate focusing on Afrofuturism and is on the Board ofDirectors for the Hurston-Wright Foundation.Of related interestAfrican Women Writing Resistance:An Anthology of ContemporaryVoicesEdited by Jennifer Browdy de Hernandez,Pauline Dongala, Omotayo Jolaosho, andAnne Serafin“A timely contribution, capturing adiverse range of responses to the struggles of African women today.”—CaroleBoyce Davies, Cornell University3u w p r e s s .w i s c . e d u A Choice Outstanding Academic Book Outstanding Book, selected by thePublic Library ReviewersWomen in Africa and the DiasporaPublished August 2010LC: 2009046345 PL 376 PP. 6 9e-book ISBN 978-0-299-23663-2Paper 26.95 s ISBN 978-0-299-23664-9

M u s i c / F o l k l o r e / E t h n i c & N at i v e A m e r i c a n S t u d i es / A m e r i c a n M i dwes tFolksongs of Another AmericaField Recordings from the Upper Midwest, 1937–1946James P. Leary“Folksongs of Another America is a groundbreaking work, covering musicaland cultural ground woefully overlooked by American music scholars.”—Kip Lornell, author of Exploring American Folk MusicFebruary LC: 2014016783 MLboxed set: 5 CD s , 1 DVD, hardcover book94 b/w illus. 60.00 T isbn 978-0-299-30150-7Languages and Folkloreof the Upper MidwestJoseph Salmons and James P. Leary,Series EditorsCopublished with Dust-to-Digital,in collaboration with the AmericanFolklife Center at the Library ofCongress and the Association forCultural Equity /Alan Lomax ArchiveFunding for this project was provided by theNational Endowment for the Humanities,the Brittingham Trust, the University ofWisconsin–Madison Graduate School withfunding from the Wisconsin Alumni ResearchFoundation, the University of Wisconsin–Madison