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NewsletterApril 2008Zatkoff saginaw, michiganexpansion announcementZatkoff Seals & Packings a distributor and manufacturerof a variety of seals for sealing systems; today announcedthat it has expanded its operations in Saginaw Michiganby building an additional 5700 sq. ft. warehouse spaceto its existing facility in the Bridgeview Center IndustrialPark in the city of Zilwaukee.www.zatkoff.comE-News HighlightsSaginaw, MichiganExpansionAnnouncementFluid Power SealDesign GuideProduct LineOverviewMaterial OfferingHardware SurfaceFinishEconomic Excellence Award“Our planned expansion not only allows us to grow ourbusiness, but it allows us an opportunity to better serveour customers, our employees, and this community,while strengthening the vitality of the region,” said SeanJoynt, branch manager of the Saginaw facility. “Thestate of Michigan, City of Saginaw and Saginaw’s Future Inc. has pledged their support and are committedto our efforts for this expansion.”Zatkoff Seals & Packings also purchased a new state of the art systems Integrated Inventorytracking system which is extremely effective in managing the new dense storage shelvingsystem to accommodate the increased volume. Zatkoff Seals & Packings has been a successful company inthe community since1989 as a providerof gaskets, o-ringsand molded rubberproducts for a widevariety of industries.“Economic development is critical to thecommunity, and when we have a business that wants to expand and remain in our community, we want to assist them to grow their business. Obviously their expansion creates newjobs for our local workforce, which is very important as well,” Saginaw futures Inc.Page 1 of 7Copyright 2008 Zatkoff Seals and Packings, Farmington Hills, MI, All Rights Reserved

Fluid Power Seal Design Guide, EPS 5370EPS Division publishes definitive resource guide and product catalog for Fluid Power sealingEPS Division has published its long awaited Fluid Power SealDesign Guide which is slated to become the definitive resourceguide for seal selection in applications for pneumatic and low, medium and heavy duty hydraulics.The 424 page guide contains application guidelines plus quickreference and in-depth product descriptions, key material offerings,gland dimensions, technical data and availability for 64 sealingdevice profiles. The detailed Engineering section adeptly coverstopics in sealing theory such as: Static vs. Dynamic SealingLeakage ControlLip vs. Squeeze sealsEffects of Lip GeometriesPressure Effects & ExtrusionSeal WearSeal StabilitySurface SpeedCompression SetInfluence of TemperatureFluid Power SealDesign GuideCatalog EPS 5370Seal designers will appreciate the completeness of technical information contained inside which addresses engineering questions which impact appropriate seal selection. The materials guide is the most completein the fluid power industry, covering over 60 material types.Hardware Surface Finish Guidelines section is “do not miss” reading to detailed engineering data,material specifications, installation guides and checklist for seal design consideration you won’t want to missreading “one of the most comprehensive and clear-cut dissertations on hardware surface finish” according to top industry suppliers.Not sure which fluid power seal profile you should choose over another? The new Design Guide makes iteasy to steer you in the right direction. Decision Trees are located in each product section of the catalog toget you started. If you have questions keep reading and navigate through the profile technical information.If you still need help, give Zatkoff a call at (248) 478-2400 and ask to speak with a customer service person.We’re here to help.We are sure you will find the guide invaluable and an effective tool in enabling Parker/Zatkoff to be thesingle source supplier (both OEM and MRO) for customers’ fluid power seal requirements.Page 2 of 7Copyright 2008 Zatkoff Seals and Packings, Farmington Hills, MI, All Rights Reserved

Product Line Overview of Fluid Power Profiles (Catalog EPS 5370)Catalog contains technical data, materials, and size availability for 64 sealing device profiles.Rod SealsBDBTBSSymmetrical SealsSPPDPPPiston SealsBPYDPSPSHDCCBPPWipersWear Rings/ BearingsUrethane O-Rings& Head SGPDBCQOECPOAOQPage 3 of 7Copyright 2008 Zatkoff Seals and Packings, Farmington Hills, MI, All Rights Reserved

