KurSpa Treatments & Services January 2018

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KurSpa Treatments & ServicesMASSAGE . 2MIND & BODY . 3ENHANCEMENTS . 3OASIS FOR TWO . 4FANGO . 5BODY TREATMENTS . 6BEAUTY SPARKLING FACIALS . 7SIDE BY SIDE TREATMENTS . 8MOM TO BE . 9CARE FOR HANDS AND FEET . 9ENHANCE YOUR HAND & FOOT CARE. 9HAIR DESIGN . 10CLINIC SERVICES. 11FITNESS & MOVEMENT . 12Contact KurSpa . 13Please note: All KurSpa services are performed by trained spa providers, not registered massage therapists.*Prices subject to change without notice.KurSpa Treatments & Services Page 1

MASSAGEKurSpa Massage60 min. 130A full body relaxation massage featuring light to mediumpressure. Our talented Spa Practitioners will customize thismassage just for you ensuring you leave feeling positivelyradiant and rejuvenated.Focus Massage30 min. 75Tell us your specific areas of soreness and tension, and wewill spend the next 30 minutes customizing this massageto your body’s specific needs.Crystal Cranium30 min. 75A deep relief face, scalp and neck massage to melt stressaway. Essential oil blends and coconut oil have beenformulated to help relieve everyday stress, ease tensionand uplift the spirit.Hot Stone Massage75 min. 150Velvety warm stones applied to your back and spinalmeridians melt away muscle tension and awaken yournervous system. The stone provides comfort, warmth anda totally relaxing experience.Sport Massage60 min. 135Our sport massage features a medium to firm pressureand is typically used before, during and after athleticendurance. The purpose of the massage is to prepare theathlete for peak performance, drain away fatigue, relieveswelling, reduce muscle tension, promote flexibility, andprevent injuries.Lymphatic Drainage30 min. 7560 min. 125Slip into relaxation and detoxify your body with this gentle,technique based massage that is intended to encouragethe natural drainage of the lymph from the tissues.Specific aromatherapy oils are combined with this lightmassage to further encourage the body’s naturaldetoxification.Prenatal Massage60 min. 130Available to our expecting Guests in their second and thirdtrimesters. A full body massage that utilizes relaxingmassage techniques and special pillows and positioning tocreate a custom massage experience for the mom to be.Himalayan Detox Massage60 min. 140Replenish and nourish the skin with 84 naturally occurringminerals. A massage with the Himalayan stones helpsbalance the positive ions with negative ions, this can helpreduce inflammation. In this treatment the salt stones arewarmed and applied during a 30 minute back, neck, andshoulder massage, giving clients additional heat to allowthe organic trace minerals in the stones to penetrate intothe skin and body. Completing this therapeutic treatmentis a 30 minute Himalayan salt body exfoliation. Himalayansalt is anti-microbial making this a truly detoxifying fullbody experience.Lavender Fields Massage60 min. 140This is the perfect treatment if you are looking for relaxeddays and sweet dreams at night. Warm lavender infusedoils are incorporated into this deeply relaxing full bodymassage. A lavender foot scrub and aromatic lavenderscalp conditioning treatment make this pure relaxationfrom head to sole. The relaxation doesn’t end with themassage, receive a complimentary lavender sleep sachetfor under your pillow.See Enhancements to your massage on page 3.Please note: All KurSpa services are performed by trained spa providers, not registered massage therapists.*Prices subject to change without notice.KurSpa Treatments & Services Page 2

MIND & BODYReikiCrystal Rain30 min. 6560 min. 110Reiki is an energy healing technique using a light touchthat promotes a deep state of relaxation and helps createbalance and well-being of the body, mind and spirit.60 min. 155Balance and re-align your body while spoiling yourself withultimate relaxation. Nine specifically selected oils areapplied from head to toe with relaxing and mild massagetechniques to promote relaxation and tissue cleansing inthe body. Essential oils are helpful agents that support theimmune system, reduce inflammation, and relax stressedmuscles and joints. This treatment is sure to balanceenergy and lift the spirit while reducing pain that can becaused in our everyday lives.Reflexology30 min. 7560 min. 115Discover how areas of the feet are related to the body’sanatomy. Balanced pressure is applied to the “organpoints” activating the body’s self-healing forces.ENHANCEMENTSTo complete your KurSpa experience, add the following to your Massage or Mind & Body service:Dry Brush ExfoliationRevitalizing Scalp15 min. 45Dry skin brushing through the body’s energetic meridiansystem stimulates the Qi, increases lymphatic drainageand lightly exfoliates the body.15 min. 40This deep conditioning treatment is massaged into the hairand scalp, restoring health and shine.Health BathsRelieve Your Feet15 min. 35Complete your body treatment with a tension-relievingfoot experience. Warm towels and a moisturizing massagewill relieve your feet of daily stress.20 min. 45KurSpa offers custom bath treatments which featurenourishing natural ingredients. Experience a warmsoothing health bath prior to your massage for totalmuscle relaxation. Choose from fragrant essential oils,mineral salts, hydrating milk and honey or immuneboosting mustard. This luxurious bathing ritual is theperfect enhancement to any of our massage and bodytreatments.Please note: All KurSpa services are performed by trained spa providers, not registered massage therapists.*Prices subject to change without notice.KurSpa Treatments & Services Page 3

