All Of AcquaPietra Spa Treatments Feature NATUROPATHICA

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All of AcquaPietra Spa treatments feature NATUROPATHICA products.NATUROPATHICA uses proven ingredients such as seed oils, probioticsand botanical extracts to nourish the skin barrier and enriched formulaswith clean cosmeceuticals: plant stem cells, AHAs, retinols andpeptides that provide real benefits to the skin.

MASSAGEEscape to Nirvana with the Shirodhara Signature Massage80-minThis deeply revitalizing massage uses aromatic blends of NATUROPATHICA Lavender Blossoms Oil anddeep tissue massage techniques to unwind the body, re-boot the mind and transform stress into balance.This signature treatment is then ended with the warm rhythmic pulse of the Shirodhara oil stream onthe forehead and cranium; truly creating Nirvana throughout the mind, body and soul. The Shirodhara,an ancient, effective and verified method, has been successfully used for 5000 years. Shirodharais an ancient Sanskrit word meaning Shiro head; dhara flow. Shirodhara is an amazing, unique bodytherapy from the ancient natural medical system Ayurveda. The Shirodhara treatment has a profoundimpact on the nervous system. That means, the treatment directly and immediately calms, relaxesand has a cleansing effect on the mind and nerves.Alpine Arnica Deep Tissue 50-min 80-minCreated especially to relax sore muscles, tendons and stiff joints by using firm pressure, and trigger pointtherapy. NATUROPATHICA Alpine Arnica Oil enhances the muscle health and flexibility while restoringnatural muscle balance.Rest or Balance Aromatherapy 50-min 80-minA therapeutic massage using essential oils and slow massage techniques designed to achieve restorationand balance. You can choose between two blends to customize your aromatherapy experience to achievedeep relaxation. NATUROPATHICA Rest is a blend of Lavender Blossoms; while NATUROPATHICABalance is a blend of Ginger Root Oil.

MASSAGE (CONTINUED)Sports and Wellness with Aromatherapy50-min80-minWhether preparing muscles for a specific activity or post game stress and tension from overuse; theactive stretching and vigorous massage techniques combined with Alpine Arnica muscle and joint oil areguaranteed to improve your overall movement.Hot River Basalt Stone with Aromatherapy 50-min80-minA deeply relaxing massage using heated River Basalt Stones combined with your choice betweenLavender blossoms or Ginger Root blended oil that will melt the stress, and tension right outof sore muscles. The heated stones improve blood flow through the muscle tissue promoting optimalmuscle health.Mother to Be Prenatal50-minThis massage is customized to the needs and comfort of the expectant mother and is available after thefirst trimester.Swedish 50-min 80-minThis classic relaxation massage uses light to medium pressure and long flowing strokes to promotewellbeing. The Swedish massage aids in circulation, reduces stress and soothes sore joints and muscleswhile promoting detoxification of the lymphatic system.Infinite Loving Couples 50-min 80-minEnjoy any of our massage services side by side in our luxurious couples suite.

MASSAGE ENHANCEMENTSWild Lime Scalp Treatment 25-minNATUROPATHICA Wild Lime Revitalizing Scalp & Hair Oilis warmed and applied to the scalp, neck and shoulders tostimulate circulation and relieve tension.Peppermint Foot Therapy25-minA revitalizing foot and lower leg treatment designed toinvigorate tired feet and calves with Peppermint and horsechestnut to improve circulation. Peppermint is known tostimulate; while horse chestnut helps to improve circulation.Body Scrub25-minGentle exfoliation recommended before a massage toremove dead skin cells. Choose between three scrub blends;NATUROPATHICA Lemongrass Mimosa, Espresso Mud, orRosemary Citron Sea Salt.Shirodhara Treatment25-minShirodhara is an amazing, unique body therapy from theancient natural medical system Ayurveda. Shirodhara hasa profound impact on the nervous system, directly andimmediately calms, relaxes and has a cleansing euphoriceffect on the mind and body.

FACIALSPure Radiance Signature50-minExperience dramatic results with this facial designed to address inflammation, sun drenched, harshwinters and city pollution, which is some of the primary cause of premature aging. The session beginswith an exfoliating treatment to sweep away dead surface cells and impurities followed by a layer ofNATUROPATHICA’S powerful antioxidant Plant Stem Cell Booster Serum. This serum is clinically provento improve the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles, leaving your skin radiant, smooth and firm.Includes: Skin Consultation, Cleanse, Exfoliation, Mild Extractions, Mask, Facial & Neck MassageBio-Energy Re-Mineralizing80-minThis brightening facial delivers instant skin rejuvenation by accelerating cellular respiration; bringingfatigued, over-stressed skin back to life. Skin becomes re-energized with NATUROPATHICA Energize& Firm Collection - a blend of copper and amino-acid complex peptides and minerals to plump, lift andfirm the facial tissues leaving your skin with a smooth texture and a healthy glow.Includes: Skin Consultation, Cleanse, Microdermabrasion, Mild Extractions, Mask, Facial Massage,Arm & Hand MassageRe-Vitalize Anti-Wrinkle110-minA reparative, regenerating and corrective treatment that combats the signs of early aging.Active ingredients; such as NATUROPATHICA Argan plant stem cells and peptides work togetherto help reduce fine lines and wrinkles while improving skin tone and firmness.Includes: Skin Consultation, Cleanse, Exfoliation, Mild Extractions, Mask, Pressure Point Facial Massage,Neck & Scalp Massage

