2019 Animal Rescue Grant

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2019 Animal Rescue GrantUp to 20,000 in cash and products will be awarded!For organizations that find forever homes for small animals or rehabilitate wildlife.Who can apply? Rescue Organizations Foster Networks Humane Societies Wildlife Rehabilitation Organizations Animal Sanctuaries Other Specialty Organizations Organizations in the US and CanadaWhat animals qualify? Small Animals which utilize Oxbow’s product line(Please note that we are unable to provide any funding for dog-specificor cat-specific rescues or projects.) Companion Livestock (alpacas, llamas, goats, donkeys, miniature horses,and others)(Please note that we are unable to provide funding for equine-specificrescues or projects) WildlifeGrant CategoriesEducation and Outreach SupportEducational and outreach programs, training materials, leaflets, and videos.Capital Improvement SupportRenovations, additions, new structures, and equipment purchases.Operating SupportNormal operating expenses such as feed, utilities, and veterinary care.Applications must be postmarked between June 1 and August 31, 2019.Find the application at on/annual-rescue-grants

2019 Animal Rescue Grant ApplicationHelpful InformationGrants are awarded based upon an organization’s effective use of resources in providing quality animal care, homeplacement, education and community outreach.Organizations are eligible to receive funding two out of every three years.In order for your application to be considered, ensure the following are complete and included with your application: Completed application (Parts 1, 2, and 3) Two completed references in sealed and signed envelopes (Part 4) Most recent annual financial statement (balance sheet/income statement) A copy of the project/program budget and time line is required if the requested funds will be used for CapitalImprovement Support or Education and Outreach Support.The application found online can be completed electronically. Please print the completed application and submitby mail.Retain a copy of your application for your records.Include a variety of materials that show how your organization functions and how you raise awareness.Applications and enclosed materials cannot be returned. (Includes DVD’s, CD’s, binders, and any other material.More helpful hints and FAQs can be found online at oxbowanimalhealth.com.Applications must be postmarked between June 1 and August 31, 2019.Return completed application packets to: Oxbow Animal HealthAttn: Grant Review Committee11902 South 150th StreetOmaha, NE 68138USA

2019 Animal Rescue Grant ApplicationOrganization InformationPart 1 of 4Organization Name:Address:City: State: Zip:Phone: Fax:E-mail: Website:Contact Name: Title:Year founded: # of FT employees # of PT employees# of volunteers working with applicable species# of volunteer hours/monthGeographic area served by organization:Name of local newspaper:Which of the below best describes your organization?Foster NetworkRescue OrganizationThe organization has 501C3 statusYesShelterAnimal SanctuaryWildlife RehabilitationNoPlease provide documentation, if available. Not required for eligibility.Organization has received a grant from Oxbow.Note that organizations are eligible to receive grants 2 out of 3 years.YesNoYear(s)Type of Species Served and the Number Rescued and Adopted AnnuallyCheck all that applyChinchillasFerretsGerbilsGuinea airie DogsRabbitsRatsReptilesWildlifeOther (please specify below)(Rehabbed/Released)Total (from all columns)For questions contact Oxbow Animal Health at [email protected] or call us at 800-249-0366

2019 Animal Rescue Grant ApplicationOrganization InformationPart 2 of 4Organization’s annual income in previous fiscal year Total expenses in previous fiscal year Food and hay expenses for applicable species in previous fiscal year Medical/Veterinary expenses for applicable species in previous fiscal year Is there something unusual about your financial support in the current fiscal year as compared to theprevious fiscal year? Explain. If description is longer than space allows please attach separately.Rank, in order, your top 5 sources of income (1 being the highest and 5 the lowest)Membership DuesAdoption FeesAnimal SponsorshipGrantsBusiness ContributionsGift ShopClothing (t-shirts and attire)DinnersCamps (education programs)Feed SalesOther (specify)Other (specify)Attach a copy of your most recent financial report (balance sheet/income statement) to the grant application.Public Relations, Outreach, & EducationCheck all that apply and indicate frequency: W Weekly, M Monthly, Q Quarterly, Y YearlyFrequencyFrequencyW/M/Q/YPet StoresPetfinder.comAdoption DaysFestivals and ExposNewsletterSeminars or ConferencesSocial Media(Facebook, Twitter, etc.)W/M/Q/YYouth Organizations(Summer Camps, Scouts, 4H, FFA, YMCA, etc.)Promotional Outreach(Newspaper, Radio, Television)Community Events(School, library, nursing home visits, etc.)Other (specify)Other (specify)

2019 Animal Rescue Grant ApplicationOrganization InformationPart 3 of 4Requesting funding and support for:Education and OutreachSpecial program and project supportInclude a detailed budget and time lineCapital ImprovementBuilding and/or equipment improvementsInclude a detailed budget and time lineOperatingFeed, utilities, and vet careAmount of funding requested: Note: Awards will be monetary and/or product.Describe your organization’s mission and primary goals. If description is longer than space allows please attach separately.Summarize your grant request. If description is longer than space allows please attach separately.Professional ReferencesList two professional references below and submit with your application two completed reference forms (Part 4) in sealed and signedenvelopes. Professional references include veterinarians not on staff, government agents or other related professionals.NameNameAddressAddressPhone #Phone #I certify that all information provided in this application is true and correct. I further agree to provide Oxbow with information regardingthe use of any awarded funds, and permit Oxbow Animal Health to share information about my organization in promotional materialsand activities. I understand if any information in this application is found to be fraudulent or incorrect, the application will be disqualifiedand any awarded funds must be forfeited and returned in full to Oxbow Animal Health.Printed Name of applicant TitleApplicant’s signature Date

2019 Animal Rescue Grant ApplicationProfessional Reference FormPart 4 of 4We request that complete the following information.(Organization)(Reference Name)We understand that information regarding our business relationship, services rendered and organizational knowledgemay be needed and thereby give permission to release this information.Authorized Signature: DateReference contact information:Name: Title:Address: City: State: Zip:Phone: Fax:How long have you been associated with the organization applying for the Oxbow grant?In what capacity have you been involved with this organization? If description is longer than space allows attach separately.In your professional opinion, what are the strengths & weaknesses of this organization? If description is longer than space allows attach separately.Please evaluate the erablybeyondexpectationsClear communication of organizational missionand goals and activities are focused on achievingthese goals.Effective use of available resources and funding,including volunteers.Appropriate utilization of veterinary andprofessional services for the care and welfareof animals.Return completed reference form to the organization’s representative in a sealed, signed envelope.Signature DateFor questions contact Oxbow Animal Health at [email protected] or call 800-249-0366