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Ayurveda Holiday in Germany –Definitely the best for your health!Dear guests, dear friends of Ayurveda Parkschloesschen,Taking care of one‘s health is currently more important than ever. Ayurveda, withits holistic approach, offers effective solutions for maintaining health and improving theimmune system.Here, in the heart of Germany, an Ayurveda cure at the Ayurveda Parkschloesschencleanses your body and mind, reduces stress and strengthens immunity. Since 1993 wehave continued to take care of your well-being with loving care and expertise and nowhave adopted even higher hygienic measures to guard your health.As the winner of “Best Ayurvedic Retreat” (THE SPA AWARDS 2020), we would bedelighted to welcome you for your Ayurveda holiday.Call us or write to us, we will be happy to advise you!Sincerely yours,&General Manager2Hotel DirectorBy the way:Please note our currentcancellation conditionswith free cancellation up to2 days before arrival andflexible rebooking in theevent of illness.(Except earlybooking discount)3

AYURVEDAAyurveda, translated as the „knowledge of life“ („Ayus“ life, „Veda“ wisdom,)is considered the oldest medical science in the world. The basic principlesof Ayurveda are holistic and universally applicable. Against this background,over thousands of years, recommendations for a healthy, long and fulfilling lifewere developed.All of our programmes at the Ayurveda Parkschlösschen are based on theapplications and methods of this traditional healing art - professionally attunedto the needs of the people of our time.45

6Professional treatment,sympathetic care & best Ayurveda servicePanchakarma: The Royal Ayurveda Therapyand Parkschlösschen’s royal disciplineIndividually tailored cures and programmes,fitted to meet your personal needs by our experienced Ayurveda medical staff during theinitial consultation – this is the big strengthof the Ayurveda Parkschlösschen.Our ADDITIONAL SERVICESfor you:The classic Ayurveda cleansing cure, Panchakarma, has been Ayurveda Parkshlösschen’sspecialty since 1993. The main purpose of this intensive programme is to activate theself-healing powers of the body and to provide preventive health care. Various cleansingand treatment procedures are so deeply and finely interwoven that their healing powerbecomes much stronger in combination than when practiced individually. This enormousefficiency accounts for the uniqueness of Panchakarma, the „Royal Therapy of Ayurveda“.Our Ayurvedic medical support duringyour stay includes: initial consultation withAyurveda pulse reading creating an individual cure plan regular interim consultations extensive final consultation nutrition and lifestyle guidance Hatha Yoga group-classes 2 x dailyOur entire team works hand in hand for yourwell-being:We are here for you,for anything and at anytime! personal guest service daily lectures from our Ayurveda experts participation in the weekly meditationoffer use of our wellness area, „Veda Therme“with 3 saunas, thermal pool & gym(open daily 7.00-21.00)From the experience of our many regular guests we also know that Panchakarma isideally suited for convalescence and regeneration, e.g. in acute fatigue syndrome orafter increased stress due to extreme professional or private challenges.Panchakarma is also traditionally used in the case of: chronic illnesses neurovegetative illnesses cardiovascular disorders gynecological ailments7

9 & 13 nightsThe Panchakarma Cure – Essential detoxificationto achieve physical & mental top form»Compact Panchakarma«, 9 nights8» Classic Panchakarma«, 13 nights20 & 34 nights»Intensive Panchakarma«, 20 nights» Ultimate Panchakarma«, 34 nightsAyurvedic medical support during your stay* Ayurvedic medical support during your stay*Ayurvedic medical support during your stay* Ayurvedic medical support during your stay*2 x Abhyanga1 x Garshan1 x Pizzichilli1 x Udvartana1 x Vishesh1 x Padabhyanga1 x Pinda Sveda1 x Shirodhara2 x Svedana3 x Basti (gentle internal cleansing)2 x Abhyanga1 x Garshan1 x Pizzichilli1 x Udvartana2 x Vishesh1 x Kalari1 x Padabhyanga1 x Pinda Sveda1 x Shiroabhyanga1 x Shirodhara2 x Svedana3 x Basti (gentle internal cleansing)4 x Abhyanga1 x Garshan1 x Pizzichilli2 x Udvartana2 x Vishesh2 x Kalari2 x Nabi Basti1 x Nasya1 x Netra TarpanaCost of therapy 2,270plus room & full board (s. p.26)Cost of therapy 2,710plus room & full board (s. p.26)Cost of therapy 4,510plus room & full board (s. p.26)*Find further information on this on page 6.2 x Padabhyanga1 x Pinda Sveda1 x Shiroabhyanga1 x Shirodhara3 x Svedana6 x Basti (gentle internalcleansing)1 x Craniosacral therapy*Find further information on this on page 6.6 x Abhyanga2 x Garshan2 x Pizzichilli2 x Udvartana5 x Vishesh3 x Kalari6 x Nabi/Heart Basti2 x Nasya2 x Netra Tarpana4 x Padabhyanga3 x Pinda Sveda2 x Pitchu2 x Shiroabhyanga5 x Shirodhara4 x Svedana7xB asti (gentle internalcleansing)1 x Craniosacral therapy2 x Ayurveda Coaching, 60 min3 x Private Meditation Class, 60 min3 x Private Yoga Class, 60 minCost of therapy 9,045plus room & full board (s. p.26)9

