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IMPLEMENTING THE STRUCTURE PLANCOMMUNICATE THE VISIONMoorabbin faces an identity crisis. Where is Moorabbin? And what is it?2

EASY PUBLICTRANSPORT CONNECTIONsMANAGING TRAFFICCONGESTIONPedestrian friendlyretail precinctHealth &employmentModernise bus interchange and new shelter,lighting, seating, paving.Improve the quality and appeal of MoorabbinJunction to residents, businesses and visitors.A wider, safer, more pedestrian-friendlyTaylor Street and Central Avenue.Strengthen the health services industries and boostlocal employment.Vibrant lifestyle& arts precinctContemporaryapartment livingConnect centre toMOORABBIN RESERVEProvide greater retail, dining and lifestyle options toattract more people to the centre.Moorabbin Junction has potential to be a focal pointfor new housing.A new path to the park can connect existing activityin the centre and encourage more residentialdevelopment and pedestrian activity.AIconic developmentabove railwayMoorabbin Junction will be radicallytransformed by a unique use of railway line airspaceto develop contemporary buildings mixed with openspace.3

WHY MOORABBIN?CBDCITY OFKINGSTONThe potential of Moorabbin is largely unrealised. Councilis working toward reviving the centre to achieve thevision of the Moorabbin Activity Centre Structure Plan“to actively engage to bring Moorabbin to life bycomplementing its strong cultural role with a livingpopulation that calls it home”.Realising that vision will be helped by major newdevelopments that bring Moorabbin to the centre of focus.Already just 16 kilometres from Melbourne, it will soonbe even easier to get to and from Moorabbin, with theDingley Bypass set for completion in two years and 100million of upgrades planned for the Frankston rail line.The Structure Plan also identifies opportunities forMoorabbin Junction itself that will inject new life intothe undeveloped centre, ease traffic, create more jobs,open new retail spaces and put more housing closer totransport.4


COMMUNICATE THE VISIONThe first challenge of implementing the Structure Plan is identifying just what and where is the Moorabbincentre. Moorabbin faces an identity crisis. Where is Moorabbin? And what is it? Is Moorabbin the Arts Centre, CityHall, airport, DFO, reserve, industrial area, hospital or the TAFE? A distinct identity for Moorabbin Junction willdistinguish it from other areas and help people to locate and connect with it, which will increase the effectivenessof communications and marketing material relating to key steps and projects in the Structure Plan.6

?A distinct identityfor the centre ofMoorabbin willdistinguish it fromother areasIMMEDIATE Key steps Develop a branding plan with a defined identityfor Moorabbin Junction that connects the nameto the place Produce a communications strategy topromote the Structure Plan implementationand new identity, covering a multitude of mediaplatformsONGOING Key steps Promote Moorabbin as a centre for smallbusiness Work with key local project partners to helpdeliver the visionKey stakeholders Local MPsKingston ArtsLocal businessesSt Kilda Football ClubHolmesglen TAFEProposed Holmesglen Private Hospital7

EASY PUBLIC TRANSPORT CONNECTIONSMoorabbin is well positioned to be a transit city as it provides easy access to a large part of metropolitanMelbourne by train, bus, car, cycling or walking. Improving public transport and the integration of transportservices will provide greater opportunities for private investment, employment and housing. This in turn willimprove the quality and appeal of Moorabbin Junction to residents, businesses and visitors.8

Moorabbin is wellpositioned to be atransit cityIMMEDIATE Key steps Upgrade bus interchangeSHORT-TERM Key steps Construct new timetable displays andwayfinding signageONGOING Key steps Pursue access, safety and aestheticimprovements to station buildingsFUTURE Key steps Seek direct bus connections to Dandenong andBrighton Beach using improved South Road andDingley Bypass extensionKey stakeholders VicTrackPublic Transport VictoriaMetro TrainsBus companiesDepartment of Transport, Planning and LocalInfrastructure9

