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2017SUZUKIOUTBOARDMOTORSAW SGBM 30564 2017 Outboard Brochure UK Digital V2.indd 123/02/2017 09:32

TABLE OF CONTENTSTHE ULTIMATE4-STROKE OUTBOARD02–03NEW COLOURS & GRAPHICS04–05EXPERTS' CHOICE06–07NEW DF175AP / DF150AP08–09V6 POWERDRIVE BY WIRE DF300AP/250APMECHANICAL DF250/225/200TOP OF THE IN-LINE 4DRIVE BY WIRE DF200AP/175AP/150APMECHANICAL DF200A/175/150LIGHTWEIGHT SPORTSMECHANICALDF140A/115A/100A/90A/80A/70AHIGH PERFORMANCE COMPACTMECHANICALDF60A/50A/40A/60AVPORTABLE FUNMECHANICALDF30A/25A/20A/15A/9.9BPORTABLE FUN SUZUKI TECHNOLOGY22-24DF9.9A/8A/6A/5A/4A/2.5PARTS & ACCESSORIESImportant note: Always wear a lifejacket when boating, and use an emergency stop switch cord when operating an outboard.10–11SPECIFICATIONS & FEATURES2526-27Explore. Discover. Experience.Owning a Suzuki outboard is about more than the awards the engine has won, more than the 50plus years of incredible engineering and technology and it’s about more than knowing that theultimate outboard brand is right behind you. It’s about the moments. Like when you realise youcan barely hear the engine at tickover, when you realise that the water you’ve powered throughis as clear when you leave it as when you found it, and it’s when you realise that boating lifewith a Suzuki outboard is somehow just more. More than you ever thought possible.02AW SGBM 30564 2017 Outboard Brochure UK Digital V2.indd 2-30323/02/2017 09:32

Pearl Nebular Black - our deepest blackfinish yet, with inlaid blue flecks that sparklein the sunlight. We’ve updated the graphicsto give them a contemporary, stylish lookmore in tune with today’s boat styles, whilestaying true to Suzuki 50-year history inoutboards. A solid emblem attached on bothblack and white drive-by-wire series modelsgives these superb outboards an evengreater feeling of quality.DF175APNEW DF150APNEWCOLOURS & GRAPHICSDF300APDF250APDF200APDRIVE BY WIRE SERIESNew colours and graphics give your boat a modern, sophisticated MECHANICAL 0ADF140ADF115ADF100ADF200ADF250DF225DF200*Please note, only selected white outboards are available in the UK by special order.04AW SGBM 30564 2017 Outboard Brochure UK Digital V2.indd 4-50523/02/2017 09:32

From U.S.AFrom U.KReliability is the top priority when we’re filming TV’snumber-one fishing show. I wish I had some amazing storyabout Suzuki. Fact is, I bought my first Suzuki almost five yearsago now, and all I can tell you is it’s actually a pretty boringmotor. But to me, that defines reliability. It starts every time Ipush the button, and has an awesome hole shot even with allmy gear, cameramen, co-host and a full tank of fuel in my 24BlueWave Pure Bay. The top end is as good as, or better than,any 300 out there. It’s so quiet it trained me to look at my tachto see if it’s running. Oh, and I have to change the oil every 100hours. That’s it.As a broadcaster, explorer and marine biologist, I trulydepend on my outboard to get my job done, often intesting conditions. The key characteristic of any outboardmotor is reliability and I have never come across enginesas reliable as Suzuki; it’s as simple as that. The quietnessof the DF200AP also makes it comfortable on the water,and after countless hours of hard use it continues toexceed my expectations as a tough, quiet and lightweightfour-stroke outboard.Broadcaster, speaker, marinebiologist, travel writer andleadership specialistDF200AP OwnerTruth is, when I’m filming BigWater Adventures for The OutdoorChannel, I have to have a motor that is 100% reliable, all thetime, especially when six months of planning goes into one tofour days of shooting. No matter who you are, time is moneyand my Suzuki 300 is where I’ll bet mine. It flat out performsother motors in the class; and all the things you used to worryabout with an outboard, Suzuki took out of the equation. Bolt iton, do the scheduled maintenance, go do your thing and forgetabout it. That’s my Suzuki story.Monty HallsBig Water Adventures TV showDF300AP OwnerMarc DavisTHE EXPERTS’CHOICEAll over the world, professionals trust Suzuki outboards to deliverthe reliability and performance their work – and lives – depend on.From FRANCEI’ve been a Suzuki user since 1980. We have two fishing boatsequipped with two Suzuki DF300APs, and one Suzuki DF175outboards. In 2015, we replaced two DF250s with DF300APs,after more than 3000 hours of service. The arrival of 4-strokesbrought us some big advantages: the service interval is threetimes longer than 2-strokes, and the fuel efficiency is twiceas good; they’re also much quieter and make less smoke!This type of engine is essential in our industry: it has to beprofitable, reliable, and long-lasting when we’re movingseveral tons of oysters over long distances. That’s why we’vebeen using Suzuki V6 for 12 years. We used other brands inthe past, but now Suzuki is our recommended brand: themost reliable in the market.AUSTRALIAITALYOyster farmerDF300AP OwnersNicolas MureauMathieu Mureau06AW SGBM 30564 2017 Outboard Brochure UK Digital V2.indd 6-7COLOMBIAMEXICONIGERIATHAILAND0723/02/2017 09:32

