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Volume 137Issue 108A Monthly Collection Of Information For Kewaunee CountyKewaunee County Extension Web Page: http://counties.uwex.edu/kewaunee/October 2016INSIDEHome And Community EducationBack to School Program . page 2Calendar. .page 2Letter from the President . page 2Family LivingTalking Politics . page 3Healthier Treats . page 34-H & YouthTrips and Awards . page 4Re-Enrollment . page 4Fall Fest and Open House. page 4Club News . page 5Leaders’ Award Banquet . page 5Agriculture EducationTMR Sampling . page 6Childhood Ag Injury Survey . page 6Making a Feed Inventory . page 7New App for Corn Silage . page 7Back CoverBecome a Landmark Farm . page 8Like us on University of Wisconsin Extension, Claire Thompson, Community Development Educator,920-388-7136Website: http://counties.uwex.edu/kewaunee/Save the Date! Taste of the County is October 19, 5:30-8:00Celebrate Kewaunee County’s local flavors andculinary expertise at the Eighth Annual Taste of theCounty on October 19th at the Kewaunee CountyFairgrounds in Luxemburg.Hosted by the Kewaunee County EconomicDevelopment Corporation’s Buy Local and sponsored byWS Packaging Group, NEW Plastics Corp., Quali T, Inc,Cumulus Broadcasting plus many others; the Taste of theCounty features restaurants, caterers and beveragemerchants throughout the county serving samples of theirspecialty cuisine and beverages.Tickets are 35 per person in advance and 40at the door, and are available for purchase at Bank ofLuxemburg.It’s Election Season!In case you hadn’t noticed, there is another electioncoming up! Now is the time for eligible voters to checkand make sure their registrations are up to date andproperly filed.Eligible voters in Door and Kewaunee Counties areresponsible for electing an average of forty (40) electedoffices over the course of several years. This November,voters will fill between 8 and 10 offices, depending onthe municipality. Go to My Elected Officials onhttps://myvote.wi.gov to see all the offices that you havethe opportunity to vote for on November 8th, 2016. Register in Your Municipal Clerk’s Office.Deadline November 4, 2016 @ 5:00 p.m.Voters may register in-person in their municipalclerk’s k Register at your Polling Place on election day,November 8, 2016 Voter s can r egister to vote attheir polling place on Election Day, November 8,2016. Find your Polling Place eFollow us on Twitter!Deadlines for the November 8, 2016 General ElectionAbsentee Voting- Deadlines for November 8, [email protected] eligible voters must register in order to vote. Ifyou have legally changed your name or you have movedto a new address, then you will need to update your voterrecord by submitting a new voter registration. You canmake sure your voter registration is still valid with up todate information by going to the following web site:https://myvote.wi.gove/en-us. All voters must provide aProof of Residence document when registering to vote.Voters can register in the following ways:All voters in Wisconsin can request an absenteeballot be mailed to them for any reason. Voters mustbe registered before they can request an absentee ballot.Voters may request their absentee ballot in writing.To request an absentee ballot visit MyVote.wi.gov.You must provide a photo ID with your absentee ballotrequest.Five Reasons to Buy Local1. Invest in the community. Local businessowners live in the community they serve.2. Keep Kewaunee County unique. Ensurethat one-of-a-kind businesses survive.3. Provide more jobs. All together, locallyowned businesses are our largest employer.4. Support community groups and /or nonprofit organizations who serve us. Locallyowned businesses are more likely to giveback time and resources. Register By Mail. Deadline October 19, 2016Deadline to Register by Mail Your voter registrationform, along with proof of residence must be postmarked to your municipal clerk no later than October19, 2016. Find your Municipal Clerk’s ContactInformation ber is Buy Local Month!Kewaunee County Buy Local Initiative:Frequently Asked Questions5. Create good places to work. We wantThe Kewaunee County Economic Development Buywork life to reflect home town friendliness Local Initiative is celebrating October is Buy Localand familiarity. Treating our employeesWhat is the Buy Local Initiative?Month!well is part of our community commitment.The Initiative is a network of businesses committed toSince 2009, this grassroots economic developmentpromoting one another and buying from one another wheneverinitiative has steadily grown its membership and projects. possible. The strength of our local economy relies on ourcommitment to educate business owners and the general publicThrough committed volunteers, community leadersabout the importance of local consumerism.and collaborative partnerships, the Kewaunee CountyEconomic Development Corporation has consistentlyWho can join the dpromoteAny locally owned business in or near Kewaunee CountyThe ovecan join the Initiative.--our overall quality of life.University of Wisconsin-ExtensionWhy is the Buy Local Initiative important?A monthly publication for Kewaunee Countyresidents. These programs are supported byyour tax dollars. We look forward to receivingyour comments. Please call us at the phone numbers provided in the individual headers.Local jobs and livelihoods depend on it! Every yearapproximately 63 million in consumer retail spending leavesKewaunee County. If we increased local retail sales by 10%,we would generate about 68 additional jobs, 1.5 million inwage income and 2.3 million in total income.

