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CURRICULUM VITAEDr. Farzad HejaziDepartment of Civil Engineering,Faculty of Engineering,Universiti Putra Malaysia,43400 UPM Serdang, SelangorTel: 03-8946 6362Fax: 03-8656 7129Website: www.fhejazi.comwww.arcs3d.comEmail: [email protected]: [email protected] appointment:1) Innovation Coordinator, Faculty of Engineering2) Research Coordinator, Structural Unit, Department of Civil EngineeringField of Expertise: Structural Engineering, Structural Dynamic, Vibration, Finite Element Method,Inelastic Analysis, Earthquake, Damper Device, Vibration Dissipation Systems, Active and PassiveStructural Control Systems, Optimization, Computer Program Coding, Structure Simulation.Education1. PhD. Civil Engineering, Structural Engineering, 2011, University Putra Malaysia.2. M.S. Civil Engineering, Structural Engineering, 2003, IAU, Iran3. B. S. Civil Engineering, Structural Engineering, 2000, IAU, IranAreas of Interest1. Seismic Response of Structures Equipped with Structural Control System2. Linear and Non-Linear Transient Dynamics3. Finite Element Modeling of Complex Structures4. Development of New Elements in Finite Element Method5. Computational in Non-linear Mechanics6. Tsunami Resistance Structures7. Smart and Intelligent Structural Control System8. Soil Structure Interaction Problems9. Seismic Hazard Assessment of Existing Structures and Retrofitting10. Earthquake Energy Dissipation systems (Active Control and Passive Control systems)11. Software (Program Code) Development for Inelastic Analysis of Structures under DynamicExcitation12. Optimization of Structures using Genetic Algorithm and Artificial Neural ation1. Coordinator of Faculty of Engineering, UPM (2014-2017)Recognize as Excellent Staff, Universiti Putra Malaysia, (2014)Member of Management Board, Housing Research Centre, Faculty of Engineering, UPMMember, American Society of Civil Engineering (ASCE)Member, Education Committee of Malaysian Structural Steel Association (MSSA)Member, Disaster Management and Preparedness Research Group - UPMMember, GIS Research Centre - Faculty of Engineering, UPMUpdated on 19 Feb 2015

AppointmentsPositionDuration1. Innovation Coordinator, Faculty of Engineering, UPM2. Research Coordinator, Structural Unit, Department of Civil, Faculty ofEngineering, UPM3. Senior Lecturer, Department of Civil Engineering, Faculty of Engineering, UPM4. Part time Lecturer, Department of Civil Engineering, Faculty of Engineering, UPM5. Post Doctoral Fellow, Department of Civil Engineering, Faculty of Engineering,UPM6. Structural Engineer, UPMHOLDINGS, Consultancy & Services Sdn. Bhd,Malaysia7. Senior Lecturer, Civil House Research and Develop Institute, Tehran, Iran8. Lecturer, Department of Civil Engineering, IAU, Iran9. Construction designer and supervisor, Tehran Municipality, Tehran, Iran10. Chairman and manager, Behine Sazand Spoota Construction Co., Tehran, Iran11. Manager Director, Iran Concrete Institute (ICI), North-West Branch, Iran12. Research Associate and Structural Engineering Ministry of defense of armedforces, retrofitting and seismic rehabilitation of military buildings, Tehran, Iran2014 to date2014 to date2012 to date2011 to 20122011 to 20122009 to 2011200420032004200420052002to 2006to 2006to 2007to 2010to 2008to 2003NominationsNo1.NominatedEvent / OrganizationInternational Conference on Science andTechnology in MalaysiaYear20152.Head of After Action Response(AAR) Team for CollapsedStructuresThe ASEAN Regional Forum Disaster ReliefExercises (DiREx), Alor Setar, Malaysia20153.Reviewer of JournalMalaysian Journal of Civil Engineering,Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia20154.Judge for Open Idea CompetitionMalaysian Structural Steel Association,Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia20155.Awarded fund as Visitor LecturerMEVLANA Exchange Program with IzmirKatip Celebi Univeristy, Izmir, Turkey20156.Awarded fund as VisitorResearcherShort Term Research Program in Japan,Tokyo Institute of