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George W. Casey Jr.General, United States ArmyChief of StaffOfficial:JOYCE E. MORROWAdministrative Assistant to theSecretary of the ArmyMilitary Review presents professional information, but the views expressed herein are those of the authors, not theDepartment of Defense or its elements. The content does not necessarily reflect the official U.S. Army position anddoes not change or supersede any information in other official U.S. Army publications. Authors are responsible forthe accuracy and source documentation of material they provide. Military Review reserves the right to edit material.Basis of official distribution is one per 10 officers for major commands, corps, divisions, major staff agencies, garrisoncommands, Army schools, Reserve commands, and Cadet Command organizations; one per 25 officers for medicalcommands, hospitals, and units; and one per five officers for Active and Reserve brigades and battalions, based onassigned field grade officer strength. Military Review is available on-line at Review (US ISSN 0026-4148) (USPS 123-830) is published bimonthly by the U.S. Army, CAC, Fort Leavenworth, KS 66027-1254. Paid subscriptions are available through the Superintendent of Documents for 42US/APO/FPO and 58.80 foreign addresses per year. Periodical postage paid at Leavenworth, KS, and additionalmailing offices. POSTMASTER: Send address changes to Superintendent of Documents, PO Box 371954, Pittsburgh, PA 15250-7954.

Headquarters, Department of the ArmyU.S. Army Combined Arms CenterFort Leavenworth, Kansas [email protected] Arms Center (CAC)Research and Publication IndexJanuary-December 2006Special Edition of Military ReviewContentsAuthor Index. 1Title Index.11Subject Index. 20CAC Senior Editorial BoardColonel William M. DarleyEditor in ChiefLieutenant GeneralWilliam B. Caldwell IVCommander,USACACCommandant,USACGSCLieutenant Colonel Arthur E. BilodeauBrigadier General Mark E. O’NeillDeputy Commandant, CGSCClinton J. Ancker IIIDirector, Combined Arms Doctrine Directorate (CADD)Dr. Robert BaumannManaging EditorDirector, CGSC Graduate Program (MMAS)Sandra CaballeroDirector, School of Advanced Military Studies (SAMS)Supervisory EditorMajor Thomas ShraderProduction ManagerMarlys CookSupervisory EditorNancy MazziaBooks/Features EditorBarbara BaeuchleVisual Information SpecialistCOL Kevin BensonEdwin B. BurgessDirector, Combined Arms Research Library (CARL)Gregory FontenotDirector, University of Foreign Military andCultural StudiesDr. Lester W. GrauForeign Military Studies Office (FMSO)COL Timothy R. ReeseDirector, Combat Studies InstituteDr. William G. RobertsonDeputy, Combat Studies Institute (CSI)Dr. Lon R. SeglieChief, Publication DivisionCenter for Army Lessons Learned (CALL)Dennis TigheDeputy, Combined Arms Center-Training (CAC-T)

Information on the availability of research products listed in this document and how to acquire them:Most of the research products listed in this index are available from the URLs shown with each item. Some ofthose that do not have URLs may be borrowed through interlibrary loan from the Combined Arms ResearchLibrary (CARL). Command and General Staff College Masters degree theses (Masters of Military Arts andSciences) and School for Advanced Military Studies (SAMS) papers, if they do not have a downloadable version available as shown, are available from CARL. However, distribution may be limited based on classification of content. Contact the CARL reference staff at (913) 758-3053 for more information on availability ofsuch manuscripts. MMAS and SAMS research is also available via the Defense Technical Information Center(DTIC), which has both public and restricted access, depending on the document. Foreign Military StudiesOffice (FMSO) publications for public release are listed with URLs; otherwise, contact the FMSO offices at(913) 684-5946 for information on public availability and instructions for requesting copies. Other unclassified but restricted research produced by the Center for Army Lessons Learned (CALL) is generally availablethrough the restricted CALL site only, which requires online registration. Contact CALL for information at(913) 684-7280.

