Jade Broch Necklace, Braceletand Earrings

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"Jade broch necklace,bracelet and earrings"Regina Conway-PhillipsAssociate ProfessorLoyola Marcella NiehoffSchool of NursingJewelry

ARTIST STATEMENT: Regina Conway-Phillips I found this piece of jade in a fine gems store and decided to purchaseit. I later found the rare glass beads at a different store and decidedthat I could make a set of jewelry from them.

“The Fisherwoman"Regina Conway-PhillipsAssociate ProfessorLoyola Marcella NiehoffSchool of NursingPainting, 1991Acrylic on Canvas20” x 24”

ARTIST STATEMENT: Regina Conway-Phillips My mother was a fisherwoman. She fished on the weekends as aform of relaxation and she taught me to fish. I still fish to this day asanother form of relaxation and reflection. This piece was painted formy mother and gifted to her on Mother's Day. She has since passedaway and I inherited my painting back from her belongings.

“The King"Regina Conway-PhillipsAssociate ProfessorLoyola Marcella NiehoffSchool of NursingPainting, 1990Acrylic on Canvas24” x 30”

ARTIST STATEMENT: Regina Conway-Phillips This piece was painted after I awakened from a dream. In my dream, Iwas following this man up to the top the hill. Once at the top, he justseemed to look over the sleeping village and had a sense of calm andpeace. I felt he was a king and the safety of his village was his mainconcern.

MK Intro (p.3-8, TakingTurns: Stories fromHIV/AIDS Care Unit 371)MK CzerwiecGraphic MedicineNorthwestern MedicalSchoolDrawing/Comics, 201716” x 20”

Joyce, RN (p.33-37, TakingTurns: Stories fromHIV/AIDS Care Unit 371)MK CzerwiecGraphic MedicineNorthwestern MedicalSchoolDrawing/Comics, 201716” x 20”

Roger’s Stars (p.177-180,Taking Turns: Stories fromHIV/AIDS Care Unit 371)MK CzerwiecRN-Graphic MedicineNorthwestern MedicalSchoolDrawing/Comics, 201716” x 20”

ARTIST STATEMENT: MK Czerwiec I am a nurse, cartoonist, educator, and co-founder of the field of GraphicMedicine. I am the creator of Taking Turns: Stories from HIV/AIDS Care Unit371 (Penn State University Press, 2017) and a co-author of GraphicMedicine Manifesto (PSU Press, 2014). I co-manage the website, podcast,annual conferences, and online community of GraphicMedicine.org. I regularly teach graphic medicine at Northwestern Medical School, theSchool of the Art Institute of Chicago, the University of Illinois MedicalSchool, and the University of Chicago. I have served as the Artist inResidence at Northwestern Medical School, a Senior Fellow of the GeorgeWashington School of Nursing Center for Health Policy and MediaEngagement and a Will Eisner Fellow in Applied Cartooning at the Centerfor Cartoon Studies in White River Junction, VT. My next book will be the edited anthology Menopause: A Comic Treatment(anticipated, PSU Press, Spring 2020).

“Kaleidoscope”Charlotte CziperleRN-Loyola University MedicalCenter (1980-1990)Painting, 2019Oil and Cold wax22.75” x 19”

“Mercurial”Charlotte CziperleRN-Loyola University MedicalCenter (1980-1990)Painting, 2019Oil and Cold wax22.75” x 19”

“Trilogy 1”Charlotte CziperleRN-Loyola University MedicalCenter (1980-1990)Painting, 2019Oil and Cold wax9.25” x 11.25”

ARTIST STATEMENT: Charlotte Cziperle Nature, memories, and the world around me, are my inspiration. Myartwork is contemplative and ethereal, taking the viewer on ameditative visual journey. I received a Certificate of Painting from theSchool of the Art Institute of Chicago in 2018. I am an activecommunity volunteer and currently serve as Vice Director of theAlliance of Fine Art. My paintings have won numerous awards,appeared in national magazines, been exhibited in galleries andseveral art museums. They are part of private and corporatecollections.

"Liberation"Manar DaghashNursing StudentUniversity of Illinois At ChicagoHand-Painted clothing

"Slept Like A Baby"Manar DaghashNursing StudentUniversity of Illinois At ChicagoPoetry

"This Is My Voice"Manar DaghashNursing StudentUniversity of Illinois At ChicagoPoetry

ARTIST STATEMENT: Manar Daghash My name is Manar Daghash and I am a senior nursing student at theUniversity of Illinois at Chicago. As the daughter of Palestinianrefugees, my sense of identity and renewal comes from my activismand fight for equality, justice and liberation of the Palestinian people-and all those oppressed around the world. My art, both writing andpainting, tries to speak to and galvanize those who are moreprivileged- like me- and inspire them to educate themselves, findtheir voices, and become the voice for the voiceless.

