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RECTOR’S MANAGEMENT REPORTTO COUNCILMonday 2 December 2019Prof WJS de Villiers,Rector and Vice-Chancellor1

Table of contentsINTRODUCTION . 4THEME 1: A THRIVING STELLENBOSCH UNIVERSITY . 51.1Strategic Fund allocations . 51.2Combating gender-based violence at SU . 61.3Constitutional Court rules in favour of SU Language Policy . 61.4SU gains chair in Afrikaans language practice. 71.5Promoting multilingualism at SU . 71.6Independent investigation into allegations of interference . 71.7Investigation into research article . 81.8Institutional Transformation Committee . 81.9Faculty Charter for Medicine and Health Sciences . 91.10 Integrated communication campaigns . 91.11 External communication (SU in the news) . 101.12 SU in the rankings . 111.13 Risk Management . 121.14 Reputation management framework . 121.15 Crisis communication and media training masterclasses . 131.16 SU brand positioning and visual identity . 131.17 Visual roll-out of vision and strategic framework . 131.18 Strategic management indicators . 141.19 Financial dashboard . 141.20 Systems renewal . 151.21 Academic management decision-making at SU. 151.22 Fundraising highlights from the third quarter of 2019 . 161.23 Snappy cashless payments now possible. 191.24 University Technology Fund . 191.25 Innovus update . 191.26 LaunchLab update . 191.27 Capital projects . 201.28 SU plans to bring Business School back to Stellenbosch . 221.29 Improved Huis ten Bosch set to reopen in 2021. 221.30 Keeping SU safe. 231.31 Keeping SU healthy . 231.32 SU Museum exhibitions . 24THEME 2: A TRANSFORMATIVE STUDENT EXPERIENCE . 242.1Student recruitment . 252.2Ikusasa Student Financial Aid Programme (ISFAP) . 262.3Rector’s Awards for Students . 272.4Application trends . 272.5Growing continental student mobility . 282.6Matie Community Service . 292.7Promoting entrepreneurship among students . 292.8Maties Sport . 29THEME 3: PURPOSEFUL PARTNERSHIPS AND INCLUSIVE NETWORKS . 303.1Internationalisation Strategy . 303.2Expanding the SU brand into new international markets. 303.3Global Alliance of Universities on Climate (GAUC) graduate seminar . 313.4SU joins prestigious consortium of global universities . 313.5Minister receives SASUF declaration on HE partnerships . 313.6Bilateral agreements . 322

3.7International partner engagements. 333.8Focus on Africa . 333.9Visiting delegations . 343.10 Visits to China and Germany . 353.11 International education conference . 363.12 Internationalisation of PhD studies . 363.13 Inaugural National Higher Education Conference . 363.14 In conversation with the Dalai Lama. 373.15 Alumni engagement . 373.16 Stellenbosch Network launched . 393.17 Reaching out to Swellendam . 393.18 Social Impact Symposium . 403.19 Transformation Indaba . 413.20 Woordfees, WOW and SU Choir . 413.21 Centre for Sport Leadership symposium . 413.22 Stakeholder engagement around national days and strategic themes . 413.23 Health partnerships . 42THEME 4: NETWORKED AND COLLABORATIVE TEACHING AND LEARNING . 424.1Scholarship of Teaching and Learning conference . 424.2Collaborative Online International Learning . 434.3Postgraduate skills further enhanced . 434.4HealthyUS course . 434.5Race and racism workshops . 434.6SU Hackathon . 444.7Coaching workshop . 444.8Training community leaders . 44THEME 5: RESEARCH FOR IMPACT. 445.1NRF ratings . 445.2Large grant to help SU develop better treatment for children with MDR-TB . 455.3Telling the story of SU research . 455.4Research information packs. 465.5Research Indaba . 46THEME 6: EMPLOYER OF CHOICE . 466.12019 SU survey on well-being, culture and climate at work . 466.2Code for Management Practices . 476.3nGAP at SU . 476.4International mobility grants for staff . 476.5Honours for SU staff members . 486.6Chancellor’s Awards for 2019 . 49CONCLUSION. 50ADDENDUM: OP-EDs & COLUMNS . 51CONTRIBUTORS. 563

INTRODUCTIONWelcome to the final Council meeting for 2019. It has been yet another successful and eventful yearfor our University. Since our previous meeting, we have experienced a number of highlights,opportunities and challenges.We recently concluded the first full cycle of the new Strategic Fund process, which clearly signals ourcommitment to achieving SU’s new vision and strategy. Funding has been allocated to projects insupport of strategic positioning, research for impact, the hybrid-learning strategy and ICT,development and alignment of internal systems, infrastructure renewal and capacity building.This will stand us in good stead for the future. (See 1.1 below.)One of the defining moments of this reporting period was the nationwide protest againstgender-based violence (GBV), which also affected SU. We condemn, and will not tolerate, GBV,which is why we are mustering all the resources at our disposal to fight it. The Rectorate would liketo express our appreciation for the work done by the Anti-GBV Movement SU not only to raiseconcerns and grievances, but also offer constructive suggestions. We are committed to working withour students and staff to intensify our institutional efforts against GBV. To this end, joint workinggroups are being set up. (See 1.2 below.)On a different note, I am grateful that Council unanimously appointed me for a second term as SURector and Vice-Chancellor (effective 1 April 2020, for a period of five years; click here for moreinformation). I also expressed my appreciation to Senate for its input in the reappointment process.It is a great honour, which I accept with humility.In addition, I welcome the election of the University’s 15th Chancellor, Justice Edwin Cameron –academic, jurist, author and recently retired Constitutional Court judge. I believe his profileexemplifies SU’s values and look forward to the contribution he will make to his alma mater. He willsucceed Dr Johann Rupert, whose term expires at the end of the year. (Click here for details).I am also pleased with the unanimous judgement of the Constitutional Court on 10 October that SU’s2016 Language Policy is “constitutionally justified” and that the process we followed to adopt it was“thorough, exhaustive, inclusive and properly deliberative”. (See 1.3 below.)In the wake of what I consider a positive outcome, an SU alumnus requested Council, via theR