2006 CAC INDEX GLOSSARYC: ClassifiedCADD: Combined Arms Doctrine DirectorateCARL: Combined Arms Research LibraryCGSC: Command and General Staff CollegeCSI: Combat Studies InstituteDA: Department of the ArmyDL: Distribution LimitedEBO: Effects-Based OperationsFM: Field ManualFMI: Field Manual-InterimFMSO/JRIC: Foreign Military Studies Office/Joint Reserve Intelligence CenterFOUO: For Official Use OnlyGWOT: Global War on TerrorismGPO: Government Printing OfficeIRR: Initial Impression ReportJMRC: Joint Multinational Readiness CenterJRTC: Joint Readiness Training CenterMCWP: Marine Corps Warfighting PublicationMLRS: Multiple-Launch Rocket SystemMMAS: Master of Military Art and SciencePIR: Priority Intelligence RequirementRTO: Rear Tactical OperationsSAMS: School of Advanced Military StudiesAUTHOR INDEXAAlinio, LCDR Domingo B., USN, “Is the Current US Navy PacificBasing Structure Adequate for the Twenty-first Century?” (MMASthesis, CGSC, Fort Leavenworth, KS, 2006). Boateng, MAJ Richard, “Prospects of the ECOWASStandby Force” (MMAS thesis, CGSC, Fort Leavenworth, KS, erson, MAJ Erik N., “Closing the Discovery Learning Gap: ALeader Development Training Strategy for Company-Grade Officersfor the Conduct of Stability and Reconstruction Operations” (SAMSMonograph, Fort Leavenworth, KS, 2006).,785Andrade, Dale, and LTC (Ret.) James H. Willbanks, Ph.D., “CORDS/Phoenix: Counterinsurgency Lessons from Vietnam for the Future,”Military Review (Mar-Apr): 9. nglish/MarApr06/Andrade-Willbanks.pdfArcher, MAJ T., Australian Army, “The Importance of Ethics in Counterinsurgency Operations” (SAMS Monograph, Fort Leavenworth,KS, 2006). , MAJ Charles S., “Beyond Westphalia: The EmergentGlobalization Paradigm” (SAMS Monograph, Fort Leavenworth, KS,2006).,784Arnold, MAJ Kris A., “PMESII and the Non-State Actor: Questioningthe Relevance” (SAMS Monograph, Fort Leavenworth, KS, old, MAJ Michael J., “The Seductive Effect Of An ExpeditionaryMindset” (SAMS Monograph, Fort Leavenworth, KS, 2006).,710Arras, 1LT Eric, trans, “Guerrero’s Three Levels of Government Evaluate Crime Statistics,” NOTIMEX News Wire Service [trans. fromSpanish], (3 May 2006)., Njdeh, “An Overview of Iran-Armenian Relations in the PostSoviet Era and Their Impact on Caucasus Regional Stability,” Journalof the European Society for Iranian Studies (University of Rome andDurham University Center for Iranian Studies, Summer 2006): 37-48.BBaker, COL Ralph O., “The Decisive Weapon: A Brigade CombatTeam Commander’s Perspective on Information Operations,”Military Review (May-Jun): 13. nglish/MayJun06/webpdf/Baker.pdfBarkley, MAJ Craig A., “The Standing Joint Force Headquarters: APlanning Multiplier?” (SAMS Monograph, Fort Leavenworth, KS,2006).,730Bartles, Charles K., reviewer; Biological Espionage, Alexander Kouzminov, The Journal of Slavic Military Studies 19, no. 1 (March 2006):167-168.and Robert W. Kurz, Russia Military and Security Watch,three issues (May; July; August). , MAJ Steven P., “Ethics, Counterinsurgency, and Perceptions inthe Information Environment” (SAMS Monograph, Fort Leavenworth, KS, 2006).,711Beaudoin, MAJ Slade H., “Can Judgment Be Developed: A Case Studyof Three Proven Leaders” (MMAS thesis, CGSC, Fort Leavenworth,KS, 2006).,706Beckno, MAJ Brian T., “Preparing the American Soldier in a BrigadeCombat Team to Conduct Information Operations in the Contemporary Operational Environment” (MMAS thesis, CGSC, Fort Leavenworth, KS, 2006).,568Bell, MAJ Christopher J. SG, UK, “Is Systemic Operation DesignCapable of Reducing Significantly Bias in Operational LevelPlanning Caused by Military Organizational Culture?” (SAMSMonograph, Fort Leavenworth, KS, 2006).,719Benson, COL Kevin C.M., “OIF Phase IV: A Planner’s Reply toBrigadier Aylwin-Foster,” Military Review (Mar-Apr): 