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J"REPORTSOF cjDEVELOPMENTNEWC. P. WILBER,rOFJERSEYDirector48SeriesNEW JERSEYGEODETICCONTROL SURVEYBENCH MARKSIN BERGEN AND arksestablished/Passaic,-"Bergenand UnionCounties.The bench marksincluded form the Hud-Ber Level Net.and Hudson Counties,includingseveral in Essex,PublishedDivisionof Geology1939and TopographyNEW JERSEY GEOLOGICAL SURVEYin

BOARDOF CON RVATIONStateHenry L. Moeller,HouseAHD DEVELOB [TAnnex,Trenton,N.J.PresidentMillb nfArthurJ. Collins,Jr .oorestownv illlam C. Cope.Glen RidEeHarry A. Derby.MontclalrW. Stewart HollingsheadCharlesA. Ee rH. ArthurOwenCharles.ith,'inston.DirectorArthurL wreneevilleNoack,Forester--State GeoloEistW. Allan,C.endhamand StateWORKS PROGRESSElizabethAndover.E. Johnson,RobertRiverton.P. Wilber,eredith.StateD.Yann,Stere ADKINISTRATION- ,AdministratorDi eotoSupervisorofN.N J.& P.PTo ectsGeodeticNEW JERSEY GEOLOGICAL SURVEYControlSurvey

LETTERTo the Director,State DepartmentTrenton,of Conservationand Development,N. J.Sir:I all transmittingbulletinsd slgnedthe accurateSttrvey,herewiththe thirdto put in convenientlevelingo[ a seriss offordone by the Nc Jerseyorganizationwhichthe resultoGeodeticControlhelpedto bringthis Department//Iinto existence/IOF TRAN ITTAL./Bulletlnsercer,bulletin/and whosevaluableorkithh iDoe44 and 45 li6ted nd described benchiddlesex, Essex and Passaic CoUnties.givessi l rarks inThe presentdata for Bergen and Hudsonoincerere&ithChief, yours,E. Johnson,of GeologyNEW JERSEY GEOLOGICAL SURVEYand Topography

To the Chief, Division u Geology and Topoe aphy,State Department of Conserv tlon and Development,Trenton, New JerseyThe undersignedyourapprovalbtalnedhere Ithnd publicationby bhe Hew Jerseycover parts of Bergen,In Bulletinhave beenFrequentthereis eitheror tha a rsago, haveorderlevelurveydata.throughoutherebeen establishedolfl beachmarksGeodeelcIven in ocordancsThe datbm usedMeanbelowby State,andThe elevahowever,needfor bench rksCounty1 ew Jerseycorrectionsthe net h ve beeof the New Jerseycan be appliedupon the orlginalHereinbnet varied Ith the resultsSurvey,s correctionsbasedin itsshowa thatof the U. S. Coasttions given y the Ne Jersey Geologicalagenciesand uniciOeolosicalfor v [email protected] ve beenControltied in ith the workSurvey,the resultsarewith the dJust ntBm de by thisfor all elevationsin this BulletinSurvey.isSea Level.In this bulletinfin the are coJ tained in the n%tSurvey.palus%destablishedGeologicalhlch m y havend h hthe org ulza-and the methodsbench marksSurveyof the ork of the :e Jerseynot be dise you in 1955,squar adjustmentfirstforin detail.settl ontSurvey'ssubmitslevel data hichControlnd Bud onits purposeconnectionsthe New Jerseyodetlc#44 publishedtion of thle Survey,work,respectfullyadditionalall benchmarksare groupedNEW JERSEY GEOLOGICAL SURVEYin runs'- .

loharenaiad&8 sholrhasa dls ;l uts] J0g heCounterano erIn6 onl .0ho bench/Depa aent:dl c ].f .l,sl etheaxe aholrnBullet,It- i ln' rahl h;hea ele el-sofl .e8,ter,ke exts lngb h1;he' xCherofeel;a llahe4:a:ksot4tch rtlDl:hl.eeneoeesar J" o :-e e , o 1;he Index"bench mal-k esl;abliehedT t:lap.lettol"*o wle:e 1;o f'ind11: laTI IIIl.vohsn wh . h t he ma ol pol'Clonlo si )'jordaaocompeJ rcteslSDal;iOndlel;t ulsh Jlg5 addon thecontainsby Che U,S,tnethe I laoand @eodet cJL hlaNoaokL theluofne ;,first;Geode 10I T mI'OUS e]Leval:ton8Countyaeou. aoe 8peot u 7 su ta oez, slnoa payeeeleTaf;lonsCoasand alsoo ' flz, el; ordero he UoBo CoastIDoludedallin; venen Cuee ./na d h . hbenohestted3 at;e/-NEW JERSEY GEOLOGICAL SURVEYtpel-visol*m; ed

