Metro Rules And Regulations

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Rules andCommunity SafetyRegulationsforPresentation 2017Riding MetroPresented By:Community Education1

How to get a Student Metro Pass Go to, click on “Going Metro” tab, then click “Metro Fares Passes On the Metro fares page click on the “Reduced Fares” tab Monthly student passes can also be acquired at the following customer servicecenters:BaldwinHills/Crenshaw3650 MLK Blvd, 101BLos Angeles, CAEast Los Angeles4501 –B Whittier Blvd.Los Angeles, CAUnion Station1 Gateway Plaza, Level P1Los Angeles, CAWilshire/Vermont3183 Wilshire Blvd, #174Los Angeles, CA Make sure you have your current school ID or a copy of your latest report card2

Metro Rules It is a privilege to ride Metro buses and trains To report a problem while riding Metro contact 323.GO.METRO (466-3876) Report train line, location, time, direction Report bus number, location, time, direction If on bus, note badge number of operator During an emergency always follow the directions of a Metro Operator or lawenforcement personel3

Disorderly Conduct Fighting, making threats or posing clear and present danger to other persons is notallowed on any Metro vehicle or facility Urinating or defecating on Metro property is not allowed No persons shall destroy, cover, deface with graffiti, remove, damage, or tamper witha Metro poster, sign, advertisement or notice No placing feet on seats or furnishings4

Boarding and ExitingTrain Purchase reusable TAP card from ticketvending machine (TVM) or have TAPcard readily accessible Wait on platform behind yellow safetystrip Let patrons exit train before boardingBus Have TAP card readily accessible Wait on sidewalk away from curb, neverin the street Signal operator by raising your arm Board bus once the bus comes to acomplete stop and doors are fully open Grab handrails for stability if standing orhold hand rails if you are unable to sit Board in the front, exit through the reardoors Enter or Exit from any door. Be ready toexit when your stop is approaching5

Reserved Seating Priority seating is reserved forpersons with disabilities and olderadults*As a courtesy, please offeryour seat to persons withdisabilities and older adults Please assist people withdisabilities and older adult patronsonto bus or train if help is needed6

Fares Patrons must show validated TAP card upon request by a Metro representative, fareinspector or law enforcement Everyone must have their own TAP card Do not board bus through rear entrance to avoid payment of fare Have TAP card ready when boarding any train or busBase Fare (with TAP)Includes transfers to other Metro lines for up to two hours to complete a one-way trip.Additional charges apply to ride Metro Silver Line & Metro Express Buses. (Non-TAPpurchases excludes transfer.)Metro Day PassValid for 1 day on first tap. Expires at 3am on the following day. Good for all Metro Services 1.75 7.007

Metro Rules Rules apply to all Metro trains, train platforms,ramps and buses All rules are strictly enforced by Metro security, lawenforcement personnel, and Metro operators See something, Say something. Metro Sheriff ’s Department at888.950.SAFE(7233) Please note location, bus or train number8

No Entry Without Valid Fare All patrons must purchase fareprior to entering train TAP card must have proper fareloaded and must be validatedupon entering at station validatorsor when boarding the bus9

No Eating or Drinking on Platforms, Trains, and Buses This includes: Candy, lollipops,chips, soda, coffee, etc.10

No Smoking or Vaping (E-Cigarettes) Smoking is also not allowed within20 feet of any Metro facilityentrance, exit or operable windowand includes E-Cigarettes Being under the influence orpossessing alcohol, drugs, acontrolled substance, toluene, orany combination of those items isprohibited11

No Loud or Rowdy Activity No loud conversations No boisterous or unruly behaviorlike swearing or yelling Do not bother or disturb otherpassengers by engaging in unrulybehavior Must use headphones at all timeswhen playing audio12

No Skating or Biking Bicycles, rollerblades, skateboards,scooters, etc., may not be used inMetro vehicles or train platforms Notify the bus operator whenplacing your bike on the front rack Board train at bicycle designateddoors and keep the bicycle in thebike designated area13

No Spitting or Chewing Gum Throwing gum in or on any Metrofacility or furnishings isconsidering defacing Metroproperty Do not spit/chew gum on buses,trains or on train platforms14

No Vending or Panhandling No unauthorized vending orpanhandling on all Metro trains,buses, and train platforms15

No Loitering or Willful Blocking Do not loiter Do not place feet on benches orseats on buses, trains, or trainplatforms Do not place bags or equipmenton seats or occupy more than oneseat16

No Littering Do not throw items on Metrobuses, trains, or platforms17

No Feeding Birds/Animals Feeding of birds or other animalswhile waiting for a bus or train isprohibited18

No Weapons Weapons of any kind are strictlyprohibited on Metro buses, trains,platforms and any other Metrofacility19

Metro RulesBreaking these rules may result ina fine of up to 1000/ one year injail and your TAP card revoked20

Metro RulesKeep these rules and regulations in mindevery time you ride21