OASIS FOR TWO(OASIS FOR ONE rates available upon request)Empress SissiPantai Luar90 min. 375Named after Austrian Empress Sissi, a luxurious bathsurrounded by golden marble awaits your arrival. Relax ina royal bath infused with milk & honey and enjoychampagne during your soak. After bathing, a relaxing onehour side-by-side massage completes this blissfulexperience.90 min. 385A centuries old treatment steeped in Ayurveda offers awarming, luxurious experience. Its intense, aromaticfragrances of exotic herbs, limes, and precious oils have astrong effect on the body and mind. This rejuvenatingexperience starts with a warming in a private steam torelax the muscles and open the pores. The treatment thenproceeds with a wonderful herbal massage using specialherb “stamps” and a 140 C plant extract oil. The highgrade oils and the valuable ingredients in the stamps,along with motion sequence of the massage all contributeto the activation of a self-repair mechanism. The bodyfeels revitalized and muscle tension is relaxed.The Rhassoul75 min. 295An exotic ancient Oriental skin care ceremony inspired byBerber traditions. Ground coconut exfoliation preparesyour skin for the Rhassoul treatment. Enjoy therejuvenating effects of steam while applying our signatureclay to your body, delivering essential minerals to thedeepest layers of your skin. Steam releases toxins and themud allows minerals to seep into the skin. Feel relieved ofstress and tension as the mud is rinsed away. A hydratingapplication completes the treatment leaving you feelingcompletely refreshed, renewed and rejuvenated.Please note: All KurSpa services are performed by trained spa providers, not registered massage therapists.*Prices subject to change without notice.KurSpa Treatments & Services Page 4

FANGOFango30 min. 65Fango (an Italian word for mud) consists of pure volcanicdust and water blended into a warm, buttery compositionto detoxify skin and reinvigorate muscles. After beingapplied to your back, you will be wrapped to allow yourskin to absorb the minerals of this earthly naturalsubstance. Once unwrapped, you are rinsed, feeling thesoothing heat from the mud on your muscle.Mud and Muscle60 min. 130Here are two complementary treatments designed torelieve tension and stress from the back. Combining theFango treatment and a relaxing massage, the heat fromthe mud penetrates deep into the muscles, preparing yourbody for the best results.Please note: All KurSpa services are performed by trained spa providers, not registered massage therapists.*Prices subject to change without notice.KurSpa Treatments & Services Page 5

BODY TREATMENTSCrystal Scrub45 min. 95Smooth, soothe and moisturize your skin to perfection.Himalayan Salt mixed with specialty essential oils willgently exfoliate your skin and leave you with a glowingfinish. Your body is polished velvety soft, and left with anenergizing fresh feeling. Our signature massage bodybutter will nourish your body and complete you with asense of balance.Canadian Glacial Clay Wrap75 min. 155Dull, dry skin is gently polished with an invigorating drybrush exfoliation before your body is enveloped inaromatic lavender-infused clay. This exclusive treatmentwith the synergy of pure essential oils combined withlavender and Colloidal Glacial Clay, hydrates and nourishesthe skin, relieving stress and anxiety. This will leave youwith long lasting, visible results in the elasticity and tone ofthe skin to complete your sense of wellbeing.Canadian Maple Sugar Body Scrub45 min. 95A mixture of Himalayan Salt and maple sugar, enrichedwith coco, shea butter, jojoba oil and essential oils. Thisinvigorating treatment helps stimulate blood circulationand promote skin regeneration by reducing dead skin.Energy is re-balanced with a finishing application of oursignature maple body butter.Hydrating Milk and Honey Body Wrap75 min. 155This luxurious treatment includes a full body dryexfoliation followed by a skin nourishing milk and honeywrap. Enjoy a tingling scalp massage while you arecocooned in the moisturizing elixirs. The sweet finale tothis divine experience is a full body moisturizing bodybutter application.Honey Detox Treatment45 min. 95Honey contains a wide variety of vitamins, minerals, aminoacids and antioxidants. Using a special technique, thickhoney is used to pull at the fascia under your skin in orderto release any toxins that may be stored. Honey is thenworked into the deeper tissue to help detoxify andstimulate the immune system. A final massage of thestomach kick starts the digestive tract and aidsdetoxification.Please note: All KurSpa services are performed by trained spa providers, not registered massage therapists.*Prices subject to change without notice.KurSpa Treatments & Services Page 6

BEAUTY SPARKLING FACIALSCustomized Facial60 min. 125This deep cleansing facial provides a quick and efficientway to soothe and nourish your skin. Exfoliators willslough off dead skin cells to brighten the skin, keep poresclean, and optimize your skin’s natural ability to absorbnutrients. Our customized facial will help to improve yourskin’s needs, improving health and overall appearance.Crystal Facial90 min. 195Defy time and age with cutting-edge skin care products torestore texture, tone, and ultimately de-age theappearance of the skin. Sparkling Hill’s skin care line isbursting with scientifically proven antioxidants, aminoacids, collagen enhancers, peptides, and essential naturalactives. To stimulate the skin on a cellular level, indulgeyourself in a lymphatic drainage massage. The skin isinstantly radiant and revitalized.Refresh For Men60 min. 125Get your skin into shape for every season with this naturaldeep cleansing facial. It’s soothing, moisturizing and antiinflammatory effect on the skin replenis