FACIALS (CONTINUED)Moisture Drench50-minNature’s cure for thirsty, moisture-deprived skin.The hydration of this facial immediately replenishesthe skin with deeply hydrating botanical blends.NATUROPATHICA’S Soothing Hibiscus Enzyme Peelsmooths and calms stressed skin; while the Gotu KolaHealing Balm leaves the skin radiant and protectedfrom the environmental elements. This facial leavesyour skin feeling quenched and rejuvenated.Includes: Skin consultation, Exfoliation, Pressure,Point Facial Massage, Mask, HydrationMen’s High Performance Rebalancing50-minCustomized for men’s skin care needs. This balancingfacial effectively renews skin tone and texture whilehelping to soothe and restore devitalized, sundamaged or razor-burned skin.Includes: Deep Pore Cleanse, Exfoliation,Extractions, Facial Massage, Mask, Hydration

FACIAL ENHANCEMENTSRecommended during any 50-min or 80-min service.Matcha Brightening De’collete’ TreatmentA luxurious anti-aging treatment featuring NATUROPATHICA Matcha Brightening De’collete’ & Hand Cream,which is layered with powerful antioxidants. Matcha helps reduce the appearance of aging; leaving theskin with radiance and firmness.Re-Vital Eyes and LipsSpecialized treatment that protects delicate skin while addressing fine lines, dark circles, puffiness andwrinkles using NATUROPATHICA Vitamin K Brightening Eye Serum and Primrose Lip Treatment.Botanical Brightening TreatmentA powerful complex that helps to instantly brighten, smooth and hydrate damaged skin withNATUROPATHICA Botanical Brightening Serum and Vitamin C15 Wrinkle Repair Serum.15% AHA & Vitamin C15 Infusion TreatmentThis high-potency treatment helps visible refine the skin by stimulating collagen production, leaving thecomplexion brightened and dramatically reducing the appearance of fine lines using NATUROPATHICAVitamin C15 Wrinkle Repair Serum and Glycolic Refining Peel 15%.MicrodermabrasionMechanical exfoliation utilizing a diamond-tip wand to soften fine lines, wrinkles, treat light scarring,improve hyperpigmentation, and reduces age spots and sun damage.

BODY TREATMENTSMoisture Drench Seaweed Wrap50-min80-minThis ultimate skin conditioning treatment for the body; deeply infusesdepleted minerals back into the skin; leaving the skin silky, smooth andhydrated. Features NATUROPATHICA Seaweed Body Wrap and SeaFennel Massage Wax.Espresso Detoxifying Mud Wrap80-minThis detoxifying treatment starts with a vigorous exfoliation with VolcanicPumice and Coffee Arabica to stimulate circulation, followed by wrap withmineral-rich Black Silt Clay and herbal extracts of Indian Sarsaparilla andHoney to help firm the skin.Lemon Verbena Hydrating Treatment80-minA two-step body polish and hydrating wrap; leaving the skin radiant anddeeply nourished. Bright citrus notes of NATUROPATHICA Lemon Verbenablended with Aloe Vera, Oat Protein and Shea Butter; softens the skin andeases discomfort of dryness. Then following the body polish; the body isdrenched in a soothing and smoothing treatment to promote deep hydration.Luscious Body Scrubs 50-minOur luxurious scrubs, leave your skin feeling soft and silky while giving abeautiful glow. Choose from three blends; NATUROPATHICA LemongrassMimosa Scrub, Espresso Mud Scrub, or Rosemary Citron Sea Salt Scrub.

