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ContentsWinter 20169From The Bishop’s DeskStrong and Secure!Kristie Bronner marriesBrandon Brawley in acelebration of love, familyand new beginnings.745We HonorMarriageAnnualSweetheartsBallMarch is National Kidney Month. African Americans arethree times more likely to experience kidney failure. Earlydetection and treatment can slow or prevent theprogression of kidney disease. Learn more aboutkidney donation.10Inside the GatesHave You Met ? A new seriesof introductions to members ofthe WOF. Lafayette Hughes liftsour spirits with his comedic talent and warm smile.Also Abbey McClary shining her lightin a local beauty pageant.Dr. George Fraser, CEOof,Shelia Bronner, publisherof Upscale Magazine andNBA Great, Julius “Dr.J” Irving at the BBIBlack History MonthEvent.“Risen”Excellent film forthe Easter holiday.(May not be suitablefor children under 12)11“Hidden Figures,” forthcoming noveland film adaptation to be made in Atlanta.8Word of Faith Times 2

W ord Of Faith Timesa publication of theWord of Faith Family Worship Cathedral’s Media MinistryBishop Dale C. BronnerFOUNDER/SENIOR PASTORPastor Christopher L. BoydEXECUTIVE PASTORPRODUCTION ASSISTANTSMae BattleGloria BuchananSylvia ChamblessMattie CopelandRuby DillonTammi DixonBetty DunhamAlice EvansTaffy FletcherJerry GriffinLafayette HughesBettye HunterFlorence JacksonRuth MaddoxAlice McCloudyBeverly NortonBeverly SimmonsJacquelyn SimsReneé SuttonThelma TalleyLinda TaylorGwendolyn Walker Glynnis WatersKatha WatersBeverly WickerStephanie WilliamsCOPY EDITORSLillie HintonLinda TrotterGRAPHICS ARTISTSBevis LiddelowGabriel LogginsJacquelyn LogginsSTAFF WRITERSEva HoustonJill WatkinsPHOTOGRAPHERSLloyd Caldway, Jr.Edward GuyGilbert HunterEDITOR-IN-CHIEFCathy B. HopeEXECUTIVE EDITORMarian C. BarnesMedia Ministry email address: [email protected] Times provides its readers with relevant and currentinformation pertinent to the Christian walk and lifestyle. TheWOF Times staff will make every effort to provide materialwhich is educational, entertaining, encouraging and inspiring.All of this is done in an effort to assist WOF Times readers indeveloping a more intimate relationship with Jesus Christ.3

&Secure!By Bishop Dale C. BronnerFrom the Bishop’s DeskNo matter what weaknesses and insecurities weface, God is our strength and security! Proverbs18:10 reminds us that “The name of the Lord isa strong tower; the righteous run to it and are safe.”Where do you go when you become frustrated or afraid?Do you have a safe place where you are sure to find protection, confidentiality, wisdom and discernment? Or doyou flounder in your faith, moving from one false hopeto another, only to come up short and disillusioned?When you are in danger, turn to God! There is a time togo to others for help, but when the situation is dire wemust appeal to the Supreme Court of Heaven! Thepsalmist challenges us, “Don’t put your life in the handsof experts who know nothing of life, of salvation life.Mere humans don’t have what it takes; when they die,their projects die with them. Instead, get help from theGod of Jacob, put your hope in God and know realblessing!” (Psalm 146:3-5 MSG).Nothing says it clearer than the center scriptural verse ofthe whole Bible: “It is better to trust in the Lord than toput confidence in man” (Psalm 118:8). You see man hashis limits. Everything that is man-made eventually failsand breaks down. You can rest assured that if it is manWord of Faith Times 4made, sooner or later, it will let youdown! Employers who provide for ourfinancial needs are instruments of theLord, but they are not always consistentresources. Just ask someone about thatwho is the victim of corporate“downsizing, rightsizing, restructuring”or whatever they want to call it.As much as family and friends love you, they are notalways there for you, nor do they have the full capacityto even understand everything you are dealing with mentally, emotionally, financially, relationally or spiritually.Even ministers are not infallible. But GOD IS SO AWESOME AND HIS PROTECTION IS SO SECURE THATHE DOES NOT EVEN ALLOW OUR OWN FEAR TOUNDERMINE HIS ULTIMATE PROTECTION OVERUS!Our Savior Jesus Christ is never afraid in the face of unholy alliances. In fact, His name is sufficient for us. Ifwe can’t depend on Him, there is nowhere else to go!The apostle Peter echoed this same sentiment. “Lord, towhom shall we go? You have the words of eternal life.We have come to believe and to know that you are theHoly One of God” (John 6:68-69).Yes, the name of the Lord is a strong tower, so you canfind rest and refuge in Him when doubts and fears riseup. Trust God even when you don’t understand whatHe’s doing or why. SOMETIMES GOD TAKES YOUINTO DEEP WATERS, ONLY BECAUSE YOURDOUBTS CAN’T DROWN ON DRY GROUND!