Material Offering for Fluid Power SealingMaterials offered by Parker for Fluid Power profiles include the following: ParkerMaterialCodeMaterialTrade Name(Color)Typical Applications& DescriptionThermoplastics — Elastomers & Engineered Resins Thermoplastic Elastomers — TPU, PolyurethanesThermoset Elastomers — Rubber (Nitrile, Nitroxile,P4300A90 PolyureProprietary compound offeringEPR, FKM, etc.)thaneextended temperature range,Resilon HThigh reboundPTFE — Non-filled & filled TFE materials.Parker is able to achieve optimal physical properties of itsthermoplastic elastomers through controlling all variablesduring in-house material development and compounding processes. We are committed to offering the highestquality sealing materials. Many fluid power profiles areavailable in multiple materials.The following tables provide a short description of typicalapplications as well as typical service temperature ranges.When selecting a seal material, temperature is but one ofseveral key factors.Service temperature ranges are based primarily on laboratory and service tests. They do not take into account allvariables which may be encountered. Therefore, it isalways advisable to test the material under actual serviceconditions before specifying. If this is not practical, testsshould be devised that simulate service conditions asclosely as possible.ServiceTemperatureRange F ( C)-65 to 275(-54 to 135)(Tan)P4301A90PolyurethaneResilon WRFor water or petroleum basedfluids-35 to 225(-37 to 107)Offers higher extrusion resistance for seals and anti-extrusion devices-65 to 275(-54 to 135)Formulation resists internalheat generated throughhysteresis, ideal for shockapplications-65 to 275(-54 to 135)General purpose industrialpolyurethane offering highabrasion resistance-65 to 200(-54 to 93)General purpose industrialpolyurethane offering highextrusion resistance-65 to 250(-54 to 121)Formulated with internallubricants for lower friction tohelp reduce heat build up-65 to 225(-54 to 107)Offers good abrasion andextrusion resistance withexcellent rebound-65 to 200(-54 to 93)Enhanced properties over4615 to improve sealing capabilities from lower compression set-65 to 200(-54 to 93)Formulated for an improvedlow temperature range andhigher resilience than 4615-70 to 200(57 to 93)Improved abrasion, extrusionand compression resistanceas well as higher temp. than4700-31 to 230(-35 to 110)(Aqua Blue)P4304D60PolyurethaneResilon ER(Brown)P4311A90PolyurethaneResilon 4700A90Polyurethane(Green)PTFE Fluid Power seal profiles are available in a variety ofnon-filled and filled materials.P5065A88Polyurethane(Dark Blue)P6000A90Polyurethane(Dark Gray)Page 4 of 7Copyright 2008 Zatkoff Seals and Packings, Farmington Hills, MI, All Rights Reserved

Material Offering for Fluid Power SealingParkerMaterialCodeMaterialTrade Name(Color)Typical Applications& DescriptionServiceTemperatureRange F ( C)Thermoplastic Elastomers — TPCE, range)Z4729D55Hytrel(Tan)ParkerMaterialCodeUsed in applications requiringextended extrusion resistanceand fluid compatibility-65 to 275(-54 to 135)Primarily used for back-uprings and other anti-extrusiondevices-65 to 275(-54 to 135)Primarily used for back-uprings and other anti-extrusiondevices-65 to 275(-54 to en)(Tan)W4686UltraCOMPGFHeat stabilized, internallylubed 30% glass-reinforcednylon for standard tolerancewear rings-65 to 275(-54 to 135)UltraCOMPCFWear resistant nylon withmolybdenum disulfide forlower friction, suited for backup rings-65 to 275(-54 to 135)UltraCOMPCGTHigh compressive strength,35% glass-reinforced nylonfor tight tolerance wear rings-65 to 275(-54 to 135)A homogenous engineeredthermoplastic used forextreme conditions in manymarkets-65 to 500(-54 to 260)30% glass filled engineeredthermoplastic with enhancedcompressive strength-65 to 500(-54 to 260)(Multiple)Page 5 of 7Excellent compressivestrength and good wearresistance-200 to 575(-129 to 302)-200 to 575(-129 to 302)(Gray)Excellent for extremeconditions such as highpressure , temperature andlonger wear life on hardeneddynamic surfacesFiberglass &Moly FilledPTFEImproved compressivestrength and wear in rotaryapplications-200 to 575(-129 to 302)Excellent for corrosiveservice. Low abrasion to softshafts. Good in unlubricatedservice-250 to 550(-157 to 288)Excellent wear resistance andreduces creep-250 to 575(-157 to 302)030730% carbon fiber blend, provides enhanced tensile andcompressive strength-65 to 500(-54 to 260)Thermoplastic materialblended with carbon, glassand PTFE for reduced friction-65 to 500(-54 to 260)Excellent extrusion resistanceand high compressive loads-200 to 575(-129 to 302)Good for strong alkali andhydrofluoric acid. Good inwater service-200 to 550(-129 to 288)Fabric-reinforced resins tohandle severe sideloads, highheat and swell from moisture-40 to 250(-40 to 121)Excellent high temperaturecapabilities and excellentwear resistance-250 to 575(-157 to 302)FiberglassFilled PTFEFiberglass &Moly FilledPTFEGraphiteFilled PTFE(Black)CarbonGraphiteFilled PTFE(Black)0401BronzeFilled PTFE(Bronze)0502Composite ResinsCompositeFabricReinforcedResins-250 to 550(-157 to 288)(Gray)0301(Gray)0871-0874Excellent low abrasion to softsurfaces & improved uppertemperature performances.FDA materialsMineralFilled PTFE(Gold)0204(Black)W4738-320 to 450(-195 to 282)(White)0203(Tan)W4737Lower creep, reducedpermeability and good HTP-425 to 450(-254 to 233)Filled PTFE0102UltraCOMPW4685Excellent for cryogenicapplications. Good for gases.Virgin PTFE(White)0120MolyGardServiceTemperatureRange F ( C)Non-Filled PTFENylonsW4650Typical Applications& DescriptionMaterialTrade Name(Color)CarbonFiber FilledPTFE(Brown)0601AromaticPolyesterFilled PTFE(Tan)Copyright 2008 Zatkoff Seals and Packings, Farmington Hills, MI, All Rights Reserved

