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Fabrication Catalogue

RDI Fabrication Catalogue

RDI Fabrication CatalogueAbout RDIRDI is a North American manufacturer of high pressure and low pressure unionized piping andmanifold systems, with headquarters in Alberta. RDI also offers full-service Inspection andRecertification facilities strategically located throughout Canada and the US. We provide ourclients with product sales, custom design and fabrication services, and complete aftermarketservice and support for all pressure pumping and flow control equipment.RDI’s Engineering and Design department utilizes the latest technologies in developing andmaintaining product standards. RDIs headquarters in Red Deer, Alberta are proud to haveachieved API Q1, ISO 9001, CWB, ABSA, and DNV-GL certification standards critical tomeeting our stringent quality objectives. In collaboration with Engineering and Design,RDI’s Welding and Fabrication facility manufactures flowline packages, custom skids, andcustom orders. Whatever the request, RDI makes it happen.RDI’s Inspection and Recertification facilities are located in Alberta, Pennsylvania,Colorado, North Dakota, Wyoming and Texas. All inspections and recertifications arecompleted by highly qualified technicians. Once tested, all equipment is entered into ourIron Management System, which allows clients to track asset service histories online.At RDI, our mission is to provide new and existing clients with on time delivery of qualityproducts and serviceswhile continually pursuing customer and employee excellence. When you choose RDI, you areworking with the preferred North American manufacturer of flow control products, acompany that provides unmatched equipment quality and reliability.2

RDI Fabrication CatalogueTable of Contents4.Welding, Engineering & Custom5.Test Separators6.Sand Separators7.High-Low Pressure Separators8.Wellhead Production Trees3

RDI Fabrication CatalogueWelding, Engineering & Custom FabricationRDI’s on-site Welding and Fabrication facility allows us to focus on customer requirementswhile utilization of the SMAW, GMAW and FCAW processes enable us to tackle almost anyfabrication request with accuracy and efficiency. RDI produces low pressure flowlinepackages and fittings in various sizes and ratings. Along with that, RDI manufactures custommanifold and pipe skids – making us your one-stop-shop. RDI Oilfield Fabrication is a codedfacility on the Western Slope carrying both 60( 8 DQG 1%,& 5 VWDPS FHUWLILFDWLRQV DFFUHGLWDWLRQV IURP WKH PHULFDQ 6RFLHW\ RI 0HFKDQLFDO (QJLQHHUV DQG WKH 1DWLRQDO %RDUG RI %RLOHU DQG 3UHVVXUH 9HVVHO ,QVSHFWRUV IRU WKH PDQXIDFWXUH DQG UHSDLU RI FRGHG SUHVVXUH YHVVHOV Custom manifold and pipe skids ASME B31.1 pressure vessels Flare Stacks On-Site Certified Welding Supervisor On-Site Certified Welding Inspector On-Site 800sqft Post Weld Heat TreatOven Sand CatchersProduction EquipmentSeparators - High and LowPressureNon-DestructiveExaminationSKID IS RATED FOR 40,000 lbs WITHA MINIMUM SAFETY FACTOR OF 3.01 WHENLIFTED VERTICALLY WITH A SPREADER BARDO NOT SCALEDRAWINGAPEGA PERMIT P11262PROPRIETARY AND CONFIDENTIALTHE INFORMATION CONTAINED INTHIS DRAWING IS THE SOLEPROPERTY OF RED DEERIRONWORKS INC.ENGINEERING APPROVAL STAMPANY REPRODUCTION IN PART OR ASA WHOLE WITHOUT THE WRITTENPERMISSION OF RED DEERIRONWORKS INC. IS PROHIBITED.DEBUR ALL THREADSBREAK ALL SHARP EDGES0.015 x 45BEVELS / CHAMFERS 45UNLESS OTHERWISE SPECIFIEDTOLERANCESUNLESS OTHERWISE SPECIFIEDX0.060 SURFACE125 RAX.X0.030 "FRACTIONS 1/16" CONCENTRICMM/DD/YYYYMATERIAL:WEIGHT : 41858 lbsIF IN DOUBT ASK!ER-1604011 06/17/2016Rev. DATENo. mm/dd/yyyERNumberISSUED FORCONSTRUCTIONDESCRIPTIONGWH PSCJDHRev. Chk. App.BY BY BYPROJECT:SKIDP-009PIPE RACK SKID - 3in 1502/206 x 20' PUP JOINTSISOMETRIC VIEW40,000 lbs MAX GROSS CAPACITYTITLE:LIFTING DETAILSDRAWN DATE:MM/DD/YYYYDRAWN BY:SHEET No.06/17/2016 GWH 1 of 1FILE NAME:SKIDP-009-L001REV No.14