NEWDF175AP /150APHigh-end performance and features put thenew DF175AP/150AP in a class of their ownThe new DF175AP and DF150AP are in-line four-cylinder outboards that deliver the powerand performance of a V6. They’re direct products of our DF200AP, and share many ofthe same high-end features and levels of technology.The DF175AP and DF150AP are based on an in-linefour-cylinder DOHC powerhead. Their 2,867cm3displacement - the largest* to date in this category allows both to deliver exceptional acceleration andtop-end speed. At the same time, Suzuki engineershave made them as compact and lightweight aspossible. Both outboards feature some of the bestof Suzuki’s advanced technologies, developed todeliver maximum performance and reliability.*As of July, 201608AW SGBM 30564 2017 Outboard Brochure UK Digital V2.indd 8-90923/02/2017 09:32

Designed for optimum power and durability, Suzuki V6 4-stroke outboardsdeliver outstanding performance that leaves others far behind. We launchedour first V6 4-stroke outboards in 2003: today’s models are the productof Suzuki’s 14 years of experience and expertise in V6 technology.V6 POWERDRIVE BY WIRE SERIESDF300APDF250APProven TechnologiesDouble Overhead Camshaft (DOHC) 24-valve powerheads and electronic fuel injection appearacross the V6 line-up. While the DF300AP, DF250AP, and DF250 feature Variable Valve Timing (VVT)for increased low to mid-range torque, the DF250 and DF225 use a multi-stage induction systemto deliver maximum top-end performance. Using a 55-degree V-block design, Our engineers havemanaged to pack all this award-winning power and performance into an incredibly compact design.MECHANICAL SERIESDF250Suzuki Selective RotationIn multi-outboard installations on large boats, a specific counter-rotation outboard is usually pairedwith a regular rotation model to help keep the boat travelling on an even keel and in a straight line.The DF300AP/250AP is built with a more robust gearing in the lower unit, which allows the prop torotate in the both directions*. This means that the standard DF300AP/250AP outboards are moredurable as well as more versatile meaning they can be fitted together eliminating the need for aspecial counter-rotation outboard.* The optional connector and additional propeller are requiredto change the rotation direction.Counter-rotationRegular rotationSuzuki Precision Control(Electronic Throttle and Shift Systems)Dual TypeThe DF300AP and DF250AP feature Suzuki Precision Control, Suzuki’scomputer-based drive-by-wire control system, which makes operation easywith smooth, precise control and instantaneous, crisp shifting.Single TypeDF300AP/DF250APFind out more bywatching our videosImportant note: Always wear a lifejacket when boating and an emergency stop switch cord when operating an outboard.ENGINEERED WITH SUZUKI’S BEST, MOSTADVANCED TECHNOLOGIES TO DELIVERTHE ULTIMATE IN FUN AND PERFORMANCEDF300APDRIVE BY WIRE SERIES2.08DF250APDF250MECHANICAL SERIES2.29DF25010AW SGBM 30564 2017 Outboard Brochure UK Digital V2.indd 10-11DF250DF2251123/02/2017 09:32

A lightweight, in-line four-cylinder outboard, the big-bore “BIG BLOCK”produces power comparable to the V6, thanks to its massive 2,867cm³displacement. With its award-winning design, quality, and noise levels,as well as Suzuki Selective Rotation and Suzuki Precision Control fittedas standard, the DF200AP and new DF175AP/150AP models make yourboating life more comfortable and enjoyable.TOP OF THE IN-LINE 4DRIVE BY WIRE SERIESDF200APNEWHigh 10.2:1 Compression Ratio and Largest* in Class DisplacementDF175APCompression and displacement each play important roles in delivering performance and poweroutput. Suzuki engineers have combined a 2,867cm3 displacement (the largest in each outboard’sclass) with a high compression ratio of 10.2:1** to obtain great performance from thesecompact engines.NEWDF150AP*Four-stroke, four-cylinder DOHC category, as of Aug, 2016 **DF200AP, 200A, 175AP, 150AP onlySemi-Direct Air Intake SystemMECHANICAL SERIESFor a sharp, innovative look. Underneath, however, it’s allabout function. The cowl incorporates a semi-direct air-tunedmulti-stage induction module, helping the engine to ‘breathe’more efficiently for greater acceleration and top-end speed.The cover also has ports that allow the rotating flywheel topush warm air to the outside, helping to cool the engine.DF200AAir FlowLoaded With FeaturesThe DF200AP, DF175AP and DF150AP incorporate our Suzuki Precision Control drive-by-wire systemfor easy, smooth and precise control. Suzuki Selective Rotation*, also fitted as standard, enablesthe outboard to operate in either standard clockwise or counter-clockwise rotation.*The optional connector and propeller need to be purchased separately to change the rotation.Important note: Always wear a lifejacket when boating and an emergency stop switch cord when operating an outboard.BIG BLOCK IN-LINE FOURS DELIVERTHE ULTIMATE IN POWER & PERFORMANCEDF200APDRIVE BY WIRE SERIES2.50NEWDF175APNEWDF150APDF200AMECHANICAL SERIES2.50DF200A DF200A DF200A DF200ADF17512AW SGBM 30564 2017 Outboard Brochure UK Digital V2.indd 12-131323/02/2017 09:33

