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1. STRAUMANN CARES PROSTHETICSEXPERIENCE BUSINESSSOLUTIONS WITH STRAUMANN CARES PROSTHETICSThe market for dental restorations presents a broad variety of prosthetic offerings. Asa result customers experience constant challenges to make the right choice when itcomes to fulfilling their primary product needs of high efficiency, cost effectivenessand long-term reliability.Thanks to the trustworthy relationship with dental clinics and laboratories for close to40 years, Straumann cares about what matters to you and your business. We arecommitted to adapting our service and products to your clinical and professionalneeds. Straumann CARES customized solutions deliver all you will need in yourpractice or laboratory.With CARES X-Stream you have a service that provides an implant-based single-tooth prosthetic restoration in only one step:You do 1 scan, 1 design and receive 1 delivery.Ensuring a perfect harmony of design, Straumann abutments are engineered for anoriginal and precisely attuned fit on Straumann implants. The proven clinical longterm success explains why “Once you go Straumann, you never go back” – simplybecause our exceptional quality delivers more!1

2. ORIGINAL STRAUMANN IMPLANT-ABUTMENT CONNECTIONTHE PERFECT MATCHIN EVERY RESPECTORIGINAL STRAUMANN COMPONENTS ARE THE RECOMMENDED CHOICEYOUR DECISION FOR ORIGINAL STRAUMANN COMPONENTS IS ESSENTIALAll components complement each other in a precisely harmonized system combiningexcellent quality and great flexibility. Designed for esthetic results your patients willsurely appreciate – and remarkable endurance and durability you can fully rely on.Straumann ensures the consistent quality of all original Straumann components throughhigh-precision manufacturing and exceedingly thorough inspection processes.THE RIGHT CHOICE FOR SELECTED QUALITY.132421 Avoiding peak stresses with conical screw head2 Providing precise guidance at assembly with radial contactsurfaces (screw and abutment)3 Assuring a sealed connection with tight conical implant-abutment interface4 Giving high stability with deep implant-abutment engagement

Recent publications underline the importance of using original Straumann prostheticcomponents to restore Straumann implants:Implants with Original and Non-Original Abutment Connections1.Gigandet et al. Clin Implant Dent Relat Res. 2012 Jul 16 [Epub ahead of print]4 Conclusion: “Non-original abutments differ in design of the connecting surfacesand material and demonstrate higher rotational misfit.”2 Straumann BL NC 3.3 Roxolid – S traumann CARES Ti abutment2 Straumann BL NC 3.3 Roxolid – Astra Tech ATLANTIS Ti abutment3 NobelReplace Straight 3.4 NP – NobelProcera Abutment Ti4 Astra Tech OsseoSpeed TX 3.5 S – Astra Tech ATLANTIS Ti abutment13 1 0 1234The original Straumann connection shows thesmallest rotational misfit 2.Straumann exactly knows the dimensions, tolerances and materials of Straumannimplants, and can therefore optimally harmonize the design between Straumannimplants and their corresponding Straumann prosthetic components.The Original1Third-party abutments claimed as compatible324Straumann CADCAM Tiabutment on S traumann RC 4.1 implantNobelProcera CAD/CAMTi abutment on Straumann RC 4.1 implantAtlantis CAD/CAM Tiabutment on Straumann RC 4.1 implantproven clinicallong-term success(numerous external studies)Which one do you trust in?1For further results of the study see the original p ublication.2All results are statistically different.3

3. STRAUMANN CARES CUSTOMIZED ABUTMENTWORK WITH CONFIDENCE – CUSTOMIZED, ESTHETIC, RELIABLEORIGINAL STRAUMANN SOLUTIONSWe have developed the Straumann CARES Customized Abutmentsto provide you with the foundation for exceptional restorative results.The high design flexibility combined with the high standards of precision make our customized abutments an outstanding benefit for practitioners and dental technicians alike.THE CARES CUSTOMIZED ABUTMENTOFFERS YOU AS A DENTAL LABORATORY ARANGE OF ADVANTAGES WHICH YOUCAN PASS ON TO YOUR CLIENTSCustomized shape and patient-specific emergence profileValidated long-term performance due to the original Straumann connectionOptimized path of insertion thanks to the design fl exibilityto adjust angulationsHigh convenience in the restoration procedure thanks to anaccurate design allowing time saving and cost efficiency4

STRAUMANN CARES CUSTOMIZED ABUTMENTSBRING YOU MORE.CARES ABUTMENT,ZIRCONIUM DIOXIDE (ZrO2)PRACTICELABORATORYMechanical stability and proven biocompatibilityallows highly reliable dental restorationsThe white color allows for highly esthetic dental restorations especially in the anterior region and for patientswith thin gingivaAvailable in both screw-retained andcement-retained restorationsHigh design flexibilityDirect veneering is possible to waivethe creation of a coping5

