Audio Setup And Making Calls

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Forward yourphone calls1Quick Start GuideAudio setup and making callsWant your calls to go toyour Voice Mail or to yourcell phone or a hotelroom phone?1.2Select Forward Calls To.3.Select New Number orContact. Choose a contact,or type a number in theForward Calls field.Set up your audio deviceFirst things first: set up your audio device and check the quality. You can use yourcomputer’s mic and speakers, plug in a headset.In the lower-left of the mainSkype for Business window,click the Call Forwardingbutton.2.311.Click Select Your Primary Device in the lowerleft corner of the main Skype for Businesswindow.2.Click Audio Device Settings.3.Pick your device from the AudioDevice menu, and adjust thespeaker and mic volume.Sara Nyberg – Available – Video CapableAccount ExecutiveAaron Buxton – Available – Video CapableLab SpecialistAdam Jarman – Available – Video CapableEngineer IIArianne LaBatelier – Available – Video Capable2Technical Analyst II3Turn off call forwardingStart a call12(425) 555-12121.Hover on a contact’spic until the quickmenu appears.2.Click the Phonebutton.Start a conference call1.Which Skype should I use?Skype for Business is for connecting with a co-worker or business associate.Skype is for connecting with your grandma, or chatting with friends whilegaming. 2015 Microsoft Corporation. All rights reserved.In your Contacts list,select multiple contactsby holding the Ctrl key,and clicking the names.12.Right-click any of theselected names, then click Start a Conference Call.3.Click Skype Call.23

Add audio to an IMconversationAnswer a callWhen someone calls you, an alert pops up in thelower-right of your screen. To answer the call, click anywhere on thephoto area. To reject the call, click Ignore. To start an instant messaging (IM)conversation with the caller instead of anaudio call, click Options, and then Reply byIM. To reject the call and other calls, until youchange your status click Options, and thenSet to Do not Disturb.Sara NybergACCOUNT EXECUTIVE, Available – Video CapableIn the conversation window, clickthe Phone button.Sara NybergAccount ExecutiveUse audio call controlsDuring a call, point to the buttons to do the following:Invite more people to a call1.In the Meeting pane, click2.Select or multi-select (Ctrl-click) from your contacts, or type someone’s name orphone number in the Search field, then select them from the results. Click OK. To put the call on hold, click the Hold button. To mute your audio, click the Mic button in the conversationwindow. If call transferring isavailable for youraccount, click theTransfer button, andselect the number youwant. To hang up, click thePhone button in theconversation window.or, in the Participants pane, clickYour new invitees receive a request to join your call.Sara Nyberg

Want to shut your virtual office door?Royce FrylandQuick Start GuidePresence is automatically set based on yourOutlook calendar but you can change it temporarilyif you want to. Presence status is a quick way forother people see whether or not you’re free to chat.Here are the presence settings you can change:If your presence is:Contacts, presence, and IMFind someoneIt means you are:Connect with people in your organization, or with friends who have a Skype account.Available *Online and availableBe Right Back **Away from your computer brieflyAway *, **Logged on, but have been away from computer for aperiod of time.Off Work **Not working or not availableBusy *, **Hard at work and shouldn’t be interruptedIn a call *In a Skype for Business call (two-party call)In a meeting *In a meeting (using Skype for Business or Outlook)In a conference call *In a Skype for Business conference call (Skypemeeting with audio)Do Not Disturb **Do not want to be disturbed. You will see IMs, butonly if you’re both in the same Workgroup.Presenting *Giving a presentationOut of the officeSet to OOF in your Outlook calendarOffline *Not signed inUnknownPresence can’t be detected* Set automatically for youbased on your keyboardactivity or Outlookcalendar.** You can set yourpresence to this anytimeyou want.Which Skype should I use?Skype for Business is for connecting with a co-worker or business associate.1.Type a name in the Search box. As soon as you do, the tabs below the Search fieldchange from this:to this:2.If the person is in your organization, stay on the MY CONTACTS tab. If not, click onthe SKYPE DIRECTORY tab. It will narrow your search if you know their full name orSkype user name.Add a contactOnce you find a person, add them toyour Contacts list for quick access.1.Right-click the name in the searchresults.2.Click Add to Contact List.3.Pick a group to add your newcontact to.122View a contact card1.Tap a contact picture.2.Tap the Contact Card buttonto open Contact Card.Skype is for connecting with your grandma, or chatting with friends while gaming.1 2015 Microsoft Corporation. All rights reserved.1Royce FrylandSenior Web Developer233

