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Skype for Business Connection InstructionsFor instructions on how to use Skype for Business, please see below.A. Connecting to Skype for BusinessB. Set Skype to Launch on StartupC. Display your Availability StatusD. Find Contacts and ChatE. Respond to a Chat AlertF. Create a GroupG. Make an Audio or Video CallH. Adjust Your Audio SettingsI. Send a File or Image in ChatJ. Share a Program, Presentation, or Desktop ScreenK. Schedule a Meeting with Outlook and Skype for BusinessL. Adding Skype for Business to Your Library-Issued Mobile Device

A. Connecting to Skype for Business1. Follow instructions to connect to the Library’s network.2. Click on theicon in the system tray to open the application. If this icon is not in your system tray,open the Start Menu and search: Skype for Business 2016.3. On the sign-in screen pictured, enter your Library email address and click Sign In:4. The app will recognize your Library credentials and allow you to sign in. Your home screen will display:Back to document menu2

B. Set Skype to Launch on StartupSkype will not start automatically when you log in to your computer unless that setting is manually selected.There are two ways to do so:In Skype Application: Set Skype to Launch on Startup1. Click the Settingsicon in your home screen.2. In the left-hand menu, click Personal.3. Check the box next to Automatically start the app when I log on to Windows to set Skype for Businessto launch on startup:4. Click OK to save your updates.3

In Windows Settings: Set Skype to Launch on Startup1. Click the Settingsicon from the Start Menu.2. In the Windows Settings window, click the Apps option:3. In the Apps and features menu, choose Startup in the left-hand column:4

4. To configure Skype to start when you log in, locate Skype for Business in the menu and slide the statusbar to On:Back to document menu5

C. Display your Availability Status1. After logging in to Skype for Business, choose your availability status from the dropdown menu on thehome screen:2. To set a location and/or contact information, click on Set Your Location on the home screen:3. Type in the information you want to share and hit Enter on your keyboard to display your status:Back to document menu6

D. Find Contacts and Chat1. To search for a contact from the Library Staff Directory, type their name into the Find someone dialogbox on the home screen:2. To begin chatting with a contact, double click their name. A new chat window will open. You may havemultiple chat windows open at once.3. To invite more people to the chat, click theicon in the top right corner of the chat window:4. Up to 250 attendees can join a single Skype chat, video call, or audio call. To set up a Skype meeting withmultiple attendees using Outlook, see instructions below on how to Schedule a Meeting with Outlookand Skype for Business.5. If you would like to host an external video conference, online meeting, or webinar, please follow WebExinstructions to do so. Skype is intended solely for Library staff and contractors whereas WebEx canaccommodate both internal and external attendees.Back to document menu7

E. Respond to a Chat Alert1. If you are logged into Skype for Business, other users may start a chat conversation with you. Whensomeone else starts a new chat conversation with you, an alert will appear on your desktop screen:2. To see the message, click anywhere on the photo area to accept it. The chat window will open to displaythe message.3. To reject the message, click Ignore.4. If you do not want to receive message alerts, set your availability status to Do Not Disturb.Back to document menu8

F. Create a Group1. To create a group of contacts, select theicon on your Skype for Business home screen:2. From the menu options, click Create a New Group:3. A New Group box will appear on your home screen. Rename it by writing in a new group name of yourchoice:4. To add contacts to your group, search for a contact’s name in the Find someone dialog bar.9

5. Right click your contact’s name and scroll down to Add to Contacts List in the dropdown menu. Thenclick the name of the group to which you would like to add your contact.6. To rename or delete a group, right-click the group name and choose an option from the dropdownmenu:Back to document menu10

G. Make an Audio or Video Call1. To begin a new videoor audiocall, open a new chat window. Select the corresponding icon:Note: These options may not be available to you if you do not have an existing microphone or camera onyour device or laptop. The Library will not provide external cameras or microphones.2. For an audio call, select the3. For a video call, select theicon and click Skype call to dial your contact:icon, and click Start My Video to begin a video call with your contact:Back to document menu11