“A 2020 perspective:Yali’s Carry On Chicago”Yali DermanMSN, RN, CPNP-AC CPHONAnn & Robert H. LurieChildren’s Hospital of ChicagoBags first produced in 2010(ongoing); Photography 202017” x 22”

ARTIST STATEMENT: Yali Derman My name is Yali and I am founder and CEO of Yali's Carry On, a philanthropic handbag designcompany. My colorful designs serve as storybooks of life. They meaningfully and creativelyhonor who I am-a childhood cancer survivor, an artist, a nurse practitioner for kids with cancerand blood disorders and designer of my own life. 2020 as the year of the nurse is a meaningful time for me as I can celebrate my own nursingaccomplishments, I can give thanks to the many nurses that have impacted me, and verypoignantly August 2020 marks the 20-year anniversary of my bone marrow transplant andcelebration as 2-time cancer survivor. Sometimes the hardest story to tell is your own and that is where the power of the pursecomes in for me- my voice expressed through art and design. I weave into each of my handbagslessons from the past and integrate my hopes for the future. My handbags serve as remindersto "carry on" in the face of life's baggage and embody how I choose to lead my life: withvibrant elegance, vast purpose, and a meaningful voice for the cancer experience. Recognizinghow important art is in my life, the proceeds from the sale of my handbags support creativearts programming from sick children and their families. My professional and personal interests are directed toward improving the quality of life ofchildren who have experienced cancer. The people that helped me through the darkest hourare forever written into my story and have inspired me to become the pediatric oncology nursepractitioner I am today.

Every Day With Mary (Reflections by the Affiliates ofMayslake Ministries), p. 66 and 70Mary Beth DesmondPhD, RN, AHN-BCSpiritual Director- Mayslake MinistriesAssistant Professor- Lewis University, College of Nursing & Health Sciences

ARTIST STATEMENT: Mary Desmond I am an affiliate Spiritual Director at Mayslake Ministries. I contributednine reflections to the daily devotional on the concepts of Peace &Love using Scripture and the Blessed Mother as an example of livingthe fruits of the spirit.

“MagicalSnowman Tray”Pamela DuffeyRN-Emergency DeptAdvocate Aurora LutheranGeneral HospitalPainting, 2018Acrylic on a Tray12” x 10.5” x 4.5”

ARTIST STATEMENT: Pamela Duffey I love to paint/draw/create to relax. I'm involved with three differentwomen's painting groups. This piece of artwork is another favorite,for I love all the detail in this piece. And Snowmen are my favoritetheme.

“Sail Away”Pamela DuffeyRN-Emergency DeptAdvocate Aurora LutheranGeneral HospitalPainting, 2018Watercolor19” x 23”

ARTIST STATEMENT I love to paint/draw/create to relax. I'm involved with three differentwomen's painting groups. This piece of art work was challenging, forit was one of my first attempts with watercolor.

“The Frog”Pamela DuffeyRN-Emergency DeptAdvocate Aurora LutheranGeneral HospitalDrawing, 2018Colored Pencils

I love to paint/draw/create to relax. I'm involved with three differentwomen's painting groups. This piece of art work is my favorite, for Iwas amazed how beautiful and realistic one can create with coloredpencils.

Can’t Help Falling in Lovein Keyboard and Saxophoneby Lorena and LorenzoLorena ElanoRN-Med-SurgRush University Medical CenterMusical Performance

ARTIST STATEMENT: Lorena Elano I’m a Med-Surg full time RN and a mom of Lorenzo who played thesaxophone. I can play some piano, only finished kindergarten in my pianolessons! Lorenzo was in third grade at that time and just startedsaxophone lesson in school around September 2016. I got excited andstarted thinking of music that I can play. I figured out the chords for thesaxophone and let my son practice and he looked for his chords in hissaxophone since I don’t play saxophone. We practiced together during ourtime off and mother and son time. It was in time for Valentine's Day whenwe almost made it perfect so we tried to record the best we could andposted to greet everyone happy valentines on Facebook for them to enjoyour first music played together. I’m so proud of him to play this music as abeginner in playing saxophone. This music sounds so relaxing to me eachtime I listened to it and treasuring the time when we were togetherpracticing revived my energy.

“Grand Canyon:Renewal in Nature"Caitlin FehrenbacherNursing PhD StudentRush UniversityPhotography, 2018

ARTIST STATEMENT: Caitlin Fehrenbacher There is no art I can create that would compare with the art thatnature creates without our help.

“The Seventh Night of Chanukah"Caitlin FehrenbacherNursing PhD StudentRush UniversityPhotography, 2019

ARTIST STATEMENT: Caitlin Fehrenbacher The stillness of burning candles in a dark room as snow falls silentlyoutside the window illustrates perfectly the peace that traditions canbring.

"Big Bed Room" and"Quilting with Friends"Kay Fischer RN, NPAdvocate Aurora SinaiMedical CenterFiber Arts, 1987 and 198558” x 87” and 70” x 53”

ARTIST STATEMENT: Kay Fischer These were done in a quilting class with old friends. The lighter colored quilt was made in a classthat three of my high-school friends took together (long after high school!).It was so easy, and the camaraderie so wonderful, that we planned a "girls quilting weekend." Itwas during this time that the primary colored quilt was created. This time we were on our own,five of us, each with a "mission" to finish our quilt while we talked about things old (high school)and new (children and careers, mine as a nurse), ate communal food (too much), and drank toaststo our friendship and talents.I don't remember if any of us completed our quilt during the weekend, but mine was finishedfairly soon after our time together and placed on the "big boy bed" of my third child. He is now 35years old and living in Tanzania (he didn't have room for the quilt!). The group of 5 quilters, I amhappy to tell you, STILL get together to talk, eat, and drink, and although we have had several"girls weekends" through the years, we have never made another quilt together.I smile every time I see these quilts hanging in my bedroom, remembering so many things. And intoday's world of uncertainty and social distancing, having these memories and being able to smilemean more than they ever did before -- I think I will plan a follow-up quilting weekend for early2021.

“The Healing Power of Nature”Amy FunkPhD, RN-BCAssistant ProfessorIllinois Wesleyan UniversitySchool of NursingPhotography, 2010-2019

ARTIST STATEMENT: Amy Funk I mix hiking and photography as my primary stress reliever. Mytherapy is being out in the wild to capture moments in time.Sometimes you stumble upon magical moments!

"Seasons of Change"Rachel GageRN, NPAdvocate Aurora HealthcareMixed MediaPaint, pencil and plaster11 " x 14"

ARTIST STATEMENT: Rachel Gage I'm not an artist, however I enjoy being creative. Life with littlechildren can feel overwhelming when you work full time and oftenone feels pulled in a multitude of directions. I can only hope by doingmy best, I am doing right by my patients and my children/family.

"Use Now Short Dated"Rachel Gage as submitter, however all artists:Caleb Barrett, RN, Diane Bergendahl, MA, MaureenBlaha, RN, NP, Megan Blank, RN, Julie Boehmer, RN,Melody Brewer, RN. Kelly Campbell, RN, NP, NaweedChowdhury, MD, Cassandra Cruz, RN, Patrice Fedel,RN, NP, Kay Fischer, RN, NP, Rachel Gage, RN, NP,Jamie Geniesse, RN , Anna Hayes, RN, Patrick Herson,MD, Amber Hoffman, MA, Brooke Irving, WCT, BetsyJaruseski, RN, Karen T. Jones, RN, Krysta Jones, MA,Anna Kaufman, RN, Jennifer Kumm, RN, NorrieLegare, Student nurse, Taneeka Lopez, MA, AmandaMiller, RN, Emily Nehmer, RN, Angela Pease, RN, NP,Dennis Oreilana Borilla, RN Student, Liliana PerezRios, RN, Sara Robles, PSR, Carol Schultz, LPN,Samuel Serdar, RN, Meagan Sondergaard, RN, KrystalStenholt, RN, Katie Trimberger, RN, Amanda Tuinstra,RN, Krystte Ugarte, MA, Alice Vodak, RN/CMAdvocate Aurora Health Racine & Kenosha WisconsinMixed Media, 2020Medication caps, glue, paint, canvas24” x 30” x 1.5"

ARTIST STATEMENT: Advocate AuroraHealth Racine & Kenosha Wisconsin We wanted all caregivers who needed a restorative art break toparticipate. I coordinated the art to rotate from different units ordifferent outpatient offices and prepped the canvas and acquiredsupplies and then shared the general vision (for the art to strive toaccomplish an abstract rainbow) however let the various units createand design as they desired. The goals was for gentle self care utilizing thearts in a non stressful setting, which could be accomplished in 5-minuteincrements as many of the caregivers, especially in the ICU would haveexceptionally busy days.

“We Three Bees”Grace GallagherNursing StudentLoyola University ChicagoMixed Media, 2019Watercolor and Ink4” x 4”

ARTIST STATEMENT: Grace Gallagher The process of creating has always held more value to me than thecreation itself. It is what has continuously captivated me about art.However I feel about the piece in the end, the time spent forging an ideainto a physical work is what I cherish. Round little birds, just-bloomingflowers, a teeny bee. My work is often reflective of that which isoverlooked day-t