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Copyright 2001 COREL CORPORATION and COREL CORPORATION LIMITED. All rights reserved.For complete copyright information, please refer to the About section in the Help menu of the software.

Book contentsSection 1: Introduction .Section 2: WordPerfect 10 .Section 3: Quattro Pro 10 .529.145Section 4: Corel Presentations 10.251Section 5: Paradox 10 .339.399.Section 6: CorelCENTRAL 10

Section 1Introduction

Table of contentsWelcome to WordPerfect Office 2002.What’s the purpose of this user guide.About Corel Corporation .WordPerfect Office 2002 applications.What's new in WordPerfect Office 2002 .Other WordPerfect Office 2002 applications and utilitiesInstalling WordPerfect Office 2002.Using online Help.PerfectExpert.We want your feedback .Other sources for learning WordPerfectCorel support and services .Registering Corel products.Technical support.Self-serve technical support optionsTelephone technical support optionsCustomer Service.Table of contents: Introduction.Office 2002.16171718181919.2122232421.57791015.5.Setting up WordPerfect Office 2002 .Registering WordPerfect Office 2002.Adding, deleting, and updating WordPerfect Office 2002 componentsUpgrading from Corel WordPerfect Suite.Questions and answers about installing .Starting and closing WordPerfect Office 2002 applications .Network installations .Learning how to use WordPerfect Office 2002.25.25252526263

Welcome toWordPerfect Office 20021Welcome to WordPerfect Office 2002 from Corel Corporation. WordPerfect Office 2002 is anaward-winning, integrated set of business-productivity applications for at work and at home.With WordPerfect Office 2002, you can create annual reports, calculate your home budget,produce mailing lists from databases, design brochures and menus, deliver businesspresentations, and more.What’s the purpose of this user guideWordPerfect Office 2002 User Guide explains the features of WordPerfect Office 2002 applications,and provides step-by-step instructions for performing the most common tasks that usersperform with our applications. Because a single book cannot be an exhaustive reference forevery application in WordPerfect Office 2002, this user guide is designed to be a companion tothe WordPerfect Office 2002 online Help system. WordPerfect Office 2002 User Guide is designed toget new and experienced business application users up and running with WordPerfect Office2002 quickly.If you're new to business applications, you can use this user guide as a foundation to yourlearning. If you're familiar with business applications but new to WordPerfect Office 2002applications, you can use this guide to learn about the tools available to you, and how to usethem. If you are an experienced WordPerfect Office 2002 application user, you can use this userguide as a memory aid or as a refresher course. Each section includes information about what'snew in each WordPerfect Office 2002 application.What’s in this user guideThis user guide is divided into six sections. The first section, which you are currently reading,introduces WordPerfect Office 2002, and includes information about system requirements,installation, learning WordPerfect Office 2002, and support options. The other five sectionsdocument the major WordPerfect Office 2002 applications. The documentation for each majorapplication provides basic information about performing the most common tasks and describesthe application’s tools and functions. At the end of each chapter in each section, you'll finddirections to appropriate topics in the online Help documentation, where you can find answersto questions not answered in this user guide.What you need to knowThis user guide assumes that you know how to perform basic operations in Windows 95,Windows 98, Windows 2000, or Windows NT 4.0. If you haven't used these operating systemsbefore, you may want to read your Microsoft Windows manual before installing and usingWordPerfect Office 2002.Welcome to WordPerfect Office 20025

You can find more information about WordPerfect Office 2002 documentation and online Help inChapter 3 of this section.Documentation conventionsBefore you start using this user guide and the online Help, it's important to understand thedocumentation conventions.The following are conventions related to using the mouse.When you see this Do the following .Click File } NewClick the File menu with the mouse, and click theword New in the menu.Click Edit }Select } SentenceClick the Edit menu, click Select, and clickSentence from the submenu that appears.Enable a check boxClick the check box to place a check mark or an "X"in the box.Disable a check boxClick the check box to remove the check mark or"X."Select textClick and drag to highlight text.Click a paragraphClick to plant the cursor in the paragraph.Click a frameClick anywhere in a frame or click the border ofthe frame.Right-click, and click PasteClick the right mouse button, and click the Pastecommand from the submenu that appears.The following conventions are related to keyboard actions.When you see this Do the following .Press ENTERPress the Enter key on your keyboard.CTRL SHIFTPress the Control key and the Shift key at the sametime.6Introduction

The following conventions are used in this user guide.When you see this This is.A note.A tip.About Corel CorporationCorel Corporation is an internationally recognized developer of award-winning businessproductivity and graphics applications. Development of market-leading products, such asWordPerfect Office 2002 and the CorelDRAW line of graphics applications, is continuallyevolving to meet the demands of the corporate, retail, and academic users. Committed to value,compatibility, choice, and open standards, Corel develops products for the Windows,Macintosh, UNIX, and Linux platforms. Corel's common stock trades on the NASDAQ StockMarket under the symbol CORL and on the Toronto Stock Exchange under the symbol COR.WordPerfect Office 2002 applicationsThis section describes the major applications included in WordPerfect Office 2002. Not allWordPerfect Office 2002 editions include all the applications described in this section. Forexample, WordPerfect Office 2002 Standard Edition does not include Paradox , while theProfessional Edition does.You can find more information about each of these applications in other sections of this userguide and in the online Help files.WordPerfect 10WordPerfect 10 is a word-processing application that lets you produce professional-lookingdocuments, such as newsletters, articles, reports, books, proposals, legal pleadings, andbrochures. WordPerfect 10 makes it easy to add graphics, charts, and tables to any document.WordPerfect 10 continues to support reveal codes, which lets you control every element of adocument. WordPerfect 10 also has enhanced publishing features, which let you create adocument and publish it to paper, electronic media, and the World Wide Web.You can also use WordPerfect 10 to create, edit, retrieve, validate, and save documents createdwith the Standard Generalized Markup Language (SGML) or eXtensible Markup Language (XML).Although the user interface is XML oriented, all the SGML functionality that was available inWordPerfect 8 and WordPerfect 9 is available in WordPerfect 10.For more information about new features included in WordPerfect 10, refer to the “What’s new”section of the online Help file.Quattro Pro 10Quattro Pro 10 is a spreadsheet application that lets you manage, analyze, report, and sharedata. Quattro Pro 10 helps you make informed business decisions by providing the tools youneed to produce tables, financial forms, lists, databases, charts, and reports. Quattro Pro 10 letsyou perform simple tasks, such as creating personal budgets, to more complex tasks, such asWelcome to WordPerfect Office 20027

