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To speakgrammatically correctEnglish.1.Sheeka the tiger-To understand and identify thenoises of different animals.-To understand the pronounciationof words.Narrate the story with the help ofpictures.List of animal sounds.2. Five little monkeys-To recite the poem with correctintonationNumber rhyme / Narrating a storynumbers.Grammar –1. Funwith Letters11. Capital Letters-To know the alphabets andunderstand the difference betweensmall and capital letters.3. Afternoon in theJungle-Students learn about the sounds ofanimals and birds.Circle the odd oneMatch the columnFill in the missing wordsIntroducing themselves to theclass.-Underline and learn difficultwords.- Drawing a honey comb.-Dictation4.Sand-To learn the poem with properintonationJuneJulyLearning Outcomes5. Night in the jungle6. BoatsGrammar – 2.Naming words5.I, You, He, She, It-To listen read and comprehend thelesson-To understand the rhyming words-Drawing of a beach-Fill in the missing letter-Find the mistakes in thesentencesIdentifying the lettersof the alphabets.Usage of capital lettersto begin a sentence.-Imagination--Sensitivity- Drawing night sky.-Dictation-To know the rhyming words-To recite the poem with correctintonation-Paper boat making-To know about proper andcommon nouns-To know about pronouns-Solving of exercise-Creativity-Solving of worksheet-To identify properand common nouns-to replace nouns withpronouns

7.Paper Boats-To recite the poem with properintonation and actions-Describe your paper boat.-Imagination8.The Elephants andthe Mice-To read and comprehend thelesson-Underline the difficult words-Dramatization-Helping others-Students will say few lines abouttheir siblings-Brotherhood-Exercise solving-Worksheet solving-Using singular andplural forms-Language game-Describing daily routine-Identify the actionwordsAugust9.Go away-Students listen, read andcomprehend the lessonGrammar-3.One andManySeptember8. Action words-Introduction of the concept ofsingular and plural and irregularplural10- The Witch’sdaughter-To know verbs as action words-To recite the poem with correctintonation and action-Find out the rhyming words-Magic tricks-To listen read and comprehend thelesson-Tongue twisters-Riddles11.Dry Dog Wet DogGrammar10.In, On, Under,Near, Behind4. Using A and AnOctoberNovemberDecemberGrammar13. Composition-Introduction to preposition ofplace-To understand the concept ofarticles-To learn and write few lines on agiven topic-Pointing of where things are-Preposition games-Worksheet-Language game-Look at the picture and fill in theblanks-Fill in the blanks with the help ofgiven clues-Dramatization12.Three Billy GoatsA play-To understand the concept of play-Students will be able to narrate astory13.There’s Your Bear-To listen, read and comprehend the -Recognizing shapeslesson-Dictation-Not to be greedy-Identifying thepreposition in asentence-Distinguishing vowelsounds fromconsonant sounds-Writing skill-Creativity-To think wisely-Imagination

JanuaryFebruary14. Sam in theGarden-Students listen, read andcomprehend the lesson-Picture talk- Nature walk-SensitivityGrammar6.Describing words-To know adjectives as describingwords-Using adjectives todescribe nouns.7.This That TheseThose-To know about demonstratives aspronouns and adjectives- Describing objects-Read and circle the describingwords-Note things near and far from thechildren15. Crocodiles aredangerous-To know about the differentanimals that can harm us.-Describe your favourite wildanimal16. Poor Old Tiger- To listen, read and comprehendthe lesson-To recite the poem with actions--To recite the poem with actions-Planning your daily choirs.Grammar9.Is, Am, Are, Has,Have19. Ball on the beach-To understand the concept ofpresent tense and past tense.To read and comprehend the lesson-Underline new words-Solving exercise-WorksheetOutdoor activity20.The Boy from theMoonGrammar12.ComprehensionTo read and comprehend the lessonShort video clip on the Moon.To read the given passage andcomprehend itSolving exerciseWorksheet17. Ten in the bed18. This is the house-Using demonstrativesto indicate objects atdifferent distances---Number rhymeDescribing people andanimals using correcttenseMarchWriting skillPortion for assessments 2019-20Class test-ILESSON NO – 1Pre-mid termLESSON NO –2,3,4,5Half yearlyLESSON NO –6,7,8,9,10,11Class test-IILESSON NO – 12Post-mid termLESSON NO –13,14,15AnnualLESSON NO –16,17,18,19,20GRAMMAR – L1,11L2,5,3L8,10,4,13L6L7,9L12,2,6,8

ScienceUnit/ ContentExpected Learning OutcomeActivities/ Class Assignments/Home assignments-To acquire knowledge about-Potting a plant and observingplants and different types ofgrowth of plants.plants.-Collage using different-To understand growth of plants. seeds.-PPT on growth of a plant.-Pasting pictures of differenttypes of plants.Value Skills-Importance of plants inhuman as well as animallife.June /JulyL 1 A Green WorldJulyL 2 Food fromplants.-To acquire knowledge aboutthings that we get from plants.AugustL 3 The animalworldSeptemberL 4 Food and shelterfor animals.-To classify the big and smallanimals.-To know about different typesof birds, insects etc.-To know the different habitatsof animals.-To know about animals andtheir food habits.-To know about animals andtheir homes.-Hanging things that we getfrom plants.-PPT on different types ofplants.- New words-Collecting pictures ofland, water andamphibian animals.-Show chart of animals andtheir habitat.-Amazing facts aboutanimals.- To make simple animalswith clay.-Match the pairs( with theirhomes and what they eat)-New words.-Differentiate betweenplants and understandthe growth of plants.-To differentiate betweenbig and small.-To identify animalhabitats.-To identify the homesof animals.-To identify foodhabits of differentanimals.

SeptemberOctoberL 5 My Body-Students will be able torecognize the bodyparts.-Acquire knowledge to list outthe work done by each senseorgan.L 6 Our Needs-To understand the importanceof eating healthy food.-To know the sources of food.-To understand the importanceof keeping fit and clean.-To emphasize the importanceof outdoor games andexercises’.-Make the students know theuse of sense organs with thehelp of objects and differentactions.-Drawing different senseorgans and associating wordswith it.-Activity on healthy andunhealthy food items.-Do’s and Don’ts list.-Understand theimportance of senseorgans.-To organize a Yogaactivity in the class and talkabout favourite sports.-To stick pictures ofdifferent types of outdoorand indoor games.- Importance ofphysical fitness.November/DecemberL 7 Keeping FitDecemberL 8 Safety First-Understand the importance ofsafety rules.-Understand the importance ofcleanliness and good health.JanuaryL 9 Good habits-To understand that good habits - Showing objects related tokeeps us healthy.personal hygiene.-To understand the difference-Cleaning class room andbetween good and bad habits.surroundings.-Make a zebra crossing on theground and show studentshow to cross the road.-Show things which are safeand unsafe.-Draw traffic signal andfew traffic signs.-Importance of safetyrules.-Tips to remain healthyand strong.-Importance ofcleanliness.

L 10 We need airFebruaryMarch-To understand the concept ofair.-Uses of air.L 11 We need water. -To acquire knowledge aboutthe importance of water.-Uses of water.L 12 How is theweather-Different types of weather andseasons.L 13 Up in the sky-To understand the concept ofMoon Sun and the Stars.-Making paper fans andaeroplanes out of waste paper.-Give balloons to blow.-Experiments on air andwater.-Dictation.-Correct the jumbled words.- Small skit on savewater.-Make a list of differentactivities to save water.- To demonstrate objects thatfloat or sink in water.-Dictation-Activity related todifferent seasons.- Arrange clothesaccording to seasons.-Colour the rainbow.-Day and night activity.-Importance of uses ofair.-Conservation of water.-To understand theconcept of float and sink.-To understand thechanging climaticconditions.-To understand theconcept of day and night.-To stick pictures of day andnight.L 14 Going to themoon-To understand the concept ofhow the rocket travels in space.-To know more about anastronaut.-To show pictures of famousIndian astronauts.- To make different shapes ofmoon.-To understand differentphases of moon.

Portion for Assessment for 2019-20 (Science)Class test-ILESSON NO – L1Pre-mid termLESSON NO –L2,L3Half yearlyLESSON NO –L4,L5,L6, L7.Class test-IILESSON NO – L8Post-mid termLESSON NO – L9,L10AnnualLESSON NO –L11, L12,L13, L14.

MATHSMonthUnit/ ContentExpected Learning OutcomeJuneL1 Numbers up to 20Students are able to write and readthe numbers and number names,build numbers, compare the numbersand place it correctly from biggest tosmallestJulyL2 Addition up to 10Students are able to add 1 digitnumbers without carryoverActivities/ Class Assignments/Home assignmentsNumber gamesLearn a number songValue SkillsVideoAdding with help of objects.Accuracy and Estimationskill are developedAccuracy and Estimationskills are developedStudents are able to solve additionfacts, vertical additions and addingthree numbersL3 Subtraction up to10July/ AugustL5 Addition andSubtraction up to 20August/SeptemberL6 Numbers up to 50Students are able to count back tosubtractStudents are able to solve verticalsubtraction, subtraction factsStudents are able to add and subtracta single digit number from 2 digitnumber.Students are able to solve wordproblemsStudents will understand formingnumbers up to 50Students will understand reading andwriting numbers and number namesup to 50Students will understand to comparethe numbers and arrange them inincreasing and decreasing orderVideoSubtract with help of objects.PPTGame on addition andSubtraction.Accuracy and PrecisionNumber gamesAccuracy and Precision

September/OctoberL8 Numbers up to 100 Students will understand formingnumbers up to 100Students will understand reading andwriting numbers and number namesup to 100Students will understand to comparethe numbers and arrange them inincreasing and decreasing orderOctoberNovember/DecemberRevision for term-IL4 Shapes andpatternsDecemberL7 MeasurementsDecember/JanuaryL11 Data HandlingJanuary/FebruaryL9 Addition andSubtraction up to 100MarchL10 Time and moneyRevisionRevisionStudents are able to understand theconcept of different shapesStudents are able to understand solidfigureStudents are able to understand theconcept of straight and curved lineStudents are able to compare lengthsand weightsStudents are able to understandmeaning of capacityStudents are able to understand to listand to interpret the data reading thetableStudents are able to understand 2digit and 1 digit addition andsubtraction. They learn to solve wordproblemStudents learn to read time, days ofthe week, months in a year.Students are able to count moneyRevisionNumber songVideoAccuracy and PrecisionShapes of different objectswhich children observe in thesurroundingsRevisionImagination skills andgeometry concepts aredevelopedPPTMeasuring ObjectsDevelops sense ofestimationGame on data handling.Accuracy of reading dataVideoGame on addition andsubtraction up to 100Accuracy and precisionClock – Showing timeMoney – game on shoppingAccuracy and precisionRevisionRevisionPortion for assessments 2019-20Class test-ILESSON NO – 1Pre-mid termLESSON NO – 2, 3Half yearlyLESSON NO –5,6,8Class test-IILESSON NO – 4Post-mid termLESSON NO – 7,11AnnualLESSON NO –9,10

COMPUTERMonthsUnit/ContentExpected Learning OutcomesJuneComputer :A machineJulyUses of ComputerTo enable the students to- Know about the different typesof computer- Identify the basic parts of acomputerTo enable the students to-Know the different types ofmachines commonly used-Identify a computer as amachine-Recognize that machines workfaster than humans withoutgetting tired-Uses of a computerTo enable the students to-Identify the different ways inwhich a computer is useful-Identify the different placeswhere computer is used-Parts of computerAugustParts of ComputerSeptemberFriendly MouseTo enable the students torecognize mouse pointer-Identify the functions ofmouse button.OctoberKnow the KeyboardTo enable the students toidentify the different commandson a ts-To turn on and shutdown a computer-To draw a computer-Page 7 activityValue skillsBasic knowledge ofcomputer-To observe variousmachines in oursurroundings-To use calculatorapplication-To ask childrento open note padand writenumbers-To observe thedifferentusesand parts ofcomputer-WorksheetImportance of machinein our livesTo operate the mouseImportance ofmouse.Importance ofcomputers in our lives-To operate the keyboard To use the keyboard.-New words

NovemberDecemberIntroduction of MS Paint To enable the students to launchMS Paint .Identify the basic tools of MSPaint and its functions.Quick Revision -1,2,3Quick Revision-1,2,3January/February AssessmentsMarchRevision-To operate the basictools to create a picture.To operate MS Paint.Quick Revision-1,2,3Quick isionRevisionRevisionPortion for Assessment for 2019-20Class test-IPre-mid-termHalf yearly-Class test-IIPost-mid-term-AnnualLesson no-L 1Lesson no- L 2, L 3Written: - L 1, L 2,L 3.Lesson no- L 4Lesson no- L 5, L 6Written:- L 4,L 5, L6,Practical –L3Practical –L6

GENERAL KNOWLWDGEMonthJuneUnitActivities/AssessmentsValue SkillsWORLD AROUNDUSMe, MyselfJulyExpected learningOutcomeTo be familiar with ownselfActivity sheet-Myself.Introducing self.To create awarenessabout the worldaround us.About My BodyTo understand the bodyparts and its useTo show different body parts andtell their uses.Understanding ofbody parts.Get My Name!To learn about some of themetro cities of IndiaStick any two pictures of metrocities.Learning some of themetro cities.My FamilyTo know about FamilyStick your family photo.Understanding aboutfamily and familymembers.Signs to guideRecognition of importan