Electric OmnipanelII Towel Radiator Owner’s Manual .

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IMPORTANT INSTRUCTIONS READ & SAVE THESE INSTRUCTIONSElectric Omnipanel II Towel RadiatorOwner’s Manual & Installation InstructionsOmnipanelII Front ViewOP II-15HModelHB24” WidthOP II-926.1 in14.6 in425 WattsOP II-1234.8 in23.4 in700 WattsOP II-1543.6 in32.1 in700 WattsOP II-129 PanelOmnipanelIISide ViewH9 Panel OmnipanelII Back ViewOP II-95 3 4”4”TopHBH26.1”CL12”Bottom11 4”O ON FFCLO ON FF3 3 4”24”2”min.Floor24”Thank you for purchasing the Runtal Electric OmnipanelII. We are very proud of our workmanshipand quality, and we are certain that you will be thoroughly satisfied with your new RuntalOmnipanelII. We urge you to contact your local Runtal representative if you have comments orquestions. This manual is intended to show installation and care for your Runtal Omnipanel II.The electrical wiring connections must be made by a qualified professional electrician. Wiringprocedures and connections must be in accordance with the National Electric Code (NEC) and local codes.The Electric OmnipanelII must be installed in a horizontal orientation as shown below.Correct OrientationIncorrect OrientationsOFFNO1 OmnipanelII (OP II)1 Mounting Hardware Package1 Owner’s Manual1 Towel Bar AccessoryTools Required:O ON FFOONFFO ON FFContents:Screw DriversElectric DrillProper installation requires the Runtal Electric OmnipanelII to be inthe horizontal position as shown. No other orientations are acceptable.1Runtal North America, Inc. US Tel: 800-526-2621 s Canadian Tel: 888-829- 4901 s www.runtalnorthamerica.com

IMPORTANT INSTRUCTIONS READ & SAVE THESE INSTRUCTIONSMounting & InstallationOverview: The OmnipanelII (OPII) is designed for a very quick and easy wall mounting installation.Simply choose an appropriate location, attach wall brackets to the wall, make the electrical connection,hang the unit on the wall on the four posts. Please note that all installations of the Runtal OPII should be inaccordance with local building and electrical codes and performed by a licensed installer.Locating the OPII: The Runtal Electric OmnipanelII (OPII) is intended to be permanently wall mounted in ahorizontal position (Please see the drawing for correct orientation.)It is recommended that the OPII be mounted no less than 2” above the finished floor.Inspect the desired location for the OPII and insure that there is sufficient room for the unit and that there areno obstacles that might hinder wall mounting.I m p o r ta n t O p e r at i n g I n s t r u c t i o n s1. Runtal Electric OmnipanelII must be properly installed before it is used.2. R untal Electric OmnipanelII comes in two versions: one with an integratedon/off switch and the other without a control on the unit. The unit with thetoggle may be operated without further accessories or may be connected toa timer or thermostat. The unit without a control must be connected toa switching device, thermostat/relay switch, etc.ContentsofIntegrated on/off switch.M o u n t i n g H a rdw a r e P a c k a g eAB(4 ea)PartO ON FF(4 ea)FPartG(4 ea)(4 ea)C(4 ea)PartDE(1 ea)(4 ea)HPart(1 ea)I(1 ea)PartJ(1 ea)Step 1 D e t e r m i n e W i r i n g :The electrician should start by providing the wiring to the OmnipanelII, use wire rough-in from page 1.Step 2 M a k eaT e m p l at eFor proper installation, the placement of wallbrackets, the electrical hook-up must be exact.The diagrams at the right show the placement ofOP2-12Drill HolesOP II-9the four mounting brackets for all models. Thepositioning of the mounting hardware may beCLcompleted by:12”1. M easuring out the dimensions2. A sking an assistant to hold the unit to the wall1 ”Dia.11 4”while you trace the four mounting posts, orCL3. Making a template by placing the Omnipanel IIonto a posterboard or large piece of theOmnipanel II carton and tracing the mounting posts. The template is then taped to the wall.12O ON FFStep 3 D e t e r m i n e W a l l C o n s t r u c t i o n :Drywall construction may require metal wall anchors (part B). Solid wood or placement directly ontoblocking will require only the #8 x 11/2 ” long screws (part A). Omnipanels are very sturdy construction,and care should be taken that they are properly and securely hung using all four mounting points.2Runtal North America, Inc. US Tel: 800-526-2621 s Canadian Tel: 888-829- 4901 s www.runtalnorthamerica.com

