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Holy BibleNew Living TranslationSearch Biiible.comSearch BiiibleAbout the New Living Translation -First published in 1996, the New Living Translation sought to createa natural, flowing translation in everyday English that translated notthe words of the original scriptures, but the thoughts they containedin order to make the scriptures come alive to their readers, and instilltheir message into the everyday lives of Christians.

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Genesis111In the beginning God created theheavens and the earth.2The earth was empty, a formless masscloaked in darkness. And the Spirit ofGod was hovering over its surface.Then God said, "Let the land burstforth with every sort of grass and seedbearing plant. And let there be trees thatgrow seed-bearing fruit. The seeds willthen produce the kinds of plants andtrees from which they came." And so itwas.123Then God said, "Let there be light," andthere was light.The land was filled with seed-bearingplants and trees, and their seedsproduced plants and trees of like kind.And God saw that it was good.413And God saw that it was good. Then heseparated the light from the darkness.This all happened on the third day.14God called the light "day" and thedarkness "night." Together these madeup one day.And God said, "Let bright lights appearin the sky to separate the day from thenight. They will be signs to mark off theseasons, the days, and the years.6155And God said, "Let there be spacebetween the waters, to separate waterfrom water."Let their light shine down upon theearth." And so it was.167And so it was. God made this space toseparate the waters above from thewaters below.8And God called the space "sky." Thishappened on the second day.9And God said, "Let the waters beneaththe sky be gathered into one place sodry ground may appear." And so it was.10God named the dry ground "land" andthe water "seas." And God saw that itwas good.For God made two great lights, thesun and the moon, to shine down uponthe earth. The greater one, the sun,presides during the day; the lesser one,the moon, presides through the night.He also made the stars.17God set these lights in the heavens tolight the earth,18to govern the day and the night, and toseparate the light from the darkness.And God saw that it was good.19This all happened on the fourth day.

20And God said, "Let the waters swarmwith fish and other life. Let the skies befilled with birds of every kind."And God said, "Look! I have given youthe seed-bearing plants throughout theearth and all the fruit trees for your food.21So God created great sea creaturesand every sort of fish and every kind ofbird. And God saw that it was good.30And I have given all the grasses andother green plants to the animals andbirds for their food." And so it was.2231Then God blessed them, saying, "Letthe fish multiply and fill the oceans. Letthe birds increase and fill the earth."2329Then God looked over all he hadmade, and he saw that it was excellentin every way. This all happened on thesixth day.This all happened on the fifth day.24And God said, "Let the earth bringforth every kind of animal--livestock,small animals, and wildlife." And so itwas.2So the creation of the heavens andthe earth and everything in them wascompleted.225God made all sorts of wild animals,livestock, and small animals, each ableto reproduce more of its own kind. AndGod saw that it was good.26Then God said, "Let us make people inour image, to be like ourselves. Theywill be masters over all life--the fish inthe sea, the birds in the sky, and all thelivestock, wild animals, and smallanimals."27So God created people in his ownimage; God patterned them afterhimself; male and female he createdthem.28God blessed them and told them,"Multiply and fill the earth and subdue it.Be masters over the fish and birds andall the animals."On the seventh day, having finished histask, God rested from all his work.3And God blessed the seventh day anddeclared it holy, because it was the daywhen he rested from his work ofcreation.4This is the account of the creation ofthe heavens and the earth. When theLORD God made the heavens and theearth,5there were no plants or grain growingon the earth, for the LORD God had notsent any rain. And no one was there tocultivate the soil.6But water came up out of the groundand watered all the land.7And the LORD God formed a man'sbody from the dust of the ground andbreathed into it the breath of life. Andthe man became a living person.

