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PowerEdge R620Technical GuideThis hyper-dense,2-socket, 1U rack serverhas a large memoryfootprint and impressiveI/O options that make itexceptional forspace-sensitiveenvironments.

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Table of contents1 System overview . 6Introduction . 6New technologies . 72 System features . 8Comparison of PowerEdge systems . 8Specifications . 93 Chassis views and features . 12Chassis views . 12Chassis features .144 Processor . 17Processor features . 17Supported processors .18GPU support .18Chipset . 195 Memory . 20Supported memory . 20Memory configurations . 21Memory speed . 22Memory RAS features. 236 Storage . 24Internal storage . 24External storage . 25Storage controllers . 26Optical drive . 28Tape drive. 287 Networking and PCIe . 29Select Network Adapter. 29PCIe expansion . 318 Power, thermal, and acoustics . 34Power consumption and energy efficiency . 34Power supply units . 35Thermal and acoustics. 369 Rack rails and cable management . 39Sliding and static rail systems . 39Cable management arm.4110 Operating systems and virtualization . 42Supported operating systems. 42Supported virtualization . 4311 Dell OpenManage systems management . 44Systems management solutions . 44OpenManage systems management . 45Dell server management operations . 50Appendix A.Additional specifications . 52Chassis dimensions . 52Chassis weight. 52Power supply specifications . 53Environmental specifications . 53Video specifications . 54Rack rail specifications . 55USB peripherals . 55iiiPowerEdge R620 Technical Guide

PCIe card dimensions . 55Appendix B.Standards compliance . 57Appendix C.Additional resources. 58Appendix D.System board block diagram . 60TablesTable 1.Table 2.Table 3.Table 4.Table 5.Table 6.Table 7.Table 8.Table 9.Table 10.Table 11.Table 12.Table 13.Table 14.Table 15.Table 16.Table 17.Table 18.Table 19.Table 20.Table 21.Table 22.Table 23.Table 24.Table 25.Table 26.Table 27.Table 28.Table 29.Table 30.Table 31.Table 32.Table 33.Table 34.Table 35.Table 36.Table 37.Table 38.New technologies . 7Comparing the PowerEdge R610 to PowerEdge R620 . 8Technical specifications . 9Chassis features .14Security features . 16Supported processors .18GPU cards supported .18Memory technologies supported . 20DIMMs supported . 21Memory speed capabilities . 22Memory RAS features . 23Supported hard drives . 24External storage device types . 25External storage options . 26Supported RAID controllers. 27Hard- drive backplane options . 28Supported Select Network Adapter options and features . 30PCIe slot op