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Data Sync ManagerYour most flexible solutionfor consistent and securecopying of dataEvery business aims for success. As a manager,you are always looking for ways to increase profits,reduce risk and improve efficiency and control.If your business is running SAP , then one strategicapproach is to optimise the management of yourlandscape. This management includes copyingsystems, clients or data. It is critical to be able to copyonly the data you need – accurately, consistently,and quickly. Choosing the right data-copy softwaresolution to assist you is therefore vital for yoursuccess.Data Sync Manager (DSM) is the simplest, mosteffective and comprehensive way to copy and maskdata within your SAP ERP, SRM, CRM, BW and GTSlandscapes. DSM empowers all levels of SAP usersto ensure that, even within non-production systems,they have access to production data.Data Sync Manager, created by EPI-USE Labs, solvesthe problems commonly experienced during system,client or data copies, with its System Builder , ClientSync , Object Sync and Data Secure components.With significant savings in costs and time, you andyour users will welcome the high ROI and enhancedvalue that DSM provides.“The Data Sync product has been wonderful for ourgroup. We use it for troubleshooting our test anddevelopment environments. It is definitely a time saver,eliminating the need for manual data entry.”SAP Project Leader,Multi-national chemical manufacturer

What if you could reduce the total cost of Production support?Create a fully functional client, and still save up to 80% of disk spaceReduce time spent recreating Production issues by 90%Create new systems in 90% less timeeliminate the risk of sensitive data on your test and training systems?Copy and mask selected Production data easilyrefresh your systems quickly, without having to re-import transports?Create a slimmer copy of Production with all changes intacttest reports and configuration properly before transporting to Production?Have up-to-date test data whenever you need itreduce the risks and costs of an upgrade?Copyright 2011 EPI-USE Systems LimitedSelectively copy data on demand, even to a higher SAP release

Why does your business need adata copy solution?Your data copy solution:Data Sync ManagerBusinesses that run SAP face a common challenge: how toget real SAP data into non-production systems for testing,training and support. While new data reflecting the latestbusiness activity is constantly being added to Production,business users cannot easily access this data.DSM from EPI-USE Labs is the simplest, most effective andcomprehensive solution to your data-copy requirements.Non-production refreshes are essential for productionsupport and for testing new developments and supportpacks. In addition, multiple clones of data would dramaticallyimprove training effectiveness, by allowing each trainee towork independently on realistic examples.However, using live SAP data for testing and training isbecoming increasingly difficult. Complete system or clientcopies disrupt the landscape, require large amounts ofdisk space, take a long time to prepare, and increase yourtechnical-support overheads. Yet copying only certain datameans the configuration and repository objects will be out ofsync with Production. The ideal is to make a repository copyof Production to create a ‘shell’ non-production system, andthen to add selected data.You therefore need an efficient, powerful data-copysolution that offers ease of use, disk-space savings, andhigh performance. Since the security of copied data iscritical, it should be able to mask all sensitive data, and limitdestinations. Also, since SAP data storage is complex, thesolution must preserve data integrity.Above all, the right data-copy solution should enhance thevalue of your SAP system with a high ROI and reduced TCO,and aid business success through greater efficiency andcontrol.Data Sync Manager solutionclientclient sliceIn a typical DSM scenario, the Basis team uses System Builderto make a repository copy of Production, creating a ‘shell’non-production system in minimal time. With Client Sync, theteam then adds a new client containing only the necessarydata and customization, using Data Secure to mask sensitivedata if required. Developers and support personnel then usethis slimmer client for proper testing, training or support.Users can use Object Sync to add real, accurate data fromProduction, masked if needed, as required. Because muchless disk space is used and no downtime is needed, thisprocess can be repeated frequently. This approach balancesclient size with the availability of up-to-date production data.“I would estimate that the accuracy of our testing hasimproved at least 90% because of DSM.”IT Business System Analyst,International Automotive companySystemBuilder enables technical teams tomake a complete copy of all repository objects andclient-independent data in Production, to create anew non-production system with Client 000 (basicclient-dependent customisation for new clients),and optionally, Client 001 (customisation copy ofClient 000) and Client 066 (used by SAP for support).copyofClient Sync enables technical teams to copy asubset of data to a specified SAP client, at one time.The user selects the subset, which can include masterdata; a time slice of transactional data (optional toinclude preceding documents); customizing (optionalto include client-independent data); and HR data (withor without Payroll results). The new client is leaner andfully functional.systemshellselecteddata objectsreducedconsistentclientObject Sync empowers business users to select dataat the SAP business object level, such as Material data,or at the transactional flow level, such as Purchasingflow, and copy it to a non-production system. From thedata they may access, users can copy what they need,when they need it.