8Then the LORD God planted a gardenin Eden, in the east, and there he placedthe man he had created.And the LORD God said, "It is notgood for the man to be alone. I willmake a companion who will help him."919And the LORD God planted all sorts oftrees in the garden--beautiful trees thatproduced delicious fruit. At the center ofthe garden he placed the tree of life andthe tree of the knowledge of good andevil.10A river flowed from the land of Eden,watering the garden and then dividinginto four branches.18So the LORD God formed from the soilevery kind of animal and bird. Hebrought them to Adam to see what hewould call them, and Adam chose aname for each one.20He gave names to all the livestock,birds, and wild animals. But still therewas no companion suitable for him.21One of these branches is the Pishon,which flows around the entire land ofHavilah, where gold is found.So the LORD God caused Adam to fallinto a deep sleep. He took one ofAdam's ribs and closed up the placefrom which he had taken it.122211The gold of that land is exceptionallypure; aromatic resin and onyx stone arealso found there.Then the LORD God made a womanfrom the rib and brought her to Adam.23The second branch is the Gihon,which flows around the entire land ofCush."At last!" Adam exclaimed. "She is partof my own flesh and bone! She will becalled 'woman,' because she was takenout of a man."14The third branch is the Tigris, whichflows to the east of Asshur. The fourthbranch is the Euphrates.24This explains why a man leaves hisfather and mother and is joined to hiswife, and the two are united into one.152513The LORD God placed the man in theGarden of Eden to tend and care for it.16But the LORD God gave him thiswarning: "You may freely eat any fruit inthe garden17except fruit from the tree of theknowledge of good and evil. If you eat ofits fruit, you will surely die."Now, although Adam and his wifewere both naked, neither of them feltany shame.3Now the serpent was the shrewdestof all the creatures the LORD God hadmade. "Really?" he asked the woman."Did God really say you must not eatany of the fruit in the garden?"

2"Of course we may eat it," the womantold him.3"It's only the fruit from the tree at thecenter of the garden that we are notallowed to eat. God says we must noteat it or even touch it, or we will die."4"You won't die!" the serpent hissed.5"God knows that your eyes will beopened when you eat it. You willbecome just like God, knowingeverything, both good and evil."6The woman was convinced. The fruitlooked so fresh and delicious, and itwould make her so wise! So she atesome of the fruit. She also gave some toher husband, who was with her. Thenhe ate it, too.12"Yes," Adam admitted, "but it was thewoman you gave me who brought methe fruit, and I ate it."13Then the LORD God asked thewoman, "How could you do such athing?" "The serpent tricked me," shereplied. "That's why I ate it."14So the LORD God said to the serpent,"Because you have done this, you willbe punished. You are singled out fromall the domestic and wild animals of thewhole earth to be cursed. You will grovelin the dust as long as you live, crawlingalong on your belly.15From now on, you and the woman willbe enemies, and your offspring and heroffspring will be enemies. He will crushyour head, and you will strike his heel."167At that moment, their eyes wereopened, and they suddenly felt shameat their nakedness. So they strung figleaves together around their hips tocover themselves.Then he said to the woman, "You willbear children with intense pain andsuffering. And though your desire will befor your husband, he will be yourmaster."817Toward evening they heard the LORDGod walking about in the garden, sothey hid themselves among the trees.9The LORD God called to Adam,"Where are you?"10He replied, "I heard you, so I hid. I wasafraid because I was naked."11"Who told you that you were naked?"the LORD God asked. "Have you eatenthe fruit I commanded you not to eat?"And to Adam he said, "Because youlistened to your wife and ate the fruit Itold you not to eat, I have placed acurse on the ground. All your life you willstruggle to scratch a living from it.18It will grow thorns and thistles for you,though you will eat of its grains.19All your life you will sweat to producefood, until your dying day. Then you willreturn to the ground from which youcame. For you were made from dust,and to the dust you will return."