7 nightsLiver Detox Programme –Tiredness is the pain of the liverThe Liver is the centre of detoxification inour organism. Chronic tiredness and lackof energy are the first signs that this vitalorgan is under stress. Our Liver DetoxProgramme, based on the Ayurvedic art ofhealing, is dedicated to a comprehensivenatural detoxification of the liver.Therapies which protect and regenerate theliver cells, cleansing Ayurvedic massages incombination with our excellent AyurvedaCuisine, provide you with new vitality andlonglasting energy.»Liver Detox Programme«Ayurvedic medical support during your stay*Daily Ayurvedic regenerating supplements forthe liver1 x Abhyanga1 x Udvartana2 x Vishesh3 x Liver Pitchu2 x Padabhyanga1 x Svedana3 x Basti (gentle internal cleansing)Anti-Stress Programme –Decelerate with AyurvedaHustle and bustle, the (over) strain of professional and private demands and constant over-stimulation are our daily energyrobbers. Get away from this endless spiraland relax sustainably:harmonising full-body synchronous oilmassages, a clarifying herbal steam bathand the mild cleansing of your digestivetract - for more energy and a strengthenedimmune system.Cost of therapy 1,825plus room & full board (s. p.26)10*Find further information on this on page 6.6 nights»Anti-Stress Programme«Ayurvedic medical support during your stay*1 x Abhyanga1 x Pizzichilli1 x Udvartana1 x Vishesh1 x Padabhyanga1 x Shirodara1 x Svedana3 x Basti (gentle internal cleansing)Cost of therapy 1,595plus room & full board (s. p.26)*Find further information on this on page 6.11

2 & 4 nightsTaking a Break –Regaining energy the Ayurvedic wayForget about your busy schedule, turn offyour smartphone and consciously immerseyourself into the wonderful world of Ayurveda Parkschlösschen. A specially concertedselection of harmonizing oil massages givesyou deep inner peace and relaxation.Round off your stay with our price-includedservices (p.6) as well as our extra offerings(e.g. Personal Yoga and natural cosmetics) atan added cost (pp.13 and 20).»Taking a Break I«, 2 nights1 x Ayurvedic practitioner consultation, 30 min1 x Abhyanga1 x Padabhyanga1 x Pitchu or Nabi BastiEXTRA OFFERINGSPrivate Meditation Class60 Min. 9090 Min. 1252 x 90 Min. 300Craniosacral therapy60 Min. 110»Taking a Break II«, 4 nightsCost of therapy 720plus room & full board (s. p.26)Private Yoga Class*Private Yoga Class for 2 persons*Cost of therapy 480plus room & full board (s. p.26)2 x Ayurvedic practitionerconsultation, 30 min1 x Abhyanga1 x Vishesh12During your stay we offer the followingcomplimentary services:1 x Padabhyanga1 x Pitchu orNabi Basti90 Min. 150Ayurvedic Psychology Consultation60 Min. 135Physiotherapy90 Min. 18060 Min. 110* With 180 min Private Yoga Class a personal Yoga manual is included.13