LOCALITIESINCLUDEDIN HUD-BERNETBERGENLocallt7Nameof RunArcOlao.o. oo. oo.,oo.o . o. .o . . . o. .,BEH-A-IBemdlx Bo ou ho . . . . oBER-J- , 4Carlstadto. . . .BER-B-6.7,16;BEE-O-3,4: HUD-C-ot li .'Ide thorBERS,GordOEdge ater . , .BEE-D-2,5,4,SEm61ewood . . . . o. oo . . . 0 . .oBER-A-4; BEE-D-IFalrvlew . . .EER-A-7,8; KUD-I-3; HUD-L-4,5,8; EDD- -5,3Fort Lee .SEE-D-l,5,8; BUD-L-G,?Hackensaeko . .BEE-A-2; BEE-B-l,5,5,4,15;BEE-L-l: SEE-N-I,5, -Hasbrouck Heights, . . o. .BER-B-4,5; BEE-C-I,2; BEE-J-4BEE-L-I; 5 R-0-1,2Leonla . . .o. o . . o. . oo. o .oBER-A-5,6Little Fe Fy. . .o o . . --. .BER-C-1;5ER-J-5 5Dodl Borough.o. . .o. . .BER-J-4 5;SEE-L-I,2; BER-N-IImdl Township. . . . . . . . . . . orth Arlin ton . . BER-B-12,13,14)E56-X-5; JD-B-1,4:HUD-F-3,4HOD-G-l, 4 ; HUD-R-INorth Hackensack. . . . . . . .SEE-E-iPallaades park.,. . . . . . ,. ERR-A-G; BEE-J-IParamus. . .o.BER-A-I,2;BEE-L-3,4; BER-N- ,4Ridge fleld. . . ,. .BEE-A-6 ,?, 13; BEE-G-1; BEE-C-2Rldgefield Park . .o.BER-C-I; BEE-J-Z,6; BER-M- I4Riverside.,. ,. .B R-A-2; BEE-B-I; BEE-E-5Rochelle Park Borough . . . BEE-L-2,5RutherfOrdo. . . . .BER-B-8,9,10;BEE-O-G; HUD-C-4Saddle Rive Township. . . . . .o.BER-J-6Teaneck. . . . , . ., oBER-A-3,4; BER-M-ITeaneck Townshlp., . . . .BEE-M-I,2,SWoodmldge. . . .o. . .BEE-B-8,5; BEE-O-2, "ESSEXBelleville. ., , . ,.BEE-B-14,15;Newark .HUD-A-I,2,3,7;NEW JERSEY GEOLOGICAL SURVEY[,ESS-X-IHUD- F-1


HUDSON-BERGENThe followlelevationsSurveyLEVELNET CORRECTIONScorrectionsshOUld be appliedort inatingfrom N.J.Geologl alBenahe in various Ioealitles.QuttenbsrHaokensackJersey CityLy dhurstNe,arkNewDarham40.5640.09 0 2Hordhoffto 0.54 0.17North Hackensaekid sfleldRutherfordCi 7West owesHobokenYork*0.05 0. 540.15 0. 240 98 0.50Wood id o 0.-QNEW JERSEY GEOLOGICAL SURVEY


