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October 4, 2019CALL TO ORDER: President TERRI HALL jumped up from her table, worriedthat she had missed the correct time for the opening clang, but then she looked ather watch and realized she was exactly on time at 12:30.PLEDGE OF ALLEGIANCE: TERRI asked PAM MYERS to lead the pledge.ROTARY MOMENT: TERRI wasn't sure whom MELISSA RODRIGUEZ(vacationing in Bali) had chosen, but PP BILL DERN stepped up and said he wasthe one. BILL read a quote from renowned Buddhist monk Thich Nhat Hanh:“People usually consider walking on water or in thin air amiracle. But I think the real miracle is not to walk either onwater or in thin air, but to walk on earth., Every day we areengaged in a miracle which we don't even recognize: a bluesky, white clouds, green leaves, the black, curious eyes of achild – our own two eyes. All is miracle.”SONGS: President TERRI gave PP TOM BRAULT a bad timeabout a couple of meetings (regular and a social event atBagby's) when he was expected and had key assignments buthad failed to show up there.But TOM was here today and led us in three songs:One was an Elvis Presley favorite, and TOM gave us a bit ofhistory: “In his first known musical performance, Elvis Presleyappeared in a talent show on this day in 1945. (In this photo from that event, he isthe second from the right.) He was 10 years old. Standing on a chair at a microphone,he sang 'Old Shep' at the Mississippi-Alabama Fair and Dairy Show, held in Tupelo,

Miss. The show was broadcast over WELO Radio, although no recording of it nowexists. Interviewed years later, Elvis recalled that he came in fifth, and his most vividmemory of the day was receiving 'a whipping from my mama' for misbehaving.”The song we sang was:“You ain't nothing but a hound dog.Cryin' all the timeYou ain't nothing but a hound dog.Cryin' all the timeWell, you ain't never caught a rabbitand you ain't no friend of mine.When they said you was high-classedWell, that was just a lieYeah they said you was high-classedWell, that was just a lieWell, you ain't never caught a rabbitand you ain't no friend of mine.”TOM also led us in “Smile,” and what he said was BILL DERN’s favorite, “GodBless America”PRESIDENT STUFF: TERRI talked about the youth protection certificaterequirement of the Rotary district, noting it must be completed every two years formost projects but every year for overnight trips. She issued a challenge formembers to qualify in 2019 and said it is very important for all of the club to becertified, that it only costs 13, and is an easy process. We need certified people toaccompany our Crown Heights kids on excursions, TERRI said, and, she noted,even “aged” members can participate since adjustments and accommodations canbe made – They don't have to walk at campus tours, for instance. She also askedfor women members to participate because she said some moms of middle-schoolgirls really don't want to see their daughters go off in a car with just men. Thewebsite to fulfill the requirement is uth-certificationTERRI said that three members (L.J. FIMBRES and PPs DAVE HALL and JAYCRAWFORD) were at that time conducting Crown Heights kids to a program atMiraCosta College. (Their absence from our meeting contributed to our smallerthan-usual turnout.) Here are some photos from that event, which started with a

walking tour led by two MiraCosta student guides, who told about life at thecollege while the group strolled around the buildings and viewed some of theartworks around the expansive campus. Then they all enjoyed a soccer game,including meeting Coach Frank Zimmerman and the players. The day wrapped upwith dinner at the Jolly Roger Restaurant at Oceanside Harbor.

DAVE NYDEGGER added that the next trip taking students to Camp Pendletonwill be Nov. 20CLUB UPDATES: With neither of our Presidents Electin attendance, the task of updates fell to our PE-E”)(President Elect Elect, aka President Elect Nominee – but“PEN” is not as fun to write as “PEE”) A.J.MAZZARELLA who said there will be a board meetingnext Friday at 11:30 a.m. prior to the regular meeting, theThird Thursday Social will be at 5:30 p.m. Oct. 17 atMission Avenue Bar and Grill, so we therefore will bedark the next day, Oct. 18, and there is a RotaryFoundation seminar (8 a.m. to noon) Nov. 9 in San Diegoat UCSD.VISITORS: MIKE WESELOH introduced Adolpho Ayala, originally from CostaRica, who has come to our meetings before and is thinking of becoming a member,and PP MIKE CURTIN hailed Amanda Snider, soon to be inducted a few minuteslater. PAM MYERS introduced Annelise Ihle, a Carlsbad High teacher of art andSpanish who has opened a new arts and crafts shop in downtown Oceanside.

PP VICKIE PROSSER was 10 happy to say that JIM SCHRODER wanted her topass on to Rudy Van Hunnick that he was waiting for a plane in Amsterdam on hisway home from his absolutely amazing trip to Africa! (And as an aside - JIM isnow home!!!)BIRTHDAYS, ETC.:TERRI recognized October birthdays, although only DAVID NYDEGGER waspresent, and he agreed to pay 75 (a clue as to which birthday he was celebrating).TERRI also mentioned that CHUCK ANDREAN (who was not present) wascelebrating his 35th wedding anniversary.PAM MYERS correctly remembered how many years she's been in Rotary (eight)and contributed 8, and she had 12 more “Happy Dollars” retelling how hergranddaughter sang karaoke in Las Vegas.

President TERRI made TOM BRAULT hand over 5 for the “prescription” cost ofthe “memory pills” she gave him because of his missing two meetings.A.J. MAZZARELLA sheepishly offered 2 in Apology / Happy Dollars to reportthat he had found his strip of opportunity drawing tickets which he had earlieraccused President TERRI of stealing from him.NEW MEMBER INDUCTION: PP RENEE RICHARDSON WENDEE inductedour new member, AMANDA SNIDER. RENEE said “Usually, I have a preparedintroduction which I read, and because our club members are so accustomed tohearing it read, they rarely get anything out of it.“So today I am going to tell you about a Rotarian that joined 30 years ago and howit changed her life.“A young lady your age - you are 19 - correct? - persuaded a former boss of hers topropose her to the club. He was very hesitant because at the time women were justbeing admitted to Rotary. His advice was to lie low and not rock the boat.“One of the first Rotarians welcomed this new Rotarian with 'You know justbecause the Supreme Court said we have to admit women, we still have a choicewho gets in!’ That was my Welcome to Oceanside Rotary.

“Since that time, Rotary has opened up an amazing world to me. I have traveled toTaipei China, Osaka Japan twice, Thailand to teach English, and Canada. Iparticipated in building a senior center in Tijuana through the efforts of this club.Locally, I served on 30 years of service projects in our community.“AMANDA, I am telling you this story because I am challenging you to getinvolved. You are only going to get out of Rotary what you put into it. The Rotaryconnections you are about to make are amazing and can change your life. You atthis moment have a chance to make a difference in lives locally and around theworld each and every day.“Rotarians and guests, please welcome AMANDA SNIDER, the newest memberof our Rotary Family.”AMANDA got a standing welcoming ovation from the Rotarians present.RENEE also presented Paul Harris plus-one and Paul Harris plus-two pins toJANET BLEDSOE LACY and PP MICHAEL CURTIN respectively. She notedRotary has 1.2 million members, 1 million of whom are Paul Harris members. (Apretty impressive percentage, wouldn’t you say?) RENEE explained to anyonewho didn’t know that a Paul Harris Fellow is one who has contributed 1,000 ormore to Rotary International, and the money is used for many projects, includingmatching grants received for our Crown Heights project for the past five years.

“This simply would not have happened,” RENEE said, “without the donationsmade to Rotary International like JANET and MICHAEL have made this year.”SPEAKER: Chris Nance, chief communications officer for the CaliforniaEarthquake Authority, said this state is home to two-thirds of the nation'searthquakes.In the next 30 years, he said, there is a 99 percent chanceof another earthquake the likes of the 7.1-magnitudequake, the worst of many that hit Ridgecrest in July, andhe showed eye-opening photos of how the road there hadsplit as a result of the tectonic plates moving apart.Those plates are moving in opposite directions “at aboutthe speed that fingernails grow”, he said, with one platemoving north toward Alaska and the other south towardMexico.Nance showed maps of faults in Southern California, including the Rose Canyonfault, which runs through San Diego. He also showed satellite imagery of theshifting desert floor near Ridgecrest during the quakes there.Nance said many people do exactly what they shouldn't in an earthquake, they runoutside and get hit by pieces of a falling structure. Instead, he said, it's best to”drop to the floor, do not run out the door.”

Nance said older homes built before 1980 abovefoundations are more liable for damage than onesbuilt flat on slabs. He suggested bolting the house tothe foundation.He warned that federal money helps reconstructpublic infrastructure, not individual houses, allottingonly 1,500 each to homes affected by the Northridgequake (1994), and he said the California EarthquakeAuthority is a not-for-profit insurer of residential properties.Nance said homeowners can get cost estimates for insurance at various levels onthe authority Website. He said it costs 350,000 to 400,000 to rebuild the averagehouse.“If you only do one thing, look at a homeowner's policy,” Nance said.Nance selected a book he signed to donate to a local elementary school and chosechocolate over Cheetos offered by president TERRI.OPPORTUNITY DRAWING: The pound of Global Grant coffee beans donated bythe Bistro on Main Street was won by MIKE WESELOH. For the big bucksdrawing, BILL DERN held the winning ticket, but did not pick a Joker from thepack of cards, so he went home with the 10 consolation prize instead of the 500in the pot.

ROTARIANS OUT AND ABOUTPP JIM SCHRODER wrapped up his selection of photos from his trip to Africawith documentation of an impressive wildlife sighting. Here is the story, in JIM’sown words:“We trekked in with porters and trekkers to 9,600 feet, up steep terrains of mudand heavy underbrush in Rwanda at the Volcano National Park. This was themost physical challenging thing I can remember doing anywhere in theworld. While there, I saw a silver back gorilla in the bushes. Apparently, this isa rare sight. In fact, when I showed the overall person in the park the video, sheasked me to send it to her phone to show her staff. Many had never seen it. Luckof the Schroder!Another highlight was visiting the White Rhino Sanctuary in Uganda.”

COMING SOON TO OCEANSIDE ROTARYOctober 11: GARRETT HARRIS, San Diego Mainly Mozart FestivalReporter: Dave ShoreOctober 17: Evening Social on Third Thursday at Mission Avenue Bar & Grill711 Mission Avenue, OceansideOctober 18: Meeting DARK for Evening Social on Third ThursdayOctober 25: ANDRA WATKINS, Not Without My FatherReporter: Tom BraultNovember 1: OPD Sgt. JIM RIDENOUR & Officer FERRY, Homeless OutreachReporter: Susan BrownNovember 8: JACK FELLER, City of OceansideReporter: Jay CrawfordSaturday, November 9: ROTARY FOUNDATION SEMINAR8 am to noon at UCSD Institute of the Americas(10111 N. Torrey Pines Rd., La Jolla)November 15: JOHN DOBKEN, San Onofre Nuclear Generation StationReporter: Bill DernNovember 22: Meeting DARK for Evening Social on Third ThursdayNovember 29: DARK for Thanksgiving Weekend