Technology and NagoyaUniversity. Tokoyo, Nagoya, Japan20157.Awarded fund as Visitor Expert1st Summit of Science and TechnologyDevelopment in Islamic Countries andSpecialized Exhibition of Best Technologyfor Investment. Tehran, Iran.20158.Main SpeakerSeminar entitled "Innovation TowardCommercialization". Izmir Katip CelebiUniversity. Izmir, Turkey20159.Main SpeakerSeminar entitled "New Generation ofEarthquake Energy Dissipation Device".Iran Seismic Retrofitting Centre. Tehran,Iran201510.Main SpeakerIranian Elite Talk, Universiti Putra Malaysia201511.Reviewer for Journal Paper1- Journal of Engineering Structures2- Journal of Earthquake Engineering andEngineering Vibration3- Journal of Structural Engineering andMechanics, An International Journal2015Key member of ScientificCommitteeUpdated on 19 Feb 2015

4- Journal of The Structural Design of Talland Special Buildings5- Journal of The Arabian Journal forScience and Engineering (AJSE).6- Journal of Advances in Civil Engineering.12.Excellent Staff in UPMUniversiti Putra Malaysia201413.Judge for Open Idea CompetitionMalaysian Structural Steel Association,Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia201414.Judge for Open Idea CompetitionMalaysian Structural Steel Association,Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia2013Intellectual property/ Research ProductsNoIntellectual property/ Research ProductsYear1.Patent Filing: Fluid Wall Damper (PI2016700148)20152.Patent Filing: A Nonlinear Spring Bracing Device (PI2015703892)20153.Patent Filing: A VARIABLE STIFFNESS BRACING DEVICE (PI 2014701608)20144.Patent Filing: A PRECAST WALL CONNECTOR (PI2014701723)20145.Patent Filing: Damper Connector (PI2014702476)20146.Patent Filing: Panel Damper (PI2014703806)20147.Patent Filing: AN IMPROVED VISCOUS DAMPER SYSTEM FOR REINFORCEDCONCERT FRAMED BUILDINGS (PI2010001771)20108.Copyright: NARCBEEDS Software: The program for Nonlinear Analysis ofReinforced Concrete Buildings Equipped with Earthquake Energy DissipationSystem (UPM/TNCPI/100-45/C)20129.Copyright: ARCS3D Application: The web base application for Analysis ofReinforced Concrete Structure in three dimensions.201510.Copyright: Handbook for Steel Structures Design Based on Eurocode 32015PublicationsJournals (30 recent journals)1. F. Hejazi, M. Dalili Shoaei, M. S. Jaafar, (2015), "Development of Analytical Model for Viscous WallDampers". Computer Aided Civil and Infrastructure Engineering. (ISI-Wiley, Impact Factor 4.925)2. Fateh, A., Hejazi, F., Jaafar, M. S., Karim, I. A., Adnan, B., A. (2016), “Design of a variable stiffnessbracing system: Mathematical modeling, fabrication and dynamic analysis”. Journal of SoilDynamic and Earthquake Engineering. 80,87-101 (ISI-Elsevier, Impact Factor 1.215)3. Fateh, A., Hejazi, F., Jaafar, M. S., Karim, I., A., (2016), “Numerical and experimental evaluationof a developed nonlinear curved spring element under compression force”. Journal ofConstructional Steel Research. 117, 115-125. (ISI-Elsevier, Impact Factor 1.321)4. Vaghei, R., Hejazi, F., Taheri, H., Jaafar, M. S. and Abang Ali, A. A. (2016). “A new precast wallconnection subjected to monotonic loading”. Journal of computers and concrete. (Accepted, UnderPress), (ISI, Impact Factor 0.693)Updated on 19 Feb 2015

5. Taheri, H., Hejazi, F., Vaghei, R., Jaafar, M. S. and Abang Ali, A. A. (2016). “A New Precast WallConnection Subjected to Rotational Loading”. Journal of Periodica Polytechnica-Civil Engineering.(Accepted, Under Press), (ISI, Impact Factor 0.693)6. Hafezolghorani, M., Hejazi, F., Vaghei, R., Jaafar, M. S. and Karimzadeh, K., (2016).“APPLICATION OF SIMPLIFIED CONCRETE DAMAGE PLASTICITY MODEL IN FEPROGRAMS”. Journal of STRUCTURAL ENGINEERING INTERNATIONAL. (Accepted, UnderPress), (ISI, Impact Factor 0.693)7. Hejazi, F., Dalili M. S., Jaafar, M. S. and Raizal Saiful M. R. (2015). Effect of viscous dampers onyielding mechanisms of RC structures during earthquake. Journal of Earthquakes and Structures.8 (6), 1499-1528 (ISI, Impact Factor 0.693)8. Nikbakht, E., Rashid, K., Mohseni, I., & Hejazi, F. (2015). Evaluating seismic demands forsegmental columns with low energy dissipation capacity. EARTHQUAKES AND STRUCTURES,8(6), 1277-1297. (ISI, Impact Factor 0.693)9. Hejazi, F., Zabihi, A. & Jaafar, M. S. (2014). Development of a viscous damper finite element modelfor reinforced concrete frames. Journal of Soil Dynamics and Earthquake Engineering. 