NEW E SEXGEODETICDESCRIPTIONCONTROLBer6onCounty1939S V OF BE CH L:ARKFlIBER'A.paso1I8TARTING AT ARCOLA(PARAt:US), BERGEN COUNTY AT STATE HIGH AY RTE.NO. 4 AND SADDLE RIVER. AND UNNINO THENCE EAST ALONG S.H. NTB. #4TNROUGH PARAEUB,NIVERSIDE I NORTH HACKENSACK, AND TEARECKSA ECOUNTTO GRAND'AVENUE ENGI OODpS A E CO NTY, THENCE OUTH ALONGGRAND & BROAD AVES. THROUGH NORDHOFF, LEONIA, PALISADES PARK RIflE 2FIELD AND FAIRVlEWSA E COUNTY, AND CONTINUING SOUTH ALONG STATEHIGHWAY RouTE NO. [ THROUGH NORTH R RGE (HUDSON CO.) TO STATEHIGHWAY ROUTE NO. 25 AT TONNELLE TRAFFIC CIRCLe, JERSET CITYp &U!EcousTY.ETANDARD ELEVATIONS IN FEET ABOVE MEAN EA LEVEL, BABED ON THE 1929GENERAL ADJUSTHENT OF THE FIRST ORDER L VEL ET OF THE U.Ro COAST& GEODETIC SURVEY.I-ARCOLABERGEN COUNTY.on State/ h a 7 4, at the brld eoveraddloRiver t 45 footnorth" of the tenterlineof theh Khvayjend in the top of the eastend of the northbalustradeof tb ldKe , 4 footh horththe sidewalk,Astandard dlsk , stamped"R 12-19S "Elevation:17.785 metersor SS.SSO f%.ON OI-ARCOLA(PA US),BEHGEN COUNTy.the north sld of Routs4 eastof SaddleRiverbout S98.5foot eastOf the o toPl neof Pa sRoad; ?.9feetnorthof the northedge ofthe pevomentf39.74feetnortheoet of POle No. 04 11 134.footnortheastof the northeastcornerof the oatohbasinin the southcurbof Route4 and nearestto param eRoad andlevel with Brads.A standard U.S.C& .S.&S.S.bronso diskstamped"lEOl"and sot in sonoroto.Elovat loS: Sl. 4ft.RON 1413-RARA S,BERGEN COUNTY.On the south side of N uts 4,about400 footeastof FranklinTurnpikcjabout40 footsoutof the centerlineof Route 4; 8 ,gE footwestof the westcurb-end of a eetoh basln i0.09 foot north east of a bluestone P,L. Ec ent53.01 feet oo th east of a e asout inthe concrete pavement and level with 6 ado.A standard U.S.C.& .3.&8.8. b sedleketa d"141B s and setin oonorote.Elevation!51.'744ft,MOB 14] -FARA US B RGEN COUNTY.On the southsSdo of Route 4aboutI 7 feetnorthwestof the centerlineof MoKa Avenueabout 40 footsouthof the oentorlineof Route4; 53.60ft.northeastof the northwest oornorand 40.OV feetnorthofthe north east corner of a rosdstand IB.25 foot no th westof a taskin poleNo. P.S.1295 F.R. and levelsthr do.A standard.S.C G.S.&E.S.brOnsed sk eta podel4 , " dSOt in o reto,Elevation 6.849ft.NEW JERSEY GEOLOGICAL SURVEY.

rLO L CONTROLpEliONRV 14171416OF BERCH MARKSBergenIBER-ACountyPa e2J- P RAJ USp B[ a NOOU .On the southsideof Route4; atthe b tageove SproutBrook;on top of the eastabutment.A etamonel rivet.D STR0 ZDmevationl48.13 ft.-P ,BERGEN COu x.On Route 4; at the overpasscarryIngFalwiewRoad (RoohelleAVenUe);at the northwest euppol ;tI ,on the southfaoeof the oolumn,anti In topof the base moulding. standardrachelrivet.'Elevation:67.106 ft.RY 1418 - P SBERGEN COUNTy.On the north side of Route 4about 0feet west ofFarvlew Road (Rochelle Avermel ; inthe top of the wee e- of the wall of a oonorete culvert. standardmonel rivet.Elevation .951ft.MON.1411-PARAMU , B ROE OOUNYY. On the northabout137 feeteastof the seaterlineside of Route 4,of Maywood Avenue,feetnortheastof the most westerly,ex 34.11feetnorthwest of the most easterly,of two crossesout in the sonah ut 45 feetnorthof the centerlineof Route 4; .00cretepavement;and levelwith grade.A standardU.S.O.& G 8 & S. . bronze lsk s amped '1411 aset in concrete levatlon! RTETRV 1414- PARA U BER ER COUNTY. On the northsideof Routsabout00 feeteastof the eastapproachto Maywoodin the top of the eastend of the wallof a concretevert. s an ard monel rivet.Elevation 23.314ft.MeN.It10-RIVERSIDEabout 16004,Avenuecul-BERGEN COUNTY.On the north side of Routs 4.feet westof ain Street in ackensaok; at theP.O. of.acurve;about45 feetno thof the centerlineofRoute 4, 38.38 feetnortheastof the most westerly,36.87 feet northwest of the most easterly of two crossesout in the concretepavement;44.0?feetno thof a brassnailsetIn leadIn a drillholein the pavement;and levewith e. standard U.S.C. & 0.5. & S. . bronze diskstamped"1410" and set in oonorete. levation:0.578 ft.RV 141 - HACKENSACK (NORTH HACK SACK),BEROEN COUNTY.On Route 4at itsIntersectionwithStreet,at the brid eoveColss Brook, In the senior of the south edEe of the northpillar in the west uard-rall.A standard monel rivet.rlevation15.555 ft.RV 1412 - HACKENSACK (NORTH HAOKENSACK), BEROE COUNTY On Route 4at the ove pa s oa Py r aokensaok Ave. on the west sideof the sas sup orti eozumn,in the bass mouldl .A standard nonsl r vet.Elevation 16 984 ftNEW JERSEY GEOLOGICAL SURVEY

