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Invitation No.: 215-21Location: All DistrictsCommodity: Street SweepersMultiple AwardPricing: /Contracts/PurchDocs/215pricing.xlsINVITATION TO BID (ITB)State of Ohio, Department of TransportationOffice of Contract Sales, Purchasing ServicesJack Marchbanks, Ph. D., DirectorBid Submission Deadline (Bid Opening Date):February 11, 2021 at 1:00 p.m. eastern timeSubmitted by:Company Name:Federal Tax ID No.:Physical/Mailing Address:Remit to Payment Address:Street Address:P.O. Box:City:St:Zip:Contact Person and Phone Number:(authorized to answer questionsabout your company’s bid)E-Mail Address (required):(person who filled out bid)E-Mail Address (required):(for notification of future bid opportunities)Telephone Number800 NumberFax NumberReturn Properly Marked, Complete Bid Packages To:[email protected] - Paper bids will NOT be accepted.VENDORS MUST SUBMIT ANY QUESTIONS, CLARIFICATIONS, OR INQUIRIES REGARDING THISPROCUREMENT VIA THE FOLLOWING actAdmin/Contracts/Pages/PurchasePBQ.aspx

Invitation No. 215-21215-21 Street Sweepers 1/27/2021REQUIREMENTS/SPECIFICATIONSSection 1:IntentThe purpose of this invitation to bid is to establish term contracts with qualified suppliers of StreetSweeper Units. Quantities and types of vehicles to be purchased by ODOT and PoliticalSubdivisions through this contract are undefined. Purchases will be made on an as needed basis.Section 1a:Mandatory Pre-Bid Tele-ConferenceThe purpose of the pre-bid tele-conference is to walk through each specification item to ensureeach bidder is fully cognizant of the Department’s requirements and specifications. TheDepartment highly encourages all vendors to sign into the tele-conference in order to answer anyremaining questions/problems.The mandatory pre-bid tele-conference will be held on Wednesday, February 3rd, 2021 from10:00am – 12:00pm eastern standard time. The dial-in-number will be 1-614-721-2972. Theconference ID number will be 625381303#. The Department Contacts are Laura Carey (614) 3512828 or Austin Cox (614) 674-5031.The sign-in sheet, that will be filled out by ODOT, is public record and may be shared at theDepartment’s discretion. Any required addendum/clarifications will be published at the conclusionof the pre-bid conference call.Section 2:Multiple AwardODOT will accept all responsive bids submitted on or before the specified bid opening date andmake an award to all responsive bidders pursuant to O.R.C. 5513.02.Section 3:Contract DurationThe effective duration of this contract shall be for twelve (12) months from the Date of Award.Section 4:Price IncreasesPrice increases during the term of this contract will only be approved for Federal mandates. Aprice increase request must be made in writing to the Office of Contract Sales and include alldocumentation that supports the need for the price increase. ODOT reserves the right to cancelthe contract if the price increase is considered unacceptable. If acceptable, new pricing will takeeffect 30 days after the date of the acceptance letter.Section 5:Free on Board (F.O.B.) DestinationThe net unit bid prices submitted shall include delivery charges, Free on Board (F.O.B.) Place ofDestination to any of ODOT’s twelve (12) Districts and eighty-eight (88) county destinationlocations in the State of Ohio, as per the enclosed map: NOTE: Purchase orders/orderingdocuments when issued, will detail specific destination points.District 1 - LimaDistrict 2 - Bowling GreenDistrict 3 - AshlandDistrict 4 - AkronDistrict 5 – JacksontownDistrict 6 – DelawareCentral Garage – Columbus (CG)District 7 - SidneyDistrict 8 - LebanonDistrict 9 - ChillicotheDistrict 10 - MariettaDistrict 11 – New PhiladelphiaDistrict 12 – Garfield HeightsOPI/CCI – Chillicothe1

