Lincoln-Way 210 2020-2021 Blended Learning Re-Opening Plan

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Lincoln-Way 2102020-2021Re-OpeningPlanBlended Learning–Revised August 3, 2020A/B Days[DATE]LWHS[Company address]

Lincoln-Way Community High School District 210August 3, 2020Dear Lincoln-Way Families and Staff,Lincoln-Way District 210 along with the District 210 Task Force Committee hasdeveloped a plan to welcome our students back to school this fall. Because thissituation is constantly changing, the attached plan may be altered based uponguidance from ISBE and IDPH. It is important that we share the two overarchingconcepts that drove the development of this plan:First, student and staff health and safety is our highest priority. By adhering to theIllinois Department of Public Health (IDPH) Guidelines, we continue to commit tothe adjustment and amendment of our plan if/when this guidance changes.Second, the guidance from the Illinois State Board of Education (ISBE) and IDPHclearly states that “In-person instruction is strongly encouraged,” causing ourcommittee to work to find creative solutions and options for bringing students backto school.With these two guiding principles in mind, Lincoln-Way developed the BlendedLearning A/B model in order to offer families an option for students to return toschool while following all health and safety guidelines set forth in the Return toSchool ISBE Guidelines.We also are providing an Opt-out option for families who choose to keep theirstudents at home. Although we are confident that our Blended A/B plan follows thepresent health guidelines, we understand that there are many factors families arefacing at this time that make it necessary to provide choice.Additionally, in the event that conditions and guidance from ISBE and/or IDPHchange, the district has also developed a Full Remote Learning plan that can beimplemented for all students to learn remotely until officials warrant or recommendthe safe return to Blended A/B or full in-person learning.Lincoln-Way District 210 remains committed to providing the educational, extracurricular, and social-emotional experiences that our community has come toexpect. Although the 2020-21 school year may look different, we remain optimisticand look forward to welcoming our Knights, Griffins, and Warriors back as we cometogether to embrace this unique school year.Respectfully,R. Scott Tingley1

Lincoln-Way Community High School District 210Table of ContentsTable of Contents .2Return to School Plan At-A-Glance .4Summary of Phase 4 of the Governor’s Five-Phase Plan to Restore Illinois .5Calendar Changes .6Blended Learning A/B Overview: Fall 2020 .7Blended Learning A/B Goals:. 7General Guidelines: . 7Blended Learning Student Split: . 8Example Schedules August/September: . 8Blended Learning Student Expectations:. 8Blended Learning Teacher Expectations: . 9Classroom Environment: . 9Grading: . 10Assessments: . 10Curriculum & Instruction: . 11OPT-OUT of Blended Learning: . 11Social-Emotional Wellness & Supports: . 11Passing Periods and Hallway Protocols: . 12Cafeteria Protocol: . 12Self-Certification and Symptom Checks: . 12Teacher Availability: . 12Connectivity: . 12Transportation: . 13Special Needs, 504 and EL Students: . 13Activities . 13Athletics. 14Commitments: . 14IHSA Return to Play Guidelines: . 14Use of Equipment and Personal Equipment:. 15Coaches’ Responsibilities: . 15Athletic Director Responsibilities: . 16Athletic Facilities: . 162

Lincoln-Way Community High School District 210Health and Safety Protocols . 18Facilities Access: . 18Health Screening: . 18Face Coverings: . 18Social Distancing: . 18Personal Hygiene: . 18Shared Supplies and Materials: . 19Illness Procedures and Reporting an Illness: . 19Return to School Guidelines (as directed by IDPH/ISBE): . 20District Facilities . 22Cleaning and Disinfection: . 22Operations . 23HVAC: . 23Distancing with the Facilities: . 23Signage:. 24Nurse’s Office: . 24Full Remote Learning Overview: A Day/B Day . 25Full Remote Learning Goal: . 25Terms and Definitions: . 25Social-Emotional Wellness & Supports: . 26Teacher Availability: . 26Full Remote Learning Schedule: . 27Curriculum & Instruction: . 27Dual Credit/AP: . 28Assessments: . 28Connectivity:. 28Special Needs, 504 and EL Students: . 28Student Expectations during Full Remote Learning: . 28Teacher Expectations during Full Remote Learning: . 283

Lincoln-Way Community High School District 210Return to School Plan At-A-GlanceFirst Day of In-Person Student Attendance: Group A: Thursday, August 20, 2020 Group B: Friday, August 21, 2020In-Person Instruction: Guidance from the Illinois State Board of Education (ISBE) and the Illinois Department of PublicHealth (IDPH) form the foundation for our safe and supportive return to school in which, “inperson instruction is highly recommended.”Change of Plans: Lincoln-Way High School will monitor regional and local COVID-19 infection rates in weeklycoordination with the Will County Health Department and the IDPH. The decision to move to allRemote Learning will be based upon the infectious rate of Will County or our region (Region 7).If the infectious rate reaches 8% for 3 consecutive days in the county or the region, a decision toimplement Remote Learning will be made. Remote Learning would continue until the infectiousrate is below 8% for 14 consecutive days. Additional guidance from IDPH is expected, which willinclude specific metrics to guide school districts in making decisions during the school year.Mandatory Health Precautions: All students, faculty, staff, and visitors will wear face coverings, social distance, and practicefrequent hand sanitization. All staff, students, and visitors must submit a self-certification priorto entering any district facility.Opt-Out of Blended Learning A/B: Parents and guardians can choose the learning environment that best meets the needs of theirstudents. Options include Blended Learning A/B, which combines synchronous andasynchronous learning and instruction, or OPTING OUT of Blended Learning A/B and remotelylearn utilizing a fully online/remote learning platform.Additional Support: English Learners and some Special Education programs have the opportunity to receive inperson instruction more regularly.Free and Reduced Lunch: Serving our students through the Free and Reduced Lunch program will continue regardless ofthe learning environment that families choose.4

Lincoln-Way Community High School District 210Summary of Phase 4 of the Governor’s Five-Phase Plan to Restore IllinoisOur decision to bring students back to school in-person aligns with the guidance for Phase-4 of the FivePhase Plan to Restore Illinois; additionally, returning students to campus is highly recommended byISBE and the Centers for Disease Control (CDC).Currently, regional and local COVID-19 infection rates are relatively low. As such, we are in a position tobring students back to school in-person in adherence to the IDPH guidelines because our localcommunities have mitigated the community spread of COVID-19 to a degree that allows us to operatewell within Phase 4 requirements.Lincoln-Way is committed to adhering to the IDPH guidelines during Phase-4 that include the followingrequirements: Use of appropriate personal protective equipment (PPE), including face