PRACTICELABORATORYCARES VARIOBASE ABUTMENTAvailable for Straumann platforms except for NNPrecise connection: patented 3 engaging mechanismbetween abutment and coping – Easy and guided placement on the baseExtra bonding surface due to the design with 4 camssupports strong hold for the dental cementAuthenticity of Straumann abutments iseasily identified with the logo on theabutment base51 Avoiding peak stresses with conical screwhead2 Providing precise guidance at assemblywith radial contact surfaces (screw andabutment)3 Assuring a sealed connection with tightconical implant-abutment interface4 Giving high stability with deep implant- abutment engagement5 Patented 3 engaging mechanism between S traumann CARES Variobase Abutmentand Coping1324View from CT scan9 NEW ZERION LT (LOW TRANSLUCENCY)SHADES AVAILABLEN E W!63Patent pending

PRACTICELABORATORYCARES ABUTMENT,TITANIUMHigh design flexibility allows the abutment toadapt to the patient’s oral situationCovered by 10-year Straumann GuaranteeExcellent material properties designed for reliabilityAvailable for cement-retained restorationsN E W!BLANK SIZE ENLARGED – MORE THAN 20 %TO INCREASE YOUR DESIGN OPTIONSNCRCRNNCRC15 mm13 mm15 mm17 mm13 mm15 mm10 mm13 mm17 mm17 mm13 mm15 mm10 mmCARES Abutment, titanium17 mmCARES Abutment, ZrO2RNWN7

4. ONE-STEP PROSTHETIC SOLUTION –STRAUMANN CARES X-STREAM 1 SCAN, 1 DESIGN, 1 DELIVERYCARES conveniently streamlines the prosthetic workflow for implant-based, single tooth full-prosthetic restorations with only one scan procedure, and one simultaneousand adaptive prosthetic element design. Once all components are manufactured,they arrive together in one packaged delivery. This optimization of the necessaryprocessing steps reduces turnaround time and costs considerably.PRACTICELABORATORYSignificant time and cost saving for increased productivity and profitabilityFast application, easycementation management and ideal softtissue support Streamline the workflow and reduce turnaround timethrough only one scan and design step for all requiredcomponents in a single -tooth implant-borne restorationOnly one shipment with all prosthetic componentsExcellent fit of the delivered components Delivered with no visible marginal gap and homogeneous cement gap Pre-set software parameters and algorithmsConsistent and re-producible quality Controlled design and milling environment Collaboration with renowned material suppliercrownor copingcrownor coping2221abutment181abutmentNo visible marginal gap from CT Scan2 Homogeneous thickness of the cement gap

CARES X-STREAM HAS FURTHER EXPANDED ITS MATERIAL COMBINATION P OSSIBILITIES TO MEET YOUR VARIOUS NEEDS.Full-contour crown or coping3M ESPE Lava UltimateRestorative 4zerion 5IPS e.max CAD coron ticon polycon aeFor all Straumannimplant platforms,except NNCCARES Abutment,zirconium dioxide 6CARES Abutment,titanium The software function “split file” is common in the dental CADCAM field.However, only few solution providers can realize the streamlined work process withthe solid product delivery as CARES X-Stream does.The streamlined work process simplifies your access to a world of possibilities withinthe Straumann portfolio.4Only available for full-contour crowns5Only zerion HT is available for full-contour crowns6Not available for the Soft Tissue Level WN Platform9

5. STRAUMANN CARES SCREW-RETAINED BRIDGES AND BARSAN EXCELLENT SOLUTIONIN CHALLENGING CASESPRACTICECARES SCREW-RETAINEDBRIDGES AND BARS OFFER YOU:LABORATORYLow design complexity irect placement on implants, no additionalDabutment needed llows treating patient-specific emergence profilesAwith full design controlHigh quality through original Straumann connection ffering Straumann quality, fit and mechanicalO performance Biocompatible and corrosion resistant One-piece solution, milled out of one blockOriginal Straumann Bone Level Implant-Abutment ConnectionMechanicalaspects Surgicalaspects10 Transfer of force load on taper screw and conicalconnection to implant surface and bone evenly.Reduction of micro movements while controllingthe microgap through a conical, tight-sealing connection.Lateral mastication forces are adsorbed by the innerconnection, reducing excessive loading of the screw.Consideration of the biological distance with a horizontal off-set between microgap and bone. TypicalBone Control Design feature of the S traumann Bone Level Implant.Example of a Non-original Bone LevelImplant-Abutment Connection Limited force load distribution to connection andlimited engagement.Increased stress to flat top screw.The abutment only sits on the narrow implantshoulder: Limited sealing of the implant-abutmentconnection.Increased possibility of soft tissue impingement.Lateral mastication forces are adsorbed by the screwresulting in increased danger of screw breakage.The flat implant connection can have an effect byoverlapping the biological distance of the micro gap. The Bone Control Design feature of the Straumann Bone Level Implant is compromised.