MANAGING TRAFFIC CONGESTIONVital traffic intervention is needed to manage the expected increase in road congestion upon completion of the Dingley Bypass.Those traffic changes are also a catalyst for unlocking the potential of Moorabbin because the separation of through trafficfrom vehicles that are visiting the centre will reduce the number of cars on the streets and foster the concept of MoorabbinJunction as a destination for people. A key step to achieve this is converting Station Street to one way which will improvepedestrian safety and create sufficient room for temporary new shops on the western side of the street.10

traffic changesWILL BE a catalystfor unlockingthe potentialof MoorabbinIMMEDIATE Key steps Highlight the importance of proposed key trafficchangesSHORT-TO-MEDIUM-TERM Key steps Consolidate Taylor Street and Jasper Roadsignalised intersections Make Station Street one way northbound Keep southbound through traffic on arterialsFUTURE Key steps Seek direct bus connections to Dandenong andBrighton Beach using improved South Road andDingley Bypass extensionKey stakeholders VicRoads VicTrack Department of Transport, Planning and LocalInfrastructure11

PEDESTRIAN FRIENDLY RETAIL PRECINCTPrime sites in Moorabbin have the potential to transform the centre into a more vibrant, functional place that has greateremployment opportunities and retail options for the community. Presently there is limited retailing in the centre, howeversignificant opportunities exist to activate the area through the development of those key sites, in particular Woolworths andThe Link. A flourishing retail core will also aid the success of the lifestyle precinct by drawing in more people and privateinvestment interest.12

THERE IS potentialto transformthe centre into avibrant, functionalplaceIMMEDIATE Key steps Highlight the importance of proposed key trafficchanges Develop a Streetscape Plan for MoorabbinSHORT-TERM Key steps Upgrade Central Avenue StreetscapeMEDIUM-TERM Key steps New mixed-use investment aligned with trafficchangesKey stakeholders Woolworths landowner The Link owners13

VIBRANT LIFESTYLE & ARTS PRECINCTLife will return to the streets of Moorabbin Junctionthrough inviting new shops, cafes, restaurants, and art and entertainment,which will fill the space created by making Station Street one way. However, until it becomes viable to develop over andaround the station, temporary pop up shops are a low cost way to enhance the centre’s identity and character. Providinggreater retail, dining and lifestyle options will attract more people to the centre, while also capitalising on the substantialnumber of visitors who already go to Moorabbin for the Kingston Arts Precinct.14

temporary pop upshops are a low costway to enhance thecentre’s identity andcharacterIMMEDIATE Key steps Promote Moorabbin as an Arts Capital bydeveloping a Moorabbin arts and eventscalenderONGOING Key steps Continue to improve the Kingston City Hall andArts Centre events to bring people to Moorabbin Continue to improve the Kingston City Hall andArts Centre facilities and environment Support Station Street businesses to focus onlifestyleMEDIUM-TERM Key steps Work with VicTrack to invigorate western sideof Station StreetKey stakeholders Kingston Arts VicTrack Station Street businesses15

HEALTH & EMPLOYMENTOver time Moorabbin Junction has developed as a health services hub with many outdoor activity shops, gyms, karate and yoga studios, doctors,specialists, youth and family services, and various courses offered at Holmesglen TAFE in related fields. A new private hospital has been proposedto share the Holmesglen site which, if it proceeds, will help strengthen the health services industries and boost local employment. There is already alarge workforce in Moorabbin, especially office jobs, due to excellent public transport connections and availability of office building stock. This buildingstock also has great potential to be used for the emerging creative industries sector, which will in turn support the arts precinct.16

strengthen healthservices industriesand boost localemploymentONGOING Key steps Promote Moorabbin Junction as a place foractive, healthy lifestyles, and support new andexisting services that can cater to these needs Support and promote medical and counselingservices, and other uses which build on theco-location of the proposed new hospital Provide the large office workforce with moredaytime services and activities in the centre Improve the presentation of MoorabbinJunction to help businesses continueattracting a strong working population Foster new creative businesses andopportunities for collaboration betweenexisting businesses in the centre and nearbyindustrial areasKey stakeholders Local businessesIndustrial area businessesProposed Holmesglen Private HospitalLandowners17

