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ROTARY CLUB of HAYWARD, CALIF.MEETING NOTES: JUNE 5, 2017Greeters: Joel Thornley & Phyllis Moroney.Meeting called to order at 12:15 by President SeanReinhart. Pledge of Allegiance by Freddye Davis.Song, "My country tis of thee" by Douglas denHartog with Chuck Horner on the piano. Thoughtfor the Day by Joel Thornley: "No man has a goodenough memory to be a successful liar” and “Successis going from failure to failure without losing yourenthusiasm." – Abraham LincolnINTRODUCTIONSVisiting Rotarians were introduced by PhyllisMoroney: Bob Tucknott, Rotary Club of Dublin. Wealso welcomed several guests. Douglas den Hartog& Chuck Horner led the group in a rousing round ofour favorite song, HELLO!ANNOUNCEMENTS Andy Krake announced the details of theDemotion Dinner and Roast honoring PresidentSean followed by the “promotion” of incomingpresident AT Stephens. The dinner will be at6:00 p.m. Monday, June 26th at the Hayward AreaHistorical Society. Tickets are 40. President Sean reported from the special boardmeeting on June 5th: The board discussed ClubProject proposals, and authorized the presidentto appoint a committee to review the proposalsfor eligibility and report back to the board. President Sean also announced the next regularboard meeting will be the annual Joint BoardMeeting of the current and incoming boards at6:00 p.m. June 8th at St. Rose Hospital BalchPavilion. Dinner is served at 5:30 p.m. for 18;cocktails are complimentary.

A memorial service for Nels B. Nelson will be held at2:00 p.m. on June 9th at Castlewood Country Club, 707Country Club Circle, Pleasanton.NEW MEMBER SWEARING-INLindsey Vien, classification Education Services, was swornin on a children’s dictionary, as is Hayward Rotary custom.Lindsey is education services manager for the city ofHayward. Her sponsor is President Sean. Welcome to theClub, Lindsey!Mark Salinas helps swear-in new member Lindsey VienFINES AND FOOLISHNESSSpecial fines: Douglas den Hartog membership chair, formissing about twelve Rotary meetings in a row. (He hasbeen busy teaching at the Amador Valley High School onMondays). Douglas also had a birthday on May 18th.President Sean called on Finemaster Andy Krake to weighin, who suggested thatLinda Granger matchDouglas’fineforletting Douglas leavethe Eden Area ROP andwork at another schooldistrict. Somehow atthe end of the debate,AndywoundupDouglas Den Hartog displays hispaying Douglas’ fine!fine card – no holes!Anniversary fines: Bob Sakai celebrated a weddinganniversary with Marge on April 27th. When asked how longhe has been married he replied, “a long time,” but being aquick-thinking attorney, immediately followed by adding,“but not long enough”! He was asked the secret to a longmarriage, his answer was, saying “Yes dear!” For this pearl ofwisdom, Bob surrendered his entire fine card Dr. MaríaOchoa celebrated a club anniversary on May 16th.President Sean asked what made her come back toHayward Rotary after a brief time away, and María repliedthat Dr. Bob Carlson used the Lucca Brazzi technique andgave her an ultimatum to join. Bob was subsequentlythanked for bringing María back to the club, and bothturned in their fine cards.Birthday fines: PamRusso celebrated abirthday on May 9th.She did not have herfine card with her.She promised tobring it with her tothe next meeting.(Lettherecordreflect!) FreddyeDavis celebrated aFreddye Davis smiles during herbirthday on June 4th.birthday serenadeThe club, sang HappyBirthday to her, ledby Douglas den Hartog. Freddye offered her entire finecard for the cause.Confession fine: Phyllis Moroney confessed that she hadrecently been given a special award by the KaiserFoundation. Phyllis is only the third recipient of thisprestigious award and offered her entire fine card in honorof the same.Things got nutty when President Sean, Sergeant-at-ArmsJaniene Langford, Dave Elkins and Matt Spielberg joinedforces to banter about veganism . President Sean askedJaniene if she is a practicing vegan, to which she replied,"Why yes, I practice every day.” President Sean claimedthat he doesn’t like to tell vegan jokes because “There’s nomeat to them.” Janiene retorted, “At least vegan jokesaren’t cheesy.” To illustrate her point, Janiene asked,“What did the lettuce say to the celery?” Dave answered,“Quit stalking me!” She then asked Matt, “Why did thetofu cross the road?” to which he replied, "To prove he’s notchicken.” At this point the room began to fill up with ajumbled stew of giggles and chuckles with a few groansmixed in President Sean continued by asking Janiene,“What do vegan zombies eat?” to which she replied,“Grrrraaaaaiiinnns” President Sean mercifully ended theroutine by asking the whole room, “Why are cannibals soeasily annoyed?” No one offered a guess, so he kindlyprovided the answer: “Because they are fed up with people.”Hayward Rotary Club - HIGH GEAR – June, 2017 - Page 2 of 8