Create a groupAdd audio, video and share files in an IM conversationSet up a group for each team you work with so you quickly see who’s available, orcommunicate with the entire team at once.11.Click the Add a Contact button.2.Select Create a New Group.3.Begin typing your new group name.2Add video Add audioMore optionsShare your desktop, or aprogram like PowerPointSwitch between conversations3If you have several conversationsor meetings going on at thesame time, Skype for Businessdisplays them all in one place, soyou can toggle between them.Send an instant messageUse instant messaging (IM) to touch base with your contacts right away.1.2.3.In your Contacts list, point tothe contact you want to IM. Ifyou want to IM with morethan one contact, hold downthe Ctrl key and click eachcontact name.1RoyceFrylandRoyceFreelandClick a tab on the left to view anIM conversation.3Hey, Peter wants me to write the MGCBNS report this month.Umm stupid question, but what does MGCBNS stand for?Not a stupid question at all. Management Group CouncilBrand Networking Statistics.Oh my.Need to add someone tothe IM?From the main Skype forBusiness window, drag acontact pic onto the IMwindow.Royce FrylandSenior Web Developer2Click the IM button.Type your message andpress the Enter key onyour keyboard.Royce FrylandAnh LaiFind a previous IM conversationIf you use Outlook and Exchange, Skype for Business automatically saves your IMconversation history. To view or continue a previous IM conversation or see an IMrequest you missed:1.Click the Conversations tab.2.Click the All or Missed tab. If youdon’t see the conversation you’relooking for, click View More inOutlook at the bottom of the list.3.Double-click the conversation thatyou want to open.Or, as we like to call it: Magic Beans.Let me know if you need any help. I ve done it inthe past, so I know the gotchas. Like don t trade your cow for it! Seriously, if you need anyhelp, just ping me.12

Choose your view11.In the conversation window, click the Pop outvideo gallery arrow.2.Click the Pick a layout button and choose a view:3.4. Gallery View shows everyone’s video streams Speaker View shows only the presenter’s. Content View shows only the meeting content. Compact View shows pics of the participants ina compact window.Quick Start GuideMeetingsPam McCullough2314Conversation 3 (Participants)Click Full Screen View fora large view of the videostreams.Schedule a Skype for Business meeting(This is an Outlook task.)1.Click Pop in the videogallery to show the gallery in the conversation window again.Join a Skype Meeting—There are so many ways!In the main window, click the Meetings tab, thendouble-click the meeting you want to join.2.Open your Outlook Calendar, click the Home tab, andclick New Skype Meeting. (If you are in Skype forBusiness (Lync) mode, this button still says New Skypemeeting.)Complete themeetingrequest justlike younormallywould.Add your [email protected] the meeting request, click JoinSkype Meeting.Add yourThis is added automatically.1 (425) 555-1212Skype for Business is for connecting with a co-worker or business associate.Skype is for connecting with your grandma, or chatting with friends while gaming. 2015 Microsoft Corporation. All rights reserved.Attendees will click the JoinSkype Meeting link to jointhe meeting.In a meeting reminder,click Join Online.Which Skype should I use?2Set meeting optionsYou can set some meeting options in Outlookbefore you even send the meeting request—likewho will be able to get into the meeting directlyand who has to wait in the virtual lobby.agenda ormeetinginfo

