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LEAPIntensive English ProgramStudent Handbook1

Table of ContentsIntroduction to LEAP . 4Mission Statement. 4About LEAP . 4Program Description . 4Applying to LEAP. 5Arriving to Wright State. 6Placement Testing . 6Level Descriptions . 7LEAP Classes . 8Registration . 8Level Change Request. 9Class Materials & Technology . 9Textbooks . 9WSU Email . 9Pilot . 10WINGS & WINGS Express . 10Grading and Level Promotion . 10Graduating from LEAP . 11Academic Assistance . 12Advising. 12LEAP Learning Center (LLC) . 12I20s, Funding, and Financial Guarantees . 12LEAP Faculty & Staff . 13LEAP & WSU Policies . 14Academic Integrity Policy . 14Attendance Policy . 14Academic Probation and Dismissal Policy . 15LEAP Tuition . 15Other Services and Fees for Wright State University . 16Student Legal Services Fee . 16Student Health Insurance . 16Other Fees . 16Registration Holds. 17Paying Tuition & Financial Guarantees . 17Classroom Etiquette . 18Children on Campus. 182

Policy and Procedure for Complaints. 18Academic Complaints . 18Non-Academic Complaints. 191. Parking . 19Tobacco Free Policy .19WSU Campus Resources . 21Wright 1 Card. 21Computing and Telecommunication Services (CaTS) . 21University Writing Center. 21University Libraries . 21Student Technology Assistance Center . 21WSU Student Organizations and Campus Events . 22Campus Recreation . 22Faith & Prayer . 23LEAP Extracurricular Activities . 23Medical Care . 24What to do if you are sick. 24Student Health Services. 24Local Hospitals . 24Campus Safety . 25Safety Escorts . 25Emergency Phones . 25Emergency Telephone Numbers . 25Dayton Area and General Information . 26Public Transportation . 26Things to Do in Dayton . 26Cold Weather . 26General U.S. Cultural Tips . 27Appendices. 29Appendix A: Map of Wright State University . 29Appendix B: Map of Wright State Tunnel System . 30Appendix C: LEAP Academic Integrity Policy . 31Appendix D: LEAP Attendance Policy . 33Appendix E: LEAP Policy and Procedure for Complaints . 35Appendix F: WSU Assumption of Risk/Waiver of Liability and Release . 37Appendix G: Pictures of LEAP Activities . 383

Introduction to LEAPMission StatementWelcome to Learning English for Academic and Professional Purposes (LEAP), the intensive English programat Wright State University!LEAP Intensive English program prepares non-native speakers of English for success in academic andprofessional programs. LEAP is committed to: providing quality English instruction taught by highly qualified instructors. offering opportunities to participate in social, cultural, and mainstream curricular activities to facilitatestudent success in university studies. promoting linguistic and cultural diversity and intercultural understanding.About LEAPLEAP is located on Wright State University’s main campus in Dayton, Ohio, home to the famous WrightBrothers and the world’s first practical airplane, the 1905 Wright Flyer III.LEAP provides full-time intensive English instruction and offers non-native speakers the linguistic, academicand social skills they need to be successful in an American university. Students come to LEAP for a variety ofreasons. Some are here for a short time to improve their English language skills; others seek degrees fromWright State University. LEAP is fully accredited by the Commission on English Language ProgramAccreditation (CEA).LEAP offers: an integrated curriculum that reinforces input and results in greater retention. TOEFL substitution for admission to Wright State University for undergraduate and graduate studentswho successfully complete the LEAP program. Visit the University Center for InternationalEducation Admissions page to find out the admission criteria for available programs. Test Preparation course offered to Level 4 students to practice for IELTS and TOEFL tests. experienced faculty, all with advanced degrees in TESOL (Teaching English to Speakers of OtherLanguages) or a related field. writing classes in computer labs using the latest computer technology. collaboration with Wright State University’s TESOL Program and other university courses. field trips to local sites of interest and other extracurricular activities. access to all Wright State University’s academic and recreational facilities.Program DescriptionLearning English for Academic and Professional Purposes (LEAP) courses are designed to help students developthe English skills they need for success in the American university. Courses in all four levels focus extensivelyon academic reading, writing, listening, and speaking. The courses also include the practical English needed foreveryday situations. Instruction in LEAP is interactive. Students engage in a variety of activities such as pairwork, small group and whole class discussions, individual and group presentations, impromptu speeches,interviews and surveys done outside class, and more.4

LEAP courses do not carry universit