Operating And Installation Instructions Washer

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Operating and Installation InstructionsWasherTo prevent accidents and appliance damage, read these instructionsbefore installation or use.en-USM.-Nr. 10 669 370

ContentsCaring for the environment . 6IMPORTANT SAFETY INSTRUCTIONS . 7Guide to the washer .Control panel .Operating the sensor buttons.Display.Examples on how to operate the appliance .1212131414Environmentally friendly washing . 15Before using for the first time .1. Setting the display text.2. Setting up [email protected] .3. Removing the shipping struts .4. Starting the calibration program.16171719191. Prepare the laundry. 202. Selecting a program. 213. Loading the washing machine . 234. Selecting program settings .Selecting a temperature/spin speed .Selecting an extra option. EcoFeedback . Level of soiling. Delay start/SmartStart .2424242425255. Adding detergent.Detergent dispenser drawer .Dispensing aids .Using chlorine bleach.Using powder detergent.Using detergent tablets or pods.Using fabric softener and liquid starch .CapDosing.27272728282829296. Start the program - Program end . 322

ContentsSpin cycle .Final spin speed in the wash program .Rinse-spin .Omitting the final spin (Rinse hold).Deselecting the rinse-spin and final spin .3334343434Program guide . 35Extra options.Pre-wash .Buzzer.Extra options can be selected using the "Options" sensor button .Gentle .ExtraRinse .The following extra options can be selected in addition to the programs .41414142424243Changing the program sequence .Canceling a program .Interrupting a program.Changing the program .Child lock.Adding or removing laundry .444444444545Detergent . 46Miele-recommended detergents . 46General detergent recommendations. 47Cleaning and care .Cleaning the drum (Hygiene info) .Cleaning the exterior and control panel .Cleaning the detergent dispensing drawer .Cleaning the water inlet filter .4848484851Frequently Asked Questions .A wash program cannot be started.The following fault message appears in the display and the programhas been canceled .A message appears in the display at the end of the program or whenthe appliance is switched on.General problems with the washer.Poor wash results .The drum door cannot be opened .Opening the drum door during a power failure .52525354555758593

ContentsTechnical Service.Contact in case of fault .Optional accessories.Warranty .61616161Installation.Front view .Rear view.Installation site.Transporting the washing machine to its installation site.Removing the shipping struts .Refitting the shipping struts .Leveling the machine.Screwing out and adjusting the feet.Additional installation requirements .Installing under a worktop .Setting up the cabinet .For closets at room height.Product Dimensions .Dimensions.Installation on a plinth .Washer-dryer stack .The water protection system.Water intake .Water drainage .Electrical connection al data. 75Settings .Calling up settings.Selecting settings .Changing a setting .Closing the Settings menu .Language .Buzzer volume.Keypad tone .Welcome tone .Code.Unit .Brightness .4767676767677777777777878

ContentsDisplay switch-off.Program info .Memory .Water intake .Long p-wash Normal.Soak duration .Gentle action .Temp. reduction.Maximum rinse level.Suds cooling.Low water pressure [email protected] .Remote control.SmartGrid .Bleach .79797979808080808181818182838384Optional accessories .