IMPORTANT INSTRUCTIONS READ & SAVE THESE INSTRUCTIONSStep 4 D rill H oles :Be sure to drill the mounting holes in the middle of the mounting brackets marks. Use of metal wallanchors will require 5/16” holes while use of #8 x 11/2“ long screws will require 1/16” holes. Runtal recommendssolid blocking for wall mounting brackets.Step 5 F astentheW all B rackets :Using the appropriate fastener, attach the four “L“ brackets (part C) tothe wall. Be sure that the grooves in these brackets are facing down. Oncepositioned, the “L” brackets should be tightly secured.Step 6 A ssembletheO mnipanel II B rackets :Slip a grooved nut (part G) inside one of the brackets on the back ofthe Omnipanel II (making sure the grooves on the nut are facing up).Loosely screw the hex screw (part F) into this nut, and repeat on all fourbrackets. Then on all models, slide the four plastic sleeves (part D) overthe Omnipanel II brackets. Use of sleeves is optional, but they provide afinished, flush appearance on uneven walls. If the installation has a good,flat surface, use of the sleeves may not be desired.Step 7 H angtheO minipanel IIon thePartW all :EOnce the hex screw and nut are loosely positioned, simply slide theOmnipanel II onto the wall brackets, and temporarily tighten the hexscrews with the hex wrench (part E).PartF PartCPart PartGDFloor3Runtal North America, Inc. US Tel: 800-526-2621 s Canadian Tel: 888-829- 4901 s www.runtalnorthamerica.com

IMPORTANT INSTRUCTIONS READ & SAVE THESE INSTRUCTIONSW iring D iagrams :Switched Wiring itch/ThermostatTemperatureHigh LimitrmoredCThermostat/AexRo mLine inHub Fitting AWhiteGreenNon-switched Wiring rmostatTemperatureHigh LimitBlackCover BStep 8 AttachtheElectrical Supplyto theOmnipanel IIRemove the flat square cover from the junction box and discard. Remove the junction box Cover B and installthe 1” hub Fitting A to the junction box. Next install the Romex clamp adapter to the 1” hub fitting.Locate the supply wire coming out of the wall and feed it through the restraint into the junction box.Allow as much wire as needed to make the connection to the radiator heater wires. Secure the supply wireby tightening the screws on the wire restraint.120 Volt Connection:Connect the black power supply wire to the black heater wire. Connect the white neutral supply wire to thewhite heater wire. Connect the green supply wire to the green heater wire.208/240 Volt Connection:Connect one power supply wire to one heater wire. Connect the second power supply wire to the secondheater wire. Connect the ground supply wire to the ground heater wire.The unit is now ready for wall hangingStep 9 SecuretheElectrified Uniton theWallLift the OmnipanelII onto the Wall Brackets while inserting the wiring into the wall and tighten the hexscrews with the hex wrench (part E).Note: The Runtal OmnipanelII is equipped with a manual reset High-Limit Thermostat to insure againstoverheating. Should the radiator stop working for any reason, Runtal recommends that the power to theunit be shut off at the source (circuit breaker) and a licensed electrician be contacted for service.Step 10 Attach Supplied Accent Towel BarAdd the towel bar with accent as the final step. The towel barmay be placed on the unit according to personal preference.The towel bar will snap on any of the tubes with the exceptionof the bottom tube.4Runtal North America, Inc. US Tel: 800-526-2621 s Canadian Tel: 888-829- 4901 s www.runtalnorthamerica.com