AYURVEDIC TREATMENTSTRADITIONAL SYNCHRONOUS MASSAGESWhat makes synchronous massages special lies in thesimultaneous stimulation of both halves of the brainthrough the synchronous treatment of both halves ofthe body. As a result, the autonomic nervous systemsends relaxation impulses to the cardiovascular and respiratory systems and effects blood pressure, digestionand metabolism.Abhyanga 180Synchronous full-body oil massage, traditionally usedfor harmonisation and detoxification, empiricallypromotes relaxation and well-being.GarshanAll treatments at the Ayurveda Parkschlösschen areperformed by our specially trained Ayurveda therapists with much experience and even more dedication.The Ayurvedic oils and herbal supplements used areindividually selected. For resting after treatment, thereis a private relaxation room with bathroom (accordingto availability).14 165Synchronous full-body massage with gloves made ofburette silk. Stimulates the circulation and metabolism,from experience advisable in treating cellulitis.Pinda Sveda 215This treatment is carried out as a synchronous full-body massage using cotton bags filled with various herbs,grain, rice or other ingredients. It loosens tension andopens blockages.Pizzichilli 260Whole body luxury oil treatment or „royal oil treatment“.The massage is performed in complete synchrony by twotherapists while a constant stream of warm oil is flowingover the entire body. Stimulates the metabolism of skinand organs even more powerfully than other treatments.Through experience we know it has a strong detoxifyingand relaxing effect.Samvahana 175Samvahana is a gentle and harmonising massage whichhas, according to the Ayurvedic teachings, an exceptionally positive effect on the physical and emotional wellbeing of women. The body is treated using silk, brushes,almond and rose oil.Udvartana 185Synchronous full-body peeling massage with a paste of oilwith grains, herbs, salt or healing clay. Produces intensivemetabolic stimulation of cells and organs, as well as of thecirculation. Based on experience, invigorating and detoxifying.Vishesh 160Similar to Abhyanga, but administered faster and withstronger pressure. Vishesh means „deep massage“ or„connective tissue massage“. Based on experience, Vishesh stimulates and revitalises the mind, body and metabolism.15

SPECIAL TREATMENTSLocal (partial) massages and oil treatments.Bastis 85 - 100Therapeutic herbal internal cleansing with purgative ornourishing effect and local organ-specific oil baths withan empirically healing and calming effect through deeplypenetrating warmth and special herbs.Kalari 130This massage is aimed at optimising or restoring the flowof energy. Specially fine-tuned massage and mobilisationtechniques are used, taking the energy paths and the vital points into consideration. Based on experience, veryenergising and rejuvenating.Karnapurnam 120Special ear oil bath for tinnitus, ear ache, jaw pains anddryness in the ears.16Nasya 140Intensive treatment of the shoulder/neck area and sinuses. Has proven effective in treating chronic sinus infections, hay fever, migraine and headaches.Pinda Sveda, locally applied 150Partial massage with herbal rice bags. Suited for all neuromuscular disorders, and complaints relating to theneck and lumbar vertebrae.Netra Tarpana 110Eye bath - local treatment which has proven effective inchronic and acute eye infections, particularly eye irritation and fatigue.PitchuLocal oil treatment for various pains caused by tension.Through experience, also indicated for restlessness,joint pains and lymphatic blockage.PadabhyangaShiroabhyanga 110A foot and leg massage which results in deep relaxation.This massage is ideal for calming down those who arestressed and overworked. 100 110Shirodhara 110Oil poured onto the forehead. Calms the entire vegetative nervous system. Is perceived as harmonising andbalancing, especially while treating neuro-vegetative disorders and stress induced symptoms.Svedana 75Herbal steam bath. A moist heat treatment in a "sweatbox“. The waste products released by the massage treatments are removed by the blood stream and excreted assweat.A head, throat, neck and facial massage. It relieves tension, stimulates the lymph drainage and has a calmingeffect.Experience shows, all our Ayurvedic treatments have a deeply penetrating effect and they are traditionally part of an Ayurvedic cure.For this reason, they can be carried out only after a consultation with our Ayurvedic practitioners.17

YOGAPrivate Yoga Stay– exclusive individual Programme3 & 6 nightsSpoil yourself with the luxury of a private Yoga retreat: benefit from Yoga sessions tailoredto suit you and you alone, which you compile together with one of our Yoga instructors.Also enjoy relaxing Ayurvedic oil massages and the comfort and exclusiveness of the Ayurveda Parkschloesschen. Find your way to inner calmness and balance, added mobility andenhanced resilience and vitality.Yoga is the sister discipline of Ayurveda: It quiets the mind, strengthens the body and helps to harmonizeboth. In this way, Yoga promotes regeneration and is the perfect complement to our Ayurveda treatmentswhile not overstraining the organism.At the Ayurveda Parkschlösschen we offer twice daily gentle Hatha Yoga group sessions as additionalservice. You can also book our experienced Yoga teachers for Private Yoga classes.18»Private Yoga Stay I«, 3 nights»Private Yoga Stay II«, 6 nights1 x Ayurvedic practitionerconsultation, 30 min1 x Abhyanga1 x Padabhyanga1 x Pitchu or Nabi Basti2 x Private Yoga Class, 90 min2 x Ayurvedic practitionerconsultation, 30 min1 x Abhyanga1 x Padabhyanga1 x Pinda Sveda1 x Pitchu or Nabi Basti4 x Private Yoga Class, 60 minCost of therapy 730plus room & full board (s. p.26)Cost of therapy 1,135plus room & full board (s. p.26)19

NATURAL COSMETICSAYURVEDA COSMETICSand designed exclusively for theIn cooperation withAyurveda Parkschlösschen: Vata, Pitta and Kapha facials: