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Native American Symbols hicanNative American Symbols4The Indigenous People of the United StatesDiscover interesting facts and information about the history and culture of Native American Indians and their tribesWhat Animal Sign are you?aboutastro.comFind out your Zodiac Animal Sign & Get Your Free & Complete Portrait!A comprehensive illustrated guide to Native American Symbols ofAmerica with pictures and videos. Native American symbols representideas and convey emotions and feelings. Discover the meanings of NativeAmerican symbols of the eagle, the hand print and arrows depicted onvarious objects and in War Paint. Read about the symbols in PictureWriting, Tree Pictures and the Creek alphabet.Indian TribesPictures of the Native AmericansHistory of Native AmericansNative American IndiansNative American ClothingThe Indian WarsNative American HousesNative American Indian NamesNative Indian Tribes IndexNative American StoriesNative American CultureNative Indian Weapons and ToolsFamous Native AmericansNative American LifeNative Indian ArtNative American Women*** Visit Colonial America for the History of the Colonists ***Native American SymbolsThe above picture of an Iowa warrior illustrates the mysterious andintimidating symbols of his war paint. All of our articles are accompaniedby pictures, paintings and many have videos - all bringing the subject ofNative American Symbols to life and enabling a better understanding ofthe secret messages that they hold. Traditional Native American pictureswere usually flat, highly colorful, and two-dimensional. Native Americansymbols were geometric portrayals of celestial bodies, natural phenomenaand animal designs.Native American merican-symbols/index.htm[4/24/2014 11:11:10 AM]

Native American Symbols ***Native American Symbols can vary in meaning from one tribe to anotherand across different regions. These symbols were used for a variety ofreasons and on depicted on numerous objects. War paint, bodydecoration, used by Indian warriors contained secret symbols - evenhorses were painted with symbols. Many were spiritual in natureconveying religion and beliefs. Others conveyed immediate secretmessages to other tribe members identifying specific clans. Some NativeAmerican symbols were specific to individual families and passed downfrom one generation to another. Others had a practical purpose such asproviding directions or indicating a good hunting or designating an areafor a specific purpose.Native American Symbols and MeaningsAn illustrated guide to Native American Symbols of America with pictures and videos. The articles on Native AmericaSymbols include the Interpretation and Meanings of the symbols and picture writing found on various material objectsand items. Click the following link for all other forms of Native Indian Art and Crafts.Native American Symbols and SignsSymbols and signs were used for a variety of different reasons in the Native American culture and were depicted onnumerous objects and articles used by the men and women of the tribes.Native American SymbolsNative American Symbols and MeaningsPower AnimalsInterpretation of SymbolsSymbols and SignsMeanings of Animal SymbolsAnimal TotemsColor Meanings & SymbolismMeanings of Bird SymbolsSymbols and MeaningsTree SymbolsPicture Dictionary of SymbolsList of SymbolsAmerican Indian TattoosTotem Pole Symbols & MeaningsAstrology Symbols ChartWriting in Symbols -   Worksheet 1        Worksheet 2        Worksheet 3        Worksheet 4Scalps Taken SymbolMeaning of Hand symbolLightning SymbolPictogramBear and Bear Track SymbolRain SymbolsFour Ages of ManRain CloudsArrow SymbolWar SymbolIndian Camp SymbolMedicine Man's EyePeace SymbolJourney Horse SymbolDeer Track SymbolBird Track SymbolMorning Star SymbolMountain Range erican-symbols/index.htm[4/24/2014 11:11:10 AM]

Native American Symbols ***Symbol of ManSun SymbolCactus SymbolFeathers SymbolDays & Nights SymbolGreat Spirit SymbolDancer SymbolTurtle SymbolMany Fish SymbolEagle SymbolWater SymbolLake SymbolDrum SymbolCamp Fire SymbolStar SymbolMoon SymbolWinter SymbolSpring & Summer SymbolsArrowhead SymbolWolf TracksDragonflyKokopelli SymbolCoyote SymbolGila MonsterEnclosure SymbolHummingbirdSaddlebag SymbolThunderbird SymbolWhite SoldiersTrickster SymbolTwins SymbolHeartline SymbolZuni Bear SymbolLove SymbolHomecoming SymbolStrength symbolButterfly symbolRaven SymbolCircle SymbolsRaven symbolChange symbolCrow symbolDeath symbolOwl symbolFriendship symbolChange symbolHandprint SymbolDeath symbolFox symbolFamily SymbolMother symbolHorned SerpentBear symbolGreat Serpent symbolFeathered Serpent symbolAvanyu symbolSerpent SymbolBrothers symbolFire symbolShaman symbolFalcon symbolBird Man symbolChunkey symbolPanther SymbolWarrior symbolHand Eye symbolPiasa SymbolRed Horn SymbolRaccoon SymbolYei symbolHarmony symbolSpider SymbolCross in a CircleSwastika SymbolSquare SymbolSymbol of LifeWoman SymbolMan in the MazeProtection SymbolSisters SymbolFertlity SymbolHawk SymbolHope SymbolSnake SymbolHorse SymbolSymbols for Letters - AlphabetsWolf SymbolGrave Post SymbolsHoof Print SymbolNative American Symbols and MeaningsPicture Dictionary of Native American SymbolsThe Native American Dictionary of symbols provides a complete list of symbols and signs in alphabetical order providingtheir meaning and interpretation with pictures of the symbols, signs, motifs and icons.Native American Symbols - Meanings of Animal SymbolsThis section covers the symbols and meanings of a variety of different animals. Animal symbols are very special to theNative Americans. Native American Animal symbols and totems are believed to represent the physical form of a spirithelper and guide. Learn about the meaning of Animal Symbols including animals such as the Deer, Fox, Gila Monster,Raccoon, Snake, Turtle, Wolf & Horse.Native American Symbols - Color SymbolismThis article will allow you to gain an insight into the color meanings and symbolism of the secret and mysterioussymbols used by Native American Indians. Understand the significance of pictures Native Americans - such as the ican-symbols/index.htm[4/24/2014 11:11:10 AM]

Native American Symbols ***Indian picture. What is the significance of the red and black face paint? Native American Indians believe that certaincolors have religious, or sacred, meanings and connotations.Native American Symbols - Meanings of Bird SymbolsNative American Symbols, like the Bird Symbols, can vary in meaning from one tribe and culture to another. Because oftheir amazing power of flight, many birds are revered as bringers of messages and symbols of change. They includesong birds, water birds and birds of prey and the creatures of legend and mythology such as the thunderbird and thePiasa Bird.Native American Symbols - American Indian TattoosNative American Symbols are often used in tattoos featuring pictures and the culture of American Indians. Thesignificance of different designs of American Indian tattoos varied as did the reasons for adopting tattoo traditions.American Indian tattoos might be symbolic marking an important event such as a rite of passage in a person's progressin life from one status to another, coming of age or a initiation which was often accompanied by ceremonies. This articleprovides ideas and inspiration for symbols to use on tattoos.Native American Symbols - Grave-postsThe Native American Indians venerated their dead and grave-posts were used by some tribes to commemorate the lifeof a brave warrior or chief. The picture drawings on grave-posts consisted of symbols that represented the life of thedeceased Native American Indian, his family, his deeds of courage against enemies or during hunting parties and alsoand wounds that were received in battle.Native American Symbols - The Interpretation of SymbolsThe interpretation of Symbols reveals secrets of the rituals and traditions of Native Americans, an understanding of theirlegends and mythology and their unique view of the world and their surroundings. The enigmatic symbols of the theMississippian culture of the Mound Builders are difficult to interpret. The true meaning and interpretation of their symbolscan never really be known and their meanings, and some of our conclusions, are based on best guesses by piecingfragments of information together.Native American Symbols - The Creek AlphabetThe traditional Creek alphabet was adopted by the tribe in the late 1800s is based on the Latin script but transcribed asNative American symbols. There are 20 letters in the Creek alphabet. The traditional Creek alphabet was adopted bythe tribe in the late 1800s is based on the Latin script. There are 20 letters in the Creek alphabet. It is based on theMuskogee Creek language.Native American Symbols and other Non-verbal forms of CommunicationThe meanings and use of symbols was just one of the forms of non-verbal communication methods used by erican-symbols/index.htm[4/24/2014 11:11:10 AM]

Native American Symbols ***American Indians. The different types of non-verbal communication methods were:Smoke SignalsFire signals that were used at nightWar paintHorse War PaintNative American Sign LanguageMirrors - messages could be sent over long distances using sunlight to direct the flashesPiles of stones could be used to convey messagesPicture messages on trees, skins, rocks using Native American SymbolsNative American SymbolsNative American Symbols for kidsSymbols of Native AmericansImages and Pictures of NativeIndiansInteresting Facts and information foron symbols kids and schoolsSigns, Icons, Motifs, Life, culture andbeliefsCulture and way of lifeNative American Symbolinterpretation for kids with picturesand VideosPictures and Videos of Native American SymbolsNative American Symbols! Discover the vast selection of pictures on the subject of Native American Symbols. Thepictures show the clothing, weapons and decorations of various Native American Indian tribes that can be used as areally useful educational resource for kids and children of all ages. We have included pictures and videos to accompanythe main topic of this section. The videos enable fast access to the images, paintings and pictures together with theinformation and the many facts featured on this subject. Details of all of the articles and pages contained can be accessed via the Native Indian Tribes Index. We hope you enjoy watching theNative American videos - just click and play - a great educational resource for rican-symbols/index.htm[4/24/2014 11:11:10 AM]

Native American Symbols ***Native American Symbols - Pictures - Examples - Motifs - Signs - Interpretation - Teaching resource - Teachers - Kids - Native AmerCopyright 2012 Native-Indian-Tribes.comCookies erican-symbols/index.htm[4/24/2014 11:11:10 AM]Privacy Statement