Kristie & Brandon’sWinterWonderlandWeddingOnce upon a time .the WOFSanctuary was transformedinto a winter wonderland complete with gilded Christmas trees,bridesmaids in emerald green gownsand a glistening snowfall.Here comes the bride, amidsta breathtaking snowfall.The awe-inspired marriage ceremony of KristieAlexis Bronner and Brandon Michael Don Brawley took place on Saturday, December 5, 2015.Father of the bride, Bishop Dale C. Bronner officiated and father of the groom, Pastor Don Brawleyassisted with the tying of the 3-Fold Chord and thewashing of the feet.The power of praying parents“And the two shall become one flesh ”Genesis 2:245

COVENANT KEEPERS CORNERStanding Up For Marriage And Familyby Rev. Charles HoustonThe International Marriage Conference ( was started 20 years ago byPastor Leo and Sister Molly Godzich. The IMC issponsored by an organization that the Godzichs foundedcalled the National Association of Marriage Experts(N.A.M.E.) and this 20th Anniversary Conference washeld in Phoenix, AZ at Pastor Luke Barnett’s church,Phoenix First Assembly. For three days, 30 marriage experts and teachers shared and ministered the gospel andtaught effective techniques to strengthen marriages ofthose who attended. Among the speakers were Dr. MollyGodzich, Pastor Luke Barnett, Ron Deal, Drs. Les andLeslie Parrott and our very own Bishop Dale C. Bronner.The message that Bishop ministered was entitled,“It’s Only a Test.” He elaborated on how a husband andwife need to pull together when they go through a test.Another powerful principle that Bishop ministered onwas the fact that “The test is not to punish us. It is toshow us where we need improvement”.My wife, Monica, and I had the pleasure of managinga vendor table with some of Bishop’s products. The mainone being his new book, “Change Your Trajectory”. Although there were a few people who did not know theBishop, there was a large group who did and came to thetable to purchase resources before he spoke. That groupalready knew the fountain of wisdom, authenticity, andanointingthat flowsthroughhim everytime he getsup to minister. Thisgroup alsounderstoodRev. Charles and Mrs. Monica Houstonthe strongfoundation of marriage, the family that Bishop comesfrom and the legacy he is leaving his own family.Sister Godzich did a great job of reemphasizing theneed for strong marriage ministry and mentorship allacross the United States. She, our Bishop, and all of thespeakers definitely spoke with passion and reinforced theneed for the church to stand up for the biblical principlesand purpose of marriage and family in the earth. I wouldstrongly recommend that married couples consider attending this conference in the future.Marriage mentoring is extremely effective toward impacting the lives of married couples who desire to growstrong together, in the Lord. Word of Faith CovenantKeepers is committed to helping marriages heal and become whole again.If you would like to receive more information callWord of Faith at 770.874.8400 and ask for Rev. Houston.I was selected to be one of the volleyballBy Eva HoustonWord of Faith Times 6managers at my school. Our team of 13 players, 2coaches, and 3 managers had about 15 games, 2 semitournaments, and one tournament. Most of what I didwas the behind-the-scenes. Part of my job was to bethere if the opposing team did not have anyone to scorekeep, libero track, line judge or score take/flip. I did theboard keeping using the automated system. Throughoutthe season, I had the opportunity to serve in many capacities and develop new skills. The seniors on theteam were super helpful and gave us lots of advice andthe other players helped us, as well. The more gameswe attended and the more time we spent with the team,the better we got to know each other. The other managers and I were so familiar with everything by the 8thgame, that we even knew the other teams managers andmost of the referees (who were a huge help). Despitethe challenge of adjusting to my new surroundings, Ienjoyed the season.