Share your desktop or aprogram2It’s easy to capture audio, video,IM, and what’s being presented.Need to show everyone what you’re talkingabout?1.In the meeting window, click thePresent button.2.Click Present Desktop to show theentire contents of your desktop, orclick Present Programs anddouble-click the program you wantto share.Record and play back a meeting1.In the meeting window, clickthe More Options button.2.Click Start Recording.3.After the meeting, go toManage Recordings topublish, play, rename, ordelete the recording.121Share a PowerPoint presentation1.In the meetingwindow, click thePresent button.2.Click PresentPowerPoint Files.3.Browse to the fileyou want to presentand click OK.Manage meeting participantsMeeting getting unruly? If you’re the presenter, you are incontrol.1.Click the Participants button to open the Participantspane so you can see a list of everyone in the meeting.2.Click the Participant Actions button.3.Click one or multiplebuttons to apply thesesettings to all attendees.See the presenter’snotes (just you—noAdvance tothe next slide3one else can see them)Show thumbnails of theslides, and select thenext one to presentDone presenting?Need to invite more people?Click this:Click this:

Give control to others Quick Start GuideAllow others to flip through slides, contribute information, and make changes toa whiteboard or OneNote, PowerPoint or other kind of file, or demonstrate aprogram with just a couple of clicks. Take back control at any time.1.Click Give Control.2.Pick a particular person or click Give ControlAutomatically to automatically give access to3.anyone who asks for control of your desktop. and, take back control1.Click Give Control again.2.If Give Control Automatically is selected, click it to clear it. Or to takeback control from a person, click Take Back Control.Sharing and collaborationShare your desktop or a program2Need to show everyone what you’re talking about?1.In the meeting window, click the Presentbutton.2.Click Present Desktop to show the entirecontents of your desktop or Select who can download shared filesIn a scheduled meeting, you can restrict who can download a copy of a fileyou’re sharing—like if the information is still a draft or is confidential.1.Click the Present button, and then click the Manage Presentable Contentbutton.2.Click the Permissions button, and then select from: Organizer - just the person who setup the meeting Presenters - just the people who theorganizer set up as presenters Anyone - all participantsClick Present Programs and double-click theprogram you want to share.3.Double-click the program youwant to share.4.If you share a program, it willhave a yellow border and a NowPresenting tab on your desktop.5.13To stop sharing, click StopPresenting on the bar atthe top of your screen, orat the top of theconversation window.54Which Skype should I use?Skype for Business is for connecting with a co-worker or business associate.Skype is for connecting with your grandma, or chatting with friends while gaming. 2015 Microsoft Corporation. All rights reserved.

Share a PowerPoint presentationShare notes with OneNote1.In the meetingwindow, click thePresent button.2.Click PresentPowerPoint Files.3.Browse to the fileyou want to presentand click OK.OneNote is fully integrated with Skype forBusiness. You, or anyone you’ve givenpermissions to before the meeting, can haveaccess to the OneNote file and take notes.1.In the conversation window, click thePresent button, and then chooseShared Notes.2.Select an existing notebook, or clickNew Notebook to create a new one.Participants who joined the meetingusing Skype for Business areautomatically added to an attendee listin the OneNote.See the presenter’snotes (just you—noAdvance tothe next slideone else can see them)21Show thumbnails of theslides, and select thenext one to presentShare a whiteboardShare a file or aNeed to show what you’re talking about? Draw it using the Whiteboard! It’salso great for brainstorming.picture If this is a two-personimpromptu meeting, thesimplest way is to drag anddrop—either to the IM area orto a participant’s name.In the conversation window, click the Present button, click More, andthen click Whiteboard.Check out the toolset on the right side of the whiteboard. It’s even got a laserpointer.If you’re in a scheduled meeting,click the Present button, thenselect Add Attachment.

Quick Start GuideChoose your view1.In the conversation window, clickthe Pop out video gallery arrow.2.Click the Pick a layout button andchoose a view: Gallery View to show all theparticipants’ video streams. Speaker View to show only thepresenter’s.Video1Set up your video devicePam McCullough Content View to show only themeeting content. Compact View to show pics of the participants in a compact window.3.Click Full Screen View for a large view of the video streams.4.Click Pop in the video gallery to show the gallery in the conversation windowagain.23You need a camera to share video ofyourself, but you don’t need one to seesomeone else’s video. From the main screen, clickTools then Video Device Settings. If you see you, you’re set! If not,make adjustments. Click CameraSettings.4Conversation 3 (Participants)Start a video call1.Tap a contact’spicture.2.Tap the Video button.12A message pops up onthe other person’sscreen asking if they want to accept your call. (To stop showing video ofyou at any point, just click the Video button again.)Which