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Skype for Business information at-a-glanceSkype for Business (S4B) is a web conferencing service available to the WUSTL community.There is no cost to use the service. The service is enabled for all WUSTL faculty, staff andstudents who have been migrated to the Office 365 service. This service is separate from theSkype account one might already have created for personal or business use. Follow theinstructions below to download and install the Skype for Business application on yourcomputer.1. Go to and login to Office 365 using your WUSTL Key;2. Click “Office 365” in the upper left of the screen;3. Click “Other installs” in the upper right of the screen;4. Select “Skype for Business” from the menu at the left;

5. Click “Install”; and follow the onscreen instructions to complete the installation.Once installed, follow the instructions below to login to Skype for Business:1. Open the Skype for Business Application and accept the software license agreement.2. In the sign-in address (or e-mail address) field, enter your [email protected] If your email and WUSTL Key ID match, skip to step 5. If your WUSTL Key ID and the firstpart of your email DO NOT match, go to step 4.4. In the username field, enter [email protected] Click “Sign In”.6. Once prompted to enter a password, enter your WUSTL Key password, and click “Sign In”again.7. If prompted, select if you would like the Skype for Business client to automatically sign youin in the future.Disable S4B from automatically starting up by following these steps:1. With Skype for Business open, click the Gear Icon on the right-hand side to automaticallyopen the Options dialog box or click and select Tools then Options2. Click Personal from the left-hand panel. Note: The Microsoft Lync Options dialog box forPersonal displays on the right-hand side.3. Deselect Automatically start Skype for Business when I log on to Windows and ShowSkype for Business in foreground when it starts under the My account section4. Click OK.Note: Under the section titled Personal information manager, you have the option to makechanges to your presence status (which by default is based on your Outlook calendar) and howyou want to save your message conversations. Make any desired changes and click OK.

S4B MeetingsNotes for presenting & participating in S4B meetings1. You do not need a webcam to view / participate in the meeting2. You do not need a microphone if you do not plan on contributing to the meeting. There isan instant message option to ask questions and make comments3. You must be signed in to schedule a S4B meeting.Create a meeting groupIf you have standing meetings (i.e. Monthly, bi-weekly, etc.) it would be helpful to set up agroup for those meetings. To do this:1. Go to the S4B main window and on your Contacts list, right-click any group name (forexample, Other Contacts)2. Click Create New GroupOR1. Click the Add a Contact button2. Click to Create a New Group.3. In the space that now opens up at bottom of the window, type over the phrase New Groupto give your group a descriptive name.To add contacts to your group:1. Click the Add a Contact button2. From the dropdown menu, click Add a Contact in my Organization.3. In the search box, type the person’s name, email alias, or phone number. As you type, alist of people who match the search terms is displayed.4. Scroll through the search returns list until you come to the person you want to add toyour Contacts list.5. Right-click the person’s search listing, and then click Add to Contacts List.6. Select a group from the list to add your new contact to.7. If contacts are outside your organization and they do not have a S4B account, chooseOther8. Type in the email address9. Add to contact group: (choose your group from the dropdown menu)10. Click OKSetting up a meeting (2 options)From your Skype for Business (S4B) client:1. Right click on your meeting group2. Choose Schedule a Meeting (an outlook meeting invitation in a new window with yourgroup’s emails populated in the To: field). You can also add additional people in this field ifyou need [Up to 250 people can attend the S4B meeting at one time.]

3. Click Skype Meetingand it populates the text box with a link to the meeting.4. Click Meeting Options. You can set some meeting options in Outlook before you evensend the meeting request—like who will be able to get into the meeting directly and whohas to wait in the virtual lobby.5. Add Subject/title of the Meeting6. Add any notes/Agenda in the text box above the Join the Meeting link.7. Click Send.From your Outlook:1. Choose the date and time for your meeting and open the appointment.2. Click Skype Meetingand it populates the text box with a link to the meeting.NOTE: if you are not logged into your S4B account, you will be prompted to do so, clickOK. Log in or go back to the Skype Meeting button and click again to set up the S4Bmeeting.3. Add attendees in the TO field. [Up to 250 people can attend the S4B meeting at onetime.]4. Add Subject/title of the Meeting5. Add any notes/Agenda in the text box above the Join the Meeting link.6. Click Send.

Meeting Organizer/Presenter

Meeting AttendeesAdditional Skype for Business resourcesSee Skype for Business FAQs at faqs/.See Skype for Business Training resources at ess/.