20Then Adam named his wife Eve,because she would be the mother of allpeople everywhere.but he did not accept Cain and hisoffering. This made Cain very angry anddejected.216And the LORD God made clothingfrom animal skins for Adam and his wife.22Then the LORD God said, "The peoplehave become as we are, knowingeverything, both good and evil. What ifthey eat the fruit of the tree of life? Thenthey will live forever!"23So the LORD God banished Adamand his wife from the Garden of Eden,and he sent Adam out to cultivate theground from which he had been made.24After banishing them from the garden,the LORD God stationed mighty angelicbeings to the east of Eden. And aflaming sword flashed back and forth,guarding the way to the tree of life.4Now Adam slept with his wife, Eve,and she became pregnant. When thetime came, she gave birth to Cain, andshe said, "With the LORD's help, I havebrought forth a man!"2Later she gave birth to a second sonand named him Abel. When they grewup, Abel became a shepherd, while Cainwas a farmer.3At harvesttime Cain brought to theLORD a gift of his farm produce,4while Abel brought several choicelambs from the best of his flock. TheLORD accepted Abel and his offering,5"Why are you so angry?" the LORDasked him. "Why do you look sodejected?7You will be accepted if you respond inthe right way. But if you refuse torespond correctly, then watch out! Sin iswaiting to attack and destroy you, andyou must subdue it."8Later Cain suggested to his brother,Abel, "Let's go out into the fields." Andwhile they were there, Cain attackedand killed his brother.9Afterward the LORD asked Cain,"Where is your brother? Where is Abel?""I don't know!" Cain retorted. "Am Isupposed to keep track of him whereverhe goes?"10But the LORD said, "What have youdone? Listen--your brother's blood criesout to me from the ground!11You are hereby banished from theground you have defiled with yourbrother's blood.12No longer will it yield abundant cropsfor you, no matter how hard you work!From now on you will be a homelessfugitive on the earth, constantlywandering from place to place."13Cain replied to the LORD, "Mypunishment is too great for me to bear!

14You have banished me from my landand from your presence; you have mademe a wandering fugitive. All who see mewill try to kill me!"15The LORD replied, "They will not killyou, for I will give seven times yourpunishment to anyone who does." Thenthe LORD put a mark on Cain to warnanyone who might try to kill him.killed a youthwounded me.whoattackedand24If anyone who kills Cain is to bepunished seven times, anyone whotakes revenge against me will bepunished seventy-seven times!"25So Cain left the LORD's presence andsettled in the land of Nod, east of Eden.Adam slept with his wife again, andshe gave birth to another son. Shenamed him Seth, for she said, "God hasgranted me another son in place of Abel,the one Cain killed."172616Then Cain's wife became pregnantand gave birth to a son, and they namedhim Enoch. When Cain founded a city,he named it Enoch after his son.18Enoch was the father of Irad. Irad wasthe father of Mehujael. Mehujael wasthe father of Methushael. Methushaelwas the father of Lamech.19Lamech married two women--Adahand Zillah.20Adah gave birth to a baby namedJabal. He became the first of theherdsmen who live in tents.21His brother's name was Jubal, the firstmusician--the inventor of the harp andflute.22To Lamech's other wife, Zillah, wasborn Tubal-cain. He was the first to workwith metal, forging instruments ofbronze and iron. Tubal-cain had a sisternamed Naamah.23One day Lamech said to Adah andZillah, "Listen to me, my wives. I haveWhen Seth grew up, he had a son andnamed him Enosh. It was during hislifetime that people first began toworship the LORD.5This is the history of the descendantsof Adam. When God created people, hemade them in the likeness of God.2He created them male and female, andhe blessed them and called them"human."3When Adam was 130 years old, his sonSeth was born, and Seth was the veryimage of his father.4After the birth of Seth, Adam livedanother 800 years, and he had othersons and daughters.5He died at the age of 930.6When Seth was 105 years old, his sonEnosh was born.

7After the birth of Enosh, Seth livedanother 807 years, and he had othersons and daughters.8He died at the age of 912.9When Enosh was 90 years old, his sonKen