A large gear ratio combined with an offset driveshaft assures both power andspeed, while a lean burn control system reduces fuel consumption, creating awell-balanced and clean engine. This outboard meets a wide range of boatingneeds, from leisure use to commercial use.LIGHTWEIGHT SPORTSMECHANICAL SERIESDF140ADF115ADF100ADF90ADF80ADF70A2-STAGE GEAR REDUCTIONTo drive a large-diameter propeller, you usually need a larger gear or a bigger - and therefore heavier- gear box. On the DF70A and up, Suzuki engineers use a two-stage gear reduction that delivers therequired torque, but without adding unwanted bulk or weight to the engine. With a final drive ratio of2.59, these outboards produce plenty of torque for quick acceleration.Reduction Gear29:36 1.24Offset DriveshaftSuzuki outboards from the DF70A and up incorporate an offset driveshaftthat positions the powerhead forward of the drive shaft. This configurationmoves the outboard’s centre of gravity forward resulting in better weightdistribution on the transom and contributes to directional stability. Theoffset driveshaft also moves the axis of inertia, the point where vibrationsare produced, up over the engine mount, which reduces engine vibration.12:25 2.08TOTAL:2.59:1DF90A/DF80A/DF70AFind out more bywatching our videosImportant note: Always wear a lifejacket when boating and an emergency stop switch cord when operating an outboard.THE ULTIMATE IN POWER, PERFORMANCE,RELIABILITY, AND FUEL EFFICIENCY,SUZUKI’S MOST VERSATILE RANGE OFOUTBOARDS ARE READY FOR WORK OR PLAYDF140AMECHANICAL SERIES2.5914AW SGBM 30564 2017 Outboard Brochure UK Digital V2.indd 14-15DF115ADF100ADF90ADF80ADF70AMECHANICAL SERIES2.591523/02/2017 09:33

Compact, yet powerful, and with low maintenance – the ideal engine for allkinds of boating life and applications, including pontoons and heavy craft.HIGH PERFORMANCE COMPACTMECHANICAL SERIESSelf-Adjusting Timing ChainDF60ADF50ADF40ADF60AVAll models from the DF40A up feature a maintenance-freetiming chain. In this a simple yet effective design, the chainruns through an oil-bath to keep it lubricated, while a hydraulictensioner keeps the chain in correct adjustment automatically.Suzuki Easy Start SystemStarting is simplicity itself with Suzuki’s Easy Start System. No need to hold the key: just turn itonce and the system stays engaged until the engine starts. Smoother and simpler, to get youup and running quicker.Tilt Limit SystemThe DF60A/DF60AV feature a tilt limit system that helps protect the boatfrom damage when tilting the outboard. Acting as both a tilt limit andtrim sender, the step-free, continuous system allows you to install theoutboard on almost any type of boat.High Energy RotationA specially engineered lower unit incorporating a large 2.42:1 gear ratio enables the DF60AV to turna larger 35.6 cm (14 inch) propeller. This makes these outboards the perfect choice for poweringlarge, heavy craft.DF60A/DF50A/DF40AFind out more bywatching our videosImportant note: Always wear a lifejacket when boating and an emergency stop switch cord when operating an outboard.SUZUKI’S HIGH PERFORMANCE COMPACTOUTBOARDS PROVIDE THE ULTIMATE INVERSATILITY FOR A WIDE RANGE OF BOATSDF60ADF50AMECHANICAL SERIESDF40ADF60AVMECHANICAL SERIESDF60A16AW SGBM 30564 2017 Outboard Brochure UK Digital V2.indd 16-171723/02/2017 09:33

High performance, lightweight, compact and low on fuel consumption: you canhave it all in one! For fishing, high-speed thrills, quiet cruising, fun with familyand friends or enjoying time alone - wherever your mood leads you, Suzukiportable outboards will take you there.PORTABLE FUNMECHANICAL SERIESDF30ADF25ADF20