61. nglish/MarApr06/Benson.pdfBernasconi, CDR Jeffrey J., USN, “Cannon Fodder or Corps D’Elite?The American Expeditionary Force (AEF) in the Great War” (MMASthesis, CGSC, Fort Leavenworth, KS, 2006). ard, Alireza, “A Comparative Study of United StatesPsychological Operations in The Two Countries of Afghanistanand Iraq,” [trans. from Farsi.], as published in Scientific-Professional Quarterly on Psychological Operations, Vol. 3, No. 11,Winter (Tehran, Iran) (Nov)., Jonathan Allen, “Training the Twenty-First Century SpecialForces Warrior: Does Character Matter When Training the Adaptive Leader?” (MMAS thesis, CGSC, Fort Leavenworth, KS, ss, MAJ James, “Fall of Crete 1941: Was Freyberg Culpable?”(MMAS thesis, CGSC, Fort Leavenworth, KS, 2006).,689Boal, MAJ Matthew A, “Field Expedient Armor Modifications to USArmored Vehicles” (MMAS thesis, CGSC, Fort Leavenworth, KS2006).,569Fort leavenworth Combined Arms Center 2006 Index

Bogart, LTC Adrian, III, “The Nine Principles of Combined ArmsAction in a Counterinsurgency Environment,” Military Review(INSIGHTS) (Mar-Apr): 112. nglish/MarApr06/BoB.pdfBogart, MAJ James W., “Creation of Additional Skill Identifier forSpecial Operations Forces Logistic Personnel” (MMAS thesis,CGSC, Fort Leavenworth, KS, 2006).,570Bolger, BG Daniel P., “So You Want to Be an Adviser,” Military Review(Mar-Apr): 2. nglish/MarApr06/Bolger.pdfBookard, MAJ Joe Daniels, “Defining the Information within MilitaryInformation Operations: Utilizing a Case Study of the Jammu andKashmir Conflict” (SAMS Monograph, Fort Leavenworth, KS,2006).,720Boraz Steven C., Ph.D., and Thomas C. Bruneau, Ph.D., “Are the MarasOverwhelming Governments in Central America?” Military Review(Nov-Dec): 36. nglish/NovDec06/Boraz-Bruneau.pdfBoré, COL (Ret.) Henri, French Army, “Cultural Awareness and Irregular Warfare: French Army Experience in Africa,” Military Review(Jul-Aug): 108. nglish/JulAug06/Bore.pdfBowen, LCDR Gary R., USCG, “Coast Guard Law EnforcementDetachments in the War on Terror” (SAMS Monograph, Fort Leavenworth, KS, 2006).,712Bradford, MAJ Scott, “Higher Order Thinking in the AustralianArmy Suite of Logistic Officer Courses” (MMAS thesis, CGSC,Fort Leavenworth, KS, 2006).,671Breemer, Jan S., Ph.D., “Statistics, Real Estate, and the Principles ofWar: Why There is No Unified Theory of War,” Military Review(Sep-Oct): 84. nglish/SepOct06/Breemer.pdfBrinson, James D., “A Study of Postwar Japan (1945-1950): What Insights and Lessons Can Be Gained from the United States Led Rebirthof Japan?” (MMAS thesis, CGSC, Fort Leavenworth, KS, ck, MAJ Mark E., “ ‘We Can Not Take Your Call For Fire RightNow’—Does the Global War on Terrorism Signal the Demise of theField Artillery?” (SAMS Monograph, Fort Leavenworth, KS, oks, MAJ Winston P., Jr., “Iraqi Ministry of Interior Forces: A CaseStudy to Examine Their Likely Effectiveness When the United Statesand Coalition Forces Depart” (MMAS thesis, CGSC, Fort Leavenworth, KS, 2006).,571Brouse, MAJ Edwin C., “The U.S. Army and Constabulary Operations” (SAMS Monograph, Fort Leavenworth, KS, 2006).,714Bruneau, Thomas C., Ph.D., and MG (Ret.) Richard B. Goetze, Jr., Ph.D.,“Civilian-Military Relations in Latin America,” Military Review (SepOct): 67. nglish/SepOct06/Bruneau.pdf, and Steven C. Boraz, Ph.D., “Are the Maras OverwhelmingGovernments in Central America?” Military Review (Nov-Dec):36. nglish/NovDec06/Boraz-Bruneau.pdfBruscino, Thomas A., Jr., Out of Bounds: Transnational Sanctuary in Irregular Warfare, Global War on Terrorism Occasional Paper 17 (FortLeavenworth, KS: CSI Press, 2006). Out%20of%20Bounds Web%20Version.pdfBurpo, MAJ F. John, “The Great Captains of Chaos: DevelopingAdaptive Leaders,” Military Review (Jan-Feb): 64. nglish/JanFeb06/Burpo.pdfBush, LTC Timothy W., LTG Thomas F. Metz, LTC Mark W. Garr