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theC hildrenofF earA 1920s C A M PA I G N A C R O S S A S I AKEEPER REFERENCE PACKThe Children of Fear 2020 Chaosium Inc.Call of Cthulhu, Chaosium Inc., and the Chaosium logo are registered trademarks of Chaosium Inc.Pulp Cthulhu is a trademark of Chaosium Inc.Call of Cthulhu 1981–2020 Chaosium Inc. All rights reserved.Pulp Cthulhu 2016 Chaosium Inc. All rights reserved.This is a work of fiction. This pack may include descriptions and portrayals of real places, real events, and real people; thesemay not be presented accurately and with conformity to the real-world nature of these places, people, and events, and arereinterpreted through the lens of the Cthulhu Mythos and the Call of Cthulhu game in general. No offense to anyone livingor dead, or to the inhabitants of any of these places, is intended.This material is protected under the copyright laws of the United States of America. Reproduction of this work by anymeans without written permission of Chaosium Inc., except for the use of short excerpts for the purpose of reviews and thecopying of character sheets and handouts for in-game use, is expressly prohibited.

CHAPTER 1NON-PLAYER CHARACTERSWang Enlai, age 52,professor of archaeology and anthropologySTR 55APP 45DB: 0CON 50POW 55Build: 0CombatBrawlDodgeSIZ 55EDU 85Move: 6DEX 50SAN 55MP: 11INT 75HP 10Luck: —25% (12/5), damage 1D325% (12/5)SkillsAnthropology 66%, Appraise 65%, Archaeology 66%, Art/Craft (Poetry) 55%, Credit Rating 60%, History 85%, LibraryUse 80%, Listen 60%, Persuade 70%, Psychology 75%, SpotHidden 75%.Languages: Chinese (Own) 90%, English 61%.Chinese Soldier, ages 14–21Nine young recruits of the Chihli Clique, who believewholeheartedly in General Wu Pei-fu or who just neededa job to escape their family’s poverty. These soldiers are farfrom the most elite, and their equipment is outdated byWestern standards (although the General’s army is bettersupplied than most). Many have served in the various cliquewars over the last few years.A lone sergeant, Hsu Te-Chu’an, accompanies the nineinfantrymen—replace the Mauser M1888 rifle with a .45Mauser Broomhandle M1912 pistol, damage 1D10 2.STR 60APP 70DB: 0CON 60POW 60Build: 0CombatBrawlMa-tao SaberM1888 bolt-action rifleDodgeSIZ 55EDU 40Move: 9DEX 70SAN 60MP: 12INT 55HP 11Luck: —55% (27/11), damage 1D350% (25/10), damage 1D8 155% (27/11), damage 1D6 160% (30/12)SkillsClimb 40%, First Aid 45%, Intimidate 55%, Listen 40%,Mechanical Repair 35%, Spot Hidden 45%, Stealth 45%,Survival (Plains) 40%.Languages: Chinese (Own) 40%. Description: decked out in their gray cotton uniforms, thesoldiers range from boys to young men. All have closecropped black hair. Traits: full of youthful bravado.Driver, ages 20–23It’s hard to know what favors Prof. Wang called in to getthese chauffeurs for the trip to Sian, but some appear tobe professional drivers (and so are probably on the staff ofwealthy university patrons or local businessmen), whereasothers seem to be on loan from the China Geological Survey(and may have borrowed the vehicles from the CAE too).For the two military drivers—substitute Intimidate forFast Talk, Firearms (Handgun) for Language (English), andDodge for Persuade.STR 55APP 65DB: 0CON 70POW 65Build: 0CombatBrawlDodgeSIZ 65EDU 60Move: 7DEX 60SAN 65MP: 13INT 70HP 13Luck: —25% (12/5), damage 1D330% (15/6)SkillsDrive Auto 65%, Electrical Repair 50%, Fast Talk 55%,Listen 50%, Mechanical Repair 50%, Navigate 60%,Persuade 60%, Spot Hidden 50%.Languages: Chinese (Own) 60%, English 31%. Description: depending on their background, the drivers areeither in smart livery as befits a professional chauffeur, or insmart, but well-worn, shirt and trousers (as befits a driver whousually goes on archaeological expeditions out into the desert). Traits: putting on a brave face (not exactly the sort of drivingor clientele they’re used to) or cheerfully enthusiastic about thetrip to Sian (it’s better than the Gobi, and that’s no mistake!).