PRACTICELABORATORYCARES Bars are delivered finished and ready-to-useStrong mechanical connection capacity without compromising the biological benefits of the implant1234Your freedom of choice with a broad range of products Straumann CARES SRBB 7 comes with a wide portfolio of Tissue Level and Bone Level solutions and allowsfor combining both platforms in one restorationStraumann CARES SRBB offers a range of 2 to 10implants for bars, or 2 to 16 implants for bridgesThere are 2 material options: titanium Grade 4 andCoCr (coron ) for RN, WN, NC and RCDiversified screw-retained bar designs 8Each CARES SRBB framework is milled completelyfrom one block of material ensuring homogeneous andpredictable quality.51 Dolder Bar U-Shape(regular and mini-size)2 Dolder Bar Egg-Shape(regular and mini-size)3 Ackermann-Bar Ø 1.9 mm4 MP-Clip BarØ 1.8 mm5 Round BarØ 1.8 mm7SRBB is the English abbreviation for Screw-Retained Bridges & Bars8Not all products are available in all countries11

6. STRAUMANN CARES TOOTH-BORNE PROSTHETICSYOUR FULL-SOLUTIONPROVIDER – PRECISION ANDESTHETICS INCLUDEDCARES IS ONE OF THE LEADINGCADCAM BRANDS IN DENTISTRY PROVIDINGOUR CUSTOMERS WITH AN EXTENSIVEPROSTHETIC PORTFOLIO:PRACTICELABORATORYLeading Materials: resin nano ceramics, ceramics, metalsand polymersWide Applications: one-step restorations, customizedabutments, screw-retained bridges and bars, copings,bridge frameworks as well as full-contour crowns andbridgesTHE CARES FULL-CONTOUR RESTORATIONSOFFER YOU:PRACTICEPrecision and highefficiency thanks tosimplified processingsteps for high esthetics,designed to ensurepredictable outcomes12LABORATORYPrecision manufacturing which leads tono manual r ework andminimal processing,e.g. polishing, stainingand glazing

INVESTED ON YOUR BEHALF, WE CONSTANTLY DEVELOP AND IMPROVE OURPORTFOLIO OF STRAUMANN ZERION (ZIRCONIUM DIOXIDE) SO THAT YOU CANENJOY THE BENEFITS OF:PRACTICELABORATORYHigh precision milling to deliver very detailed and finemorphology and smooth surfacesEase of use by simply polishingthe delivered restoration tofinalize the zerion HT crownor bridgeConquering demanding cases thanks to the shade diversity. Simple characterization can be efficiently applied tocreate a beautiful and individualized resultzerion shades (zirconium-dioxide ceramic)Possible indicationszerion HT (High Translucency) PureLightMediumFull-contour crowns and bridges up to 3 unitsCoping and bridge frameworks up to 3 unitsIntensezerion LT (Low Translucency) BleachLight 1Light 2Light 3Light 4Medium 1 Medium 2 Medium 3THE CARES METAL RESTORATIONS AREKNOWN FOR THEIR PRECISE MILLING Q UALITIES. EACH CASE IS MILLED OUT OFA HOMOGENEOUS DISC SO THAT THECOMPOSITION IS HOMOGENEOUS ANDCREATES OPTIMAL RELIABILITY.Coping and bridge frameworks up to 16 unitsCARES Variobase Abutment, zerion DarkPRACTICELABORATORYcoron (cobalt-chromium) Milled framework for consistent and high quality High flexibility: alternative for noble casting alloyscoron (cobalt-chromium) eneering process compa Vrable to noble casting alloysfor ease of use13

7. MILLING EXPERTISE AND STRAUMANN GUARANTEETHE VALIDATED WORKFLOWTHAT GIVES YOU PROFOUNDCONFIDENCEWe want you to confidently rely on the prosthetic parts you work with. This is whyCARES carefully reviews the performance in each step of the prosthetic creation –from the selection of the raw materials, the scan and design interface to the reliableaccuracy throughout the production.OUR COMMITMENT TO THE FUTURE: 10-year Straumann Guarantee formetal and resi