Extended Producer Responsibility: An Experience Of

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Extended Producer Responsibility:An experience of GermanyPD Dr. habil. Satyanarayana NarraAssociate ProfessorWaste and Resource ManagementUniversity of Rostock19.04.2018Page 1

Extended Producer ResponsibilitySource: First solar, inc 201019.04.2018Page 2

Basic Principle of EPRThe basic principle for EPR is equal in most countries: The producer or importer already pays a fee for the disposal of their goods’packaging when they are placed on the market The fee is used for collecting, recycling and disposing the respective wastes There are exceptions that partially apply to some packaging materials (e.g.industrial or transport packaging) that is immediately taken back by the supplier19.04.2018Page 3

Financing of EPRProducer(filler, importer transfer of packaged goodsthrough a distributor to the consumer) Disposer(collection, recovery, disposal by privateor municipal disposal)Consumer(purchases through distributor and later disposalfor recycling)Based on Cyclos GmbH19.04.2018Path of packaging:Flow of money in the system:Page 4

Organization of EPRProducer(filler, importer transfer of packaged goods through a distributor tothe consumer) Financing andorganization of the EPReither through a systemoperator or throughseveral systems Consumer(purchases through distributor and later disposalfor recycling)Disposer(collection, recovery, disposal by private ormunicipal disposal)Based on Cyclos GmbH19.04.2018Page 5

Role of the Companies For an EPR system to function, it has to be legally determined who has topay the necessary fees and who is responsible for which step of the process There are three responsible parties:1) Producer2) Importer3) DistributorProducer/Importer/DistributorProducer X19.04.2018Producer YProducer ZBased on Cyclos GmbHPage 6

EPR for valuable materials in Germany – The Green DotThe Green Dot – Dual System Germany Ltd. First producer responsibility organisation for packaging materials Full cost, full controll of collection, sorting and recycling of household packaging material19/04/2018Page 7

Green Dot activities mainly focus on the recyclables / valuables19/04/2018Page 8

The principle of EPR within „Green Dot“19/04/2018Page 9

Recycling targets19/04/2018Page 10

Advantages and Disadvantages of EPR in GermanyAdvantages New industry established in collection, dismantling and processing of waste streams Better design of products to reduce compliance costs Avoidance of unnecessary packaging materials Encouragement of high and growing collection and recycling rates Development of new systems (implementation of refundable deposit systems) Allowance of only compliant productsDisadvantages Higher product costs (born by customers) Enforcement costs Establishment of new collection routine (e.g. additional bin for households etc.) Limitations for various products in market entrance19/04/2018Page 11

Thank you for your kind attention19/04/2018Page 12