IMPORTANT INSTRUCTIONS READ & SAVE THESE INSTRUCTIONSOperation & MaintenanceMaintenance & CleaningYour Runtal OmnipanelII (OPII) has been designed to require the absolute minimum maintenance and careunder normal use. However, care should be taken when cleaning the surface of the panel. Periodically vacuumacross the top of the grille to remove dust from the grille. A slight odor may be noticeable during initialoperation and will dissipate within a few hours.The OPII’s powder coated finish provides an elegant yet durable finish to a welded steel product.Occasional cleaning of this finish is best done with a water dampened cloth. Under no circumstances shouldabrasive cleaner be used. Before cleaning make sure the power has been turned off at the circuit breakerpanel, and the heating element is cool. Be sure to restore power when cleaning and maintenance is complete.All other servicing should be performed by qualified service personnel.M a x i m u m W at ta g eon aCircuitFor installation of multiple OPII radiators, the following chart should be used.The chart indicates supply voltage, circuit breaker rating, minimum wire size, and maximum totalwattage of electric radiators on the circuit.MinimumWire SizeVoltage A.C.Circuit Breaker SizeMaximum Wattage12020824015 Amp15 Amp15 Amp1440249628809 PanelOmnipanelIIFront View14/2 with Ground14/2 with Ground14/2 with Ground9 PanelOmnipanelIISide ViewOP II-95 3 4”HBHModelHB24” WidthOP II-926.1 in14.6 in425 WattsOP II-1234.8 in23.4 in700 WattsOP II-1543.6 in32.1 in700 WattsO ON FF24”3 3 4”2”min. Floor Clearance5Runtal North America, Inc. US Tel: 800-526-2621 s Canadian Tel: 888-829- 4901 s www.runtalnorthamerica.com

IMPORTANT INSTRUCTIONS READ & SAVE THESE INSTRUCTIONSImportant InstructionsWhen using electrical appliances, basic precautions should always be followed to reducethe risk of fire, electric shock, and injury to persons, including the following:1. R ead all instructions before using this heater.2.A heater has hot and arcing or sparking parts inside. Do not use it in areas wheregasoline, paint, or flammable liquids are used or stored.3. T his heater is hot when in use. To avoid burns, do not let bare skin touch hot surfaces.4. T o prevent a possible fire, do not block air intakes or exhaust in any manner.Do not use on soft surfaces, like a bed, where openings may become clogged.5. D o not insert or allow foreign objects to enter any ventilation or exhaust opening asthis may cause an electrical shock or fire, or damage the heater. Never tamper withthe OP II or any of its components.6. U se heater only as described in this manual. Any other use not recommended by themanufacturer may cause fire, electric shock, or injury to persons.7. E xtreme caution is necessary when any heater is used by or near children or personswhich may require supervision and whenever the heater is left operating andunattended.8. D o not operate any heater after it malfunctions. Disconnect power at service paneland have the heater inspected by a reputable electrician before reusing.9. D o not use outdoors.10. The OPII should not be in direct contact with water.11. T o disconnect heater, turn controls to off, and turn off power to the heater circuit atmain disconnect panel (or operate internal disconnect switch if provided).12. T he Runtal OPII is equipped with a manual reset High-Limit Thermostat to insureagainst overheating. Should the radiator stop working for any reason, Runtalrecommends that the power to the unit be shut off at the source (circuit breaker) anda licensed electrician be contacted for service.13.SAVE THESE INSTRUCTIONSRuntal North America, Inc.PO Box 8278, Ward Hill, MA 01835 (Haverhill)Tel: 800-526-2621 s In Canada: 888 829-4901www.runtalnorthamerica.com6Runtal North America, Inc. US Tel: 800-526-2621 s Canadian Tel: 888-829- 4901 s www.runtalnorthamerica.com