CHAPTER 2Shen Chu, age 13–14, urchin and thiefNON-PLAYER CHARACTERSProf. Thaddeus Johnson,age 63, traveling academicSTR 70CON 65APP 50POW 55DB: 1D4 Build: 1SIZ 60EDU 90Move: 6DEX 65SAN 55MP: 11INT 80HP 12Luck: —CombatBrawlColt M1873 revolverDodge25% (12/5), damage 1D3 1D440% (20/8), damage 1D10 235% (17/7)SkillsAppraise 65%, Art/Craft (Chinese Calligraphy) 55%, CreditRating 45%, History (Chinese Literature) 85%, Library Use70%, Occult 15%, Persuade 50%, Psychology 40%, SpotHidden 65%.Languages: Chinese 81%, English (Own) 90%, Sanskrit 81%.Sai Na, age 46, graverobber and gewgaw peddlerSTR 55APP 45DB: 0CON 45POW 90Build: 0CombatBrawlDodgeSIZ 60EDU 45Move: 6DEX 60SAN 90MP: 18INT 50HP 10Luck: —25% (12/5), damage 1D345% (22/9)STR 25APP 40DB: –2CON 20POW 50Build: –2CombatBrawlDodgeSIZ 25EDU 30Move: 8DEX 70SAN 50MP: 10INT 75HP 4Luck: 2555% (27/11), damage 1D3–265% (32/13)Pulp Talent: Keen Vision: gains a bonus die to Spot Hidden rolls.SkillsAppraise 45%, Climb 40%, Fast Talk 65%, Navigate 50%,Sleight of Hand 50%, Spot Hidden 65%, Stealth 65%.Languages: Chinese (Own) 31%, English 16%.Mi Han, age 47, caravan outfitter and merchantSTR 65CON 60APP 50POW 50DB: 1D4 Build: 1SIZ 65EDU 66Move: 7DEX 70SAN 50MP: 10INT 75HP 12Luck: —CombatBrawlDodge45% (22/9), damage 1D3 1D425% (12/5)SkillsAccounting 55%, Animal Handling 35%, Appraise 55%,Charm 55%, Credit Rating 40%, Listen 50%, Persuade 60%,Psychology 60%, Ride 55%, Spot Hidden 65%.Languages: Chinese (Own) 66%, English 51%.SkillsAppraise 50%, Art/Craft (Forgery) 50%, Art/Craft (Sculpture)40%, Credit Rating 10%, Fast Talk 50%, Listen 40%, Persuade50%, Psychology 50%, Spot Hidden 50%.Mi Hu, age 22, caravan leaderLanguages: Chinese (Own) 45%, English 25%.CombatBrawlHanyang 88 bolt-action rifleDodgeSTR 50APP 70DB: 0CON 75POW 50Build: 0SIZ 50EDU 65Move: 8DEX 50SAN 50MP: 10INT 65HP 12Luck: —45% (22/9), damage 1D3or knife, damage 1D4 245% (22/9), damage 1D6 145% (22/9)SkillsAnimal Handling 45%, Charm 65%, Navigate 40%,Persuade 40%, Psychology 50%, Ride 45%, Spot Hidden55%, Survival (Desert) 45%.Languages: Chinese (Own) 65%, English 31%.

