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better by design. It’s the Cimarron Way. Cimarron Trailers Inc.P.O. Box B, Hwy 62 East, Chickasha, OK 73023Local: 405-222-4800 Toll Free: 877-CTM-TRLR Fax: 405-222-4844General Email: [email protected] Email: ntrailerswww.cimarrontrailers.comCimarron Trailers Inc. reserves the right to make any change in design or construction as necessary for engineering. All visual representation, specification and dimensions are based on the latest information available at the time ofpublication. Some of the equipment shown or described throughout this publication is available at extra cost. At no time will any of the material or information contained in this publication have any justification for resolving disputes.HORSE TRAILER CATALOG

why buy a cimarron?committed to quality.Cimarron Trailers is a network of individuals committed to creating thebest equine and livestock transportation in the industry. This network notonly includes our dealers and the personnel at the manufacturing plantbut it also includes our customers. One of the reasons we build highlycustomizable trailers is that one customer’s innovation can become thenew standard in the industry. The buyer of our product holds some of themost valuable knowledge about what works and what doesn’t. We usethe feedback from our customers to continually improve our product.Owner, Michael Terry, always says that we are in the people business.Our success not only comes from the quality product we produce but italso comes from the chain of personal relationships that takes thatproduct from us to you. Cimarron Trailers and our dealers are dedicatedto taking care of the diverse needs of each customer for the long haul byproducing custom-built aluminum trailers, that are carefully engineeredand quality constructed at competitive prices.it’s the Cimarron Way.better by design.it’s the Cimarron Way.Reputation, Innovation, and Constant Evolutionare the benchmarks that make Cimarron trailerslegendary. Since 2000, our reputation for strength,comfort, and safety redefined whatmakes a quality trailer. We have been dedicated tobuilding trailers that are better by design throughcontinuous product evaluation and innovation.Each Cimarron Trailer features our interlocking floorsystem with crossmembers on 4” centers whichare the strongest in the industry, our tubular sideposts which are up to 60% stronger than side postsavailable on other trailers, and our massive doors.Our trailers are built to withstand tough conditionsand keep your horse safe for the long haul. Wealso know the importance of keeping your horsecomfortable in transit. That’s why we’ve developedour Comfort By Design system that is made up ofingenious features to promote a quiet stall area andcomfortable temperature, like our VHB attachedside sheets and our insulated roof material.Cimarron also prides ourselves on listening to ourcustomers so we can meet their changing needs.Our product line continues to evolve to include newproducts and features each year.

Exterior StyleFully Customizable to Fit Your NeedsWhen you choose Cimarron, YOU have theopportunity to custom design the look of yourtrailer. Offering seven different sheet colors andpolished or natural aluminum we can build whatyou can imagine! Here is a sample of exterior options.Black exterior with polished aluminumRed exterior with polished aluminumChampaigne exterior with polished aluminumBlack metallic exterior with with natural aluminumWhite exterior with natural aluminumSilver exterior with natural aluminum

Slant, Straight or Reverse?How do your horses like to ride? Cimarronoffers the traditional slant load with rear tack, sideload with full rear tack, reverse load with full rear tackor traditional straight loads. When you choose Cimarron,YOU have the freedom to select your own stall area.Head to headWarm blood straight loadRear slant load with large doorRear slant loadReverse slant loadSide slant load

Got Tack?Broom ClosetDouble Closet TackSingle Closet TackFolding Rear TackSwing Out Saddle Rack in Front TackFull Rear Tack with Single DoorSolid Rear TackSolid Rear Tack with Side DoorFull Rear Tack with 2 DoorsOf course you do, you have horses! Cimarron designpros have a large variety of tack rooms to fit yourspecialized needs. Whether you have a lot or just alittle, we have a tack room option just for you.

Integrated PodUnloaded PodEasily store everything you needGot stuff? Of course you do.Cimarron has designed thesafest, most efficient anduser friendly Integrated Podon the market. The high riselid combined with the “V”cut entry and 26" safetywalls give you a safeplatform for loading andunloading. Our typicalIntegrated Pod has 128cubic feet of dry storage.Loaded Pod

OptionsWith over 400 options, you can trulycustomize your Cimarron Trailer.Here is a small sampling of our mostpopular options.17.5" Alcoa Aluminum Mod Wheel16" Aluminum Spoke WheelPadded jailbar dividersFull solid dividerFull solid stud divider with extended barsEnclosed front gooseneckCustom GraphicsEqualizer hydraulic jackSheeted Hay RackLED awning lightShelf with clothes barAir ride axlesInlaid brandEZ Angle LadderLED dome lightBoot box in tack areaSlide out room

Everything you need at a price you'll likeLivestock ProductEssential Features,Highest Value.It’s the Cimarron Way.Available Sizes: Bumper Pull Models: 2 - 3 Horse Slant Gooseneck Models: 2 - 6 Horse SlantStandard Features: Tapered Gooseneck nose without rocker panels 1 Tie Ring per stall (interior & exterior) 1 Dome light per 2 stalls Single Rear Tail lights Folding Rear Tack Room Wall on gooseneck models(optional on bumper pull models)Popular Options: Stainless Steel nose sheet Exterior Flood Lights Saddle Rack Location in Front Tack Room Clothes Bar in Front Tack Room Additional Length, Height, & Width Ramp over Rear Doors Walk Thru Door in Partition wallNorstar VP 3H GN with Optional EquipmentNorstar VP 2H Straightload GNNorstar VP 2H Straightload WarmbloodNorstar VP 4H GN with LQLonestarShowstarStierwaltCimarron’s heavy duty Lonestar stock trailer is built to last. Itcan help you get any job done whether your hauling animals toshows or to market. The Lonestar can be customized totransport any type of livestock from cattle to giraffes and everyanimal in between. Regardless of what you’re hauling or whereyou’re going, you can count on the durability and smart designof a Lonestar to get you and your animals there safely.Lonestars are available in 16' – 32' gooseneck models and 16' –20' bumper pull models.Cimarron’s Showstar features the same unmatched quality andintelligent design, perfectly packaged for smaller animals.Cimarron’s signature attention to detail makes the Showstarthe premiere low profile product on the market. They areloaded with innovative standard features that make haulingsmaller animals easier, like our versatile pen managementsystem and standard rear ramp. Showstars are available in16' – 28' gooseneck models and 16' – 20' bumper pull models.Cimarron Trailers has teamed up with club calf legend KirkStierwalt to design the perfect club calf trailer. The StierwaltPro Package has all the most useful trailer features for haulingclub calves like storage for your grooming chute, side rampand effortless traveling center gate. Plus if you’re looking forthe show stopping Stierwalt style, you can combine theStierwalt Signature Series exterior options with your StierwaltPro Package trailer for a trailer that gets the job done whileturning heads