With System Builder you can:With Object Sync you can:Build a new system quicklyPreserve data integrity with intelligent copyingRegardless of the size of Production, you can create a newSAP system shell in a fraction of the time and disk space of acomplete copy. Since Client 000, and optionally, Clients 001and 066, are included, the system shell is ready for use. Addingjust the latest transaction data with Client Sync means yoursystem contains only what you really need.EPI-USE Labs understands the way in which all SAP dataobjects are structured, their relationships with other objects,and definitions such as BAPIs, locking mechanisms, numberranges and authorization checks. This knowledge, included inour proprietary Business Object Workbench (BOW), enablesDSM to move data consistently and intelligently, ensuring thetransfer of all data and maintaining all links to related data.Ensure proper testing, training and supportAccelerate testing with data on demandThe repository objects and configuration in the new systemare in sync with Production. Adding up-to-date data withClient Sync or Object Sync means that your testing andtraining is conducted in real-life situations.“DSM is a life saver. I use it on a weekly basis to copy data,including payroll, garnishments and time data.”Wanda North, Payroll Coordinator-HR Specialist,Major Municipality, USAWith Client Sync you can:Reduce disk space needed with data selectionWith Client Sync, you can copy just the relevant data,according to the selection criteria, thus reducing thenecessary disk space dramatically and saving costs. Forexample, if the transaction data before a certain date is notneeded in the new client, then you can opt to copy only thedata from that date onwards. All master data can be includedin the copy, but you can easily exclude certain data sets toreduce the footprint of the client further.Include dependent data to gain fully functionalclientsYou can choose to include valuable dependent data thatdoes not reside in the specified period. For example, fortransactions that end within the copy period specified butthat originate before the start date, you can copy the relevantrecords from outside the period too. The complete documentflows mean the client is fully functional.Reduce copy time and downtimeCreating a reduced client is substantially faster than a fullsystem copy, and downtime is eliminated, so Productioninterruptions are minimal. No freezes of the DEV system areneeded while test data is refreshed.Reduce Basis workload with faster, easier SyncsSince Client Sync is easy to use, your Basis team builds clientsquickly with minimal effort and monitoring. Client Syncalso eliminates the many ancillary tasks related to a systemcopy, such as re-importing transports. Other benefits areless downtime and, as developers and support teams areempowered to do better testing, fewer transports to process.Your developers need real data in the Sandbox and DEVsystems to test their own solutions properly. With ObjectSync, they have the flexibility to select just the transactionsand related master data they need from multiple modules(e.g. FI, SD) to copy into the pre-created client. The abilityto copy for specific test scenarios makes developers moreindependent and speeds up the development process.Empower users for more efficient supportSince your Production-support personnel often recreateProduction problems in non-production systems, copying upto-date Production data with Object Sync helps them resolvesuch issues more quickly. Testing the resultant configurationchanges with realistic data in DEV, before sending to QA,further reduces reworking. Object Sync empowers your usersto get the data they need, when they need it.Clone, mask and refresh training dataYour trainers benefit greatly, since Object Sync can ‘clone’ thedata for each trainee while masking sensitive company data.The training client can be refreshed regularly by loading froma file, freeing up the Basis team.Protect sensitive data with configurable maskingYou can use pre-defined masking conversions to safeguardsensitive data during copies, or configure additionalconversions, if required. Adhering to data protectionstandards (such as Sarbanes Oxley, UK Data Protection Act orGerman Works Council) is important for the security of youremployees, customers and partners.Reduce risks during implementations, upgradesand support-pack loadingWith Object Sync you can copy accurate data consistentlyand intelligently from a lower to a higher release, and testwith realistic production data, thus, after major changes,increasing confidence in the data integrity.Promote governance compliance throughincreased controlAuthorization checks allow your users to copy data froma source system only if they have access to view the data.Locking ensures that data in the process of being copied isnot being changed (this only happens briefly and does nothamper the general usage of SAP). The control provided byDSM saves you, as a manager, considerable time in proving toauditors that the necessary governance controls are in place.

Object Sync saves time andpreserves data integritydata missingdata transferredDSM can copy data: from a lower to a higher SAP release between Unicode and non-Unicode systems between systems running on different architecturesOther DSM Client Syncfeatures and capabilitiesHours spent Pre-defined Profile option to copy certain data setsonly (e.g. only Master/only Customizing/only Masterand Transactional data) Integration with Data Secure to mask large amountsof data, with multiple, extendible options Developer Interface to create DSM custom objects,or to add customer-defined tables to existing DSMobjects for additional reduction in footprint and/ orimproved consistency Estimation runs to calculate approximate disk spacerequired for a new client, before creating it Customization to exclude certain data sets for spacesavings or securityObject SyncOther third-partydata copy solutionsManual entry of data in DEV or QAOther DSM Object Syncfeatures and capabilitiesData copy solutions Intuitive easy-to-use interface Easy selection of required data, with options toinclude/exclude enterprise levels Useful Preview feature, allowing overview of selectedobjects including integration and flow objects RFC Syncs, or File export/import (allows multipleimports e.g. for training or to multiple systems) Developer Interface (BOW) to add extra options e.g.custom objects, customer-defined tables, conversions Templates to easily re-use popular Syncs, or to allowonly certain pre-defined selections and Sync options Ability to copy complex HCM cluster data, such asCATS and Payroll, easily HR PD mass copy option to copy HR planning data orfunctional subsets, such as OM or TE, in bulk Intelligent number-range handling to retain objectnumbers without compromising number ranges Ability to copy cross-system transaction flows indistributed system landscapes for ERP, with SRM andCRM available soon Detailed results, messages and statistics oncompletion of the Sync

Data Sync ManagerWho will benefit?Your production-support teams and developers areempowered, within pre-defined boundaries, to selectand copy just the production data they need, whenthey need it. Having realistic, up-to-date data enablesthem to do more efficient system testing, training andsupport. Your Basis team, who are able to create systemsand refresh clients quickly and easily, are freed to focuson more essential issues. All your users benefit from thissimple, easy-to-use yet powerful solution.Who will be interested?As a manager in a business that uses SAP ERP, SRM, CRM,BW or GTS, you will be interested in the major savings intime and labor, the reduced need for disk storage spaceand the reduced costs that DSM brings. The availabilityof real, accurate data in non-production systems,together with the option to mask data, reduce businessrisk, thus increasing confidence in the business systemintegrity and security. Your business gains value throughimproved business process efficiency and control.