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joSystem Requirements for SAS 9.4 Foundationfor Microsoft Windows for x64

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Table of ContentsOverview . 1Additional Resources . 1Configuring Your I/O Subsystem . 1Troubleshooting System Performance Problems . 1SAS Technical Support . 1Software Requirements . 2Preparing for Installation . 2File System Requirements . 2Administrator Privileges . 2Anti-virus and/or Firewall Software . 2Conversions of Format Catalogs . 2Windows Software Updates . 2Windows for x64 Environments . 3Server Operating Systems . 3Client Operating Systems . 4Web Browsers . 4Remote Browsing . 5Java Requirements . 6Hardware Requirements . 7Machines Supported . 7Distribution Media . 7System Configuration . 7Desktop Systems . 7Server Systems . 7Monitors Supported . 7Space Requirements . 7DBCS Support. 8National Language Support (NLS) . 8Asian Language Support . 8Additional Features . 9The User Installation Experience in SAS 9.4 . 9Internet Access . 9HTMLHelp Viewer . 10SAS Universal Viewer. 10Dynamic Data Exchange . 10Email . 10SAS Service Configuration Utility . 10SAS Deployment Wizard and Subset Orders . 11Specific Product Requirements . 12Base SAS Software . 12Requirements for SPD Engine on Microsoft Windows for x64 . 12SAS Analytics Accelerator for Teradata . 12SAS High-Performance Forecasting . 12SAS In-Database Code Accelerator for Greenplum . 13i8 March 2021

SAS In-Database Code Accelerator for Hadoop. 13SAS In-Database Code Accelerator for Teradata. 14SAS Scoring Accelerator for Aster . 14SAS Scoring Accelerator for DB2 . 15SAS Scoring Accelerator for Greenplum . 15SAS Scoring Accelerator for Hadoop . 16SAS Scoring Accelerator for Netezza . 16SAS Scoring Accelerator for Oracle . 17SAS Scoring Accelerator for SAP HANA . 17SAS Scoring Accelerator for SPD Server . 18SAS Scoring Accelerator for Teradata . 19SAS/ACCESS Interface to Amazon Redshift . 19SAS/ACCESS Interface to Aster . 20SAS/ACCESS Interface to DB2 . 20SAS/ACCESS Interface to Greenplum . 21SAS/ACCESS Interface to Hadoop . 21SAS/ACCESS Interface to HAWQ . 21SAS/ACCESS Interface to Impala . 22SAS/ACCESS Interface to JDBC . 22SAS/ACCESS Interface to Microsoft SQL Server . 22SAS/ACCESS Interface to MySQL . 23SAS/ACCESS Interface to Netezza . 23SAS/ACCESS Interface to ODBC . 24SAS/ACCESS Interface to OLE DB . 24SAS/ACCESS Interface to Oracle . 24SAS/ACCESS Interface to PC Files . 25SAS/ACCESS Interface to the PI System . 26SAS/ACCESS Interface to PostgreSQL . 26SAS/ACCESS Interface to Salesforce . 26SAS/ACCESS Interface to SAP ASE . 27SAS/ACCESS Interface to SAP HANA . 27SAS/ACCESS Interface to SAP IQ . 27SAS/ACCESS Interface to Snowflake . 28SAS/ACCESS Interface to Teradata . 28SAS/ACCESS Interface to Vertica . 29SAS/ACCESS Interface to Yellowbrick . 29SAS/AF . 29SAS/CONNECT . 30SAS/EIS . 30SAS/Genetics . 30SAS/GIS . 30SAS/GRAPH . 31ii

SAS/IML Studio . 31RAM and Disk Space . 31Display Settings . 31SAS/IntrNet . 31CGI Tools and Applications . 31Java Tools and Applications . 32SAS/OR . 32SAS/TOOLKIT . 32SAS/Warehouse Administrator . 32iii

System Requirements for SAS 9.4 Foundation for Microsoft Windows for x64OverviewThis document provides requirements for installing and running SAS 9.4 Foundation on MicrosoftWindows for x64. The requirements in this document have been updated for the seventhmaintenance release of SAS 9.4, SAS 9.4M7 (TS1M7).You must update your system to meet the minimum requirements before running SAS 9.4Foundation.The following major requirements are listed in this document: Software RequirementsHardware RequirementsAdditional FeaturesSpace RequirementsSpecific Product RequirementsFor additional information and to view the latest system requirements for your system, visit the SASInstall Center website, .Additional ResourcesConfiguring Your I/O SubsystemSAS recommends the white paper titled Best Practices for Configuring your I/O Subsystem for SAS 9Applications. You can access it edings16/SAS6761-2016.pdf.Troubleshooting System Performance ProblemsFor a list of papers that are useful for troubleshooting system performance problems, see Technical SupportFor information about SAS Technical Support, visit 1

System Requirements for SAS 9.4 Foundation for Microsoft Windows for x64Software RequirementsPreparing for InstallationFile System RequirementsFor releases prior to SAS 9.4 M3, the 8.3 filename convention must remain enabled. The use of filesystems supporting long filenames is recommended.Administrator PrivilegesAn installer must have administrator privileges to install various updates. This requirement ensuresthat SAS 9.4 Foundation can be completely and safely installed.Anti-virus and/or Firewall SoftwareBefore you start, SAS recommends closing your anti-virus and firewall software. Some anti-virusand/