Mapping The Best Route To Your Financial Success

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Mapping the Best Routeto Your Financial Success

“ Money isn’t magic.It’s what you do with moneythat is magic.” Jim Yockey, Money Moves

Developing a map foryour financial journeyMaking the right decisions along life’s journey can be challenging without aclearly defined plan to help you reach your goals.Fortunately, Wisdom Financial Management specializes in helping youmake the right decisions to help make your financial goals become areality.We are dedicated to highly personal service, and we strive to develop longterm relationships with our clients. Whether it’s estimating the cost of a collegeeducation, determining how much you’ll need for retirement, or rebalancingyour portfolio, we can help you develop a sound financial plan for the future.We will work closely with you to understand your specific financial goals, yourrisk tolerance, time horizon, and investment preferences. Based on that, wewill help: Develop an integrated, personalized investment program Suggest investments and the right asset mix for your unique portfolio Diversify your assets to minimize risk and maximize return Manage the impact of taxes and inflation on your investments Monitor the performance of all your investments Rebalance your investments periodically1

Planningyour journeyThere are many ways to approach the management of your financial life. Ideally, you’retaking advantage of all the tools at your disposal to get to where you want to go. Ourworld has changed – it’s more globally connected, which, in many ways, complicatesfinancial decisions. No longer can we just decide on a strategic direction withoutanticipating alterations. Actively managing new and even not-so-new risks are essentialto our well being.Many, if not most, people have an accountant who files their taxes, an insuranceagent, and either a stockbroker or a self-directed discount brokerage account. Whileeach of these professionals focuses on a narrow aspect of your financial situation, as arule, only the financial planner takes on the responsibility of looking at the big pictureover time. By doing so, he or she can ensure your overall plan (1) is appropriate for risktolerance and growth objectives; (2) is efficient for diversification, insurance coverageand tax purposes; and (3) helps minimize gaps that could leave your family or businessunder-prepared or under-protected.Wisdom Financial Management

A disciplinedinvestment processWe can help you develop a personalized program tailored to your individualsituation. This includes: Assessment of goals, objectives and your risk tolerance Creation of an Investment Policy Statement and ongoing review Asset allocation modeling and portfolio structuring Third-party investment firm analysis and selection Ongoing risk management, attribution and performance reportingWe work with you to develop appropriate, diversified assetallocation strategies to help minimize risk and maximize return.We also provide access to institutional money managers – the sameiinvestment oversight that large institutions receive. This helps you benefitfrom the wisdom of institutional managers, whose experience andknowledge is not typically available to the average investor.3

Your comprehensivefinancial plan should include: Investment planning Education planning Income tax planning Retirement planning Long-term care planning Estate planning I nsurance planningand risk managementIf you are a business owner,your financial plan shouldalso include: Employee retirementbenefits planning Exit planningSome clients need financial planningfor special circumstances: Nontraditional families Terminal illness Divorce Dependents with special needs* J ob change and job loss,including severance packages* Based on financial planning guidelines of theCertified Financial Planner Board of Standards, Inc.To maintain a viable financial plan it’s important to stay informed and take acomprehensive approach by working with a professional financial planner whocan help you navigate the complex financial landscape.Wisdom Financial Management

If your futurecould talk to you,what would it say?Today, you have more choices than ever in what you will do after retirement aswell as in how you can save and prepare for this new phase of life’s journey.But with these choices comes greater complexity.At Wisdom Financial Management, our goal is to help you navigate thechanges and decisions you face as you prepare for retirement. Whether youare deciding how to allocate the dollars in your 401(k), reevaluating your longterm investment strategy or getting ready to convert your hard-earned savingsinto retirement income, we can help you every step of the way. We can helpyou understand the complicated, ever-changing landscape of tax law andinvestment options. At the same time, we can serve as a compass, providingdisciplined, objective advice to help keep you on track to meet your goals.We can help you: Implement investment strategies and solutions Minimize taxes and maximize the money you save andinvest for your future Make wise decisions about your retirement accountsand plan your distribution strategy P reserve, protect, and continue to grow your assetsafter retirement5

Avoiding detoursalong the wayWhat would happen to your family, as well as to your financial objectives,if something unexpected were to happen to you or your spouse? Withoutproper protection, an unexpected disability or death may cause yourfinancial plans to collapse.As we help you map out your financial program, we will help you review andselect the most appropriate protection plans for your situation. We can helpyou analyze how much coverage you need and review the current policiesyou already have in place.Risk management involves an analysis of risks and weaknesses thatthreaten your financial plan, whether from inadequate liability coverageor insufficient life insurance. We identify those factors in your life anddetermine strategies that will help to protect your financial stability. Wecan help you analyze how much coverage you need and review the currentpolicies you already have in place.Long-term care is a special category in risk management. As medical careand technology improve, the costs associated with long-term care continueto inflate at an astonishing rate. The potential impact of these costs canerode a hard-earned nest egg quickly. Because the potential for largemedical expenses and the risk most people will face some need for longterm care, this is a situation that you’ll want to prepare for.Wisdom Financial Management

Educational andclient eventsWisdom Financial Management is committed to helping you be aninformed investor. We help you broaden your base of knowledge andlearn more about financial planning strategies and new investmentopportunities at our educational workshops.The value of independent,objective guidanceWisdom Financial Management provides you with an objective, unbiasedresource of advice based solely on your needs and goals. We are able toprovide guidance that is truly objective, unencumbered by any potentialconflicts of interests.We have no proprietary investment products to recommend and novested interest in promoting a particular product or service. Our onlyinterest is that your investment program meets your financial objectives.You can be confident that when we recommend a certain investmentstrategy or product, we are doing so because we believe it best suitsyour individual situation.7

Finding the true north of yourlong-term financial successWisdom Financial Management specializes in helping investors like youdesign a financial map to help you work toward your financial goals andreach your destination.Our 360-degree, holistic approach involves looking at the whole pictureof your financial health and future goals, and how all the elements ofyour plan can work together most beneficially. We integrate all the partsof your situation into your whole financial picture to provide you with themost suitable guidance.We believe that financial planning is an important element that ensuresthe quality of your life. There is simply no better way to make the most oflife. You owe it to yourself and to those close to you.It would be our pleasure to meet with you to discuss your financialneeds and objectives. Contact us to learn more about how we can helpyou simplify your financial life through comprehensive and personalizedfinancial strategies.Wisdom Financial Management

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