Operating And Installation Instructions Fridge-freezer .

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Operating and Installation InstructionsFridge-freezer CombinationTo prevent accidents and machine damage, read these instructions before installation or use.en-US, CAM.-Nr. 10 785 170

ContentsIMPORTANT SAFETY INSTRUCTIONS .6Caring for the environment . 14Installation.Installation location .Climate class .Installation notes .Adjoining cabinetry/units.Load-bearing capacity of the niche floor .Ventilation .Door hinge.Side-by-side .Specifications for the plumbed water connection.Installation dimensions.Dimensions when the appliance door is open (opening angle 90 /115 ).Dimensions of the cabinet front .Building in the appliance .Before starting.Tools required.Weight of cabinet fronts .Aligning the installation niche.Checking the installation space .Before installation.Preparing the installation niche .Pushing the appliance into the niche .Aligning the refrigeration appliance.Securing the appliance in the niche .Preparing the cabinet fronts .Securing and aligning the cabinet front .Securing the covers .Securing the toe-kick ventilation grille and toe-kick cover .Limiting the opening angle of the appliance door.Water connection .Information on the fresh water connection .Installing the water hose to the appliance.Electrical connection 04347505151515253Saving energy . 56Guide to the appliance . 58Main screen . 60Settings mode . 612

ContentsAccessories . 64Accessories supplied . 64Optional accessories. 65Before first use .Choosing the right Door Assistant (Push2Open/Pull2Open) .Adhering labels for the MasterFresh zone.Inserting the Active AirClean filters .Operating the refrigeration appliance.Starting up for the first time .666666676768Switching on and off . 70Turning off for longer periods of time . 71Selecting additional settings .Switching Keypad Lock / on or off .Switching Eco Mode on or off.Performing a Self Test .Switching on the Door Assistant .Switching off the Door Assistant [email protected] .Switching off Demo Mode .Resetting the settings to their default settings .Switching Vacation mode on or off.Switching Sabbath Mode on or off .Switching on, switching off or resetting Water Filter Display .Switching on, switching off, or resetting the Display Active AirClean Filter .72727374757677818285868789The correct temperature. in the Fridge Zone and in the MasterFresh zone .Automatic cold air circulation (DynaCool) . in the Freezer Zone .Setting the temperature.Temperature range .919191919292Using Automatic SuperCool and SuperFreeze . 93Temperature and door alarm. 95Adjusting the interior fittings.Moving the shelves in the appliance door.Moving the adjustable shelves .Removing the hanging drawer .Removing compartments from the Fridge Zone .97979798993

ContentsRemoving the freezer baskets. 99Removing the dividing panel (depending on the model). 100Removing the ice cube tray. 100Storing food in the refrigerator section.Different storage zones .Food which is not suitable for storage in the refrigerator section .Notes on buying food.Storing food correctly.101101102103103Storing food in the MasterFresh zone .MastertFresh zone.Humidity-controlled compartment with moisture regulator .Dry compartment with low temperature.104104104106Freezing and storing food.Maximum freezing capacity .What happens when you freeze fresh food?.Storing frozen food.Home freezing .Before placing food in the freezer .Placing food in the Freezer Zone.108108108109109110110Making ice cubes . 112Automatic defrosting . 114Cleaning and care .Cleaning agents.Before cleaning the appliance.Interior and accessories .Cleaning the door seal .Cleaning the ventilation gaps .Replacing the Active AirClean filters .After cleaning .115115116116117117117117Water filter.Changing the water filter .Using an external water filter .Lead-free certificate .119120121123Frequently Asked Questions . 124Causes of noises . 1334

ContentsCustomer Service. 134Contact in the event of a fault . 134Warranty . 134Declaration of conformity . 135Copyrights and licenses . 1365

IMPORTANT SAFETY INSTRUCTIONSThis refrigeration appliance complies with current safety requirements. Inappropriate use can, however, lead to personal injury andmaterial damage.Please read the operating and installation instructions carefully before using the refrigeration appliance for the first time. They contain important information on safety, installation, use, and maintenance. This is to protect yourself from injury, and from damagingyour refrigeration appliance.Miele expressly and strongly advises that you read and follow theinstructions in the chapter on installing the refrigeration appliance,as well as the IMPORTANT SAFETY INSTRUCTIONS.Miele cannot be held liable for injury or damage caused by noncompliance with these instructions.Keep these instructions in a safe place and pass them on to anyfuture owner. Danger of injury!This appliance is very heavy and can tip forwards when the doorsare open.Keep the appliance doors shut until the appliance has been built inand secured in its housing in accordance with these operating andinstallation instructions.6

IMPORTANT SAFETY INSTRUCTIONSAppropriate use This appliance is intended for use in domestic households andsimilar residential environments such as– staff kitchen areas in shops, offices and other working environments– f