preparing year-end financial statements, performing complex data analysis, and creating reportsfrom external databases. Like WordPerfect 10, Quattro Pro 10 lets you create a single file, thenpublish it to paper, electronic media, and the World Wide Web.As well as enhancements to existing features, the charting engine in Quattro Pro 10 has beenreengineered to give you more power, control, flexibility, and ease of use. You can now takeadvantage of features like advanced rendering, riser transparency, and glow effects to produceprofessional-looking results.For more information about new features included in Quattro Pro 10, refer to the “What’s new”section of the online Help file.Corel Presentations 10Corel Presentations 10 lets you create high-quality slide shows and drawings. CorelPresentations lets you produce project proposals, interactive reports and demonstrations,multimedia presentations, flyers, signs, and banners. You can also create slide showpresentations for large monitors, portable presentations, the Internet or an intranet, overheadtransparencies, 35-mm slides, and printed color or black-and-white copies of a it. CorelPresentations 10 is also a drawing application that lets you create drawings, edit and createbitmap images, and convert vector images to bitmaps.Corel Presentations 10 incorporates a number of new features, such as slide footers, fontembedding, support for Macromedia Flash, and support for animated GIFs. For more informationabout new features included in Corel Presentations 10, refer to the “What’s new” section of theonline Help file.CorelCENTRAL 10CorelCENTRAL 10 is a personal information manager that helps you make the most of yourtime. You can plan your daily schedule, write reminders, organize reference information, andmanage contact information. You can synchronize CorelCENTRAL with a 3Com Palm Pilot. Inaddition, CorelCENTRAL is compatible with any Internet browser; when you click on a hyperlinkin a CorelCENTRAL component, it automatically opens your default Internet browser.CorelCENTRAL includes the following components: CorelCENTRAL Day Planner, CorelCENTRALCalendar, CorelCENTRAL Memos, CorelCENTRAL Card File, and CorelCENTRAL Address Book.Now CorelCENTRAL comes with its very own email client, CorelCENTRAL Mail, offering youmultiple mailboxes and email security that are integrated directly into CorelCENTRAL.For more information about new features included in CorelCENTRAL 10, refer to the “What’snew” section of the online Help file.Paradox 10Paradox 10 is a powerful and easy-to-use relational database program that helps you organize,track, and retrieve data. You can also create sophisticated forms, charts, and reports to displaydata. You can run Paradox as a standalone system on a single computer, or as a multiuser systemon a network.Paradox contains Experts that guide you through the process of creating tables, forms, reports,charts, mailing lists, and queries. If you prefer, you can create these objects on your own.Enhanced table and report publishing capabilities make it easy for you to share your data overthe World Wide Web. Paradox 10 uses HTML and CSS when publishing reports to the World8Introduction

Wide Web, ensuring more accurate reporting. In addition, Paradox 10 contains enhancements todeveloper features, new graphics filters, and new document filters.Paradox also features ObjectPAL , an object-based, event-driven development language that youcan use to create customized database applications.For more information about new features included in Paradox 10, refer to the “What’s new”section of the online Help file.What's new in WordPerfect Office 2002WordPerfect Office 2002 provides enhancements in the area of choice, compatability andperformance. The following section outlines what's new overall in WordPerfect Office 2002. Forinformation about what's new in WordPerfect Office 2002 applications, see their respectivesections in this user guide or refer to the online Help file. Not all WordPerfect Office 2002editions include all the applications, tools, and features described in this section.Corel Application Recovery ManagerCorel Applicaton Recovery Manager (Corel A.R.M.) helps you recover from most applicationfailures without losing your work.The Corel A.R.M. is an online wizard that opens automatically at program failure and then offersthree courses of action: saving the document and closing the application exiting the application without saving the document continue workingIf you chose to continue working there is no guarantee that you can recover any work in yourdocument since the last time you saved.The Corel A.R.M. Provides a program log which contains the details of the applications failure.You can initiate a report over the Internet to provide Corel with this important information. Byreceiving reports that you encounter in day-to-day situations, Corel can take advantage of areal-world testing opportunity.Paradox 10 does not use the Corel A.R.M., as it already has built-in applicationrecovery features.Location ManagerThe Location Manager utility is a component of the Corel A.R.M. It makes sure the WordPerfectOffice 2002 applications can start without errors, even when files are missing or damaged. Whenyou start a WordPerfect Office 2002 application, the Location Manager ensures that all therequired files are present on the your computer. If the file is missing (due to being moved,renamed, or deleted) or if it is damaged, the Location Manager will repair the problem byreplacing the file. This means that instead of receiving an error message and not being able tostart the application, the Location Manager will automatically repair the problem and theapplication will start as expected. This greatly reduces downtime and virtually eliminates theneed to call technical support for errors caused by missing or damaged application files.Welcome to WordPerfect Office 20029