Home and Community Education, Mari Fager & Judy Malcore, 920-388-2841 or 920-4912-3922Notes From The HCE Co-PresidentsAmish/Mennonite Lifestyle. Kate isvery familiar with HCE because shewas a member of Classy Lassies atone time. Her mom, Judy Rabas was amember and her aunts, Anita SchullerAs we write this, we are gettingand Wilma Rehbein are still HCEready for our trip to Eau Claire for the members. So remember to sign up tostate WAHCE conference. We’reattend on Tuesday, October 18. Theexcited about this trip together, andlocation has been changed to theattending this meeting as coKewaunee County Highway Dept.presidents representing Kewauneebuilding in Footbridge.County along with 17 more of ourPlease consider becoming anmembers. Our next letter will includeofficer at the county level. We needa summary of our experience.president-elect, treasurer, VP ofA big thank you to everyone who programs and VP of family andworked at the Pig Roast and the Music community life. Please volunteer, asin the Park. Both events were veryyou would be a great candidate.successful and the pies wereWe hope you have specialdelicious!memories of this summer. Judy hadThanks to Classy Lassies forboth family reunions and a special dayhosting an awesome Fall Fun Fest, at with her high school friends. Marithe Carlton Town Hall! We had atravelled to Alaska and spent timegreat turn-out and THE FOOD . with the pen pal she met 53 years ago,We hope the guests who attended will and last saw 33 years ago. Oh what asoon be joining one of our clubs. We trip down Memory Lane that was!had an informational presentation byWe know there are many of youour member Alica Hlinak, on herwho read our letter each month, whorecent trip to Ireland. Thank you Alicaare not HCE members, how do wefor sharing with us.know, because you tell us when weHCE members had a busy summer are out and about. We’d love to havecollecting school and sewing supplies you join our Kewaunee County HCE.for Nicaragua. There were 18 boxes If you are already a member, considerof fabric and notions, plus 3 treadlebringing a friend, neighbor ormachines. We collected many boxes acquaintance to one of our upcomingof used school supplies and severalprograms.back packs of new items. We also‘til next time .donated 500 to the KewauneeCounty Back to School Program, for Judy & Marisupplies.Respectfully submitted,We are excited to have Kewaunee Co-Presidents Mari Fager & Judynative, Kate Rabas Meier comingMalcore , Kewaunee County HCE“home” to do a presentation onOCTOBER10 (Mon)Junta de la directiva ejecutivaLocation: Kewaunee Co. Admin. Center18 (Tues)Amish/Mennonite Lifestyle @6:30 pmEstilo de vida de los Amish/MennonitePresenter: Kate Rabas MeierFacilitator: Anita Schuller 388-3171Location: Kewaunee County HighwayDept building in Footbridge20 (Thurs)NE District Fall MeetingJunta de Otoño del distrito noresteLocation: Cobblestone Creek Dining & Banquet740 West Ryan Street (on Hwy 10),Brillion, WICalumet County** Bring your book donations for the Book Drive**25 (Tues)Fall Association Meeting @5:30 pm(Potluck)Junta de la asociaciónLocation: Kewaunee County Highway Dept in FootbridgeAll members invited; club officers are to attendNOVEMBER8 (Tues)Craft Night w/Suncatcher, Pin Cushion,Infinity Scarf @ 6:30 pm(Fee to be determined)Noche de artesanías con ornamentostransparentes, alfileteros (cojines para losalfileres) y bufandas circulares (Costo serádeterminado)Planning Programs for 2017It’s time to generate ideas for 2017programs. Here are questions to stimulate your thoughts. Get your topicsand presenter ideas to Betty Havlovitz,VP of Programs. All ideas will beconsidered.Executive Board Meeting @ 6:30 pmPresenters: Mary Vogel, Judy Malcore and Lori HlinakFacilitator: Mary Vogel 863-6586Location: Kewaunee County Highway Dept in FootbridgeThank you to members who contributed ideas, made contacts, wrotearticles, facilitated