NEW J RSBar&anCOUntyRV 1411- TEAN CK B IGEN GOUN On the north side of route 4 nearthe brldge carrying Route 4 over River oad, in the baseef the g eard rail, odlatelyeast of the east abutment.A stand&rd monsl rivet.Elevation:3g 231 ft.MON1407- TEANECK w BERGEN COUNTY.On the north aide ofthe north east cor Fof its In erssctlon with(Yila Ava s);about 51.5 feo north of theOf Route 40 about 0feet east of th cen erRoute 4, onHa IchAv cen er linellne ofHa ishAvenue;norththe curb-endof aoatob sin,61, 70.15featfeetfromthe westeast ofcornerof the lugcast LU ho mof a manhole located in the traffic slandat tb ntersectiof I z,wlch Avenue; in she sidewalka a @ volvlth exlsting grade.A standard U. .C.&G S &S.S. onsedlsk stamped "1407" and sot in concrete.Elevation:59.23 ft.MON 1406-TEANECK, R GENCOUNTY.On the south side of Rou e 4a ut Bfeat est of the over ass carrying Garrls n Ave.over Route 4 about 40 0 feet so th of the center llnOf Route 4; 4 9 feet east of a cross ut on the aa t sideof th rim of a mm hole; 7.16 feet sCUth west of a rosscu he ncretcurb d about level with the curb,A standard U S C.&G.S.& S. b onze disk stamped "1406"set oncrete.E vation:1.741 ft.R 1410- TEANECK, BERGEN COUNTY.On the north side of Route 4 atthe ove ascer IngGarrison Avenue; On the north faceof the north west aupportoolumn, in the base molding A standgtmone meta rivetsElevation:100.232ft.MON 1408-TEANFCK, BERGEN COUNTY.the South slde of Route 4, onhe norhh east cor er of ItsIntereectlon with the Mar&areStreet overpass; across Route 4 from Teaneck Hi h School;about SO.O feet east of the center llne of Margaret Streetabout 9. feet uthof the aterl ae of Route 4; and.05 feet south east of a concrete pier.A sta idard U. .C.&G.S.&S.Sbrowsediskstamped"1405" and setinooncr te F vatlon:161. 55ft.RV 1409- TEANECE, BERGEN COUNTY.In the earth alkway on Route 4at the OVel aSesa inRoute 4 overToe.askRoad; directly oveF the oae edge of the eastabutmentand 8 inchesfrom the aMr LleA etandar mane1 r:Ivet,E1 vatlon: 106.508 ft.mSNEW JERSEY GEOLOGICAL SURVEY

GEOD I J]D ICONTROLBergeCounty1939bumvt.nK.1404-TEANE ,ER EN COUNTT. On the southsideof Route4,near the firsteenof the PhelpsManor CountryClub,about39.6feetsouthOf the oenterlineof Route4;aoroee Roul;e 4 a l a1 ut 90 feetwest of the centerlineof Tlu de lare;31.42 feet: elvth eael; of a 1-1nob waterpipeon the edge of No. 1 gree ;19.74feetsouthof aoroeeout in anearthe [email protected] of pavementslabNo.48A; /*3.32 feetsouthvestof a erodeOut In the ourb neara eatohbauin; a d about level with the curb A star.areg.8.0. @.B. 3.J. b onze dl ketanpeA '1404" an set In.;eaner te,eVStloutRV 1408.//- -J90.774ft.- GLEWOOD, 9 aOOURTY. On the northetdeof Route4 e althe over,assoverWebsterAvenuo,dlreotl ly over the eastab tmen%in a ard-rallpoa ,at sidewalklevel.Astandmlnel rl t.evation.*49,638ft.RV 1407 - EN LE OODj B ECOUNTY.On