Demyan Ilarivich Babanin,age 28, exiled author and translatorSTR 55APP 60DB: 0CON 70POW 65Build: 0SIZ 55EDU 75Move: 8DEX 40SAN 65MP: 13INT 85HP 12Luck: —Langdon Warner,age 42, adventurer and explorerSTR 70CON 65APP 65POW 70DB: 1D4 Build: 1SIZ 70EDU 85Move: 8CombatBrawl50% (25/10), damage 1D3Nagant M1895 revolver 50% (25/10), damage 1D8Dodge25% (12/5)CombatBrawl.45 automatic pistolDodge50% (25/10), damage 1D3 1D455% (27/11), damage 1D10 250% (25/10)SkillsArt/Craft (Literature) 55%, Charm 65%, History 55%,Library Use 70%, Occult 25%, Psychology 70%, Survival(Desert) 40%.SkillsAppraise 60%, Archaeology 65%, Bow 60%, History (Art)75%, Intimidate 65%, Library Use 60%, Navigate 50%,Persuade 60%, Science (Chemistry) 20%, Spot Hidden 65%,Survival (Desert) 40%.Languages: Chinese 51%, English 46%, French 51%,Russian (Own) 75%.Porters, ages 18–40, experienced caravan staffMi Han’s porters are practically part of the family—infact, most of their kin have worked for the Mi family forgenerations. Some are Hui Muslims, some are Buddhists,while others are Mongolian.STR 85CON 90APP 45POW 55DB: 1D4 Build: 1SIZ 70EDU 55Move: 8DEX 50SAN 55MP: 11INT 50HP 16Luck: —CombatBrawlHanyang 88 bolt-action rifleDodge55% (27/11), damage 1D3 1D4or knife, damage 1D4 2 1D450% (25/10), damage 1D6 125% (12/5)SkillsAnimal Handling 65%, First Aid 50%, Natural World 30%,Navigate 65%, Ride 50%, Survival (Desert) 55%, Throw50%, Track* 60%.Languages: Own (varies; Chinese, Mongolian, Turki) 55%.*For the caravan’s cook, Yeh Hong, replace Track with Art/Craft(Cooking). Description: burly Chinese and Mongolian porters, hiredby Mi Han for their trustworthiness and their families’long-standing associations. While usually dressed in simpleChinese-style clothing and warm hats, they also carry fursfor when the weather gets colder. Traits: deferential, tough, and not to be messed with.DEX 70SAN 70MP: 14INT 85HP 13Luck: —Languages: Chinese 51%, English (Own) 85%, Japanese 51%.Wang Yuanlu,age 75, temple guardian and restorerSTR 30APP 45DB: –1CON 55POW 65Build: –1CombatBrawlDodgeSIZ 40EDU 30Move: 4DEX 40SAN 65MP: 13INT 50HP 9Luck: —25% (12/5), damage 1D3–120% (10/4)SkillsArt/Craft (Painting) 11%, Art/Craft (Sculpture) 11%,History 55%, Listen 50%, Lore (Taoism) 51%, Navigate40%, Persuade 70%, Psychology 40%, Rifle 25%, Survival(Desert) 40%.Languages: Chinese (Own) 51%.

Tenzin Kalsang, true age unknown, saintly lamaSTR 65APP 70DB: 0CON 60 SIZ 50POW 100 EDU 70Build: 0Move: 9DEX 60SAN 80MP: 20INT 85HP 11Luck: 55CombatFighting: although he carries both a khatvanga and a katari,TenzinKalsang does not engage in acts of violence unless they are part of aritual—where such activity is purely symbolic and not intended tocause actual harm—or if he considers them to be compassionate innature (see Compassionate Violence box, nearby).Brawl25% (12/5), damage 1D3or katari, damage 1D4 2Khatvanga25% (12/5), damage 1D8 1Dodge30% (15/6)Pulp Talents Endurance: gain a bonus die when making CON rolls(including to determine MOV rate for chases). Resilient: may spend Luck points to shrug-off Sanity loss,on a one-for-one basis.SkillsArt/Craft (Instruments) 65%, Art/Craft (Painting) 65%,Charm 65%, First Aid 60%, History 60%, Listen 65%, Lore(Buddhism) 60%, Natural World 45%, Navigate 70%, Occult60%, Persuade 70%, Psychology 60%, Ride 70%.Languages: Other (any) 51%, Tibetan (Own) 70%.SpellsAny non-Mythos spells the Keeper deems appropriate, suchas Cloud Memory, Empty Mind, Fleetness of Foot*, FleshWard, Healing*, Journey to the Other Side, Levitate, RestorativeMeditation, Sword Siddhi*, Telepathy*, Wandering Soul,Warmth of Mind*, or Words of Power.*See Appendix B.CREATURES AND MONSTERSKueitzumen, faithful servants of the ) 5(1D3 3) 515(3D6) 5(1D3 3) 5(1D6) 5Average Hit Points: 3–5Average Damage Bonus: –2Average Build: –2Move: 9CombatAttacks per round: 1 (knife and other weapons)Small and fragile, the kueitzumen are easily damaged,meaning that they prefer to run rather than fight; however,in their spectral form, complete with arms, they can wieldsmall weapons, such as knives.FightingDodge25% (12/5), damage 1D3–2 (min 1)or small knife, damage 1D4–255% (27/11)Armor: none; any damage incurred by a kueitzu returns itimmediately to its terracotta form, broken in the location itreceived the hit that sent it to its final rest. Once broken, akueitzu cannot reanimate, even if repaired.Sanity Loss: 0/1D6 Sanity points to encounter a kueitzu.MuleUse the horse statistics found in the Call of Cthulhu: KeeperRulebook, page 338.CamelSTR 160 CON 65APP —POW 50DB: 3D6 Build: 4SIZ 185EDU —Move: 11DEX 50SAN —MP: —INT —HP 25Luck: —CombatAttacks per round: 1 (kick, bite)Slightly larger than a horse, the camel is known for itspropensity to kick and bite, as well as its alarming habit ofspitting at anyone it takes a dislike to.FightingSpitDodge30% (15/6), damage 1D8 DB40% (20/8), penalty to social skillrolls until spit is wiped off25% (12/5)Armor: 1-point tough hide.