LaughLafayette moved from Memphis, Tennesseeto the Atlanta area in 2007, when he joinedWOF. Shortly afterwards, he joined the Media Ministry where he works on the weeklyproduction team preparing the Sunday bulletins and performing other publication duties.He had discovered early on in life that onething that he really enjoyed was making people laugh. It’s the only thing he’ll do: no matter what! Over the years, he became so goodat making everyday stories hilarious that hedecided to pursue stand-up comedy. Lafayette found that humor has made for a wonderful journey in self-discovery and bringshim constant joy. It allows him to help people cope, to lift burdens and to escape for amoment. He now performs in various comedy clubs in the metro area and finds that hisrepertoire grows with each and every opportunity. He adds, “working in the Media Ministry, I’m surrounded with so much wisdomand it has truly blessed my life.”“A cheerful heart is good medicine, but abroken spirit saps a person’s strength.”Proverbs 17:22Abbey McClaryReflects: The Miss Douglasville Teen PageantI am so grateful that I was able to participate in thisMiss Teen pageant. Some people may not be contentwith third place, but even in that I found a deepermeaning. It was such a life shifting experience. Itpushed me to step out of my comfort zone. One ofthe best parts was being able to minister and pourinto others, and also learning how to stay true to myself. I looked at the pageant as a “platform” to display the Lord. I also found some profound friendships. There were many heart-to-heart conversationson a spiritual level. I came into the pageant terrifiedand not really wanting to try, but stepped out anyway. I learned that God is always there to help me.Winning third place wasn’t defining my worth, butthe fact that I persevered and completed the coursewas victory in Christ’s eyes. That meant more to methan a tangible prize. I thank God for giving me suchan opportunity!! He really does have a purpose foreverything. What I am taking away from this experience is that all things are possible with God and ineverything there is a deeper purpose than what we can imagine. When you know something is a challenge, but you endure it’s just God and He gets all the Glory.”(Abbey is the daughter of Van & Ursula McClary)INSIDE THE GATES.with Lafayette Hughes, Jr.7

On Tuesday, February 9th, Word of Faith FamilyWorship Cathedral, in conjunction with the BronnerBusiness Institute (BBI), presented a special BlackHistory Month Event as part of BBI’s bi-monthlyKingdom Connections Networking Event and VendorMarketplace. The film, "Black Friday: What LegacyWill You Leave?" was screened at the Riverside EpiCenter in Austell, GA. In an effort to heighten theeconomic awareness and financial responsibility inthe African-American community, the film, BlackFriday, presents solutions on how to better managethe 1.2 trillion that leaves African-American communities annually. In addition, the film championsfinancial literacy and the importance of leaving a financial and ethical legacy for the next generation.Over 600 attendees packed into the Dale C. BronnerAuditorium to watch the film.Pictured above: (L-R) Rick Jefferson, BBI Marketing TeamCoordinator; Michael V. Roberts; Dr. George C. Fraser andDr. Alfred Watkins, BBI Ministry LeaderA Q&A panel discussion followed the screening.Guest panelists included: the film’s writers/producers,Ric Mathis and Brad Lewis; Dr. George C. Fraser,founder of; Dr. Michael V. Roberts,billionaire businessman and real estate mogul; Thomas N. Scott of Scott Financial Group; April Love ofAsk April Love PR and Dr. David Anderson, founderof Blackanomics and the Empowerment Radio Network. Dr. David Anderson is also a graduate of theBronner Business Institute's Micro-EntrepreneurTraining Program and his successful talk radio show,Blackanomics, was birthed from the BBI course.Rashad Richey of WAOK served as the Guest Moderator. The panel addressed several key questions posedin the film such as, “Will you leave bills or benefits?”and tackled several questions from the audience withkeen insights, candor and humor.A V.I.P. reception was held prior to the film screening. During the reception, supporters of BBI had theopportunity to meet and converse with many of thedistinguished panelists and NBA legend, “Dr. J” Julius Erving.The attendees took to heart the message of the filmand helped make the Vendor Marketplace a huge success, with several vendors selling out of their products.Word of Faith Times 8Q & A panel and moderator,Rashad Richey (right) ofWAOK radio.

We Honor Marriage Ministrycelebrated love and happiness at theSweethearts Ball on Friday, February12th at the Cathedral’s Fellowship Hall.The guests enjoyed hors d’oeuvres followed by dinner and a dessert buffet.There were prizes, a live band and thecouples danced the night away.George and Yvonne Amos are the coministry leaders for We Honor Marriage. Mrs. Amos offered the secret tomaking their marriage vibra