Operating And Installation Instructions Built-in Coffee System

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Operating and InstallationInstructionsBuilt-in Coffee SystemTo prevent accidents and machine damage, you absolutely must readthese instructions before installation or use.en – US, CAM.-Nr. 10 214 561

ContentsIMPORTANT SAFETY INSTRUCTIONS . 5Preparing your appliance for an extended vacation. 14SAVE THESE INSTRUCTIONS . 14Guide to the appliance . 15Front view . 15Accessories . 17Operation.Touch display .Operating actions .Symbols in the display .18181922Before using for the first time .Before using for the first time .Turning on for the first time .Water hardness .23232324Filling the water tank. 26Filling the coffee bean container . 27Turning the machine On and Off . 28Dispenser adjustment . 29Preparing beverages .Making a coffee drink.Double portion.Canceling preparation .Coffee pot: Preparing several cups of coffee one after the other .Making coffee drinks from ground coffee .Drinks with milk .Preparing hot water .Preparing user profile drinks .After a drink has been prepared.30303131313233353536Coffee the way you like it .Grinder setting.Changing the parameters of a drink.Amount of coffee.Brewing temperature .Pre-brewing ground coffee.373738383939Portion size . 402

ContentsResetting drinks . 41User profiles.Accessing a user profile .Creating a profile .Selecting a user profile.Changing the name .Deleting a user profile.Changing a user profile .42424242424243User profiles: Creating and editing your own drinks .Creating a drink .Changing drinks: Changing portion sizes, parameters and names .Deleting a drink .44444444MyMiele . 45Settings .Accessing the "Settings" menu.Changing and saving settings .Setting options .Language.Time of day.Date .Timer .Eco mode .Lighting.Start screen .Info (displaying information) .Locking the coffee system (System lock ) .Water hardness .Display brightness.Volume.Dispenser adjustment .Factory default setting.Showroom program (Demo mode) .46464647494949505252535353545454545454Cleaning and care .Overview.Clean by hand or in dishwasher .Drip tray .Drip tray cover .Water tank .Waste unit.565657596060613

ContentsMain dispenser .Sensor cover .Maintenance of the milk valve.Milk flask with lid .Bean container .Interior and machine front .Main dispenser connector.Brew unit .Remove the brew unit and wash by hand.Care programs.Accessing the "Maintenance" menu .Rinsing the coffee system .Rinsing the milk pipework .Cleaning the milk pipework .Degreasing the brew unit .616464656667676868696970707172Descaling the machine . 74Frequently Asked Questions .Messages in the display.Unusual performance of the coffee system .Unsatisfactory results.Problems when preparing milk.Exchanging the elbow connector.777780858788Technical Service. 90Saving energy . 91Packaging material / Disposal of old machine . 92Electrical connection . 93Installation.Installation and combination options .Ventilation .Installing the coffee system.Adjusting the door hinges .9494969798Copyright and licenses . 994

IMPORTANT SAFETY INSTRUCTIONSPlease read these instructions carefully to prevent accidents andmachine damage.This appliance complies with current safety requirements. Improper use of the appliance can cause personal injury and materialdamage. Read this safety information carefully before operatingthe appliance.They contain important information on the safe installation, operation, and care of your coffee system. To avoid the risk of personalinjury or damage to the coffee system, it is important that youcarefully read the instructions. Miele cannot be held liable for damage caused by non-compliance with these IMPORTANT SAFETYINSTRUCTIONS.Keep these instructions in a safe place and pass the on to any future user.5

IMPORTANT SAFETY INSTRUCTIONSIntended use Use this coffee system only in standard household environmentsfor making coffee beverages such as espresso, cappuccino, lattemacchiato, etc. Any other type of use is not permitted. The coffee system is not suitable for outdoor use. The machine is intended only for the preparation of coffee-baseddrinks such as espresso, cappuccino, latte macchiato etc. Any otherusage is not supported. Persons which lack physical, sensory or mental abilities or experience with the machine should not use it without supervision or instruction by a responsible person.6

IMPORTANT SAFETY INSTRUCTIONSSafety with children Caution! Danger of burning and scalding on the dispensingdispensers.Children's skin is far more sensitive to high temperatures than thatof adults.Ensure children do not touch hot surfaces of the coffee system orplace parts of their body under the dispensing dispensers. Keep