SAMPLE KUEITZUMENHuman figurines were not the only types of yung found in Han tombs. Miniature dogs, sheep, pigs, camels, horses, cows, andeven chickens were all included, meaning that, if the Keeper desires, the investigators may face a range of shrunken tombguardians, not just the kueitzumen. Simply adjust the relevant statistics for each creature to one-third of the average value statedin their description, although their DEX should remain as 2–2–2Move999999MP633265SkillsArt/Craft (Dance) 40%, Art/Craft (Sing) 30%, Climb 30%,History 45%, Jump 40%, Natural World 40%, Spot Hidden45%, Stealth 40%, Survival (Mountain) 40%.CHAPTER 3NON-PLAYER CHARACTERSHasina Moiz, age 18, terrified cannibalSTR 50APP 75DB: 0CON 85POW 55Build: 0CombatBrawlDodgeSIZ 45EDU 30Move: 9DEX 80SAN 45MP: 11INT 75HP 13Luck: —25% (12/5), damage 1D340% (20/8)Languages: English 20%, Hindustani 50%, Shina (Own) 60%. Description: while previously an attractive young woman,Hasina has been warped by her ordeal. Her steel-gray eyes arenow wide with fear, and her face distorted with self-loathingand madness. Her clothing is torn and filthy, and she has anasty-looking gash on one temple. Traits: Hasina used to be a happy, intelligent young woman,but is now convinced she died as a result of Ziab Ali’s attackand believes she has returned as a pisacha, cursed to feast onthe dead for eternity thanks to her improper burial. In gameterms, she is currently suffering from an indefinite insanitywhich, given time, could probably be cured.

GENERIC VILLAGERS/TOWNSFOLKSample profiles are provided here for six villagers/townsfolk. If they are used in The Rat King optional encounter, these humandevotees are descended from the murine monarch (Rat King, page 146). The men keep their monthly offerings to the Rat Kinga secret from the rest of Khotan, as they know their imam is unlikely to approve.If used instead for The Giantess Reborn optional encounter (page 111), Villager #1 represents the headman, Atif Baig, whileVillager #2 represents Ziab Ali. All of the village men in this encounter wear a cream-colored khoi, the traditional wool hat ofthe Gilgit 1211991211DB 1D4000 1D40Build100010Move788988MP1210791113CombatAttacks per round: 1BrawlDodge35% (17/7), damage 1D3 DB35% (17/7)SkillsClimb 35%, Jump 30%, History 65%, Listen 45%, Navigate55%, Persuade 45%, Psychology 45%, Spot Hidden 45%,Stealth 45%, Survival (Desert/Mountain; as appropriate) 50%.Languages: Villagers in the Tarim Basin: Chinese 60%, English 30%,Turki (Own) 60% Villagers in the mountains: English 30%, Hindustani 60%,Shina (Own) 60%.

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