Wendy Winsted displays "Prince Charming," a rescued turkey vulture, as President Sean looks on nervouslyKEYNOTE SPEAKER: WENDY WINSTED “WOOLLY ‘N WILDAT SULPHUR CREEK NATURE CENTER”Pam Russo, past president of Rotary and current executivedirector of Hayward Area Recreation and Park DistrictFoundation, was called to the podium to introduce theguest speaker of the day, but she first asked that the clubgive President Sean a round of applause for his presidencyand for bringing cheer and fun to the club every week. Pamthen introduced Wendy Winsted, Program Director andRecreation Coordinator at Sulphur Creek Nature Center inHayward. Ms. Winsted started at Sulphur Creek as animalcaretaker and now is the director of wildlife education.Ms. Winsted presented a most interesting window into theeveryday happenings at the Sulphur Creek nature center.She named the different animals and birds the center has inits care, and listed the quantities of groceries, dog food, andsmall fry (mice, rats and chicks) required to feed the army ofbats, owls, raccoons and other varied animals daily. Sheemphasized the volunteer hours necessary to maintainupkeep and the special meal requirements of the some ofthe creatures the center looks after. She even brought alongwith her a Turkey Vulture and a Townsend Big Eared Bat.The Turkey Vulture has a broken wing and therefore cannotfly again. But because of this he makes a good aid ineducating people who visit the nature center. He isbefittingly named Prince Charming.The center found out that they are one of the only placesthat have successfully reared a Townsend Big eared bat, asthe bat does not survive or do well in captivity. Ms. Winstedattributed Sulphur Creek’s success to the dedicated andexcellent care staff and the fact that the bat came to thecenter when it was very young and therefore couldacclimate itself to its life there without knowing what it wasmissing.At the conclusion of Ms. Winsted’s keynote address,President Sean presented her with a children’s book, CreekFinding - A True Story, that will be donated to the Haywardchildren’s library in honor of her keynote speech.Hayward Rotary Club - HIGH GEAR – June, 2017 - Page 3 of 8

ADJOURNMENTPresident Sean adjourned the meeting at 1:30 p.m. bythanking High Gear Editor Vrushali Nanjundappa andgreeters Joel Thornley and Phyllis Moroney. Next week’smeeting will be presided by President-elect AT Stephensas President Sean will be in Atlanta to attend the RotaryInternational Convention.ROTARY CLUB of HAYWARD, CALIF.MEETING NOTES: JUNE 12, 2017Meeting called to order by President-elect AT Stephens.,filling in for President Sean who was in Atlanta to attendthe Rotary International Convention. The Pledge ofAllegiance was led byKenny Altenburg. PatrioticSong: Led by Douglas DenHartogwithalittleaccompaniment by RonnieStewart and the Caravan ofAllStarsBand.Theanonymous Thought for theDay was read by RobinWilma, “I thought athought. But the thought Ithought wasn’t the thoughtI thought I thought. If thethought I thought I thoughthad been the thought I President Sean attends the Rotarythought, I wouldn’t have international convention in Atlantaand asks, “Should I buy thesethought so much.”Rotary khaki pants?”INTRODUCTIONSKim Huggett introduced Bill Wentzel, the advertisingrepresentative for the Chamber of Commerce’s ResourceGuide and Directory.Douglas den Hartog led the “Hello!” song which remindedPresident-Elect Stephens of a song from his childhood,which he offered to sing:Little Sir Echo, how do you do? Hello. Hello. Hello. Hello.Little Sir Echo, you’re very blue. Hello. (And the Rotariansechoed) Hello. Hello. Hello.Hello. Hello. Hello. Hello. Won’t you come over and play?You’re a nice little fellow, I know by your voice.But you’re always so far away.ANNOUNCEMENTS President-elect AT related some of the proceedings ofthe Joint Board Meeting on Thursday, June 8, especiallythe need to hold a special election to replace StanDobbs who is leaving the area. Local coffee maestro SidHamedeh has offered to stand for the position.President-elect AT asked for any additionalnominations from the floor. There being none, Sid’sname will be presented for a vote at the next meeting. President-elect AT noted the attendance of many of ourClub at the memorial service for Nels Nelson, a longtime Rotary member and Club President, schooladministrator, friend of the Hayward Area HistoricalSociety, master gardener and much more. The Clubobserved a moment of silence for their colleague. Mona Diamantine read a letter from John Hunter, a cofounder of our local Rotary Foundation. Andy Krake reminded members to attend the DemotionDinner for Sean Reinhart on Monday evening, June 26that 6:00 pm at the Hayward Area Historical Society.Tickets are 40 and all are encouraged to attend.FINES AND FOOLISHNESS Rod Andazola celebrated a birthday. Kenny Altenburg got “lassoed” and married to hisfiancé, Sneha over Rodeo Weekend. Congrats, Kenny! María Ochoa gets credit for gathering notes and slideson Russell City for today’s Hayward/Russell City BluesFestival, but fined for passing the introduction of RonnieStewart to the person standing in for the absent SeanReinhart, who is attending the Rotary InternationalConference in Atlanta, Georgia. Ed Mullins offered to pay the fine for María andsurrendered his fine card for good measure. Kim Huggett was fined for making a shameless pitch forthe Chamber Directory. Linda Granger missed her final board meeting to hostthe graduation of her daughter from high school. Herreport of the controlled chaos was worthy of a fine.KEYNOTE SPEAKER: RONNIE STEWARTPresident-elect AT introduced Ronnie Stewart by firstshowing slides commemorating Russell City’s history as anHayward Rotary Club - HIGH GEAR – June, 2017 - Page 4 of 8

