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ECS to Grade 12Guide toEducation2018–2019

Guide toEducationECS to Grade 122018–2019All changes to Alberta Education requirements contained in this document are effective the first day of theschool year as defined by the school authority.This Guide to Education: ECS to Grade 12 is authorized in accordance with section 39 of the School Act, RevisedStatutes of Alberta 2000, Chapter S-3, as amended, for use in Alberta schools.[Original Signed]Deputy Minister of Education

ISSN 2371-0845Available in electronic format on the Alberta Education website.The electronic version of the Guide includes many links. To use the links most efficiently, readers are encouragedto download and save a copy of the Guide to their computer.Note: The Alberta Education website has recently undergone a major redesign and continues to be updated.Links in the Guide were checked for accuracy before publication but are subject to change. To reportbroken links, contact Alberta Education as indicated below.For suggested changes or questions regarding content, contact the Policy Development and CoordinationBranch, Alberta Education, at 780-643-0844 or email [email protected] To be connected toll-free inAlberta, dial 310-0000.All references to the School Act are to the Revised Statutes of Alberta 2000, Chapter S-3, as amended.The primary intended audience for the Guide isAdministrators Counsellors General AudienceParentsStudentsTeachers Copyright 2018, Alberta Education. The Crown in Right of Alberta, as represented by the Minister ofEducation.This document is issued under the Open Government Licence – Alberta ( Thedocument is available through the Open Government Portal at

TABLE OF CONTENTSIntroductionPurposes of the Guide .Definitions .Document Availability .Provincial Approach to Student Information (PASI) .Alberta Student Number (ASN) .myPass .Identification of Content Changes .1122222Program FoundationsAlberta Education Mission .Ministerial Order on Student Learning .Programming Principles .General Principles for Effective Programming .Indicators of Effective Programming .33557School ActIntroduction .The Parent .The Student .Independent Student .Resident Student .Student Attendance .Attendance Board .Suspension .Expulsion .Review by the Minister .The Teacher .The Principal .The School Council .Welcoming, Caring, Respectful and Safe Learning Environments .Bullying Awareness and Prevention Week .Support for Student Organizations .Religious and Patriotic Instruction .Notice to Parent .Student Records .Fees and Costs .99101010111112131414151516191920202122Other LegislationChildren First Act .Child, Youth and Family Enhancement Act .Freedom of Information and Protection of Privacy Act .Personal Information Protection Act .Public Health Act .Public Interest Disclosure (Whistleblower Protection) Act .Remembrance Day Act .Teaching Profession Act .2323232424242525RegulationsIntroduction .Charter Schools Regulation .Early Childhood Services Regulation .Home Education Regulation .Practice Review of Teachers Regulation .Private Schools Regulation .272727272727Guide to Education: ECS to Grade 12 September 2018 iii

TABLE OF uirements in OtherAlberta EducationDocumentsProgram PlanningivSchool Councils Regulation .School Fees and Costs Regulation .School Transportation Regulation .Student Evaluation Regulation .Student Record Regulation .2828282829Introduction .Daily Physical Activity Policy .English as a Second Language Policy .Human Sexuality Education Policy .Inclusive Education Policy .Learning Commons Policy .Locally Developed Courses Policy .Student Evaluation Policy .Teacher Growth, Supervision and Evaluation Policy .Use and Reporting of Results on ProvincialAssessments Policy .313131313131323232Introduction .Ministerial Order on Student Learning .Standards for the Provision of Early ChildhoodSpecial Education .Standards for Special Education, Amended June 2004 .Teaching Quality Standard Applicable to the Provision ofBasic Education in Alberta .333332333333Introduction .Alberta Education Business Plan .Alberta Programs of Study .Funding Manual for School Authorities .Policy and Requirements for Education Planning andResults Reporting .35Programs of Study .Inclusive Education .Supports and Services for Children .Supports and Services for Students .Francophone Education .Francisation (Francophone) .Curriculum Implementation, Kindergarten to Grade 12 .Learning and Teaching Resources .First Nations, Métis and Inuit Education .Adult Programming in the K–12 Education System .37373738393939394041ECS to Grade 9 .Early Childhood Services .Kindergarten .Access to Minimum Hours of Instruction: Early ChildhoodServices .4343433535353543Guide to Education: ECS to Grade 12 September 2018

TABLE OF CONTENTSProgram Planning(continued)Definition of Instruction: Early Childhood Services .Instructional Time: Early Childhood Services .Program Option for Remote Areas .Grade 1 to Grade 9 .Access to Minimum Hours of Instruction: Grade 1 to Grade 9 .Definition of Instruction: Grade 1 to Grade 9 .Instructional Time: Grade 1 to Grade 9 .Organization of Instructional Time .Information and Communication Technology .Daily Physical Activity (Grade 1 to Grade 9) .English as a Second Language .Elementary Program .Elementary Program Optional Subjects .Junior High Program .Recommended Time Allotments for Instruction in a LanguageOther than English or French .Junior High Optional Courses .Junior High Course Selections .Planning in Junior High for Senior High School Programs .434344444445454546464747484949495151Senior High School .Grade 10 to Grade 12 .Access to Minimum Hours of Instruction: Grade 10 to Grade 12 .Definition of Instruction: Grade 10 to Grade 12 .Instructional Time: Grade 10 to Grade 12 .School Organization .Programming for High School Completion and Beyond .Planning to Meet the High School Diploma and CertificateRequirements .Planning for After High School .Scholarships .General Requirements for Admission to Post-secondaryEducational Institutions .Mark Submission .5757Courses and Programs .Introduction .Career and Life Management (CALM) .Career and Technology Studies (CTS) .Apprenticeship Articulation .English as a Second Language .Francophone Education .Green Certificate Program .International Baccalaureate and Advanced Placement .Knowledge and Employability Courses .Junior High Knowledge and Employability Courses .Senior High Knowledge and Employability Courses .595959606060616161616262Guide to Education: ECS to Grade 12 September 2018 53535353535456565656v

TABLE OF CONTENTSProgram Planning(continued)ProgramAdministration andDeliveryviLanguage Programs/Course Sequences/Courses .Alternative French Language Programs(including French Immersion) .