Invitation No. 215-21Section 6:DeliveryDelivery of the vehicle(s) will be F.O.B. Destination to the ship to address listed on the purchaseorder (this includes Co-Op) locations.Delivery of all placed orders must be completed within three hundred (300) calendar days uponreceipt of a Purchase Order.6.1Delivery HoursAll deliveries made to a Department of Transportation facility must be made between thehours of 8:00 a.m. and 2:00 p.m., Monday through Friday, unless special permission isgranted by the Department to temporarily waive or adjust this requirement.6.2Fuel and Diesel Exhaust FluidEach vehicle purchased through this contract must be delivered with a full tank of fuel anddiesel exhaust fluid, if applicable.Section 7:Proto-Type UnitDuring bid evaluation, the Department may require a bidder to provide a proto-type unit within ten(10) calendar days to be inspected by ODOT personnel at manufacturer’s plant or factoryauthorized dealer located within the boundaries of the State of Ohio. The proto-type unit will beinspected and tested by the Department for specification compliance before an award will be made.Units not passing inspection will be rejected and not eligible for award of this invitation to bid.The Department of Transportation reserves the right, in its sole discretion, to waive the aboveproto-type inspection process.Section 8:InvoicingIn effort to streamline the invoice payment process, the Office of Equipment Management isrequesting that vendors email an attached copy of the invoice to the following address, on the datethat the ordered commodity is delivered to the Department. Please send all electronic emails to thefollowing address: [email protected] a vendor still desires to submit a paper invoice, it is not to be shipped with the commodity. Itshould be mailed to the “Bill To” contact and address located on the purchase order. If the order isprocessed through a credit card, the vendor will remit the invoice to the Credit Card holder’s nameand address.Section 9:Purchase OrdersThe awarded vendor must be able to provide the awarded vehicles through this contract andaccept purchase orders throughout the entire duration of any resulting contract.Section 10:Identification NumberWith invoicing, provide description and serial/vin number for each commodity being built.Section 11:Dealers and ServiceIt will be the responsibility of the awarded vendor/manufacturer to provide a list of Sweeper dealersin the State of Ohio who are authorized to provide warranty and service repair. This list should beincluded in your submitted Excel pricing page (link to file on cover).2

Invitation No. 215-21Section 12:Fluids & LubricantsVendor must fill out “FLUIDS & LUBRICANTS” tab to the manufacture’s standard recommendation.Must fill out accordingly to the equipment being bid through this contract.The vendor may add more rows & columns if there are more fluids or lubricants not covered in thespreadsheet.Section 13:Descriptive LiteratureBidders are required to submit with their bids, the latest literature that fully describes the units beingbid. The Department may, at its own discretion, find a bid non-responsive for failure to submit thisdescriptive literature. Bidders shall submit this literature in both a hard copy and electronic formatto ensure that this requirement is fully met.By signing and submitting a bid for this solicitation, the bidder is certifying that the make andmodels of all items bid herein are the latest and most current manufacturers’ models and willinclude the manufacturer’s latest engineering changes.Section 14:Trade-InThe Ohio Department of Transportation reserves the right to offer used, operational equipment.The trade-in equipment will be complete and in running condition. The Administrator of the Officeof Equipment Management reserves the right to reject or refuse any trade-in allowances offered if itis determined by ODOT that refusal will be in ODOT’s best interest.Section 15:Options ListAll bidders are highly recommended to provide a complete manufacturer’s options list forthe make and model bid. If ODOT plans to purchase a piece of equipment with an optionthat you had not bid, it could exclude you from consideration for that specific purchase.Section 16:Product SpecificationsAll parts not specifically mentioned, which are necessary to provide a complete unit, or normallyfurnished as standard equipment shall be furnished. The parts shall conform in strength, quality ofmaterial and workmanship to what is normally provided in the industry.This equipment must meet ALL Federal and State regulations.The signing of this bid shall be considered a certification that the model as bid herein is the latestcurrent model and will include the manufacturer’s latest engineering changes.The Ohio Department of Transportation will consider performance history of similar equipment,vendor’s service and vendor’s overall responsiveness to the Department of Transportation’s utilityof the products.The Bidder of the equipment, which is considered for award shall, at the request of the OhioDepartment of Transportation, demonstrate the equipment at a location chosen by the DepartmentPersonnel to prove any feature or performance capabilities which may be in question. Should theDemonstration Equipment fail to meet Department requirements, the equipment shall be adjudgedas non-conforming to bid specifications. Any equipment failing to meet the Department’srequirements/specifications, set forth in this bid document, can be removed from the contract atany time.Compliance check boxes: Located to the right of each minimum specification are the “Comply orDon’t Comply” check boxes. Check the Comply Box if the equipment being bid meets or exceedsthe minimum specifications. If the equipment does not meet or exceed the department’s minimumspecifications, then the bidder must check the Don't Comply box and supply an explanation, on theODOT excel pricing tab called “EXCEPTION”, for the non-compliant specification. The department3