Ronnie Stewart and the Caravan of All Starsearly-20th century real estate alternative to living in arecovering San Francisco after the fire of 1906, the arrival ofits residents of color, and the memories that remain of theirlives. Of course, the blues was the essential soundtrackthroughout much of their daily work and nightlyentertainment. During his talk on this year’s festival theme,Southern Style Blues, Ronnie Stewart and his All Star bandplayed a variety of songs as examples of that genreincluding “You Ain’t Nothing But a Hound Dog,” sung by BigMama Thornton at the Russell City Country Club.speaker’s place. The Pledge of Allegiance was led byPresident-elect AT. Then Chuck Horner blew everyone’sminds by rocking “My County ‘Tis of Thee” on his electricguitar! The Thought for the Day was provided by PresidentSean: "No man is an island, entire of itself; every man is apiece of the continent, a part of the main. If a clod bewashed away by the sea, Europe is the less, as well as if apromontory were, as well as if a manor of thy friend's or ofthine own were: any man's death diminishes me, because Iam involved in mankind, and therefore never send to knowfor whom the bells tolls; it tolls for thee." – John DonneADJOURNMENTPresident-elect AT adjourned the meeting at 1:30 p.m. Hethanked the speaker and everyone for their participation.ROTARY CLUB of HAYWARD, CALIF.MEETING NOTES: JUNE 19, 2017Meeting called to order by President-elect AT Stephens.Mysteriously, there was no bell, and the meeting was calledto order by tapping the side of a glass. President SeanReinhart was seated at the head table in the keynotePresident-elect AT StephensHayward Rotary Club - HIGH GEAR – June, 2017 - Page 5 of 8

INTRODUCTIONSJaniene Langford introduced Visiting Rotarians: BobGoetch from the Fremont Club, Marion Sanchez from theF.U.N. Sunset Club, and Bob Tucknott from the Dublin Club.There were several guests: María Ochoa introduced herguest Laurel Quirk, wife of Assemblyman Bill Quirk. MayorBarbara Halliday introduced her guest, intern Jasmine.President Sean introduced his guest, Renee Rettig from theforthcoming Books on B book shop. Renee provided a briefreport on the progress of tenant improvements to her newshop in preparation for the grand opening. To help welcomeour guests in true Hayward Rotary Club style, Chuck Hornerled us in a rousing round of “HELLO!”ANNOUNCEMENTS Andy Krake reminded members to register for theDemotion Dinner and Roast honoring President Seanfollowed by the “promotion” of incoming president ATStephens. The theme is “Cruel and Unusual PUNishment.” Dinner is at 6:00 p.m. Monday, June 26th at theHayward Area Historical Society. Tickets are 40. Chuck Horner called for volunteers to help prepare andserve dinner at the Salvation Army this Sunday.FINES AND FOOLISHNESSMichael Mahoney was spotted at the back table, andPresident-elect AT was quick to call him to account for hisprestigious new gig as CEO of Eden Health District Prezelect nomineeSidHamadehand PresidentSean were serenaded for theirshared birthdayon June 23rd AndyKrakereportedthatJohnHunterhad given Andyhis fine card forsafekeeping,with the understanding that itwould be returned at the endof the year withMichael Mahoneyevery single holepunched. Pres–ident-elect