65, 284–293 (ISI-Elsevier, Impact Factor 1.302)10. Abdi, H., Hejazi, F., Jaafar, M. S., Abd Karim, I. B., Muhammad Rashid, R. S. (2015). Responsemodification factor for steel structure equipped with viscous damper device. International Journalof Steel Structures. 15 (3), 605-622 (ISI, Springer, Impact Factor 0.505)11. Hejazi, F., Noorzaei, J., Ali, A. A. A., & Jaafar, M. S. (2015). Seismic analysis of interlockingmortarless hollow block. Challenge Journal of Structural Mechanics, 1(1), 22-26.12. Fateh, A., Hejazi, F., Jaafar, M. S., & bin Adnan, A. (2015, February). Dynamic Analysis of VariableStiffness Bracing System in Structure. Applied Mechanics and Materials, Vol. 704, pp. 442-446.13. Fateh, A., Hejazi, F. Ming, Y. P., Jafaar, M. S. (2014). Structural Behaviour in Top-DownExcavation Method. Arabian Journal of Geosciences. (In press, ISI, Impact Factor 1.152)14. Hejazi, F., Toloue, I., Jaafar, M. S., & Noorzaei, J. (2013). Optimization of earthquake energydissipation system by genetic algorithm. Computer-Aided Civil and Infrastructure Engineering,28(10), 796-810. (ISI-Wiley, Impact Factor 5.625)15. Ehsan Nikbakht, Khalim Rashid, Farzad Hejazi, Siti A. Osman. (2014). Application of shapememory alloy bars in self-centring precast segmental columns as seismic resistance. Journal ofStructure and Infrastructure Engineering: Maintenance, Management, Life-Cycle Design andPerformance. In press. (ISI, Impact Factor 2.805)16. Ehsan Nikbakht, Khalim Rashid, Farzad Hejazi, Siti A. Osman. (2014). A numerical study onseismic response of self-centring precast segmental columns at different post-tensioning forces.Latin American Journal of Solids and Structures, 11 (5), 864-883. (ISI, Impact Factor 1.254)17. Hejazi, F., Noorzaei, J., Jaafar, M. S., Thanoon, W., & Ali, A. A. A. (2009). Optimization of activevariable stiffness system for controlling structural response of a building under earthquakeexcitation. Journal of Structural Engineering, 36(4), 235-244. (ISI, Impact Factor 1.2)18. Amir Fateh, Farzad Hejazi, Tan Boon Cheong, Seyed Mohammad Reza Ghadiri, (2014). DynamicResponse of Slender and Light Balcony Deck under Wind Loading. International Journal ofEngineering & Technology Sciences. 2 (3): 211-22219. Hejazi, F., Shahpasand, M., Mirnezhad, M., Jaafar, M., and Abang Ali, A. (2014) A Web-BasedArchitecture for Interactive Finite Element Program. Computing in Civil and Building Engineering,ASCE. pp. 1393-1400.20. Fateh, A., Hejazi, F., and Khojasteh, M. (2014). Seismic Performance Evaluation of Steel ShearWall by Equivalent Truss Approach Modeling. Computing in Civil and Building Engineering, ASCE.pp. 1401-1408.21. Vaghei, R., Hejazi, F., Taheri, H., Jaafar, M. S. and Abang Ali, A. A. (2014). “Evaluate Performanceof Precast Concrete wall to wall Connection”. APCBEE Procedia, Volume 9, 2014, Pages 285–29022. Fateh, A., Hejazi, F., Tarmizi, M. A., Dalili, M. S., Ghadiri, S. M. (2014). Performance of reinforcedconcrete and timber structure at kualaMuda Kedah during the tsunami. International Journal of Civiland Environmental Research (IJCER) 1 (3): 122-13223. Fateh, A., Hejazi, F., Tarmizia, M. A., Dalili, M. S., Ghadiri, S. M. (2014). Performance of reinforcedconcrete and timber structure at kuala Muda Kedah during the tsunami. International Journal ofCivil and Environmental Research. 1 (3): 122-13224. Ghayeb Al Qaicy, H. H., Marsono, A. K., Hejazi, F., (2014). Reinforced Concrete Ring Beams [NonLinear Finite Element Analysis (NLFEA)]. Journal of Basic and Applied Scientific Research. 4(6)7791Updated on 19 Feb 2015

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