Invitation No. 215-21has the right to review the “Don’t Comply” explanation and decide to accept or deny the equipmentbeing bid. The bid package will be determined non-compliant and rejected by ODOT if the bidderfails to check either a Comply or Don't Comply box for each and every line of the specificationbeing bid. This section is located in the ODOT supplied excel pricing spreadsheet, on the“SPECIFICATIONS” tab.All other remarks, comments, etc. that are not check marks located in the check boxes willdeem the vendor non-compliant.(Specifications are located in the excel pricing sheet)Section 17:Required Ohio Shared Services Vendor RegistrationAll vendors that are deemed awarded any portion of this invitation to bid are required to beregistered through the Ohio Shared Services Office to obtain an OAKS Vendor IdentificationNumber, if they have not already obtained one, in order for an award of this invitation to occur. Anaward of this invitation cannot be completed until this vendor registration process has taken placeand an OAKS Vendor Identification Number has been assigned. It is strongly encouraged thatprospective bidders submit their vendor registration paperwork to Ohio Shared Services as soon aspossible before the day of the bid opening of this invitation to bid. This will avoid delays in theawarding of this invitation to bid and allow contract purchasing to commence sooner. The requiredforms to become registered through Ohio Shared Services can be found by following the ierOperations/Forms.aspxCompleted forms are required to be submitted directly to Ohio Shared Services, per the submissioninstructions on the forms. Completed forms or questions regarding this vendor registration processshould not be directed to ODOT. Any questions regarding this registration process should bedirected to Ohio Shared Services Customer Service by calling 1-877-644-6771.PLEASE NOTE: THIS VENDOR REGISTRATION PROCESS DOES NOT APPLY TO VENDORSWHO REGULARLY PARTICIPATE ON ODOT PURCHASING CONTRACTS. IF THEDEPARTMENT HAS ISSUED TO YOUR COMPANY A PURCHASE ORDER IN THE PASTSEVERAL YEARS, AS A DIRECT RESULT OF AN AWARDED PURCHASING CONTRACTSUCH AS THIS ONE, YOU WOULD HAVE ALREADY OBTAINED AN OAKS VENDORIDENTIFICATION NUMBER THROUGH OHIO SHARED SERVICES.4

Invitation No. 215-21State of Ohio, Department of Transportation (ODOT)Office of Contract Sales, Purchasing ServicesTerms and Conditions for Submitting Excel Pricing File in Bid Package(Last Revised 07/2020)1. DOWNLOADING THE EXCEL PRICING FILE: Bidders can access and download the most current Excel PricingFile for this procurement by following the hyperlink provided tAdmin/Contracts/PurchDocs/215pricing.xls2. SUBMISSION OF EXCEL PRICING FILE: Bidders should submit the pricing page in the original excel format.3. UNAPPROVED ALTERATIONS TO EXCEL PRICING FILE: Bidders who materially alter the original content ofthe Excel pricing file (e.g. specifications, formulas, etc.) issued by the Department may be found non-responsiveand ineligible for award of this procurement.4. CHANGES TO EXCEL PRICING FILE: The Department will only make modifications to the Excel pricing file bywritten addendum only. Where changes are necessary to the Excel pricing page, the Department will issue a newExcel pricing page indicating the revisions made and a revision date for the changes.It is the sole responsibility of the bidder to check for issued addenda prior to submitting a bid package to ensurethe most updated Excel pricing file is being utilized.5. DESCRIPTIVE LITERATURE: Bidders may electronically provide any descriptive literature (e.g. brochures,spec/cut sheets, drawings, MSDS, etc.) regarding the products and/or services offered by the bidder. As thisliterature may be publicly posted for viewing by purchasers, bidders must not submit any literature electronically inwhich they consider to be a trade secret, proprietary, or confidential in any way.(the remainder of this page has been left intentionally blank)5

Invitation No. 215-21State