Material Offering for Fluid Power SealingParkerMaterialCodeMaterialTrade Name(Color)Typical Applications& DescriptionServiceTemperatureRange F ( C)Nitrile e(Black)MaterialTrade Name(Color)Typical Applications& DescriptionServiceTemperatureRange F ( C)Ethylene Propylene (EPR)General purpose nitrile withmedium ACN content foruse where a softer seal isrequired.-40 to 225(-40 to 107)General purpose nitrile withgood chemical compatibility,seal ability and compressionset.-40 to 250(-40 to 121)Fiber added reinforcementhelps retain lubrication forreduced friction. Used in 8600wipers.-40 to 250(-40 to 121)E4270A90High modulus for outstanding extrusion resistance plusgood compression set.-40 to 250(-40 to 121)Fluorocarbon Elastomers (FKM)Premium, low ACN nitrile foruse when low temperaturesealability is required.-70 to 275(-57 to 135)Extended temperature rangeformulated for aerospaceT-seal l purpose 90A EPR,has excellent dimensionalstability in water-based fluidsand steam.-65 to 300(-54 to 149)General purpose 80A EPR,has excellent dimensionalstability in water-based fluidsand steam.-65 to 300(-54 to 149)Formulated for geothermalenvironments and steam upto 600 F.-65 to 400(-54 to 204)(Black)V1289A75FluoroelastomerFluorocarbon materialformulated for improved lowtemperature applications.-40 to 400(-40 to 204)70 Shore A general purposefluorocarbon resistant tochemical attack and heat.-20 to 400(-29 to 204)90 Shore A general purposefluorocarbon resistant tochemical attack and heat.-5 to 400(-21 to 204)Features extended wear andextrusion resistance over general purpose fluorocarbons.-5 to 400(-21 to 204)(Black)-65 to 275(-54 to 135)V4205A75Fluoroelastomer(Black)Carboxylated Nitrile (XNBR)N4257A85ParkerMaterialCodeXNBR with internal lubricantto reduce friction. Ideal forpneumatic applications.0 to 250(-18 to 121)Premier XNBR in the industryformulated with proprietaryinternal lubricant.-10 to 250(-23 to 121)Extra tough XNBR withincreased hardness, modulusand tensile strength.-20 to 275(-29 to astomer(Black)Hydrogenated Nitrile ck)Page 6 of 7Equivalent to Seal Groupcompound KB183A85, offerslow temperature improvement.-40 to 320(-40 to 160)Equivalent to Seal Groupcompound KB162A80 offeringimproved chemical compatibility.-25 to 320(-32 to 160)Equivalent to Seal Groupcompound KB163A90 offeringimproved chemical compatibility-25 to 320(-32 to 160)Excellent extrusion resistanceand explosive decompressionto meet Norsok M-710-20 to 320(-29 to 160)Copyright 2008 Zatkoff Seals and Packings, Farmington Hills, MI, All Rights Reserved

Hardware Surface FinishWhen does Rq Ra?Ra is sufficient to define the magnitude of surface roughness, butis insufficient to define a surfaceentirely in that it only describes theaverage deviation from the meanline, not the nature of the peaksand valleys in a profile. To obtainan accurate sur