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v031509pc: 150isbn: 1932733310Notice: Although IconLogic makes every effort to ensure the accuracy and quality of thesematerials, all material is provided without any warranty.Copyright: 1994-2009 by IconLogic, Inc., 3320 Breckenridge Way, Riva, MD 21140,410.956.4949. This document, or any part thereof, may not be reproduced or transmitted inany form or by any means, electronic or mechanical, including photocopying, recording,storage in an information retrieval system, or otherwise, without the prior written permissionof IconLogic.Trademarks: IconLogic, Inc. and the IconLogic logo are registered trademarks of IconLogic.All companies and product names are trademarks or registered trademarks of theirrespective companies. They are used in this book in an editorial fashion only. No use of anytrade name is intended to convey endorsement or other affiliation with IconLogic books.Editing withMicrosoft Word 2007“Skills and Drills” LearningJennie Ruby

“Skills and Drills” LearningContents

Editing with Microsoft Word 2007About This BookAbout the Author . vAbout IconLogic Books. vBook Conventions . viConfidence Checks . viStudent Data Files . viiDownload Data Files From the Web. viiSystem Requirements. viiNeed More Books? .viiiModule 1: The Editorial ProcessNaming and Storing Document Files . 2Version Control. 3Workflow . 4Managing the Document Creation Process . 6Module 2: Tracking Changes & Adding CommentsTracking Changes . 8Personalize Microsoft Word . 8Explore Document Views . 9Use Track Changes. 10Move Text With Track Changes . 13Use Outline View with Track Changes. 16Add a Comment Balloon . 17Comparing . 18Compare Two Versions of a Document . 18Displaying Changes . 22Use the Display for Review Tool . 23Use the Show Markup Tool . 24Control Balloon Display . 25Use the Reviewing Pane . 27Format Markups. 29Multiple Reviewers . 31Protect and Track Changes . 32Combine Changes . 35Finalize a Document . 37Review Changes. 37Inspect the Document . 39Module 3: Spelling and GrammarUsing the Tools. 42Use Spelling and Grammar Shortcuts . 42Check Grammar . 44Customize a Dictionary . 46Create a Dictionary . 49Edit the Quick Access Toolbar . 52ii 1994-2009, IconLogic. All Rights Reserved.

ContentsModule 4: Find and ReplaceFind and Replace Efficiency .56Use “Find Whole Words Only” .58Use Match Case .61Use Context Characters .62Find and Replace Formatting .63Find and Replace Special Characters .65Find and Replace Symbols .67Use Wild Card Characters .69Use Find All Word Forms .70Use Sounds Like .72Use Match Prefix and Match Suffix .73Ignore Punctuation Characters .75Systematic Search Techniques .77Use the “Clean-Up” Method .77Use the “Disguise and Reveal” Method.79Module 5: Formatting with StylesTemplates with Styles .84Format a Template with Styles .84Restrict Selection of Styles.91Use a Template to Create a Document.94Attach a New Template and Update Styles .96Module 6: MacrosRecording Macros in Word . 102Create a Macro and a Shortcut Key . 102Create a Find and Replace Macro and a Toolbar Button . 104Using Templates to Share Macros . 108Copy Macros Into a New Template . 108Set Macro Security Level . 112Add a Global Template . 113Module 7: Advanced MacrosVisual Basic . 116Use the Visual Basic Editor . 116Combine Macros . 120Helper Macros . 122Create a “Helper” Macro . 122Create a Looping Macro . 125Create Another Looping Macro. 132 1994-2009, IconLogic. All Rights Reserved.iii

Editing with Microsoft Word 2007iv 1994-2009, IconLogic. All Rights Reserved.

“Skills and Drills” LearningAbout This BookAbout the AuthorJennie Ruby is a veteran IconLogic trainer and author with titles suchas Essentials of Access 2000 and Electronic Editing with Microsoft Word2003 and Adobe Acrobat 7 to her credit. Jennie specializes in electronicediting. At the American Psychological Association, she was manager ofelectronic publishing and manager of technical editing and journalproduction. Jennie has an M.A. from George Washington University andis a Certified Technical Trainer (Chauncey Group). She is a publishingprofessional with 20 years of experience in writing, editing and desktoppublishing. You can reach Jennie at [email protected] IconLogic BooksIconLogic books are unique! They are created by instructors with yearsof software training experience. Before IconLogic books, our instructorsrarely found a book that was perfect for a classroom setting. If the bookwas beautiful, odds were that the text was too small to read and hard tofollow. If the text in a book was the right size, the quality of exercisesleft something to be desired.Finally tiring of using inadequate materials, our instructors startedteaching without any books at all. Over the years, we’ve had manystudents ask if the in-class instruction came from a book. If so, they saidthey’d buy the book. That sparked an idea. We asked students — justlike you — what they wanted in a training manual. You responded, andthe results appear in this book.This book has been divided into several modules. Since each modulebuilds on lessons learned in a previous module, we recommend that youcomplete each module in succession.We hope you enjoy the book. If you have any comments or questions,please phone us (an address and phone number appear on page viii).

Editing with Microsoft Word 2007Book ConventionsThis book is designed for ease of use. During every module, you will be guidedthrough lessons step by step. Instructions for you to follow will look like this: instructions for you to follow will look like thisIf you are expected to type anything or if something is important, it will be set inbold type like this: type 9 in the boxIf you are expected to press a key on your keyboard, the key will be in brackets likethis: press [Ctrl]Confidence ChecksYou will also come across the little guy at the right. He indicatesa Confidence Check. Throughout each module you will be guidedthrough hands-on exercises. But at some point you’ll have tofend for yourself. That is where Confidence Checks come in.They’re very important. You must be sure to complete each ofthem because some exercises build on completed ConfidenceChecks.vi 1994-2009, IconLogic. All Rights Reserved.

About This Book Student Data FilesStudent Data FilesAll of the data files necessary to complete the student activities presented in thisbook are available for download from our Web site. You will be walked through thesteps necessary to download the files during the following activity.Student Activity: Download Data Files From the Web1. Download the student data files necessary to complete the lessons presented inthis book. using a Web browser, navigate to the following Web site:http://www.iconlogic.com/ click the Data Files for IconLogic Workbooks link click the PC link scroll down and click the Editing with Word 2007 link from theWriting and Editing Workbooks section click Save navigate to your desktop and click SaveThe file will be downloaded to your desktop.2. After the file downloads, close your Web browser.3. Extract the data files. find the EditingWord2007 DataFiles.exe file you just downloaded to yourdesktop double-click the file to open it click Run (if prompted) ensure C:\ appears in the Unzip tofolder area click Unzip click OK click CloseThe data files are copied to your harddrive inside a folder calledEditingWord2007 DataFiles. As youmove through the lessons in this book, you will be opening files from and savingto the data folder located on the hard drive. If you run into trouble and want touse fresh data files, you can go back and unzip theEditingWord2007 DataFiles.exe file you downloaded.System RequirementsYou will need Microsoft Word 2007 installed on your PC to complete the lessons inthis book. Microsoft Word 2007 does not come with this book; the software can bepurchased directly from office.microsoft.com and from other software retailers. 1994-2009, IconLogic. All Rights Reserved.vii

Editing with Microsoft Word 2007Need More Books?We are proud to offer books on the following subjects:Print Publishing (Page Layout)InDesign CS2 through CS3QuarkXPress versions 7 through 8Graphics and Multimedia ToolsCaptivate versions 2 through 4PowerPoint 2002Help Authoring/Technical CommunicationAdobe RoboHelp HTML versions 6 through 8Introduction to Adobe’s Technical Communication Suite(An Introduction to Adobe RoboHelp, Captivate and FrameMaker)Web Page Design and DevelopmentDreamweaver versions 8 through CS3HTML BasicsWriting and GrammarAbrams’ Guide to Grammar: 2nd EditionAdobe Captivate 3: Script Writing and Production Guideand there are more coming all the time.To order, contactIconLogic, Inc.3320 Breckenridge Way Riva, MD 21140Phone: 410.956.4949Web: www.iconlogic.comE-mail: [email protected] 1994-2009, IconLogic. All Rights Reserved.

“Skills and Drills” LearningModule 2: TrackingChanges & AddingCommentsIn This Module You Will Learn To Personalize Microsoft Word Explore Document Views Use Track Changes Move Text With Track Changes Use Outline View with Track Changes Add a Comment Balloon Compare Two Versions of a Document Use the Display for Review Tool Use the Show Markup Tool Control Balloon Display Use the Reviewing Pane Format Markups Protect and Tr