MANICURE & PEDICUREMan-E-Cure 25-minFor the Gentleman’s hands. This treatment grooms the nails and cuticles; followed by a deepmoisturizing treatment.Includes: Nail Trimming, Nail Buff, Cuticle Care, Hand MassageMan-E-Pedicure 25-minFor the Gentleman’s feet. This treatment spruces up the feet and grooms the nails and cuticles.Includes: Nail Trimming, Nail Buff, Cuticle Care, Foot MassageIndulgence Signature Manicure60-minThis highly reparative manicure uses and uplifting NATUROPATHICA Rosemary Citron Sea Salt Scrubto polish overworked hands. Then a nutrient – rich Seaweed wrap for deep repair and intense hydrationis applied followed by a hydration application.Includes: Nail and Cuticle Care, Exfoliation, Treatment Mask, Hand Massage, Polish applicationIndulgence Signature Pedicure60-minThis Signature pedicure begins with an aromatic soak with NATUROPATHICA Sweet Birch MagnesiumBath Flakes to soothe and soften the skin, followed by NATUROPATHICA’S uplifting Rosemary CitronSea Salt Scrub to polish well worked feet. A nutrient-rich Seaweed wrap is applied and feet are wrappedin warm towels for deep repair. To finish; NATUROPATHICA Mighty Mint Rescue Cream is applied torestore hydration and promote circulation.Includes: Nail and Cuticle Care, Exfoliation, Hydrating Mask, Hand Massage, Gel Polish Application

MANICURE & PEDICURE (CONTINUED)Classic Manicure 30-minClassic Pedicure 30-minFrench Manicure 45-minGel Manicure 60-minWAXING SERVICESLip / Brow / Chin20-minHalf Leg 30-minFull Leg 30-minHAIR SERVICESShampoo & Style Short Hair30-minShampoo & Style Long Hair60-minLadies Haircut short 60-minLadies Haircut Long 80-minDeep Condition (includes blow dry)60-minMen’s Haircut 30-minMen’s Straight Razor Shave with Hot Towel 30-minMustache Trim15-minBeard Trim30-min

SPA ESCAPESGentleman’s Spa Escape3 hours50 minute Sports and Wellness with Aromatherapy50 minute Gentleman’s High Performance Balancing Facial60 minute Gentleman’s Man-E-cure & PedicureGentlemen’s Salon Escape1 hourMen’s Haircut with Straight Razor Shave and Hot TowelTranquility2 hours50 Minute Rest or Balance Aromatherapy Massage25 Minute Peppermint Foot Treatment50 Minute Moisture Drench FacialRejuvenation3 hours50 Minute Moisture Drench Seaweed Wrap50 Minute Pure Radiance Signature Facial30 Minute Classic Manicure & Classic PedicureCustom EscapeMinimum 3 services. Pricing VariesCreate your own escape from any of the services on our Menu.Please contact our spa coordinators who will be happy to assist in planning your spa experience.

COUPLE’S PACKAGESRomantic Getaway2 hours25 Minute Body Scrub50 Minute Swedish Massage20 Minute Peppermint Foot Treatment20 Minute Wild Lime Scalp TreatmentPrivate Pool UseCouples Reconnect3 hours50 Moisture Drench Seaweed Wrap50 Minute Swedish Massage20 Minute Peppermint Foot Treatment30 Minute Refresher FacialPrivate Pool useCustom Couple’s PackageCreate your own couple’s package from any of theservices on our menu. Please contact a spa coordinator,who will be happy to assist you in planning your spaexperience.

SPA JOURNEYUpon arrival you will receive a complimentary robe, slippers, private locker, complimentary tea, friut infused water, crispgreen apples and gourmet Trail Mix. We encourage you to explore the spa to prepare your mind and body for treatment.Enjoy unlimited use of our facilities during your stay, to include: spa relaxation pools, co-ed wet suite, steam room and sauna.Arrival Time. You are encouraged to arrive 15 minutes minimum prior to your appointment in order to complete check inorientation. Arriving late will simply limit the time of your treatment, thus lessening its effectiveness and your pleasure. Yourtreatment will end on time so the next guest will not be delayed. The full price of your treatment will be charged.Spa Attire. Robe and slippers are provided for use while at the spa. Bathing suits are required for use of the steam, sauna andrelaxation pools.Groups and Events. The spa is the perfect environment to celebrate birthdays, bridal parties, and work functions. Our spacoordinators will be happy to assist you in scheduling your group or event.Scheduling an Appointment. To schedule an appointment for the perfect treatment please speak with our Spa Receptionistwho will guide you to the right choice. To ensure your preferred time and service is available; we recommend advanced booking.Health Questions. When making reservations; please notify us of any health concerns, physical ailments or disabilities you may have.Spa Etiquette. Our Spa environment is one of relaxation and tranquility. Please respect all spa guests’ right to privacy andserenity. The Spa is a mobile device, camera, video recorder, pager and smoke free zone. Spa Voices must be utilized in therelaxation pool area while treatments are in session. The Spa is an adult only facility – 18 years and older. Guests 16 yrs. andunder may use the salon.Pregnancy. We have specially designed treatments for the Mother to Be ( please note there are some restrictions during thefirst trimester) and n