H. Adjust Your Audio Settings1. To check and adjust your audio settings, click the audio/videoscreen:icon on the bottom left of your home2. In the menu, select Audio Device Settings:12

3. Select your device from the Audio device dropdown menu. If you are using your Library-issued laptop,select PC Mic and Speakers:4. Make sure the sound on your computer is turned on.5. Click the play icon on the Speaker settings to test your audio:13

6. Speak into your microphone, and you should see the Microphone sound bar move when it hears yourvoice. Adjust the volume as appropriate:7. Click OK to save your settings:Back to document menu14

I. Send a File or Image in Chat1. To send a file or image to someone in a chat window, you can: Drag and drop a saved file or image into the text input areaOR Click theicon in your chat window. Double-click the file or image you wish to share.2. The recipient will get a notification in their Skype Window of content being made available that they canthen open and save.Back to document menu15

J. Share a Program, Presentation, or Desktop Screen1. To share your desktop screen, a program on your desktop, or a presentation, click thechat window and select an option from the dropdown menu:icon in your2. Click Present Desktop from the menu to show the entire contents of your desktop. If you have a dualmonitor setup, you can choose to select all monitors, the primary monitor only, or the secondarymonitor.16

3. To share a specific program on your desktop, click Present Programs in the dropdown menu. Select theprogram window(s) you want to share and click Present:Note: The program you wish to share must already be open on your desktop to display among theselection options.4. Click OK when prompted with an additional dialog box notifying you that you are about to begin sharing:Note: To turn off these notifications in, check the box next to Don’t show this again and then click OK.17

5. Click on the display icon and then click More in the dropdown menu to access other presentable contentitems such as Whiteboard and Polling:6. When you share a program file or desktop, the window you are sharing will have a yellow border and aNow Presenting dialog bar will display on your desktop:7. To stop your presentation or screen share, click Stop Presenting in the top right of the presentationdialog bar.Back to document menu18

K. Schedule a Meeting with Outlook and Skype for Business1. To schedule a meeting with Skype for Business, start as you normally would by going to your Outlookcalendar.2. Click the New Skype Meeting icon on the top navigation bar:3. In the meeting request window, a meeting link to Skype will be automatically generated and added in.Type in the attendee(s) and date/time information as you would for a standard meeting:4. Click Send to deliver the meeting invitation.5. Once the meeting request is created, you have access to the Meeting Options feature in the Outlookevent navigation bar. To open the event, double click the entry in your calendar:19

6. To view or change guest permissions, click Meeting Options in the Outlook event. Select Permissionsfrom the left-hand menu:7. Click OK to save any updated permissions.8. When it is time to join the meeting, you can do so by: Opening the meeting event in your Outlook Calendar and clicking the Skype meeting link; Joining directly via an Outlook event reminder pop-up on your desktop; Clicking the meeting name under theicon on your Skype for Business home screen:Back to document menu20

L. Adding Skype for Business to Your Library-Issued Mobile Device1. To download Skype for Business on your Library-issued iPhone, make sure you have strong signal or areconnected to the LOCDeviceWiFi network.2. On your iPhone, select the LoCAppCatalog application. The logo will appear as:3. In the application, search for Skype for Business. The logo will appear as:4. Click Get:Note: Installation will take a few minutes.5. Once the application has installed, tap the Skype for Businessapplication.logo on your device to launch the6. On the Sign in screen, enter your Library email address ([email protected]) and tap the sign-in arrowlogo to continue:21

7. Ensure your Library email address is entered on the Sign in page and type in your Library password:8. Tap Advanced Options:9. In the Advanced Options window, type in LIB\username the User Name bar and tap the X at the top leftof the window.22

10. Tap Sign in:11. The first time you sign in, enter your mobile device phone number:12. Read and swipe through the tutorial:23

13. Click Got it to confirm:Back to document menu24