CONTEMPORARY APARTMENT LIVINGAlthough Moorabbin is the closest Kingston suburb to the city, its population has grown only marginally over the past few years.However, Moorabbin Junction has potential to be a focal point for new housing and to accommodate our growing populationthrough significant development at key sites. Contemporary new forms of housing, such as mixed use buildings with apartmentsand retail stops, are well-suited to entice the types of visitors that frequent Moorabbin, such as students and art lovers, to live inthe centre. Development such as this is already occurring with a recently approved 10-storey building on Station Street.18

Moorabbin haspotential to bea focal point fornew housingONGOING Key steps Work with all land owners to facilitate gooddevelopment Support, in particular, the landowners ofWoolworths, The Link and Harvey Norman toestablish development plansKey stakeholders Landowners19

CONNECT CENTRE TO MOORABBIN RESERVEDespite Moorabbin Reserve being within easy walking distance, this significant recreational facility is not apparent from thecentre because there is no clear or easy access to it. The reserve is a major draw card of life in Moorabbin and a new pathto the park can connect existing activity in the centre and encourage more residential development and pedestrian activity.A rejuvenation of the reserve, currently in the planning stages, is set to transform it into a significant regional attraction withsome of the possible ideas including sports spaces, a playground, community spaces and dog off-leash areas.20

rejuvenation ofMOORABBIN reserveis currently in theplanning stagesONGOING Key steps Work with Harvey Norman’s landowner toestablish a connection to Moorabbin Reserve Seek opportunities to upgrade MoorabbinReserve to service new and existing residents Work with Holmesglen TAFE to develop a safeand attractive walking path from the station tothe TAFEKey stakeholders Harvey Norman landownerSt Kilda Football ClubHolmesglen TAFEProposed Holmesglen Private Hospital21

ICONIC DEVELOPMENT ABOVE RAILWAYMoorabbin Junction will be radically transformed by a unique use of railway line airspace to develop contemporary multilevelbuildings mixed with public open spaces that link the arts and retail areas. Known as the AxiSpace, the development willinclude substantial living, employment, shopping and regional entertainment opportunities, and as shared car parking. Thisfuture development option depends on the long term implementation of actions in this strategy, as well as increased landprices and improved railway development methods, however it could occur sooner with significant external funding.22

The centre couldbe radicallytransformed bya unique use ofrailway line airspaceIMMEDIATE Key steps Seek confirmation on the need for and finallocation of potential 4th rail trackONGOING Key steps Investigate the potential to elevate priority foran aesthetic upgrade to Moorabbin Station withrelevant State Government agenciesFUTURE Key steps Explore suitable ways to manage car spaceswithin a new transit orientated development Investigate with relevant State Governmentagencies the potential to elevate the priority forcomprehensive redevelopment of the stationwithin a shorter timeframe than currentlyprojectedKey stakeholders State GovernmentVicTrackPublic Transport VictoriaDepartment of Transport, Planning and LocalInfrastructure Metro Trains23

MAKING MOORABBINBringing Moorabbin to life has been made a priority by the Council during this term. There is a great potential to work with thecommunity to plan for an exciting future for Moorabbin, building on the strong arts and cultural presence to create a uniqueprecinct bursting with life. Key sites in Moorabbin can allow for new and more diverse housing, to grow the struggling localeconomy and enable people to live within the centre with easy access to public transport and open space.24

DTPLIMETRO ILKEY STEPS SUMMARYDevelop a branding plan with a defined identity for Moorabbin Junction that connects the name to the placeIMMEDIATEYEAR 1Produce a communications strategy to promote the Structure Plan implementation and new identity, covering a multitude of media platformsUpgrade bus interchangeHighlight the importance of proposed key traffic changesDevelop a Streetscape Plan for MoorabbinPromote Moorabbin as an Arts Capital by developing a Moorabbin arts and events calenderSeek confirmation on the need for and final