programs or taughtprograms themselves. You make HCEthe outstanding organization that it is!Back to School Program a SuccessIn MemoriamOur condolences to our HCE memberswho had family members pass away:Janice Gilbertson’s brotherPaulette Kussow’s brotherNo November FoghornThank you to all HCE members forsupporting the Kewaunee County Backto School Program in August. ReneeKoenig, UW-Extension Family LivingEducator, presented a check for 500on behalf of Kewaunee County Association for Home and Community Education to Deanne Schultz fromthe Kewaunee County Public HealthDepartment. The Kewaunee County2Public Health Department, LiteracyPartners, UW-Extension and othercommunity partners all came togetherto provide school supplies, books,shoes, winter hats, gloves, bicycle helmets, and dental supplies to over300 students. Thank you for helpingour local families!

University Of Wisconsin-Extension, Renee Koenig, Family Living Educator, 920-388-7137E-Mail: [email protected] Politics: What to Say to Your KidsWhen it comes to talking to your kids aboutpolitical matters, you may think that your 8-year-oldwould rather be playing video games or that your 14-year-old would prefer texting friends — but youmight be wrong.KidsHealth.org asked more than 2,000 kids andteens throughout the U.S. what they thought aboutrecent presidential elections and how they mightaffect them, if at all.A whopping 75% of kids and 79% of teensanswered "yes" when asked whether they thoughtthat the outcome of an election would change theirlives. Nearly half of teens surveyed said that theybelieved they'd had at least some influence on theirparents' choice of candidate.So, if you think your children are only interestedin talking about kids' stuff, think again.What's On Their Minds?In every election season, we see signs, bumperstickers, and ads for political candidateseverywhere. Turn on the TV or radio or surf onlineand there's an onslaught of messages on everythingfrom health care, the economy, and jobs, to warabroad and climate change.As parents, we can't expect our kids not to beinfluenced by this media blitz. In fact, most teenswho took our election poll ranked talked-aboutissues — like gas and food prices, education, healthcare, war, and the environment—as "veryimportant" to them.Knowing what kids think about these issues andhow they might affect your family is important.Talking about it not only helps to promote learningand develop critical thinking skills, but also lets youclear up misconceptions your kids may have or calmany fears about the future.Talk About ItWhen discussing an election, talk about whatyou believe and why — and ask your kids what theythink and feel. This shows that you value theiropinions and want to hear what's on their minds.If their opinions differ from yours, that's OK.Use it as a teaching opportunity: Why do they feelthat way? Can they come up with examples tosupport their view? Engaging kids in this way helpsthem to develop their own opinions and expresstheir ideas.More tips to keep in mind: Keep it positive. In the heat of an electionseason, strong feelings about tough issues can sparkdisagreements. Use the opportunity to show kidshow to voice differences of opinion with respect,strength, and conviction. Say what you don't likeabout a candidate or his or her position and explainwhat you do like about your candidate of choice.Encourage your kids to do the same. Focus on thepositive attributes of your candidate — talk aboutwhat you're for and your kids will too. Be reassuring. Perhaps kids are worried bywhat the candidates and others are saying about theeconomy or the job market. They might fear thefamily losing the house or a parent losing a job.Listen to their concerns and provide reassurance andperspective. If you're facing financial troubles, behonest and then tell your kids (in an age-appropriateway) what you're doing to hand