RDI Fabrication CatalogueTest SeparatorsRDI Oilfield Fabrication separators come in a variety of sizes and pressure ratings:Diameter:12” up to 96”Length:4’ up to 40’Pressure:15 psi up to 1440 psi* RDI Oilfield Fabrication offers vessels as high as 10,000 psi, although they are not classified as testseparators.In house Engineered ASME calculations. Top notch quality program and nationwide shipping allowsRDI Oilfield Fabrication to compete in every E&P play in the US.Provided with or without internal coating. It is imperative that the interior of the vessel be properlyprepared for coating otherwise it will not last. We can offer standard test separators or customdepending on your needs5

RDI Fabrication CatalogueSand SeparatorsAt RDI Oilfield Fabrication we offer standard and deluxe sand separators. Removable inlet diverters canbe offered to help with costly repairs in the future. Lead times often become the deciding factor whenchoosing which company to purchase from. Finding vessels readily available can happen, however theyare used. When fabricating a new vessel the longest lead time is the material. Once the material arrivesthe actual time spent on fabrication is a third of the overall production timeline. Here at RDI OilfieldFabrication we maintain raw material stock at our facility to get a jump start in this ever changing market.At RDI Oilfield Fabrication we can design and build any 10k ASME compliant Sand Separator. Mostcompanies offer API compliant Separators, API has less of a safety tolerance than ASME. ASME is theindustry leader and accepted vessel regulation agency. When you purchase a Sand Separator makesure you are getting a vessel that is -50F MDMT and 200F MAWT with a rating of at least 5,500 psi. Alsoas an added benefit for our clients, all RDI sand separators are built with corrosion tolerance to extendthe lifespan of our vessels.Sand Separator Models:Available Pressures: 1,000 PSI3,000 PSI6,000 PSI10,000 PSIAvailable Diameters (dictated by pressure): 18"20"24"Available Lengths: 8'9'10'RDI Oilfield Fabrication has optimized material selection and thickness within the ASME codeboundary, to achieve maximum BBL Capacity at 24" diameter, compliant with both ASME/API.6

High-Low Pressure SeparatorsRDI Oilfield Fabrication also manufactures a full line of High-Low Pressure Separators that combine thebenefits of a higher-pressure, two-phase separator with a lower-pressure, three-phase treater. At RDIOilfield Fabrication we can engineer and produce a specific separator that meets your requirements orcan build a unit based on your own designs. RDI's new patented design incorporates a new internaldesign that is 70% more efficient then all other current designs in the field today.7

RDI Fabrication CatalogueWellhead Production TreesRDI Oilfield Fabrication designs and manufactures Wellhead Production Trees in all common industrysizes, pressure ratings and configurations. Our extensive inventory includes flanges, adaptors, valves,chokes and other products as required by the customer. RDI can also design and custom build anyproduction tree to specific customer specifications. RDI's Wellhead Production Trees also use ourown lightweight and grease-able ball valves that have the ability to come with multiple endconnections based on our clients needs. Customers can also buy repair kits for our ball valves whichcan be installed in-line in the field saving time and money.8

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